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What's Happening in War of the Spark? | Magic Arcanum

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See the cards on TCGplayer: http://bit.ly/War_of_the_Spark_Cards See Wizard's official Story page: http://bit.ly/Official_War_Story Get the book: http://bit.ly/War_Book Find us on twitter: https://twitter.com/Magic_Arcanum Nicol Bolas is waging an all out war on Ravnica, but for what purpose? Who among the planeswalkers stand against him, and how can they hope to defeat the immensely powerful Elder Dragon once he puts his final plans into motion? Find out as we tell the story behind what's happening in War of the Spark, Magic: The Gathering's most ambitious event in over 25 years!
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TCGplayer (2 months ago)
(Ryan) Alright! Glad you are all enjoying the video. I do see a lot of the same comments coming up though so I want to answer some of these frequently asked questions: 1. On Domri (ok not a question but still) - in the video I say he went to attack Bolas, which is not entirely accurate. He technically said he wanted to join the Elder Dragon and was on his way to pledge loyalty when the Eternal took him out. For the sake of my own brain, I refuse to accept this as being what happened. It goes against Domri's character entirely. The whole point of him and the Gruul is that they don't really follow anyone. And even if they support total chaos, there is no way they are down with totally murdering every other living soul on Ravnica. Two pages before, Domri and the Gruul were fighting off Eternals and trying to save other citizens. So yeah. I'm really not happy with this part of the book and in my mind, Domri went out swinging, rather than trying to switch to the team that wouldn't even have him. 2. How did Karn, Samut, Dack, and Ob Nixilis get through the bridge? I mentioned the bridge only works on inorganic material, and everyone save Karn should have been obliterated when they entered the portal, right? Well it turns out, a planeswalker spark does offer protection here the same way it does in the Blind Eternities. However, it still isn't perfect. Dack does get minor injuries, but Samut runs through so fast she seems unharmed, and Ob Nixilis just kinda tanks the damage while laughing at how weak Dack is. Karn is of course unaffected. This is another part of the book that could have been avoided entirely by having the Immortal Sun shut down first - then just let this group planeswalk straight to Amonkhet. (Though I guess Ob would have no incentive to do so. Oh well.) 3. What about Sorin and Nahiri? The book barely mentions them. It does confirm they are present, and fighting at first, but both show up later at Jace's meeting and stand on opposite sides of the room to listen. It does not tell us who won, or if the fight resumed later. It also does not tell us how Sorin got out of the wall. This was another missed opportunity of the book. 4. What about (anyone else)? If I didn't mention them in this video, it's because they did nothing of note in the book, or don't have a card to discuss (looking at you, Rat.) Maybe some of these characters get more detail in the missing chapters or prequel book coming in November but until then, it's not worth hearing about their stories because they are trivial. 5. What about the Triumph cycle? Chandra's shows her killing or capturing Dovin Baan but this does not happen in the book. With such a wild discrepancy, I am not sure which version is "true" per the lore. I guess the book wins out over card art but I could see a case being made for it going the other way. For anything else, I'll try and post thoughts on Twitter as they come to me. Thank you so much for watching this video and I'm really proud of this community. Together we've reached over 2 million views on videos just about stories, and I have enjoyed every minute of it. Now let's get 3 million!
Shortcut (7 days ago)
TCGplayer Is there any way I could get in contact with you via discord or something to collaborate on the war of spark and gate watchers relationship with the new mtg Netflix tv series that is being produced with the producers of end game? Man that was a run on sentence.
vicnedel02 (21 days ago)
The book is so bad. I've decided to ignore its existence and only pick the cool parts out.
Iván Daguerre (26 days ago)
Soo, Mordekaiser saved the day?
David N. (1 month ago)
good job with story, more please....
Bluecho4 (1 month ago)
@Chrisette Dean Illharg is the pig on the Illharg, The Raze-Boar card. He and Domri's mount are definitely different pigs. For one, Illharg is on fire.
