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Love this song. You are my strength Strength like no other Strength like no other Reaches to me You are my hope Hope like no other Hope like no other Reaches to me In the fullness of your grace In the power of your name You lift me up You lift me up Unfailing love Stronger than mountains Deeper than oceans Reaches to me
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Ivy Jane Torregosa (6 months ago)
Listening to this song in 2019. Hope to hear you sing praise songs this year. Both of you are so lovely! 💖
Wanchai Loidoo (1 year ago)
Wow! so cute
Gatchalian Tesoro (2 years ago)
can you sing No Such Thing by John Mayer?
Bawi Uk (2 years ago)
tong chau (2 years ago)
....04:38....(11/08/2016)觀看次數:1,000,233 4,123 45 (多謝:Jayesslee ) ....20:45....(28/03/2016) 990,063 4,062 44 Rebekah Xie 2 週前 Listening this in 2016, and thanks God for giving you two such amazing talents and still keep your faith in HIM ....20:57....(28/02/2016) 987,311 4,055 44 (Over 14 months) (多謝:Jayesslee ) I LIKE IT ! (01/01/2015) 897,081 3,678 37
Fhersiequel Mallano (3 years ago)
u so cute both :)
tong chau (3 years ago)
....20:45....(28/03/2016) 990,063 4,062 44 Rebekah Xie 2 週前 Listening this in 2016, and thanks God for giving you two such amazing talents and still keep your faith in HIM ....20:57....(28/02/2016) 987,311 4,055 44 (Over 14 months) (多謝:Jayesslee ) I LIKE IT ! (01/01/2015) 897,081 3,678 37
Rebekah Xie (3 years ago)
Listening this in 2016, and thanks God for giving you two such amazing talents and still keep your faith in HIM
tong chau (3 years ago)
....20:57....(28/02/2016) 987,311 4,055 44 (Over 14 months) (多謝:Jayesslee ) I LIKE IT ! (01/01/2015) 897,081 3,678 37
Tiff Koo Music (3 years ago)
God has put you two on an amazing journey!
琬琳Aveline (3 years ago)
youse have changed so much and stayed the same!! forever love to youse 💚💚💚
Cika Padele (3 years ago)
very like it!
Cika Padele (3 years ago)
very like it!
Neil ADAM Momin (3 years ago)
Jayesslee.... More of worship songs please :-) Can u do a cover of By Your Side by Tenth Avenue North? :)
tmanpui (3 years ago)
I love Hillsong that you sing😊 it's good to have more Hillsong covers☺️ support!
Benny Rose dela cruz (4 years ago)
I hope the twins couls make cover more of songs like this. 👍💜
Daniel Khanno (4 years ago)
Beautiful voice
Inno cce (4 years ago)
Do Touch The Sky by Hillsong please 😁
SuperGospelGangsta (4 years ago)
are they related to Che Ahn?
the only ads i watch the great Pacman...
Matheus William (4 years ago)
Sing for Jesus!!!
Rch S (4 years ago)
God's love and strength is amazing..
Rch S (4 years ago)
God  bless you guys!
tong chau (4 years ago)
I LIKE IT ! (01/01/2015)      897,081      3,678      37
Sheen Glaize (4 years ago)
I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength. :)
Jacquin October (4 years ago)
LiamBv12 (4 years ago)
God bless u guys
princess principe (4 years ago)
Arjun Rai (4 years ago)
beautiful sang, you both look awesome and beautiful
Do Tuang (4 years ago)
do it again
Leanne Kim (4 years ago)
Wow :P wierd HAHAHA
xen32 (5 years ago)
Bitches became much hotter in later videos
Nita Nallabeli (4 years ago)
@Louvores Musica thanx nice facebook go jesus!!!! but i understand a little bit
xen32 (4 years ago)
@Nita Nallabeli sorry had no idea 
Nita Nallabeli (4 years ago)
dude you are listening to a holy song no cussing....thats rude...
wen lin kwek (5 years ago)
love you
Ana Cortez (5 years ago)
really love this song♥ no matter how many dozen times i played it.
Von Rivera (5 years ago)
Teamug96 (5 years ago)
i love finding out youtubers are christian, good cover of an amazing song! :)
Matthias Patrick (5 years ago)
Love this - my new anthem
Jonas Gama (5 years ago)
Hillsong !! Great ! Love them ! Congratulations Girls !
Mohamad Ariff (5 years ago)
i like!!!!!
Ayodeji Dasylva (5 years ago)
God bless you guys
Aderpay (5 years ago)
What are the chords for this song?? I love how the way they singed it!
Harry Fung (5 years ago)
Wooooo so long ago - still and always be amazing : )
steven wijaya (5 years ago)
please come to jakarta
Bridget Yanez (5 years ago)
suddenly made me smile while doing work deadlines. God Bless You Guys! :)
Frances Singh (5 years ago)
Fav christian song . God bless
janice mansing (5 years ago)
God bless you girls!
