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SML Movie: Mr. Goodman's Son!

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Mr. Goodman needs Mario to babysit his son for a few days! Go buy your own SML merch at: http://www.smlmerch.com Follow us on Instagram! www.instagram.com/loganthirtyacre www.instagram.com/ChillyJimenez Or search the usernames @ LoganThirtyacre and @ ChillyJimenez on instagram for updates!
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Text Comments (53772)
Brendan Stewart (6 minutes ago)
Everybody at my school say gimme ur desk
caleb silva180 (26 minutes ago)
Richard: Wha you don't want my money?😢 wha? I guess money doesn't by happiness? Mario: hello? Goodman: oh hey mario. Mario: what? Are you supposed to be on the moon? Goodman: Oh like I told you mario. I was holding my piss in for a week? Mario: uhhhhhh yeah? Goodman: ok so when I got into the spaceshuttle. They put the seatbelt on me. And they did it a little too tight. And I pissed my pants. Mario: oh. Goodman: so we had to reschedule for next week. Mario: oh. So you need your son back? Goodman: yep I need my son back. Mario: ok. Cody: ok Richard. it's your turn. Richard: ok. Mario: Hey richard. Your dad is here to get you. Richard: awwwwwwww! But I'm playing with my friends! Mario: but your dad says it's time to go. Richard: oh ok. Bye everybody! Richard: Hi father. Goodman: oh hi Richard. Did you have a good time at Mario's house? Richard: I sure did. I learned a lot today! Goodman: Nice! Tell me all about it!
Khalil Turner (28 minutes ago)
14:46 what the f**k are you talking about?
Regina gear (34 minutes ago)
the second song was good that Jeffy sang
michael gomez (41 minutes ago)
Don't stop uhhhh ayyyyyyy
This is how much Richard gets a hour 👇
Kitty Ears Are awesome (49 minutes ago)
*~YaNkEe DoOdLe WeNt To ToWn rIdInG oN a PoNy~*
Gulf Bailey (50 minutes ago)
Jeffy is the best rapping ever😰
Josh Quartz (58 minutes ago)
Idk Logan. Does the us national debt make us happy? We’re only several trillion dollars down the hole and things aren’t really improving
Farhad Ganie (1 hour ago)
Farhad Ganie (1 hour ago)
Send it to me in Newark
Farhad Ganie (1 hour ago)
I want 10,000 dollars
Joshua Sierra (1 hour ago)
Angela Zeek (1 hour ago)
jeffy is good at singing.I love watching jeffy
Emo ismaili (1 hour ago)
Jeffy's song is good
Teddy Howliston (1 hour ago)
What Jackie chu said about the president's is true and its fucking me in the head hard
Jay Gamer (1 hour ago)
i’ll take those airpods off your hands
silly shiny (1 hour ago)
1 like=1 new song for Jeffy ⬇️
Gaming Bones (1 hour ago)
I 2ould kinder be happy if I had alot of Money💰
Jennifer Cooper (1 hour ago)
Yes so I can get lots of people to suck my dick
jaroslav ryzner (1 hour ago)
no money doo not made happynis
Archer Sanders (1 hour ago)
Agnes Pratta (2 hours ago)
no it wont
simon 21 (2 hours ago)
Hmm, I sey hell yeah money can buy you happynes
kd god (2 hours ago)
mad Max vlogs (2 hours ago)
do a part 2!!!!!
Leon Trentadue (2 hours ago)
Abbas Sajwani (3 hours ago)
This how many money goodmans family money all together. 👇🏻
endri krasniqi (3 hours ago)
dhe only thing makes you happy is family and friends
julien dodds (3 hours ago)
I didn't know mr. Goodman had a son,!?!?!!
Andrea Martinez (3 hours ago)
How does he have a beard
Kimora Williams (3 hours ago)
Money rewins your life
Jaylin LuCona (3 hours ago)
This how much money Richard has $$$$$$
Ja'Maure Pettis (3 hours ago)
Rich ass kid💸💵
gacha serenity (3 hours ago)
hell no
DarkaKiler pro (3 hours ago)
Jeffy is the best singer
Grease Scout (4 hours ago)
To be honest a lot of money makes me happy cause I get to buy what ever I want but sooner or later you will be come depressed and don’t know what to buy anymore because you buy every single item in the world!
