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A Mother's Reaction to the 'Men are Better than Women' Video

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Text Comments (2173)
Rob oshea (1 hour ago)
Wow that woman NAILED it 100% . What is being done does anyone seriously have any knowledge of any movement to counter this and bring the world back to somewhat normal ? And again I'm asking seriously
Rob oshea (1 hour ago)
Great videos your doing Alex . I remember you from comedy here in Toronto ..youve done good for yourself
Mr. Smithens (11 hours ago)
Luciferian Souls (12 hours ago)
This guy keeps milking that girl crying. Lol.
Mathias Nørlem (14 hours ago)
Dont worry. This wave of insane brainwashed women that we see in the video, they WONT BREED, why? Because they hate men. Survival of the fittest, these women wont carry on their genes and they will slowly disappear. Dont even worry, worthy healthy mentally sane women will have babies, not the crazy ones.
Planetgonenuts (2 days ago)
“The eye that sees earthly things is deceitful, but the eye that sees spiritual things is true. Then, because of the things that happened, the Great Eye that saw Truth was closed and henceforth man walked in falsity. Unable to perceive Truth he saw only that which deceived him, and so it shall be until his awakening.” "A woman is no more made to go into battle than a man was made to bare children." - “Man and women travel the same road together, but each bears a different burden.” "Dadam said, "The fault is with the woman, wherefore should I suffer?" The Spiritbeing replied, "Because you two are now as one the conkerworms of disease and sickness strike both equally, but you shall not again defile this place. Henceforth, the misty veil becomes an impenetrable barrier severing our two realms from each other, so they can no longer be easily spanned. Between us there will now be no means of communication. Henceforth, man and woman, fated to unite in love divine, shall be divided and set apart, though ever yearning reunion. They may cleave one to the other, seeking the unity which will rekindle the flame, but unless their efforts transcend the limitations of earthly things they will be in vain. The spirit of man is now severed from the whole and cast again into unconsciousness, and it too shall long for reunion with the whole. The spark shall seek to return to the fire, for otherwise it becomes nothing. The web of fate is rewoven and the paths of destiny remade, the design of life is redrawn; again the progression begins in ignorance, birth and death, pain and pleasure, joy and sorrow, success and failure, love and hate, peace and war, all the light and shade, the many hues making the splendidly intricate pattern of life on Earth. This is a new beginning but a beginning not in purity and unencumbered, but one already weighted with debts and burdens".– all of the above from, The Kolbrin, Wisdom of the Ages, The Book of Gleanings.
David Lopez (2 days ago)
nice video....
colin doyle (2 days ago)
whats this programming word term , what was wrong with Brainwashing, call it as it is
FIDIRONU (2 days ago)
She's wrong. Those aren't _men_ saying "Women are better _at _*_everything_* than men". Those are soy boy cucks. She shouldn't sweat it. There are still REAL men out there. You'll find one anytime you come across a MGTOW. Hell you're meeting one right now... 🤨 MGTOW forever 💪
scumucs (3 days ago)
i often think about killing myself.
Jayden Allen (3 days ago)
I love what you're doing for men but.... the conspiracies you delve into have no empirical evidence to support them, It leaves me wondering how grounded some of your ideas or foundation beliefs may be. In fact to mention the so called "Chem Trails" that are used to alter society is extreme in its ideology to say the least, It causes distrust to government when it has been proven with factual evidence that "Chem Trails" are the product of a hyper sensitive or over active mind like many conspiracy theories that are extreme in nature. One comment in the section also states the obvious which is that the sheer amount of volume needed to actually pollute the atmosphere is beyond what we as humans could either A: produce in such mass and B: even if we could produce such massive amounts of atmospheric altering chemicals what machine is being used to spread said chemicals? the pay load of jets simply isn't enough. With a small amount of thinking you can create any fictional conspiracy, with enough idiots it can become validated, with large amounts of thinking and a little bit of knowledge most of these can be proven to be false.
Kenny Leone (3 days ago)
Little finger's game. "CHAOS IS A LADDER".
05candyman (3 days ago)
Good men serve the god of truth, good women serve the god of kinship.
What a bright mind she is!
Orion Felis (4 days ago)
And that is why MGTOW scares women
Harald I. (5 days ago)
she is such a beautiful woman...outside and inside
Patrick Johansen (5 days ago)
I really enjoy your videos. They are educational and entertaining at the same time. Thank you!
what is wrong with guys in this comment section. Damn that few men she was talking about came out here? Or is that feminists using male pics on their accounts?
