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Top 10 True FACTS That Sound Like BS But are True (Part 3)

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In a world where fake news and false factoids are rampant, it is hard to distinguish what is true and what isn’t, especially when it sounds so unbelievable. We have gone through some crazy news stories and unbelievable tales from history and culled even more of the most interesting, unbelievable facts that sound like BS, but are completely true. →Subscribe for new videos every day! https://www.youtube.com/user/toptenznet?sub_confirmation=1 → → GET A T-SHIRT - http://www.toptenz.net/toptenz-t-shirts →Top 10 Objects That Were Clearly Invented Just to Annoy Physics: https://youtu.be/0MVGeRa-vLo Entertaining and educational top 10 lists from TopTenzNet! Brand new videos 7 days a week! Subscribe to our Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TopTenz/ Follow us on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/theoriginaltoptenz/ Learn more about the host: →Simon's VLOG: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvqt8j7DfPmveJp3UOk9XTg Business inquiries to [email protected] Other TopTenz Videos: Top 10 MIND BLOWING Facts That Sound Like BS but are True https://youtu.be/eN8t0jA5QUQ?list=PLQ4d2-ByGhnLt3JIYHY_PUk7TrxFJZFGK Top 10 HEADLINES of the 19th CENTURY https://youtu.be/G7O--3plh7g?list=PLQ4d2-ByGhnKajPA6HFawry8Y3my_VX5Q Text version: http://www.toptenz.net/10-unbelievable-true-facts-sound-like-bs-part-3.php Coming up: 10. There’s a Novel That Doesn’t Contain the Letter E 9. A Woman Paid $10,000 for Invisible Art 8. Saudi Arabia Imports Camels from Australia 7. Cleopatra was Greek, Not Egyptian 6. The Internet Weighs as Much as a Strawberry 5. It’s Possible for Twins to Have Two Different Fathers 4. The Voice Actors who were Mickey and Minnie Mouse Were Married in Real Life 3. Guy Gets Heart Transplant from a Suicide Victim, Marries his Widow, Commits Suicide the Same Way 2. The Night Before his Execution an Inmate Escaped, but was Killed the Following Night in a Bar Fight 1. Hitler was Nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize Source/Further reading: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gadsby_(novel) http://www.npr.org/sections/thetwo-way/2011/07/22/138513048/woman-pays-10-000-for-non-visible-work-of-art http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/middle_east/2038834.stm https://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/wordofmouth/2013/apr/16/camel-meat-one-hump-two http://www.smithsonianmag.com/history/who-was-cleopatra-151356013/?no-ist https://youtu.be/WaUzu-iksi8 http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2015/05/08/how-twins-can-have-two-daddies.html https://www.theguardian.com/science/2009/may/24/dna-fingerprinting-alec-jeffreys http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1378184/Woman-discovers-twins-sons-DIFFERENT-fathers-The-Maury-Show.html http://hollywoodlife.com/2011/04/19/maury-show-twins-different-fathers/ https://www.wired.com/2009/05/so-long-from-the-clubhouse-rip-wayne-allwine/ http://www.latimes.com/entertainment/la-et-mn-ca-classic-hollywood-minnie-mouse20140622-story.html http://www.nbcnews.com/id/23984857/ns/us_news-life/t/man-suicide-victims-heart-takes-own-life/ https://news.google.com/newspapers?nid=1454&dat=19800809&id=ecosAAAAIBAJ&sjid=URMEAAAAIBAJ&pg=1855,1767625&hl=en https://www.ushmm.org/wlc/en/article.php?ModuleId=10008193 http://content.time.com/time/magazine/article/0,9171,760539,00.html http://qz.com/803976/adolf-hitler-was-nominated-for-the-nobel-peace-prize-in-a-darkly-ironic-letter-by-erik-gottfrid-christian-brandt/
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TopTenz (3 months ago)
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BDPhotog67 (1 day ago)
I guess the THREE E's in his name don't count?
butchdeadlift10 (9 days ago)
Number 9 makes me want to kill so many people. So very many many many people. Mostly with a screwdriver
The Reaper (10 days ago)
The incident with a woman giving birth to twins, with 2 separate dads, happened in Denmark about 6 or 7 years ago, as well.. so I had heard about that before.. still really interesting..
