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Master's Sun : Behind The BABY, WILL YOU GO WITH OPPA Scene

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Dewi Maulana (4 years ago)
Tae yang & mr Ceo...bogoshipeo.
yolly de vera (5 years ago)
I don't understand what were they saying in Korean, but i guess both of them were enjoying the "skinship" part. 
Sabcode (4 years ago)
gong hyo jin must have had to learn to have an unexplainable, undying love for so ji sub's body, feeling him up like that.  :)
sweetshawei (5 years ago)
so romantic tho
46ceira (5 years ago)
hahah can't stop laugh :D
baby red (5 years ago)
so funny..GHY touching ji sub oppa all over his body...lol..

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