Sophia Miu (6 days ago)
why are you hurt by women
B. Smith (7 days ago)
I fell into the lies now my eyes are opening. She is amazingly wise.
HardWarUK (7 days ago)
"Divide and Conquer", is a well known military strategy. to control the population. A divided society cannot come together to fight bad government, or bad laws, etc, so people in power can have much more freedom to do what they want - like anti-terrorist laws which have affected and been used against normal citizens much more than terrorists, because of the loose way they were written.
George Indestructible (7 days ago)
Tell everyone what they want to hear and suddenly you are "woke".
Bastien Benazech (8 days ago)
Whom is she talking about when she mention "a female at the top of the pyramid" ?
ZERUBBABEL (8 days ago)
She's a hippy NOT a Christian that's for sure. Nor is he with his use of profanity yet they're using some Christian doctrine mixed with heathen baloney.
J FK (8 days ago)
I love this
Double Agent NPC (8 days ago)
Fracking...really... What other options are there? Lithium batteries?
Lee Feriozzi (9 days ago)
can reason be reborn when it has been hammered out of the mind since, lets say... kindergarten ?
Lee Feriozzi (9 days ago)
nailed it - nailed it
Blaz MV (9 days ago)
I'm with her on this, It was sad to see how both men and women in modern Western society have been brainwashed.
I thought. . . . She was your mother for a second. . .
Chuy83 (9 days ago)
She means it's a success for the Zionist clan to brainwash Gentile women and men into this destructive ideology. But it's just malice, not success at all. Success means progress, but this is just plain destructive and regressive.
Thelulz (9 days ago)
i'm glad this video is out while i'm young, so i don't have to learn this shit when i grow up
jasonk333 (10 days ago)
When the video started i thought you were gonna introduce her as you mother , based off the title. That’s not your mom, is it?
jasonk333 (10 days ago)
This is what being WOKE sounds like
Sue Smith (10 days ago)
I agreed with almost everything except that the world could be fixed on love and compassion but that is a whole discussion in itself and one that will probably come to no solid conclusion.  On another note, I work mostly with men and a couple women. Im not afraid to dabble in home repairs, change tire, oil...basic skills.  But I have to say if something came up in my life where I really needed help of any nature...…...I would call on my male co-workers to come to my aid before the female.  Over the years they have proven themselves.   I'm pretty sure non of them are rapists or pedos however to work with them you have to know how to take a joke, even if its of a sexual nature.  The thing is, ladies, you have to let men know when they have crossed the line and they respect that.  I have no problem with men.
Attack Helicopter ́ (10 days ago)
you should interview me :D As a former drill instructor and construction worker i could list you a ton of points what men do better than women, but hey, i guess visiting germany is not on your priority list in the next future. :D
Mister Meister Manfred (10 days ago)
If there really is something like a secret World Government or some NWO Conspiracy, they would not use chemtrails to control the minds, they would rather distract people with a crazy chemtrail theory. There are a lot of charlatans out there that got filthy rich by exploiting the paranoia of simple people. Do you know that Alex Jones is a millionaire and makes a huge profit by selling his crude products over the Infowars shop????
Ian Black (10 days ago)
Smart lady, gives me hope. Good interview.
DJ Dusted (10 days ago)
The answer to your question is....... A woman is better than a man at being a mother. A man is better than a woman at being a father. It’s about time we stopped arguing and got back to that basic and started to produce a healthy society that can think for itself.
DJ Dusted (10 days ago)
Never a truer word spoken, I was not expecting that.
Un Mec gogole Ouai (11 days ago)
She’s hot and smart 😍❤️
Cool (11 days ago)
this sort of explains the bizarre relationship islamists have with feminists. Get one half to distrust the other half and feminize the men so they wont fight back to take entire cultures down. It certainly looks ot be working in Europe... just look at the countries with the most feminist governments and the insane amount of uncontrolled of immigration if islamic immigrants.. germany and sweden come to mind. they are destroyed countries now. The attack these feminists are doing on free speech fits right in with this as well. they also control media and lie through their teeth 24/7... crazy :(
Helder Alves (11 days ago)
Wow, your mom is awake and aware and sharp like a laser. I love her ideas. Congratulations with being her son, man.
Why didn’t you plug her YouTube channel?
Tacitus (12 days ago)
Hate must not help a woman with her looks, because it seems like the better the woman the more attractive they are. And the liberal ones tend to look like a overweight Shrek.
