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Why men are Superior to Women

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Link to Trisha's video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VuviSpncS4c
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Madelyn Dayrit. (9 months ago)
i love you
David vs Goliath (11 months ago)
Who invented electricity? Who invented the airplane? Who invented the computer? Who designs and builds the sky scrapers? Who put man on the moon? Men are the inventors, creators, builders, conquerors, defenders, providers, artist, poets, ect... Men know what honor is. God manifested in Jesus Christ as a man. God's character is masculine, he is our heavenly Father, He makes war and conquers. A man conquers, a woman is conquered. Who is Superior the one that conquers or the one that is conquered? What has woman invented to make life better for the human race? A woman is basically a servant, who according to the Bible needs to submit to her husband. Man is Superior to woman, but it does not mean that they are less valuable.
Nathania Amaris (2 months ago)
"Man is superior to woman, but it does not mean that they are less valeable" Are you hearing yourself? lmao bye
Tuucca (3 months ago)
+Mathbel Kikz Well they are
Mathbel Kikz (5 months ago)
By that logic white are superior to black peoples, as they never invented any of those, they were conquered, colonized and enslaved.
Kami Tenchi (1 year ago)
Wrong. Man and Woman are equal but God actually made Woman gene Superior to men's. It's scientifically a fact. Man and Woman have different superiority and inferiority to each others
Dumitrita Moraru (2 years ago)
I'm just kidding XD
Dumitrita Moraru (2 years ago)
Go kill your self
Kostan136 !!!!! (3 years ago)
Unfortunately men are still superior and this is a problem that should be eliminated...

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