Joey T (11 days ago)
He failed in the first page. His name is ernest lol
calmbbaer (18 days ago)
I love the fact that this video directly contradicts a prior one: Video: "Mind-blowing fact: Cleopatra's ancestors built the pyramids millennia before she was born!" Commenters: "Cleopatra was Greek, not Egyptian." Follow-up video: "Mind-blowing fact: Cleopatra was Greek, not Egyptian!"
Brian Welch (19 days ago)
Thank you for saying BC and not BCE
Rich Clark Photography (21 days ago)
Both his name and the mention that he's not using the letter "e" both make that book a failure at what it was trying to do.
C. Curry (26 days ago)
Was the killer of the guy who excaped prison charged with anything
WhoopX2 (29 days ago)
0:41 what's funny about this novel, is you show this page, and there is an 'E' in the authors name.. kind of messes up what he was trying to do. He could have just used his last name.
Samantha Thurmond (1 month ago)
im sorry-- a woman named WHAT?
Yuch Emey (1 month ago)
The Gatsby has the letter E in it. Ernest Vincent.....
Robert Harris (1 month ago)
Uh. Ernest starts with an E
Jon Con (1 month ago)
10 of millions hitler killed? Gtho the number over the years keeps on getting bigger and bigger very strange
5 happens in cats quite a bit! We get some litters they have some striped brown tabbies and some white seal point cats. Their mom was black and white!
Mecca Mitchell (1 month ago)
Would the museum of invisible art accept invisible credit cards and would you be arrested for stealing ?
Kyote 10 (2 months ago)
2:36 "like Canada importing beavers" 🤣🤣🤣
Seiyuōkami Himura (2 months ago)
Fact: 100% of starving children can be eaten with a large plate of cash salad.
Taylor FuckYou (2 months ago)
#3. For sure was the wife
Stefan Stoyanov (2 months ago)
Cleopatra was macedonian, not greek nor egyptian. Macedonia weren't a greek state.
You can get paid to hunt camels in Australia, my brother was invited out to do this a few years back. They also have wild cattle in NZ you can "hunt"
8534964 (3 months ago)
My family traded and imported camels to australia 😂😂😂😂😂😂
nashvilletn79 (3 months ago)
Ruh-gy-na lmao
cliffitir (3 months ago)
Crazy that it would have been won by a racist either way.
a woman with twins with two different dads is named Ragina? seriously
RangRang (3 months ago)
Lmao love changing history 😂😂😂
Dom Ex (3 months ago)
the novel without the letter E , what was the authors first name ERNEST < he failed in the very first letter after the title , BY Ernest , FAILED
Ganieda Morgan (1 month ago)
He wrote the NOVEL with no letter "E"...
West Facing (3 months ago)
Err Earnest failed at the first hurdle. His name has two Es.
Ganieda Morgan (1 month ago)
so? He wrote the novel with no letter "E"... the NOVEL
Julian Reid (3 months ago)
10 fail two E's in his name. LOL 9. I don't see it. 8. Wow 7. Every one knows that don't they? 6., 5. and 4. I knew that. 3. & 2wow. 1. Knew that.
Minalkra (4 months ago)
4:14 Differen
DANIxDANGER (4 months ago)
Dj Phantom (4 months ago)
Number 9 ,how dumb can you get, Defies logic, was she blond. Number 5 Regina, rhymes with.............? That is something this women should have kept tightly closed. Number 2 sounds like poetic justice Number 1 Hitler was nominated as a joke, that is probably worse than buying invisible art, only the owner got it.
matt carnes (4 months ago)
There is dumb modern art that looks like a toddler made it then their is just giving your money away to a rich person for no reason
S Venter (4 months ago)
Regarding the guy who married the suicide victims wife etc in no 3....has anyone ever considered that she might be a black widow or just someone who drives her husbands nuts?
Tash Kash (5 months ago)
I think that image of Cleopatra is modelled after Tyra Banks
SAMSQUATCH Moss (14 hours ago)
Tyra Banks is modelled after Cleopatra..