Lizzy Keele (27 minutes ago)
They mentioned many times Niv had died after the guild meeting failed and Niv just went against Nicol without the guildpact powers. As well as his spirit talking to Ugin in the beginning prologue.
blarfsgnarg (1 day ago)
'doesn't measure up to payoffs like game of thrones' not so sure about that:P
That One Guy (1 day ago)
Vraska became my instant favorite because she just dipped on the most important fight of mtg history
uncle_tai x (2 days ago)
The beacons are lit? *Gondor calls for aid!*
Mr. Animal Wilson (3 days ago)
I just started playing Magic. I'm really enjoying these lore videos
TCGplayer (2 days ago)
(Ryan) Glad to hear it! Welcome to the game, and let me know if you have any questions.
Devon Mendez (4 days ago)
This honestly is an incredible story. Really wish Wizards of the Coast would make movies for all these stories and maybe even their own MTG universe kind of like what Marvel did. I would definitely go watch them and buy the DVD’s.
Unknown Commenter (5 days ago)
lol plot twist jace was making the illusion of nicol bolas da whole time and nicol bolas was just an illusion. he just did it so he didnt have to be guildpact anymore
Zexez Blue (5 days ago)
Did The book mention anything about Sorin and Nahiri? That they started fighting to the death with each other The moment they felt their presence. This is The Second time The world is going under yet they can't put their differences aside and I love it
SuiCaedere (5 days ago)
I'm reading the missing chapters as they come out (The Gathering Storm) and I must say you really, REALLY, need them to understand most of what's going on. Also, Ral is cute.
TCGplayer (5 days ago)
(Ryan) I agree. The missing chapters have been a huge help. Too bad most people are going to miss them entirely.
shmerelize (6 days ago)
Very disappointed there is no "Rat" card!
TCGplayer (6 days ago)
(Ryan) I know! Me too. I suspect we'll get it one day.
william hayduk (6 days ago)
The my played us like a fiddle!
Bobby May Cry (6 days ago)
Still wish the whole Gatewatch thing just ended already, and with it the main cast we've been stuck with for like a decade.
Nightlock (8 days ago)
Should have killed more planes walkers to help it feel more like it did something
dereck santiago (9 days ago)
I have that sweater bro 🥰🥰
Tyto alba gamer (11 days ago)
And what was Ajani doing exactly? I know on his kard he was fighting eternals, but nothing noteworthy?
Tyto alba gamer (9 days ago)
@TCGplayer Well that's sad since he is my favorite and my first planeswalker card
TCGplayer (9 days ago)
(Ryan) Yeah despite his very personal history with Nicol Bolas, in the book Ajani does almost nothing of note. He just fights alongside the other planeswalkers, mostly.
Lorcan Brodsky (13 days ago)
I think for the next set it will take place in a few years after war of the sparks where the gatewatch becomes a sort of crime finding swat team stopping small gangs and evil doers, but one day on a raid a trap is sprung and jace & Nissa get killed with most of the others, Chandra goes missing and Vraska who recently joined gatewatch giving up her title of Golgari queen, and restoring her relic seeker powers, she gets pulled out of the ruins heavily injured, as a mage drags her out brings her to a healer. Vraska then tells her about a looming threat of the remenence of the ancient Eldrazi. There decaying bodies have been releasing a dark missed that disintegrates anything in its path while the remaining eldrazi start reproducing to get ready for their second conquest
PocketRocket Radio (16 days ago)
I freaking love the arcanum series. I love your channel and its really helping me get back into MTG after not playing for over a decade.
CrusaderofLight1 (17 days ago)
This is a Great channel. Have to say that i'm sad to see Domri die as he has always been my favorite plainswalker, i love the Gruul clan too.
Austin Schwartz (17 days ago)
You should make a video about Davriel's short book. It's really good and gives a lot of personality to him. To the point that I was disappointed that he was one of those one ability walkers.
I'd love to see a video of how Wizards handles the development of something like this. Introducing new cards that mix up the mechanics while having it all make sense in game play and their lore association.
Tyler Porter (19 days ago)
Ral is gay well how swell
[__S U M K E K__] (19 days ago)
In rising populace I think you can spot a sign of niv mizzet
Shinri Haishi (21 days ago)
"A single touch from an Eternal will kill a planeswalker, who cannot flee or hide." War Of The Spark: The SINGLE MOST hardcore, do-or-(literally) die, All-In widespread game of Neighborhood Manhunt that anyone could ever possibly participate in.