Cam Alft (12 days ago)
yup....until she dies,the Queen runs the whole show,all the evil that is being done to us...everything!
singingchef23 (12 days ago)
Fellas, we need to protect this woman at all costs.
Buda Bunda (12 days ago)
Adults men and women are behaving childishly. That's what's happening ... Your friend is a awesome. Loved what she said about Domination by dividing the population against each other. Pleaser keep speaking this message. Everyone is afraid of everyone. Keep sending out love and positivity to everyone.
bosmanbing (12 days ago)
feminist and leftish already have bounty for her head
Brian Mosse (13 days ago)
This woman is a real beauty in every way she exudes elegance.
Virtuous Str8 (13 days ago)
Fixing the Gender Crisis: It's Not About Who Makes the Sandwiches .... Great related video: https://youtu.be/2y5Hls_yLp8
Mateo Del Castillo (13 days ago)
Ashkenazim think tanks started the modern version of this as well as the cia with Gloria Steinem
Kim Robertson (13 days ago)
Search for better truths than levels
Eleven : Eleven (13 days ago)
Science, engineering, literature, art, music, sport, warfare, logic, philosophy..... men are patently better at just about everything.
Ivan Worley (13 days ago)
No body paid attention to the movies the past 2 year's... it's nothing but WOMEN movie's or a woman doing what a guy is doing...
Show Cat (13 days ago)
I have known of several (5) women who molested boys as young as 6 years old to 15 years old. I know of one woman who molested girls. Two of my brothers, my nephew and my cousin's son were all molested by different women when they were young boys.
Doug Terry (14 days ago)
Feminism is cancer
Lebensessenz (14 days ago)
I hope she got a lot of childen. We need more people like her.
Sam Fyrestarter (14 days ago)
This Is Easy......Ask Them To Show What Road, Building Or Home That Was Built By Women....Then Mention The Miami Walking Bridge, Designed By Women And Killed People
Manuel Ramirez (14 days ago)
Miles Hamblen you gotta wake up. Society has told you hey you don't say to a woman she is sexy. The truth is everywoman wants to feel desired. So she will feel praised if many men want to have sex with her despise her age. Wake up she is gorgeous and really intelligent.
Manuel Ramirez (14 days ago)
I love young women but she is really gorgeous
J.Bjelan (15 days ago)
This is all the result of the invention of the internet.
Mechameleon Rex (15 days ago)
She nails it at almost everything but the moment she mentioned chemtrails... (we are being poisoned and killed in less mysterious and covert ways). And also most of the people who are aware today and speaking out ("woke" colloquially speaking) are surprisingly right wing people and in the end, that's an obstacle for them to become legit concerns shared by all, because not all people share right wing values like the religious ones, or ultra nationallstistic ones, or disagree on topics like abortion, or the blind adoration to capitalism (as this bright woman claims, is the later/actual stage of capitalism -neo liberalism- the one to blame for the whole social engineering were suffering and going through today). Unfortunately this can be taken as confirmation biases for those who are being indoctrinated into this mess and believe they're the "left". More left wing leaning people are waking up, but not too many. We need to go back, embrace, and promote Humanism. We need to come together and get sharp and leave aside such ideologies like capitalism or communism and actually come together in solidarity. Compromise a bit to fight together.
David Sanchez (15 days ago)
Simple, men are better at everything. WHAT'S THE PROBLEM? There's no need to apologize......Women need to know their role, baby-making servants.....
Agnivesh Foolchand (15 days ago)
I think it's very easy to fall into this whole thing. There was the whole feminist things, then men spoke up, now we have MGTOW. This is just getting worse and worse. I think people need to realise that these opinions that everyone has started to look so strictly into, that they all come from a place of experience and trauma (like it was said in this video), but also need to realise and open their eyes to how much we're tearing at one another. There's a small percentage of men and women who are extremists in both respects of feminists and MGTOW. But don't make this bring fear on you, there's plenty of men and women who are completely NORMAL, they truly believe in equality who are willing to treat their partner with as much love and respect and you do. It's really not a terrible terrible world (yet). Much love x
EviLLivE Gaming (15 days ago)
Men build everything from technology to infrastructure and better at every sport... Everyone knows this. Who cares if they admit it.
CWWRavenbb (15 days ago)
I think men are better at constructing, i mean i've never seen a construction yard full of women working in the dirt and putting together a large multi story building or a bridge or roads or anything like that.