WavyB1 (5 months ago)
cleopatra wasn't greek.... she was a black and Egyptian not greek ... europeans robbed and enslaved Africa and that wasn't enough for them
FlourishWitherDie (5 months ago)
Ha, Obama actually got a Nobel peace prize, and he was the drone kill world champion at the time
Fantomp (5 months ago)
0:50 but his name is VincEnt
Laz Toth (6 months ago)
People that buy non art I have too much money and no respect for it.. makes you wonder about this world what do people care about???
Timothy Issler (6 months ago)
Fact nine may be true, but it is still BS.
Nerdy punk (6 months ago)
Umm Macedonians are not Greek and we speak Macedonian which is different from Greek. In fact we even use different alphabets.
camiblack1 (4 months ago)
They mean the ancient Hellenic Macedonians, not the South Slavs that came into the area in the 5th century and took the name Macedonian. Hence North MAcedonia/Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia. History not shoved into idiotic nationalistic revisionism says no the Macedonians of Alexanders time were Greek (or Hellenic more accurately) and the SLavs who call themselves Macedonians are johnny come latelies, relatively speaking.
sandy roberts-anderson (7 months ago)
Okay, Simon. I do enjoy almost all of your videos. I even enjoy these “...sounds like b.s. but are totally true” ones. I say I *even* enjoy these because so far I have known every single fact before seeing the videos. Since early childhood my favorite section of book stores and libraries has been the reference section. Still is. So, while I haven’t been surprised by any of the strange facts, I love your presentation of them. I like all of your videos, actually. You make them all fun to watch.
Billy Woodhead (7 months ago)
Were the Twins Dr Drake Ramoray's?
Colin Timp (7 months ago)
Earnest Wright's name contains an "E" -FAIL-
Candee Kisses (8 months ago)
The author did use an E. First letter In his name.
Ganieda Morgan (1 month ago)
NOT in the NOVEL
Jim Ellison (8 months ago)
GREAT VIDEO....................
Manav Naik (9 months ago)
The invisible art is tax evasion lol
L Jaw (9 months ago)
2 husbands, same heart and same wife? 🤔
Jennifer Jennings (1 month ago)
Weird how both husbands shot and killed themselves wtf is up with the wife hum?
nipples and dimes (9 months ago)
DA Espada (9 months ago)
I love you videos and I'm subbed but Simon you often mispronounce words and I don't believe it's the accent since other Brits pronounce the same names and words you have properly. I've largely ignored these faux pas but Regina is pronounced Reh-gee-nuh not Reh-jyna , rhyming it with vagina and I've never heard anyone mess it up like that lol You do this for a living and while I'm sure I'll get flamed for nitpicking which I don't think this is, you are doing this professionally and it wouldn't take much to look into looking into pronouncing words you aren't sure about. If it bothers me and I'm still a fan then imagine the people you might lose out of the sheer petty reason you don't pronounced some words correctly, which often times are words of which people know the correct pronunciation.
Ganieda Morgan (1 month ago)
Regina, Saskatchewan is pronounced Ree - jin - a (rhymes with China) ... get over it
Andrew (10 months ago)
VSauce is not a credible source.
hepchaos (8 months ago)
Any source is credible source if you believe in them. You could be wrong, of course. That's why the solar system was thought to be earth-centric for so long.
SkyCharger001 (10 months ago)
#7, reminds me of the "konijn van 'olland", Lodewijk Napoleon. (while of French origin, he made sincere efforts to integrate into Dutch society)
SmiLey P (11 months ago)
#3 isn't even the most crazy thing about organ transplants. The people who get them often report gaining memorys that can only be explained as the memories of their doners they even begin liking the same food as them and as we found feel similar emotions. It's because your brain is the center of your nervous system but it goes throughout yiur entire body and you even have what can only be explained as "mini brains" in certain organs (usually ones that work involuntary) the second biggest (behind your actual brain) is on your heart and you can learn more about it by researching "neuro cardiology"
FunWithFirearms (11 months ago)
Hey Brit, it's pronounced Reh-jeen-uh. Not like vagina
Richard Harris (11 months ago)
The Cleopatra one sounds a bit racist. She was born in Eqypt, and alot of her raising was done there. She was born Egyptian and Greek.