BillyTheBoy Isac (22 days ago)
that feeling when a card game makes a better ending than game of thrones
Maksym Zakharzhevskiy (22 days ago)
It's better than the previous Ravnica storylines which were some of the worst in all of Magic. I am just glad that we won't get to hear about another guild pact, considering Jace was never on Ravnica to follow up.
LoneWolf69sg (23 days ago)
Would have been nicer if more walkers died..
Nick Barone (23 days ago)
Love the videos but can you please stop cropping the top of your head off
Nick Barone (22 days ago)
@TCGplayer Epic answer lol
TCGplayer (22 days ago)
(Ryan) Why? It's not like I have a cool hairstyle up there that you're missing out on seeing.
Sarah Smajstrla (23 days ago)
Maybe you should make a Feather deck on Arena....
Simon Choo Sze Shiong (24 days ago)
Shweet shweet spite against Feather!
Lol Meister (24 days ago)
What trailer?
Richard Sejour (25 days ago)
17:20 I can't tell if you're really enjoying this or being incredulous.
Jeremy Cocciolone (25 days ago)
Due to playing on magic arena and not owning a physical copy of unlikely aid, I always thought Gideon was riding upon Ob Nixilis. But i am a big fan of Rakdos as well. So win win. Also poor Gideon. He died so young
Vein Locke (25 days ago)
Sorin's got his own card in War of the Spark. Not sure why he wasn't even mentioned at the end.
Vein Locke (25 days ago)
@TCGplayer Man, that sucks. He's my favorite mtg character. Cool video though, I think you guys did a pretty good job explaining the story, especially since from what I've heard, the book wasn't written that well.
TCGplayer (25 days ago)
(Ryan) Having a card doesn't mean they did anything meaningful in the story. Sorin wasn't mentioned because the book tells us nothing about what he did, how he got out of the wall, or where he went after Bolas was defeated.
Ken Wu (25 days ago)
Karn can literally do anything
Jeremy Hasenauer (25 days ago)
More Karn
Marcio Ribeiro (26 days ago)
Dude this is a great summary of the lore! Keep up the good work!
pkphantom (26 days ago)
Oookay, so who's gonna fill Lilliana's assassin in that she wasn't their enemy? I'm very concerned. We just lost one hero, I don't think I can handle losing another one again so soon 😓
Nick Little (26 days ago)
Anja Rebekka Schultze (26 days ago)
Liliana's solution to every problem, a zombie army. :P It makes me wonder though who would win in an all out zombie army vs zombie army fight between Liliana and the Night King from Game of Thrones. Anyway I was wondering these lost chapters that will be told through email, where can I read those or get a hold of them?
Chanina Kosovske (26 days ago)
In the Ravnica short stories on the magic website the one for Boros kinda explains Feather.
Dragon Ridge Studios (27 days ago)
UGH this is sooo a book written by Sanderson! WHYYY does he do the same things over and over again! THIS IS JUST MISTBORN WITH PLANESWALKERS DAMMIT!!! UNLIKELY DEAD HEROES AND ALLLLLL It's still a cool story, but why does he do this?
Aroman Fogel (28 days ago)
22:44 Kaz intensifies
Dr. Medic (1 month ago)
I was hoping Emerakul would screw with Jase's plan and deliver a killing blow to Nicol.
Lemonade197 (1 month ago)
I never play the card or even read the book, ... maxmum watch " Dungeons and Dragons " cartoons in the 80's ... But all the History must became a MOVIE, Will be success ! ! !
joar soderman (1 month ago)
Who is Dack? pls explain, he seems really cool! Nice vid btw
Adam Red panda (1 month ago)
Ral and tomik so cute
Dails08 (1 month ago)
Ok, so the story is literally elder dragon highlander.
Karnage The Animator (1 month ago)
nicole bolase
Steveland Martin-Khan (1 month ago)
2:42 so they're terminators?