Helena Boñita (16 days ago)
Your mom is soo beautifulll!! She's goals! 😍
Iliro Tahori (16 days ago)
Yeah, no, I'm not convinced. Not at all. 1:40 "Women who now there's this, you know, the idea that patriarchy has been manipulating society and so you don't trust men ..." And then 2:43 "Yeah, the system which I refer to is the dominator system or the dominator culture..." And then 3:39 "Which, as people have come to realize that it is a dominator system, instead of calling it that, it was called patriarchy, because most of the elites at the top are male." And then 5:11 "Rape culture also gets instilled, so I'm not saying that there aren't men who are rapists. Of course there are! Because that's also part of the programming to keep this whole dominator relationship of predator-victim going." Good job, you start by implying that the partiarchy theory is bullshit and paranoia, and is terrible for men, then go on and on about how you agree with arguments aligned with the patriarchy theory as defined by feminists. From the 1st to the 6th minute of this video, all Becca Tzigany said was "Well, people in general have this feeling that we live in a patriarchal society, which is bullshit, but in fact, yes, I completly agree that we live in a patriarchal society where men have all the power and women are the innocent victims and they suffer massive oppression from men because of their sex. Also, everything is about power, domination and oppression." Then Becca goes on saying that "rape culture" is real and promoted by our culture like: 9:31 "...and then you got all the #MeToo women, which I'm not saying there isn't rape and pedophilia, there is on a humongous scale, which is a tactic in the dominator system..." Yeah, great theory, just a little problem, female rape is still being ignored and/or minimized, and pedophilia is still more of a female-dominated domain than male's. While a female allegation of sexual misconduct/rape against male is a proof of guilt, which is now official since the #MeToo (it existed for a very long time, it is now the unquestionnable rule in our society nowadays). 11:31 "Is the information - is the person coming from a place of love or coming from a place of fear?" That's precisely the problem here. You are worried that the informations you receive from other people are motivated by good or bad intentions. I don't give a fuck about that. I care about what is true or false, what can be proved to be false or true. What you are doing here is virtue signalling so you can feel better about yourself. That's what you're interested in. You two are all like "be loving and compassionate to each other, everything will be great". No. Compassion is not the highest value, I think Truth is. What's bothering me the most about this video is that you are both saying that the paranoid mindset of feminist is crazy, then you spend the rest of the video saying that you agree with everything the feminist/gynocentric mindset compels you to say. You are not doing anything useful to reconcile men and women, you are actively trying to dig a bigger chasm while pretending you want everyone to love and understand and respect each other. Remember, there is is no "moderate" or "extremist" feminists, only hypocrite and honest feminists. You two fall under the moderate/hypocrite feminist category, otherwise know as virtue signalling gynocentrist. You still think that we live in a tyrannical patriarchal society, a oppressive male-dominated world, you still consider women to be childish defensless innocent victims preyed upon by power-driven ruthless males. Keeping women in this state of immaturity and consider that men are the only ones to blame for this society is not doing any good to anyone, even if you think you are "coming from a place of love <3" I saw you on the Karen Straughan channel, what a disappointment. Sorry about the mistakes I made, english is not my first language.
Chris P (16 days ago)
most Chinese woman are stronger than chinese men
BnB Recordz (16 days ago)
i like smart people
Tau Noctua (16 days ago)
Your mom is right!! I have been clamoring for gender segregated schools, nearly my whole life. The Misandry in public schools was awful in the 70's. I can only imagine what it is like now.
Tau Noctua (13 days ago)
I heard that the head of the illuminati is Tuesday Weld. Barbra Ann herself.
TheGreatDebate (16 days ago)
Kenneth Dokus (16 days ago)
They really screwed up our young.learn what's going on in your kids school.whos teaching them and what's being said.public schools are brainwashing. We're infighting and they're winning laughing at us. Wake up people.Finally a women that gets it.I think she's the only one.
Ricky SP (16 days ago)
The start of human separation was legalizing gays, then marriage between them. This placed dividers within humanity. From there more dividers got invented.This was not the gays plan it was the eleats plan from the very start. This is just a tiny part of the eleats game of life and or torment depending on how one looks at things.
Andrew Peno (16 days ago)
Nick Bargas (16 days ago)
Did she just say "terraforming through chem trails". Does that mean she believes that chem trails are a way for government to control people?
Brian Randall (16 days ago)
Smart lady! I've been saying the same thing for some time now; it's devide and... well you know the rest!
Marie DeLozier (16 days ago)
Wow! She's MY age!!(I'm risin'68)
Marie DeLozier (16 days ago)
Geeze, you sound like yer using what us Christians use!! We call it "spiritual discernment"( test all spirits)
Marie DeLozier (16 days ago)
She's dead-on. Smoke and mirrors,diversion tactics, division....all to keep our eyes of the evil puppetmaster( Kraken)
DafT (16 days ago)
As soon as it went into wild conspiracy land, I closed.
