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MAGIC! - Rude (Official Music Video)

5974542 ratings | 1671309128 views
“Don’t Kill the Magic”, the debut album from MAGIC!, Available Now on iTunes: http://smarturl.it/DKTMiTunes?IQid=yt Follow Magic! Website http://www.ournameismagic.com Facebook https://www.facebook.com/ournameisMAGIC Twitter https://twitter.com/ournameismagic Instagram http://instagram.com/ournameismagic Music video by MAGIC! performing Rude. (C) 2013 Sony Music Entertainment International Limited #Magic #Rude #Vevo #Pop #OfficialMusicVideo
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Text Comments (174345)
Jmaia Dukess (49 minutes ago)
Timmy DEVON324 Sam Vander Rom NSF Stinky the Plant Steve Shelly The 🐢 🧀 Sandwich 🎮 NSF DEVON324 KateBob Video Object cpb and USDOE Drawer 💻 📺 Devon Joey Rio Whiz Saxophone Nelvana Garrison Timmy & Q Nathan Singing Rude
cyclony ff (1 hour ago)
cyclony ff (1 hour ago)
cyclony ff (1 hour ago)
Junior Santana (2 hours ago)
Quem tá ouvindo esa música dar inscrito tmj 😍💞🙏🙌
Me Pro (2 hours ago)
*Why you gotta be so rude?*
josue sandoval (4 hours ago)
what a nice song
Jimmy Yepez (4 hours ago)
0% porn 100% talents 0%dancing girls 0% violence ❤👌👏
Samira Mikaela (4 hours ago)
ABSTERGAMER (5 hours ago)
No one not a single soul: 6 year old me- Mom can i... Mom-No! Why You gotta be so rude!
Cesar martinez Quezada (5 hours ago)
i like a music😀
Maria Eduarda (5 hours ago)
muito bom em!
Imamia Murshed (5 hours ago)
This brings back MEMORIES.
alphaxtripolex hn (5 hours ago)
Here in 2019
juliet mukungwa (5 hours ago)
If this dude was trying to marry a black african girl and her black african father said no... he would be singing a very different song 😂 aint marrying no one son 😂
Andril A Chakraborty (6 hours ago)
Can't believe 5 years has passed!
Adam Taurus (6 hours ago)
Damn 1.6B views my how you've grown
antrax antrax (7 hours ago)
Amo sus canciones
Mico Navarro (8 hours ago)
2019 here
Nunca dejaré de amar esta canción ❤
w_luq (12 hours ago)
6 years old now but still dope
Ysmael Jacosalem (12 hours ago)
Wow ur sound is awesome
Agrinho Sz (12 hours ago)
7 demônio juntaram pé . Like so quem sabe kkkkk
Robert Araniego (13 hours ago)
wix logo maker
black j (13 hours ago)
ƈǟʟɨ ɮʊʀʀɨᏆօ (13 hours ago)
🌷🌷😊😋🌷🌷 🍧   Cheer up   🍓 🌿🎱✨✨🎱🌿 🌿✨✨✨✨🌿 🌿🍎✨✨🍎🌿 🌿✨🍎🍎✨🌿 🍇    For you    🍒
jason imus (16 hours ago)
June 2019 Anyone?
2frey84 (17 hours ago)
I listened to this again for the first time in 2 years and couldn’t contain my tears - the last time I obsessively played it was around 2 years ago. 5 years ago I first heard it in 2014 and it was before i met the first person I ever properly fell in love with - I was in love with this song when it first became better known in 2014. 2014 was one of the best years of my life so far as I went travelling and met so many beautiful souls and bodies from all over the world. I’m 25 now and unfortunately we grew apart because it became a long distance relationship and I had some health troubles and my father and grandmother died about 2 years after I had left to begin my fresh start - which meant I had to fly home to be with my family, and everything else crap that life can throw in our path I wish everyone reading this all the happiness and success and good health for the future and the same for everyone you love. Treat others with kindness and respect. They are qualities that the best of us admire. Not only do humans admire you when you’re kind and respectful. The Earth will pay you back too. Much peace and much love to you all God bless
Mel Jude Bonite (17 hours ago)
I still love listening to your songs until now
Bleam Gaming (17 hours ago)
Naufal Ibrahim Rofi (18 hours ago)
Paham gue jalan ceritanya, jadi ayah yang cewek ini lebih suka sama yang hidung mancung tadi.
Gibran Algipari (18 hours ago)
2019 ? Me 🎧
John Summerby (19 hours ago)
The ultimate 1 hit wonders except for maybe 5 songs.
YAIR bernal (20 hours ago)
mighty savage (20 hours ago)
I sang this song to my crush dad he was shocked
Justin Giardina (21 hours ago)
this sucks :(
Chris (21 hours ago)
I blame weird al for me knowing this song!
Victoriano Colunga (22 hours ago)
Sang this at work thinking of u.