Kyler Krull (4 hours ago)
Your videos are amazing SML
Addie’s Life (4 hours ago)
I want mane
Extreme Terminator (5 hours ago)
Jacob xd Boi (5 hours ago)
8:48 who saw the money note stuck on the wheel
Maquisse Alday (5 hours ago)
I like the intro!
mängud Eestis (5 hours ago)
Yes shure
abdessamad benhida (6 hours ago)
i will put it in my fucking ass that money
Mazey Maze (6 hours ago)
Sml idea bowser payes the house payment
Fatima Wedian (7 hours ago)
Not when Richard is trying to buy everything I got
Owen Emmerson (7 hours ago)
Carlos Manuel (8 hours ago)
No makes you depressed
Lukas Sobolewski (9 hours ago)
6:35 *wait that's illegal*
Julianandbella R (9 hours ago)
1 like= How much money Richard has given away💸💸💸💸💸💸
Joe Davidson (10 hours ago)
La Keyshia Bee (10 hours ago)
i like the frist part
Maria rivera (10 hours ago)
GET A LIFE (10 hours ago)
ReMiX Who Thought Jeffys Song Was Fire DONT STOP THAT OHTT OHTT
Martha Rincon (10 hours ago)
I’m using my moms account
Martha Rincon (10 hours ago)
I subscribed and liked your videos
Sara Lopez (11 hours ago)
I like when Jeffy shed aaaaaaaaaa
Itzkawaiirosepuppy YEET (11 hours ago)
Money can buy many things but one thing it can’t buy is happiness money can make you happy for a bit of time but it don’t last that’s why money not everything family is 😊
paul rey (11 hours ago)
Dont stop that uhuhuhuhuhl
HyperNova _ (11 hours ago)
I like what Richard said at the end
TigerishGold 83 (11 hours ago)
Jd D (11 hours ago)
I like 💰
yaelstuviox (12 hours ago)
sonic heros 2006 soneza (12 hours ago)
Sml maket more Mario vs sonic videos please
Scott Munoz (12 hours ago)
Goodman’s son = RiceGum
Terraria Gamer (12 hours ago)
Yes then I would buy a corvette and all trampoline parks
Bounchan Payevue (12 hours ago)
The u u song is good
Mario Martinez (13 hours ago)
how does richard even get down frum desk tower
Hard Heffley (13 hours ago)
This video got me “HARD”
Itz_ Cizzorz (13 hours ago)
The Asian teacher has probably stretch resolution
Antonio Zavala (13 hours ago)
Yeah booooooy
Elvia Ibanez (13 hours ago)
No not at all
sukbro yee yee (13 hours ago)
That money mite be copeyed
Lucaschivrell (13 hours ago)
Fuck no nigga
BOOTY treasure (13 hours ago)
Mr beast be like
Jose Saquipay (13 hours ago)
Jeffy Is my favorite charters
Cj Montgomery (13 hours ago)
That Kennedy joke was not funny
G4MEBOT #1 (13 hours ago)
yes, but i wouldn't really think about the money. I would think about friends and family.
Arjeta Rexhepi (13 hours ago)
Mario is poor that’s why he doesn’t pay his house payment
zachary letren (14 hours ago)
Yankee doodle is in my chorus song
IAN ALL RUNNER (14 hours ago)
12:28 (Junior) we are playing a game called the game of life (Goodmans "SON") oh cool how do you win? (Cody) you win by who has the more money (Goodman's son) oh cool! (grabbs 10k) (Goodman's son throws 10k) I WIN!
Juan Guizar (14 hours ago)
yanky doddle went to town riding on a pony he stuck batter in his hat and called it Macaroni and called macironi
Tony Memminger (14 hours ago)
I love you
Noodle Bagz3k (14 hours ago)
14:46 the real message in this video
Tyrece Wright (14 hours ago)
Ethan Mendoza (14 hours ago)
This is how much money Mr. Goodman’s Son has after spending it all on 3 desks, Mario’s overalls,Cody’s Bike,Joseph’s A’s and Bitches, getting out of Detention, and the game of life 👇🏻
Noodle Bagz3k (14 hours ago)
2:41 Y U DUMB elementary school
Noodle Bagz3k (14 hours ago)
Mac A ron-E
Master Alex (15 hours ago)
Jr had codys bike in jeffys pet when he made the t rex ride that bike done the stairs
Kailey Willie (15 hours ago)
I love money goodman ugly goodman
Agustina it Hernandez (15 hours ago)
Money does it make me happy
Numb 360 (15 hours ago)
Poor richered
im cookie monster (15 hours ago)
I didn't know what a happy ending was but found out what it was Edit:jerk off
kahitano60 (15 hours ago)
13:29 and 14:30 make me feel emotional and learn a lot of lessons this year
mr. goodman (15 hours ago)
$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$SUB TO SML AND YOU WILL GET 10K
quicksilver vlogs&games (15 hours ago)
where's my fucking money
cristian Agustin (15 hours ago)
Joseph spell it wrong 7:18
Telinges (15 hours ago)
Kaiamrtnz (15 hours ago)
BlastingTiara 40 (15 hours ago)
Lutalo Quinn (16 hours ago)
That part is messt up

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