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Kanye West Worst Moments With Paparazzi - Abusing, Fighting & more

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MoreToTheMusic brings to you top 5 worst moments of Kanye West with paparazzi.
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Text Comments (5791)
Babyboy 5star (3 hours ago)
Bet dis wouldn't happen to Fiddy
yvngsam (3 hours ago)
he said "you want me to stand outfront yo house at 4 am" lmfao
Ghost Ridah AK47 (4 hours ago)
Kanye West is like the Mike Tyson of paparazzi dissing☺
Joseph Ćurko (5 hours ago)
Kanye West is a modern day musical genius, how do you think Tesla or Mozart would react if they had paparazzi in their face all day every day
Cee Cee B. (11 hours ago)
Where the hell is his security?! 4am at his residence...?!!!!
Antoney Adhikarigedon (12 hours ago)
Kanye has to many good points
Oogie (12 hours ago)
people think kanye's crazy they don't really get the picture of what he's been through
extraordinarylawns (14 hours ago)
He loves the attention
Annas Islam (15 hours ago)
Kanye speaks facts bro
Scirocco (17 hours ago)
Getting treated like he’s at a Zoo.... you can’t blame dude
chase clarke (20 hours ago)
I don't blame ye
jay z (22 hours ago)
mexican mosquitoes smh
Dylan Mckibbin (1 day ago)
No harm these paparazzi need to catch a grip nothing better to do with themselves
Luis Chen (1 day ago)
Don't watch any photos or news by paparazzi . one day they are gonna lose job.
Sam Morota (1 day ago)
You Blood sucking mosquitoes
Michael Peterson (1 day ago)
You blood sucking mosquito lol 😂
Unknown Unknown (1 day ago)
Jw is his house gated? How do they get in?
Da Shooter (1 day ago)
Respect the Sunday Kanye has some sick rituals to attend allegedly leave the property
Pretty zizi Zi (1 day ago)
He said u blood sucking Miskito
cochoche (1 day ago)
Install massive sprinklers outside your pad. MASSIVE!!
johnny bighet (1 day ago)
4 am,,,hahaha
Marcel Molina (2 days ago)
Seo Eun Kim (2 days ago)
Rx Mc (2 days ago)
WHAT!!!!! ❤ ❤ ❤
manny2fs (2 days ago)
He's so crazy he put the bag on the engine 🤣
Niko Tarkov (2 days ago)
​+manny2fs naw. just fucking with you
manny2fs (2 days ago)
+Niko Tarkov really bro???? Like really???
Niko Tarkov (2 days ago)
the trunk is in the front on lambos
Mr Briceno (2 days ago)
Fuck yo sunday and yo couch cry baby
ShinzuXTruth (3 days ago)
Thats the price of being a celebrity. Dont choose fame if you dont want what fame brings. Simple.
amelia cox (3 days ago)
Fame comes with a price ppl. Without the paps they would get no exposure. I agree that they could be more respectful but it is what it is. It’s all about composure 😘. Just be fake and tell them what they want to hear. It’s called acting!
Dillon Compton (3 days ago)
The paparazzi define what’s wrong with America
Harry May (3 days ago)
All that will break down anyone over time. I think the Paparazzi drove him crazy..
Daniel Son (3 days ago)
1:59 Kanye sounds like he bout to go back in time and make it to where he was never famous lol
Get Nak3d (3 days ago)
What the fuck do you expect when you legit stalk someone and get in their shit the whole time Jesus he’s a human being
kayaye Yeah (4 days ago)
its not abuse if i was him i woulda pulled out a nine
Chandler (4 days ago)
this is why I wouldn't want to be famous.
Ray Shepherd (4 days ago)
Yeezy should get a gun. You can shoot if they trespassing on your property, damn near going in your garage at 4 AM
Hunna Ferdinand (5 days ago)
I never knew that Kanye was such a hot head
Runi Djurhuus (5 days ago)
everybody hates paparazzis, even non celebrities
Roen (5 days ago)
you want me to be standing in front of your house at 4 am............. lmao.............. but he is right come on...........
Kenny Ricardo (5 days ago)
Brandon Fernandes (5 days ago)
I support him with this
patit sananpanich (5 days ago)
Now THIS is when you yes your GUN at the paparazzi
Hyjaxx 9 (6 days ago)
Yes! Respect the Sunday!!!!!
Tj Adams (6 days ago)
1:02 he really walked up and held his garage door lmao
PB2Lit (6 days ago)
But I dont blame him they wont to live normal life to
PB2Lit (6 days ago)
He just called him a mosquito lol
Trevor Schwenzer (6 days ago)
fuck that must be annoying
edgar salas (6 days ago)
Paparazzi are fucking Annoying dann a feel bad for famous people can even walk on the street casually
Jay Drought (6 days ago)
I'd go crazy too if i was filmed all the time like that.