Magen Sijabat (5 years ago)
Very Nice,, Gob Bless you and your family...
Jonalyn Tadeo (5 years ago)
always make a joyful noise to the Lord..
Alicia Kang (5 years ago)
I hope you guys would make another christian song cover. this is great
Krystal Phan (5 years ago)
Wow ... I love this girls ♥
Max Milan88 (5 years ago)
God bless you both. Praise the Lord!
Darwin Manzanilla (5 years ago)
More Christian Song..Less Secular Song..i Really Love This Song!..
Lara (5 years ago)
my favourite you tubers ;)
NAT KHARR (5 years ago)
Can't stop watching them.....
Kelvin Yeow (5 years ago)
God Bless u !!! Like the voices of Angels :)
Alexandre Moraes (5 years ago)
Here in Brazil we're passionate voice ... God bless you both!
Rahmadi ENAMBELAS (5 years ago)
are you twins?
Dannie Braz (6 years ago)
lindas ameeeii
Dinah Osores (6 years ago)
i hope u two sung more on Christian song
Arjade Alcabaza (6 years ago)
whoooo,,, what a wonderful songs and people to sing this to our LORD,
TheClawsOfAngel (6 years ago)
make a cover of awesome God by hilsong please
Hannah Villafañe (6 years ago)
wow!. that's nice. I love it :)
David Tan (6 years ago)
Continue to praise the LORD!!God Bless
Anderson Souza (6 years ago)
vocês são lindas!
Christina (6 years ago)
and @rockisha21... but this is 2008... you mean to say they lost weight.
David Maye (6 years ago)
Beautiful ladies, pretty voices and guitar. keep up your ministry... I just learned this song and doing it Sunday. My wife is Chinese by the way. Your girls?
sameer shrestha (6 years ago)
ohh both of u grew weights... looks more preety
rockisha21 (6 years ago)
they grew weight!! sooo cutieeee
Sagidec Ursidae (6 years ago)
The harmony goes low, thn high~ haha
Naïssy Mejo (6 years ago)
Jonathan Paulo (6 years ago)
Kheith Madison (6 years ago)
More Christian songss..please..we Love jesus Christ..=) i request steady my heart and healer by Kari Jobe thank youuu...
Vangelis Tika (6 years ago)
Henry Santoso (6 years ago)
you guys so awesome!!! <3 let shine for our almighty God!!! be bless!!
Daniel Yoo (6 years ago)
One of my favourite songs<3 Lovely cover!<3
Stephanie Underhill (6 years ago)
oh gosh your voices go so beautifully together!
Celcie 21 (6 years ago)
is it the first time that Sonia was in the right side?? just noticed it
Robbie Truong (6 years ago)
Long time ago but their voice still nice :3
Siena Fakatava (6 years ago)
lmao????> iI so loveeeeeeeeeeeeee both of our voice!!I sing this song at my grandpas funral
Zen (6 years ago)
please do "here is love poured out so freely" by CHC please!
Myriam Torrado Gomez (6 years ago)
GOD BLESS YOU! Un mensaje desde España! Seguid cantando para Dios, el don que teneis es suyo y para su gloria. Teneis una voz preciosa! Bless.
B YC (6 years ago)
guitar code please..^^ 기타코드점알려주실수잇나요ㅎㅎ
B YC (6 years ago)
아..너무좋네요ㅎㅎ 사랑합니당♥
Che Lauron (6 years ago)
This is truly travelling time for me..I first watched the Gangnam Style video..now I believe i'm halfway in watching all of their vids. I think Janice is kinda shy in this vid. :) I love you both janice and sonia.;)
Ar Qiu (6 years ago)
Even prettier without make up. :)
Davide Mele (6 years ago)
i love you, but God love you su much than me, of course ahahahaahha, however, your worship is so really great, GOD bless you.
Amanda Yue (6 years ago)
Well done (Y) <3 It's nice <3 thank for sharing May God bless you2 forever :D May try Every move I make? xD
vox4lifeph (6 years ago)
I hope you play more Christian songs this 2013 ^_^
Paulo Cristão (6 years ago)
Very good, muito bom mesmo!!!
Chammers Vlogs (6 years ago)
prang payphone
Jeremy Way (6 years ago)
Nice !
Eugene Lim (6 years ago)
janice n sonia, YOU - are my strength :)
Eugene Lim (6 years ago)
which is sonia, which is janice?
Megorium (6 years ago)
Ya'll are so amazing! I love your videos! Could y'all do a cover of "oh come Emmanuel" I think that song is so beautiful and would love to hear y'all sing it, please. 3
Jenny Thich (6 years ago)
Wow you guys lost weight since then.
Glória a Deus, Senhor dos senhores.......
Aastha Shrestha (6 years ago)
Lord ur my strength .
ana molina (6 years ago)
hi beautiful ladies! :) may i know what chords did you use for this song? i love your covers! God Bless You more! yes. continue to share HIS words by HIS given gifts :)

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