English Teacher (16 days ago)
Woke as what? You're a shifty Cultural Marxist on the sly, me thinks. Clean your mouth out and your life up.
The BrownMan (17 days ago)
She’s woke
Aqw aq (17 days ago)
TyPhenirW0LF (17 days ago)
You should go around telling woke feminists that men are better at growing beards because they are morally superior. It's not like they can tell the difference between that sort of statement and one about the raw data, bell curve, and genetics of physical strength. The truth is many women feel insecure. They are supposed to be emotionally strong, but they have lost it in a transgender quest to hold careers at the same levels and proportional numbers as men. Modern women are emotionally retarded by the poison of Political Correctness... And they know it deep down. So when you say physically strong, they DON'T feel confident that they have anything to contribute. To them, the celebration of a man's strength is the negativespace celebration of Women's inferiority. Of course, this is only a conclusion a neurotic headcase can draw, but, like many acts of depression, it has the advantage of being a self fufilling prophecy... Which validates the meltdown that ensures. My favorite part of the video was the "terraforming through chemtrails" which had little to nothing to do with anything, but is a great way to weed out a huge swath of close minded people.
Vini Ribeiro (17 days ago)
Awesome video!!
Joboy 2 (17 days ago)
I'm glad I stumbled on this video. What she says is very deep and encompasses the whole truth about mankind's slavery and being a source of energy food for the so called Draco reptilians (we perceive as Devils) who run and control this dimensional reality we call our Earth/world. It's hard to believe but if you will look at the Bible and do research on subjects like the Anunnaki, Niberu and the like, you will see that they are really connected. Jesus was fasting for 40 days in the wilderness. Satan came to him and said, Yeshua, look at all the beauty of this world, It can be yours if you bow down to me. Jesus looked at him in disdain and replied that famous reply. "It is written, though shalt not tempt the Lord thy God!" Question: Why does Satan have to offer This world to GOD who made heaven and Earth and the birds and the bees and that beautiful girl you can't take your eyes off. Answer: Because this world Was Not Made by GOD. Thanks
M Sz (17 days ago)
adolthitler (17 days ago)
Very interesting woman.
Ji 1 (18 days ago)
being woke is so dope wow!man..
medexamtoolsdotcom (18 days ago)
You have too much compassion. I do not have compassion for that which not only has no compassion for me but has filled the compassion-shaped hole in her soul with resentment, disdain and hate. MY reaction's just going to be "the feeling's mutual".
NinjaStorm (18 days ago)
Your words are honorable. Definitely wish you the best on tour journey!!
kim w (18 days ago)
corporate america at its finest!! cant talk about sex, religion, or politics.. and men especially have to be extra careful not to affen some girl at work or its his job/career and future and possible law suit!! so when asking men they have never gave it a hearty thought!! they are using fear to control people!! and notice!!! sex is all messed up, people dont even know what gender they are.. politics most people are clueless and dont want to get involved!!! and religion, look at all the hate towards religious folks these days, and all the immoral banter and behavior!! what used to be good is now bad an what was gross and immoral is now the norm and is good!!
Prizz (18 days ago)
Who is the woman at the top of the pyramid running the show? Is it Lillith..
son of sun (18 days ago)
love! love love love love. LOVE! BULLSHIT!
Sterling Storm (18 days ago)
Superb interview. Love this lady. Wish more like her were teachers in school. 💕
Sterling Storm (18 days ago)
I'm a 36 yr old woman and I was so shocked seeing this. I too thought it was funny, but also so so sad that all these young people actually believe this stuff. When I heard the question, I thought of so many differences. And he's correct, we complement each other. It's OKAY that we are different and better at different things. Oh, and not only can I gladly admit men are physically stronger than women, I'm thankful for that. It makes me feel safer. There are so many things to list that I'm shocked about, in regards to how so many young adults think, or the lack thereof. Edit: This isn't the only nor most important difference between men & women.. This is mainly in response to the young early 30's girl interview in the park, who couldn't comprehend or admit that men, in general, are physically stronger than women.
Sterling Storm (18 days ago)
Sorry.. Guess I should have listed this under the actual video with the interviews he is referring to.
Tim Moschini (18 days ago)
This woman is brilliant.
Heather (18 days ago)
She is so well spoken and smart! I will have to get her book now.

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