JohnDaniel Vergara (6 days ago)
He cranky af man
Mary (7 days ago)
4am tho? That’s toooo early for some cameras
Spiritual Food (8 days ago)
Those piece of crap paperazzi said aye u hit tht man when he clearly didnt
Spiritual Food (8 days ago)
Id jus pay anyone to knock out any paperazzi skr8 up
Earl Hickey (8 days ago)
Freedom of press 🤣😂🤣
Earl Hickey (8 days ago)
What an idiot and a joke Haha
Riz_fb (8 days ago)
If anyone stands outside my house, I will prepare my nerf guns lol.
RusTeR (8 days ago)
Lowkie these peeps need to respect Kanye and other artists like comon not even in there damn house
Abeng Sunnar (8 days ago)
Shut the fuck up.. you blood sucking mosquito!!
Paparazzi are just dirts trying to make money by snooping in private life of artists...IT IS ALL ILLEGAL.
Vanessa Donato (9 days ago)
5:51 paparazzi: it’s just kinda- it’s just ki- kanye: it’s just kinda over *closes door* I SCREAMED LMAO
Tj Adams (6 days ago)
Funniest part lmao
Kasper Kisses (9 days ago)
Paparazzi suck
Corpsey Fan (10 days ago)
Damn fuck em all
Jeremiah Ross (10 days ago)
Victor Ahlström (11 days ago)
Can't he legally shoot them?
MyNameIs FrancisYT (11 days ago)
Man being famous would suck
Dominic Scott (12 days ago)
Fuck Paparazzi!
roldanb (13 days ago)
paparazzis are fucking scumbags
Okan IRuzK (13 days ago)
Kanye was right all the time, pls Kanye just get some killer dogs and it's all cool lol 😂👍
AloneChaos (13 days ago)
am i only the only one that thinks if they were nice he would let them take pictures?
Sarah DiCindio (13 days ago)
They should move from Hollywood
SAMMY B (13 days ago)
2:29 me @ my teachers
Infamous Yash Show (14 days ago)
fish dicks
Levi (14 days ago)
Handle the famously life motherfucker
Dejo Gjetja (14 days ago)
Respect the Sunday
fifi murungi (14 days ago)
There's no privacy there's crazy
Cglowa 123 (15 days ago)
Who’s Watching This In 2019
cody9live (15 days ago)
Fuck Kanye West
William Harford (16 days ago)
Poor Kanye, look at those f paparazzi s making him popular and rich
Nosmas Panda (16 days ago)
Dude in the last clip “I wanna be a mason like you” - body language tells a lot and that hit Kanye you can tell
J Los Lopez (16 days ago)
Jozef Jaki (16 days ago)
Yall be treating kanye so bad
Jozef Jaki (16 days ago)
Why u at someones house bro
Absent Ohio (16 days ago)
Like hes not wrong but hes wrong. Like its kinda there job to ask questions but when its at his house at 4:00 am its def wrong and when they pushin so hard its wrong. Man idk this is confusing
Gabriel Viera (17 days ago)
What’s “kanye west”?
LittleLostDoll (17 days ago)
Not a big fan of Kanye but B O I He in the damn right to treat these inhumane pigs this way.
ohonxyz Beats (17 days ago)
Kanye need buy him 20 pitbulls Dogs
Colted Reaper (17 days ago)
How is fighting and abusing the paparazzi this is justified people can’t just go around blinding him with their damn camera flashes every night and expect not to get beat up wtf is wrong with people
KSUBI KAYY (17 days ago)
Dontae Mcduffie (17 days ago)
Leave him alone respect his privacy
Mekhi Williams (17 days ago)
4:00 changed my perspective of Kanye
Hasitha Mendis (17 days ago)
Paparazzi are the worst most pathetic useless set of human beings on this planet. Seriously.. they hv no utter respect for another person's pvt space, their freedom or anythn.. these assholes would do anything for a couple of small bucks.. if it means destroying and bulling other people's lives.. these useless parasites dnt understand that while they being assholes , those people whom these assholes torture actually do a real job and has come to a place and living big lives with money and all while these sore losers go back to their regular boring worthless lives for a couple of bucks
young uchiha xhanty (17 days ago)
Omg 😯 These paparazzi are like vultures.
Chi McMillian (18 days ago)
Remember when his first album dropped? He was so pumped and excited about fame... Now look at this fool.
mary sunshine (17 days ago)
Chi McMillian they promise you the world. If you try to give back.. You will eventually die.
Poop Cold (18 days ago)
These might be Kanye’s best media moments
TRTK VIDEOS (18 days ago)
I don’t want to be famous
ENGLISH CyPrIOT (18 days ago)
Death to the left long live Kanye and Donald trump
Ali Mohan (19 days ago)
Paparazzi they hire to annoying
Peter Galbraith (19 days ago)
I heard Kanye had a brother called Fred who was a full time Cereal Killer.
Boom Prower Production (19 days ago)
Screw this man
Cage Englander (20 days ago)
Kanye was in the right. By far.

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