Fabian Hale (5 months ago)
That’s not racist it’s truth.
Felix Krull (1 year ago)
Saudi - and Dubai - also imports sand. The sand on the Arab peninsula is not up to concrete quality, so they have to buy sand from abroad.
FactJedi (1 year ago)
Fact number 8 in this video is either "slightly racist" or is an example of how fact number & in the "Top 10 MIND BLOWING Facts That Sound Like BS but are True" video is. in fact, NOT slightly racist. Just saying.
Brandyce Wonderland (1 year ago)
I actually know a set of twins that have different dads. I went to high school with the girl.
joefilo (1 year ago)
Fact 9 is an INSULT to me as an artist. The whole point of art is envisioning a concept and bringing it into reality. That artist is a fraud, and the purchaser a fool.
Asha Lee (1 year ago)
Ernest failed at writing that novel when he printed his name in it
Ganieda Morgan (1 month ago)
no, he did not...the NOVEL has no "E"
Aiden Barsimantov (1 year ago)
If it isn’t true, it isn’t a fact.
Chris Duke (1 year ago)
"Canada importing Beavers" Hahahaha!!!
jdglancy (1 year ago)
"... that Maury is still on the air."
Colin Anderson (1 year ago)
The first guy that wrote the novel without including E actually failed when he included his name, oh well.
Colin Anderson (1 year ago)
I wasn't actually being serious anyway, lol
Moribax85 (1 year ago)
the author's name isn't part of the novel, as no other part included by the publisher, the novel is only the written story, so he didn't fail...
John Pilge (1 year ago)
#10 is in error. While "Gasby" was supposed to have no letter "e" but there are three of them. The book is available at a free text on the net. You can fit it in a text editor and find the word "the" used only once. there are two other words with an "e."
6th Wilbury (1 year ago)
#2 is the criminal justice version of "ball don't lie."
Ruben Potgieter (1 year ago)
You guys forgot to mention that Mugabe was endorsed by the World Health Organization, for having a superb health care system
Andy De Los Santos (1 year ago)
I’m sorry sir did you say “Reg-eye-na?” 😂 it’s pronounced “Reg-ee-na”. Lol, I’m messing with ya though. Love the content, I’ve been binge watching this haha.
Joku Toinen (1 year ago)
#3: That lady sounds like bad news to any guy she starts dating...
vhaelen (1 year ago)
tbh ghandi wasnt that nice a person either.... just google ''darkside of gandhi''
Nerdy punk (1 year ago)
Umm Macedonia and Greece are two different places with very different cultures to refer to them as if they are the same place is ignorant. Greeks and Macedonians have different lineages also Macedonians are Slavic and Greeks are hellenic. The slavics and hellenics are completely different. To give you some perspective Russians is also Slavic. Now would you say Russians and Greeks are the same? Of course not. It is actually funny Macedonians have more in common with Russians then Greeks. Even the Macedonians main church is in Russia. Macedonians the majority are Russian orthodox Greeks on the other hand are Greek orthodox. Now the Greeks did try to subjugate the Macedonians and try to make them say they are Greek and tried to destroy Macedonian culture. Macedonians are different greatly so in fact and when people say they are Greeks it is mainly because of subjugation and ignorance about that subjugation and ignorance of what Macedonians culture and history is.
loser name user name (1 year ago)
Slavs weren't even in that region until much later. You are so off on your history of the region. The Greek Macedonia and the Republic of Macedonia are unrelated peoples. Only a miniscule section of the present day country's territory contains any of ancient Macedonia's territory. Pella, the capital of Alexander's Macedonia is closer to Thessaloniki and is within Greek territory. Slavs, which modern Macedonia's are, are closer to Bulgarians and their language is very closely related. The modern Macedonians are probably closer to Thracians or Getae than Greeks.
Nerdy punk (1 year ago)
Moribax85 also if something is the capital of a country how can it belong to another country that makes no sense. That is like saying Ottawa is Canada's capital then calling ottawa an American city.