ALEXIS M. (1 day ago)
*_me gustó_* mucho
Millien Official (1 day ago)
I can‘t believe that it came out 5 years ago wow i feel old
LostY (1 day ago)
0% Half-naked girls 0% Bad words 100% Talent
Andréia Soares (1 day ago)
why why why ?
2014 song natural = 2019 the King song❤
Salonii Hightower (1 day ago)
Mom: you’re grounded 8 year old me: WhY yOu GoTtA bE sO rUdE
Reanne Arzaga (7 hours ago)
I don t like to watch this again please is my chance
Nikol Rosales (1 day ago)
Ding Dong (1 day ago)
Maroon Five-Sugar 2 billions of views.Let's help to complete 3 billions too!!! Vamos ajudá-lo a completar 3 bilhões de visualizações tbm
Schmoe (1 day ago)
Rewatched it so many times i probably gave him half the views
LEVI da Paraíba (1 day ago)
Sdds do q a gente já viveu
Arsia Karimbaksh (1 day ago)
wow 1.6 mld views <3
XxJfulxX (1 day ago)
Anyone in 2019? No. Just Me
These dudes really dropped the hottest song of 2014 and then just dipped off the face of the earth
Rinah X (1 day ago)
2019 vibes 🙌🏾
AR CHY (1 day ago)
Best reggae
Harry Stylinson (1 day ago)
Nice) from Belarus)
Nina Liès (1 day ago)
Abib Agung (1 day ago)
watching this is: What the hell dudee😂😅
??????????? (1 day ago)
This song was very famous in philippines 4 years ago because of nestea commercial haha
Harry Stylinson (1 day ago)
Lavínia Rush (1 day ago)
tempo que eu acordava cedo pra ver o tvz e essa música tocava
JustScrolling x (1 day ago)
This song brings back memories!
Bape the Bacon (1 day ago)
2019 anyone watching✅✅✅✅✅👉
CXX-PlayBoy (1 day ago)
Legend says he’s still asking
Axues Official (1 day ago)
This song make me back in 2014
Gede Sapta (1 day ago)
Wik wik wik ah ah ah,bokepppp,xxxxxx,bapak kau suruh wik wik di kamar anjing, wik wik ah ah ahhhhhhhhhhhhhahhhhhh
Is that you Kylo Ren?
Shawayne Grossett (1 day ago)
kadajah young (1 day ago)
I play this song because he feel my pain😩😕
naythe (1 day ago)
listening to old songs :)
Terrence Major (1 day ago)
This was my jam
a she up
Virus MegaZord (1 day ago)
I love the music of you my dream and go United states I found this country beautiful I only Brazilian I love the music of thank you very much ......
Tashauna Haughton (1 day ago)
The people who hate this video are Idoit
Catherine Mendoza (1 day ago)
legend says they got divorced this year cause she kept being rude
A banda parou?
Max Dicus (1 day ago)
Obama announces Rude 2
Zelda_marie Lol (1 day ago)
My mom went to his concert
Samir Daric (1 day ago)
Wtf?!!! 1.6 billion views 😯😯😯 nicely done.
D B (2 days ago)
This was my jam
Cyber Lucifer (2 days ago)
Well this is the best recommandation from youtube since a long time ago. I'm playin it over and over
Peeve (2 days ago)
2019 anyone?
Cadê os BR? 2019 alguém?
Mickaele Addams (1 day ago)
Aqui óh😊🤙
Essa música é simplesmente contagiante! Quando ouço ela logo me vem a vontade de dançar e se divertir.
Lil C (2 days ago)
My friends might not claim me if they find out this my shit lol
Tendré 100 años y seguiré escuchando esta music... ❤
PewDiePie Best (2 days ago)
Cant stop listening thiiiiiis even after 5 years😍😍😍😍
Gurleen xxo (1 day ago)
Hello children of 2019 +, I just want to tell you this was my childhood song, have a good life and always remember to do the right thing. From the past, Gurleen x
Lucy Martin (2 days ago)
Bùnny Chan (2 days ago)
Crush: Hi Me: We will be a family ~
Maya Lelwoj (13 hours ago)
Bùnny Chan sounds like Marienette from Miraculous
MrLighTecH (2 days ago)
Doomsy (2 days ago)
Dumb fun at its finest
PUBG TIME (2 days ago)
Is this called jass music ??
Songs we have nowadays sucks. Man, I missed these golden days...
Jehan el (2 days ago)
🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 2019 💖
Elizabeth Cantos (2 days ago)
1,669,926,020 views dude????
Trippin Moon (2 days ago)
I broke up with the person that I used to sing this to
Austin McQueen (2 days ago)
June 2019 anyone?
Anthony Melendrez (2 days ago)
This was really in 2013
Apelu Hazelwood (2 days ago)
The dude is like this when he says no 😭😭😭😞😞😞 but also like this 😠😡😠😡😡

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