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PSY - Gangnam Style - Acoustic Cover by Green Lake

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Science be damned, we actually did it! Hope you like our acoustic cover of PSY's Gangnam Style. We couldn't dance so a cute little girl should suffice. Lets hope the language part would suffice too. Follow me on Instagram! @kennethcaveman Vocals: Kenneth Shih Guitarists: Shaun Lee & Sean Ng Bassist: Hong Percussionist: Jared Oh Green Lake covering 'Gangnam Style' by PSY. Subscribe to our channel & Follow us here and at our FB page : facebook.com/pages/Green-Lake/104931389627484 Please leave a comment before you go! Thanks for listening!
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Text Comments (166)
FA MUSIC (4 months ago)
Can I use this in one of my youtube videos I'll give you credit
aquarian (4 years ago)
had listened to it for so many times but still loving it.. my dream is to watch you singing live .. more powers green lake ! #avidFan
1112 (5 years ago)
jong kim (5 years ago)
Long time, i hear again still  it^s  cool   very nice voice 
Kris V (5 years ago)
Great voice bro!! You shouls try some doors cover or rollin stones will suite your voice
olencia vales (5 years ago)
Yyyybbjhgunv W Mmnljmnbtgggggg
YoNiceSkirtXOXO (5 years ago)
ça change mais sympa
lorence ilagan (5 years ago)
great voice and good job guys keep up!!!1
Prabhjoyt Kaur (6 years ago)
Omg so gd
LE Kingston (6 years ago)
nice :-)
rockgod227 (6 years ago)
Very good, I hope to see all of you in Green Lake work on Gentleman. :)
Ambre (6 years ago)
I LOVE IT !!!!!!!!!!
winter spring (6 years ago)
good job...
Arsenal Arsenalovish (6 years ago)
wow very nice:)
The Angry Monster (6 years ago)
nice done guys!
Jacob Prince (6 years ago)
This is some awesome talent :) <3
titaP alciivaR (6 years ago)
cute but you have to sing slower after all good
Carolina Valbuena (6 years ago)
Excelente cover, felicitaciones... Colombia
bakasora (6 years ago)
why must there always be a acoustic version. they are mostly overrated.
Winnie Cota (6 years ago)
Oliver Torres (6 years ago)
i love it..i love u boys
Eujacio Martins (6 years ago)
Very good, good luck!
Marcondes davi (6 years ago)
うわー、君たちは+です。パラベンは、私は口を開いたまま! 私は2番目の声が大好き!パラベンのすべてです
dayak man (6 years ago)
good work guys....cool
dayak man (6 years ago)
well done guys....from borneo
LeoMan chuaire (6 years ago)
Q Q SOS隱藏醜陋的婊子
oye tranquilo viejo
jheyna agudelo (6 years ago)
Meee encantaaaaa la escuchare todos Dias :DDD like like like like Loooveeeeeee Yoooou
Few LoADgRaDeAN (6 years ago)
very good. ;-)
Alexa Dem (6 years ago)
Good ...
vZenahh (6 years ago)
Salvatore Milioto (6 years ago)
crystal varnado (6 years ago)
Nice job!!!
Joao Baby (6 years ago)
Frances Casias (6 years ago)
Ur good
たなか。 (6 years ago)
this sounds like condom style more but still nice and awesome job
Benedict Canlas (6 years ago)
i like it, sounds like a cowboy chase scene...
Djuki007 (6 years ago)
Andree p (6 years ago)
omg ur realy good I love ya!!!!!(..^-^..)<3
Lala&Jurj Garcia (6 years ago)
Oppa nice nice nice gangnam version
Johannes Boisen (6 years ago)
woah your accent is really great, there's a few flaws, not big ones though! i really love this cover though!
Kenneth SQ (6 years ago)
Hey charleen! how are you? still doing music? nahh.. Our native language is actually English..haha..