Nerdy punk (1 year ago)
Moribax85 one more thing back 2000th years ago there was a Macedonia and they were not Greeks they might have been near Greek territories but Sparta and other Greek states which Macedonia was not hate Macedonians and considered them barbarians and below Greek states in stature. Alexander the great asked the Greeks to join him and the Greeks basically laugh and said no so Alexander's war machine made them join lol
Nerdy punk (1 year ago)
Moribax85 the reason why borders have changed is due to Macedonia being attacked numerous times. The Macedonian empire extended into Greece, Yugoslavia and other area making the now republic of Macedonia small however because Macedonia controlled all those areas at one point lots of Macedonians were left behind that doesn't mean they are not Macedonian just that over the years someone else took the land. When someone takes land it doesn't magically make all the people in that area no longer what they are and considered the same as the invading force. When Vikings attacked England and controlled certain areas those people were still English even though they were captured or lost to Vikings does not make those areas full of Vikings.
Verbatim (1 year ago)
Hitler and the Nazis didn't even have a death stain compared to communist leaders
Ann Williams (1 year ago)
Cleopatra WAS Egyptian - born and bred. However her dynasty was from Macedonia after Alexander The Great's general Ptolemy, took over as top honcho of Egypt about 300 years before his great....x....great grand daughter sat on the throne. She was apparently the first one of her family to speak the 'common' Egyptian language - amongst a number of other languages. Unfortunately she was the last Pharaoh as the Romans made the country a Roman province after her suicide.
Merry Machiavelli (1 month ago)
Something that's also worth noting is that her family was absurdly inbred (seriously, unlike the Habsburgs, they married brother to sister as well as uncle to niece). It is so extreme that, counted one way, she has 1 pair of 4x great grandparents, where a normal person would have 32. So while normally, I would agree that very distant ancestry is pretty irrelevant, this case is something of an exception (although, there is a unchance some of her ancestors could be illegitimate.)
Moribax85 (1 year ago)
Cleopatra would be egyptian if she were born now, but at the time culture and family meant way more than location: she was born in a greek family, educated to greek culture and spoke greek on a daily basis, only using egyption to communicate with "lower classes". something similar still happens today with arab people: a person is born in the united states, he's born in an arab family, he learn arab culture, he's educated in that culture, all his friends are arab and goes to school in an arabic school, only using english when he has to communicate with the minority of non-arabs he frequents for work. would you call him american or arab? and would he call himself american or arab?
John La Duke (1 year ago)
About the point in #8 where you mention Canada importing beavers; we never exactly imported them, but fun fact... the whole reason they were fashioned as a "national animal" and a big Canadian symbol is that they were so endangered by the fur trade and almost wiped out. This whole love-the-beavers approach is one of the great examples of ecological disaster avoided, as there are now more beavers in North America than there were before Europeans got here.
cleveque (1 year ago)
The bit about Hitler is misleading. Sending a letter to the Nobel committee isn't much of a nomination, since anyone can do that and it doesn't mean that it was ever seriously considered. The naming of Hitler as Time's man of the year is true, but it was never meant as any kind of honour - it's a recognition that a person was in, or affected, the news more than anyone else, so it's really "newsmaker of the year". A lot of very unpleasant people have been given that title, including Khrushchev, Putin, and Khomeini. Hitler is constantly brought up to try to shame Time or show that Hitler had everyone fooled, which wasn't the case at all.
SuperVegitoFAN (1 year ago)
Nr 5 isnt too surprising if you know how Fraternal twins work. too, being the keyword, its still not something youd expect, but it makes more sense once you know that.
Eric Scott (1 year ago)
What would really be interesting is if there were a pair of identical twins with different MOTHERS!
Actus Spei (1 year ago)
Invisible art.= Only the lonely .
Louth (1 year ago)
Nobody else notice that number 5 says differen instead of different?
odonnell1218 (1 year ago)
"That includes all the cat pictures and pornography." Ok, that was hilarious and totally sums up the internet XD
MonsterDrool (2 years ago)
REGINA HAHAAH> It's pronounced Regeena
Stan McSerr (1 year ago)
Tell that to the people of Regina, Saskatchewan.
Nicholas Hartle (2 years ago)
A woman dressed as a sumo wrestler assaulted her ex-girlfriend for waving at a man dressed as a Snicker's bar.