EloquentTroll (1 month ago)
Jace finally listens to Ugin about trapping rather than killing, he's grown since Oath of the Gatewatch! Also, why when Elspeth dies on Theros she goes to the Theros afterlife, but Gideon dies on Ravnica and goes to the Theros afterlife? Does the afterlife in Theros have a special gravity?
EloquentTroll (1 month ago)
The book deserved better writing, and Dack Fayden deserved a card.
Agamethus (1 month ago)
I find it ironic that Vraska (a gorgon) has to go hunt Dovin (who is blind)
Paul Forsans (1 month ago)
Now Lazav is officially the edgiest character in all of mtg
Itachi45481 (1 month ago)
I like it but it needs revising and more details were missing and the author should have done more to realize it needed more pages and details
Dr.Kooler BZ (1 month ago)
Liliana will when about to be assassinated will be saved by the millions of weeaboo's with them yelling "Save the WAIFU"
J. K. (1 month ago)
Avengers the gathering: War of the infinity spark.
Erwin Johann Arndt (1 month ago)
I dont know why but nothing on the Endgames?...
The Conspiratorist (1 month ago)
Season 8 sucked ass. Even the War of the Spark book pulled off a more satisfying ending.
Nightshade Isis (1 month ago)
Is it just me or does it seem like Jace and Lilliana got the serious "darned if I do and darned If I dont" shaft in this war?
Florian W (1 month ago)
27:37 Angrath? He gets plenty of lines actually. Not sure if his characterization is on point tho.
Avatarbee (1 month ago)
So what Niv Mizzet just kinda died at some unspecific point in some unspecific way? Makes sense I guess.
Avatarbee (1 month ago)
@TCGplayer Oh I see, I thought he just died of old age or something. Or maybe he stubbed his toe like REALLY hard and that killed him. I am sure the fans didn't want to know anyway. ;)
TCGplayer (1 month ago)
(Ryan) Based on context clues, it sounds like Niv convinced the guilds to let him fight Nicol Bolas on their behalf, but he also made plans for his own death because he knew he wouldn't be able to beat Bolas the first time. There was supposed to be a card depicting this first battle but it was cut (either from Ravnica Allegiance or War of the Spark, I'm not clear) and then his Niv Mizzet Reborn card was supposed to show his triumphant return thanks to the cooperation of the guilds but the whole thing kinda fell flat.
Mr. 101 (1 month ago)
1st time on this channel and I'm loving it! Great story telling and I enjoy it a lot. Keep it up! and see you on the next expansion.
George Barbari (1 month ago)
I am so glad this storyline is finally done to some degree. Like endgame it's been a big buildup and a somewhat satisfying conclusion too. I really hope they tell us what's been going on with the New Phyrexia situation next. I've been aching for more phyrexians, and they've been dropping cards and hints in these last few sets now, not to mention Atraxa.
Dante Davis (1 month ago)
Damnit I do want me some atraxa:D
Ma Anthony (1 month ago)
I would rather have an entire story about the love triangle between Jace, Liliana and Vraska than this novel, so much missed opportunities! SMH
JizzyD (1 month ago)
Garruk, bring my boy back dammit!
Threeli (1 month ago)
This would have been a great opportunity to come up with some way of bringing elspeth back. She's even killed a God before... just sayin
TCGplayer (1 month ago)
(Ryan) True but I think they are saving her for our inevitable return to Theros.
Runeserpent (1 month ago)
no mention of tibalt.
Jonny Oliveira (1 month ago)
So Liliana is now free from any contract, imortal and invulnerable
TCGplayer (1 month ago)
(Ryan) She is free of the contract but Gideon's gift was only temporary. She felt it fade away as he died, so Kaya chasing her is going to be a real problem for her.
Moses Karunia (1 month ago)
Prison realm? Dormammu, i come to bargain.
Andrew Lienkamp (1 month ago)
I wonder what would happen if Bolas is released. That would not be good
Chris Jones (1 month ago)
Captain America was supposed to end like this......
Oscine Corvid (1 month ago)
It was Yawgmoth all along.
ChasePines 101 (1 month ago)
Tomik's a guy....🤔
Amanda Braun (1 month ago)
Booooooo Dack Died! Boooooooo........will this raise the price of the comic books?🤔
TCGplayer (1 month ago)
(Ryan) Couldn't hurt!