Charleen Janssen (6 years ago)
Really nice new cover there guys! Wondering, is the language of Gangnam Style your native language? Only 6 subs to go! Greets from Holland:) x Charleen
Kenneth SQ (6 years ago)
Thank you guys so much for the love, please do share this video so we could reach more people alright! Stick around for our next video! The weekend's coming, Have fun ;)
jessingyn (6 years ago)
awesome! u got a really nice voice
nicely done... i dont like gangnam style, but i like ur version of it... well done..
Wallace Araujo (6 years ago)
Vejam meu vídeo pfv! /watch?v=vRgbEttlC4s
Sik ! (6 years ago)
There good
Pusliin (6 years ago)
Do you know what a cover is? -.-
ECLIPSEDEF (6 years ago)
well done
kiccopg (6 years ago)
Well done
Elin P (6 years ago)
This is awesome! :)
Very cool!!!!
Ricardo Paquira (6 years ago)
i like it :)
kaey en (6 years ago)
i always like your cover.....great job man...^_^
bruninhaamc (6 years ago)
cute little girl <3
hanon alshami (6 years ago)
shannn222 (6 years ago)
Guys this is amazing, great job!!!!!
Life neverLie (6 years ago)
great guitar
I must agree with you!!!!
Samantha Low (6 years ago)
There are so many acoustic versions of gangnam style, yours is the best! Love it! Keep up the good work ya! :)
KC LUU (6 years ago)
Thanks You ^^ Gam sa ham ni da ^^
Sana Khan (6 years ago)
I prefer this version to the original By far the best =)
leontt9 (6 years ago)
Good style well done
蔡鍏錝 (6 years ago)
Very good
NHPFan1 (6 years ago)
Cover Epik High!!!
NHPFan1 (6 years ago)
You guys should cover some BigBang songs!!!!!
Kanokwan Akwisob (6 years ago)
cute girl xD
Junaey Moto Touring (6 years ago)
bruteforce35 (6 years ago)
am I the only one who things the singer sounds exactly like only1noah?
MrHow4much (6 years ago)
Sounds awesome
劉康祐 (6 years ago)
Jen Ny (6 years ago)
Cool Bro x) i like it !!!!
Shelly Lee (6 years ago)
Nice!!!WOW 表示支持!讚!
wtst (6 years ago)
唱得好...比Steph Micayle唱得好好多
Jay-lynne Escalona (6 years ago)
like acoustic versions..nice one
sandar lin (6 years ago)
Good job guys!!!
FUNNY CLIPS (6 years ago)
Great job !
Kailani Johnston (6 years ago)
I absolutely love this version! <3
Sean Charles (6 years ago)
this is AWESOME!
Soberlateral (6 years ago)
Abegil Bacera (6 years ago)
Nice voice
Lyle Managbanag (6 years ago)
Amazing job guys!
Kenneth SQ (6 years ago)
Hey kenji.. The current site we're using only allows 300 free downloads.. Still looking for one tt allows unlimited download..
Kenji Kwok (6 years ago)
Still waiting for the mp3 version! :(
misterjerek (6 years ago)
great voice. i love the sound of ur voice!
ejan ebrado (6 years ago)
Nice version of OPPA GANGNAM STYLE.
jong kim (6 years ago)
amazing vocal and sound class🎶🎉👍
grace acejo (6 years ago)
opencondomstar (6 years ago)
Very good! One of the best! Liked and posted at GangnamStyle.info
Kenneth SQ (6 years ago)
hey! wow.. thanks for the kind words.. Lovin' your version too man!
Classified By Grace (6 years ago)
omg~ love ur version and sueprise to know yall sporean~ subbed:)
Lorren Thomas (6 years ago)
very cool cover
nicdelux (6 years ago)
congrats to PSY himself, and then all these briliant covers, (checkout RA-ON), super.
Kelvin Tan (6 years ago)
Fabulous voice! Very rich!
Hikari (6 years ago)
wa how come u can sing korean xD
IuanColeYoung (6 years ago)
AWESOME! its dis type of music dat makes me proud to be a singaporean...not sum Ho Yeow Sun's crazy music
Didy Gan (6 years ago)
Shannon Tan (6 years ago)
NATIONAL PRIDE YO. this is awessssommmeee :D
Cynner Lim (6 years ago)
HOSEHBO! Good job! :)

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