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How To Crochet Summer Fun Baby Sun Bonnet TUTORIAL #321

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Text Comments (45)
Jacki A (28 days ago)
I've been watching your tutorials for months and learned how to crochet from your flower tutorial. I made a crochet needle out of a wooden chopstick. It's called desperation.
Nad garthoff (1 month ago)
5mm right?
Claire Milne (2 months ago)
Been looking for a pattern for a summer hat for my 5 month old little girl this is perfect thank you
carmen roupp (4 months ago)
re watching , love the hat it is beautiful
Theresa Harr (8 months ago)
Beautiful pattern, thank you so much for a wonderful and clear tutorial. 💜💚
Lee Readman (1 year ago)
georgia freedom (1 year ago)
For 6 years old girls how I will do? Thank u.
Nancy EL (1 year ago)
That's adorable!
sue wood (1 year ago)
How much yarn is need for the bonnet?  So cute  :)
Stacey Fox (2 years ago)
why do i have to pay 5$ for written pattern when i can watch video for free? 😠most you tubers include pattern w video...
I don't include a free written pattern.... sorry, only the video... I can't give everything for free.. I have to make a living too...
KimlvsArty (2 years ago)
this is so cute I want to make this for my great-niece period where are you it's very noisy. 😁
KimlvsArty (2 years ago)
BAG-O-DAY CROCHET & MORE oh it's okay at first it sounded like you were at a restaurant. 🤣🤣 no problem
I have 5 kids and they are in the other room with my husband playing as I make a video.... I apologize, sometimes they get loud.
Jennifer Williams (2 years ago)
i made this hat for my daughter who's 6 months and it's too small. what went wrong? could my stiches be too tight?
Bactopia (2 years ago)
I don't normally comment but I wanted to say thank you for all your videos. I just finished making this and it's super cute, I learned to crochet watching your videos, you have a special gift, thank you again.
Tuyết Trinh (2 years ago)
What ages for using this hat?
Lisa Rode (2 years ago)
I love this pattern! I made 2 of these, the same size... well, they were supposed to be the same size but one turned out a good inch bigger than the other. Both the same hook and Peaches & Cream yarn only difference was color. Can you tell me your measurements of your hats? Thank you.
ikin azman (2 years ago)
hi I'm syikin..from Malaysia.I would like to thank you for sharing all your great videos.. I am so happy learning with you..It really make my post operation recovery time so stressless.. I had 2 surgery on my spine.. yet now I am still in recovery stage..may I ask your permission to crochet your design? and if my friends ask to buy what I had crochet..will you let me do that for gaining my pocket money at the college?
Perfect!! Thanks 💕💕💕💕
amanda vickers (2 years ago)
what if you don't have enough stitches?
Annamaria Alfano (2 years ago)
Ciao maestra! bellissimo lavoro! grazie! sembra un gelato! Lo farò forma my baby
Annamaria Alfano (2 years ago)
Ciao maestra! bellissimo lavoro! grazie! sembra un gelato! Lo farò forma my baby
Kitt F (2 years ago)
aww so cute. if you wanted to make this in adult size, how would you go about doing that?
Rjil Kamw (2 years ago)
Rebecca Wallace (2 years ago)
I made this in the smaller size for my granddaughter. Thanks so much! I have to laugh though. The kids got louder as the video went on. How many kids do you have? I wouldn't have been able to concentrate, lol.
Fayleen Collamore (2 years ago)
Just made it in a mint green cotton, now to make the flower...love the House on the Prairie look!
Nancy Strand (2 years ago)
Evelyn looks cute in the bonnet.Does your other daughter help you out in crocheting.The other thing I was going to ask you how about a puppy or a elephant lovie blanket tutorial.ThanksNancy
awwwe look at that face , hehe she looks like she's ready to kill mamma lol
Nelly Perez (2 years ago)
very nice
jacquie Last (2 years ago)
so cute
Puna Jabert (2 years ago)
A little smile pls!
what a beauty full explaining thank you so much.
Susan Fryer (2 years ago)
Love this little hat
Linda Giacomozzi (2 years ago)
WOW absolutely adorable great work
furqan butt (2 years ago)
your method is very easy.your doughter suit the hat
Emma Challis (2 years ago)
oh love her heart xxxx
sweet dream (2 years ago)
so beautiful 💟💟 Thanks 👏
Trish Bresolin (2 years ago)
very pretty
Emma Challis (2 years ago)
Another beautiful design Crystal, but Evelyn doesn't look to happy lol xxxxx
Yes!! She's mad at me... she doesn't like the hat :(
kavitha murugesan (2 years ago)
Connie Manning (2 years ago)
I thought maybe she was..:)
Connie Manning (2 years ago)
Awww you made her mad. .Poor Evelyn..lol..she just didn't look like she was very happy. .:) very pretty bonnet
Thanks Connie....Yes, sometimes she gets tired of having to model my crochet..... she was mad at me :)

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