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Gangnam Style Acoustic Guitar - Steph Micayle

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Gangnam Style Acoustic Guitar Cover by Steph Micayle I think you'll like This Gangnam Style Acoustic Version ... Happy listening! :)
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Text Comments (14)
Radnaya Prov (5 years ago)
I actually like the song now. 
Tran Linh (5 years ago)
samed ataman (5 years ago)
Wooow soo cool^^
Viking Gaming (5 years ago)
One big WOW from slovakia
Huhni boo (5 years ago)
I can't understandh lmfaoo but she awesum c:
Bubbles' Niqqa (5 years ago)
Dam, I freaking love your voice <3
Crows7 Unit (5 years ago)
vãi cả áo=))
duong tuan (5 years ago)
hat hay wa ban oj
ThatsSo Icis (6 years ago)
she must like pandas lol
Karen Gutierrez (6 years ago)
201rike (6 years ago)
Like this much :))) Peace...good ride <3
minh khan (6 years ago)
hay gê
Duong Hai (6 years ago)
de thuong qua.hj
Hưng Lép (6 years ago)
She's from Singapore as I know

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