Cesar Adolfo (1 month ago)
I was all into the story until the unnecessary literal gayness at the end. Idk wtf that had to do with killing a bloody dragon, I guess liberalism must permeate and ruin even a god damn card game.
TCGplayer (1 month ago)
(Ryan) Ral was searching for Tomik the entire book, but if you sincerely have a problem with two people displaying affection for one another after surviving a dragon invading their home with an army of zombie warriors, then I hope you only draw lands for the rest of your Magic playing days.
Personalejcr (1 month ago)
Personalejcr (1 month ago)
@TCGplayer omg yes!
TCGplayer (1 month ago)
(Ryan) Because they just announced an animated Netflix show instead :-)
Nuclear Potato (1 month ago)
mtg is going to have a series in netflix did you now that?
TCGplayer (1 month ago)
(Ryan) Yes! I'm very excited.
kingcarmine (1 month ago)
Watch nicol bolas is gonna pop out yelling I'm back bitchs
Andrew Arbogast (1 month ago)
Where can we get on this email thread for filling in the story?
TCGplayer (1 month ago)
Tamás Peták (1 month ago)
I really liked the stroy, and your video about it, however the book was really bad (talking about the writing, not the story), little better than some internet fanfiction (looking at you shurikens). Now that i think about it, i would have prefered watching this instead :D
Hirumi Amado (1 month ago)
As you have mentioned that Bolas have dies one time before the war in Ravnica, can you tell us the story about how Bolas dies by Umizawa Jite?
Plank_ (1 month ago)
War of the sparks huh?.... more like "Magic Endgame"
Hunter Stiles (10 days ago)
Nicol Bolas: I... am... inevitable Liliana: I'm Liliana
Omega Tron (1 month ago)
click bait...showing footage then all I get is some doofus babbling...never again
spencersonnier1 (1 month ago)
I think we are going to either Phyrexia or Theros next
Javier Fernandez (1 month ago)
It would be possible that you could tell the Slivers Lore?
Javier Fernandez (1 month ago)
@TCGplayer <3
TCGplayer (1 month ago)
(Ryan) Yep, that one is coming soon!
Ya Boi Skittlez (1 month ago)
So in short: Magic the Gathering Infinity War
Death Blow (1 month ago)
Karn made a pact with the Gatewatch to clean up Phyrexia when and if they lived through this Bolas battle. Maybe a return to New Phyrexia?
Michael Manuel (1 month ago)
Modern horizon
Kevin Larsen (1 month ago)
im a big fan of this media, joking and story telling thank you!
Donald Bradstreet (1 month ago)
also I think a movie is due D&D, Warhammer, Yu-Gi-Oh, Pokémon, DBZ. I know years ago they were going to try but it fizzeled time for a rebirth. CGI is at fore front of tech so what do you think. keep up great work.
TCGplayer (1 month ago)
(Ryan) I wouldn't want a Magic movie to lean too much into CGI. It should be about the characters, not the effects.
Donald Bradstreet (1 month ago)
Hi Ryan, the War of the Spark has a lot of potential . I personally would like to the greatest planeswalker who ever lived to take Bolas down. Urza vs Bolas mmmmmm winner take all
TCGplayer (1 month ago)
(Ryan) That would be quite a battle!
dragon ball talk (1 month ago)
More images less u
יואב שוחט (1 month ago)
your face is surprisingly meme-able
TCGplayer (1 month ago)
(Ryan) ...thanks?
cody hacking (1 month ago)
I won fnm and got nicol bolas citadel foil. My friend got nicol bolas from 35 card theme pack!
cody hacking (1 month ago)
The nicol he got is like 22 dollars
Blake thesteak (1 month ago)
why can the planeswalkers go through the planar bridge even though they are organic
LiptrixInTheMix (1 month ago)
Cody Putnam (1 month ago)
now can we go back to phyrexia?
You can call me al (1 month ago)
Damn they blinded dovin so hed be immune to vraska gorgon stare
the guardian (1 month ago)
I'm sad. My favorite character locked up forever. But Emrukul might come bursting out of that moon soon. Hopefully

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