John Labus (2 years ago)
Is it possible for different to be spelled without the t?
Korina Galatis (2 years ago)
Shineymcshine79 (2 years ago)
I am not at all surprised to hear the words 'pretentious' and 'James Franco' in the same sentence.
Sue Bolden (2 years ago)
The chick who bought the invisible art probably has a collection of air guitars too.
Mecca Mitchell (1 month ago)
Kyote 10 (2 months ago)
A Moye (4 months ago)
well played
=NolePtr (2 years ago)
750,000 CAMELS? WHAT?
Matt Jackson (1 month ago)
I can just imagine a roaming gang of almost a million camels slowing kicking up dust on the horizon as they approach a panicked fleeing village in the Australian outback
CurbsideUnderwood (3 months ago)
Awesome profile pic
malin bratholmen (2 years ago)
About the twin thing. Wouldn't they technically be half siblings?
Seena Hunter (2 months ago)
Never thought about it that way., but would be true
Dinkleberry (2 years ago)
ragina hahahahahahahaha
TopTenz (2 years ago)
This is the 3rd video in our series on Facts That Sound Like BS, But are True. If you want to watch them all, here is the playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLQ4d2-ByGhnJ5OLMWOamyE0aTGtd28Lay - Please comment and upvote if you want to see more of these.
Julian Reid (3 months ago)
10 fail two E's in his name. LOL 9. I don't see it. 8. Wow 7. Every one knows that don't they? 6., 5. and 4. I knew that. 3. & 2wow. 1. Knew that.
Lee Olsson (2 years ago)
I love these! Please keep them coming.
Jeannine Ruiz (2 years ago)
wait what? I'm still stuck on invisible art.
Sclasspsycho (2 years ago)
If I could get money for "invisible" art, I would give all the money to charity.
Leopard-King (2 years ago)
I believe number three, the heart has memory. It is not just a poetic expression. There are many examples of a transplant receiver taking on the personality of the donor.
Leopard-King (2 years ago)
I guess the only way to test this is for a drunk to get a liver transplant from a Mormon or a Puritan. Someone really dry. If that does not cure their alcoholism then we have been duped.
zephiro l (2 years ago)
Many people claim this for almost every transplantable body part, and there are many urban legends based around such circumstances. However none has been validated in any way, and in this case it is more likely the guy was suicidal on his own accord, and potentially decided to go out the same way as the other guy possibly to give a person the same chance he was given, or in remembrance to the life he was given by the first suicide person. But the much much more logical conclusion would be that nearly all suicides are done with a firearm to the head or from jumping from a high place, which it's likely as simple as that.
bikeanddogtrips (2 years ago)
the internet weighs as much as a strawberry .... you've been watching Vsauce, havent you?
aussiebloke609 (2 years ago)
Explaining a joke is like dissecting a frog: no one really cares, and the frog dies anyway,  :-P
Tricia AW (2 years ago)
Definition of FACT: something that truly exists or happens; something that has actual existence; a true piece of information. ALL facts are TRUE. If not - they are NOT facts.
my toughts (2 years ago)
Nr 9: what a idiot, she could have bought one of mine for 9999.99$.
Failedlegend (2 years ago)
Awesome video but that book fails it's promise within the first few pages since the writer has E's in his name (and that's ignoring the tagline of "50,000 word book without the letter "E"")
Ganieda Morgan (1 month ago)
@Caleb Stroman uranass
Caleb Stroman (1 month ago)
@Ganieda Morgan actually, "novel" has 1 "e" in it.
Ganieda Morgan (1 month ago)
@Caleb Stroman there is a difference between a "book" and a "novel". The novel has no "E" in it
Caleb Stroman (1 year ago)
4 "e"s in "50,000 word book without the letter "E""
brianpsaxton (2 years ago)
I agree with you. It's quite funny that they show us a copy of the book with 3 "e's" in the authors name and one "e" in the title.
VinnyS914 (2 years ago)
And his first & middle name require E
Yurkie (2 years ago)
Saudi Arabia also imports sand for construction purposes.
my toughts (2 years ago)
Yurkie. Several African countries do. Apparently their sand contain to much salt.

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