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A Paper Panty-Clad Horse, a Jailbreak, and Turtles - Written by a Kid ep. 3

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Join La Munkya, a ravenous horse made of paper, in his journey from the county fair to the county jail in this off-the-wall tale told by a very "animated" 6 year-old Emily. Want more Written By A Kid? See Ep 2 "Goth Boy" here: http://youtu.be/vZz6LDY-6dU Check out the in "The Making of La Munkya" here: http://youtu.be/Rwn_mpCxLrs Interested in animation? Check our "Animation 101" with Ghostbot here: http://youtu.be/uL9E7PJlkjw Go to http://geekandsundry.com/creativity-camp to find out how to take part in Written By A Kid's Creativity Camp activities! Subscribe to Geek and Sundry: http://full.sc/GTVYfM Join the conversation about "Written By A Kid" on our forums at: http://geekandsundry.com/forums/categories/written-by-a-kid Buy Geek & Sundry merchandise at http://goo.gl/wWD4B and http://goo.gl/QYgfX Check out Ghostbot Animation Studios: http://www.youtube.com/ghostbotinc http://www.facebook.com/ghostbotinc http://www.twitter.com/ghostbot Created By WILL BOWLES & JOSH FLAUM Executive Producers SHERI BRYANT FELICIA DAY KIM EVEY Supervising Producer DANIEL STRANGE Producers JOSH FLAUM WILL BOWLES Original Story by EMILY ANDERSON Animation Produced By GHOSTBOT Directed By ROQUE BALLESTEROS Character Design & Storyboards ROQUE BALLESTEROS Animation SAM CHI TATYANA CARVIN Additional Designs SAM FILSTRUP Sound Design JIM LIVELY Executive Producer CORRINE WONG Producer JULIE MOSKOWITZ Production Coordinator SOFIA KRASTEVA Interview Unit: Director DANIEL STRANGE Producers KIM EVEY WILL BOWLES JOSH FLAUM Dir. of Photography TODD BANHAZL Prod. Design ADRIENNE GOODRICH Line Producer MARIANNE WUNCH Production Coordinator LINDSEY KOENS Sound Mixer NENO STEVENS
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Text Comments (578)
lexiconlover (7 months ago)
Did anybody ever figure out what is really wrong or I guess maybe really right, with this little girl?
Mibs Rainbow Fairy (1 year ago)
She's so cute! Reminds me of my cousins
Christopher Gonsalves (2 years ago)
This is so friggin cute
Cid The Lego Man (2 years ago)
This is fucking adorable!
Myrdica C (2 years ago)
They were like penguinssss
Minty Sweets (2 years ago)
Eveelover 46 (2 years ago)
Kier Kinney (3 years ago)
Eryn McVay (3 years ago)
That made so little sense that it actually made sense.
madahmdn (3 years ago)
I wish there was an unedited version of the entire story
Altaïr Assasino (3 years ago)
Owh WOW XD !! This was the best!
Lilia Haberlach (3 years ago)
im gonna name my kid La Munkya! haha
Michelle Adkins (3 years ago)
Illuminati !!!
Bob (3 years ago)
That horse is a canibal
Stephanee Holm (3 years ago)
Best story ever!!!
Fiza Popsicles (4 years ago)
Of course im in first XD
Fiza Popsicles (4 years ago)
La Munkya So cute lol:)
kittyBonbon 145 (4 years ago)
Daniel Colon Jr (4 years ago)
Loved it! Great pacing!  :P
Nono Al Ameri (4 years ago)
I love how she narrates her story. So cute. 
Dat random dude (4 years ago)
Jon Rogers (4 years ago)
This imagination is literally psychotic
Stefanie Kroll (3 years ago)
+Tom Bombadil true true^^
Jongdaes Main Hoe (4 years ago)
my fave one haha
Bethebug123 (4 years ago)
"He screamed louder than a little girl could, louder than a little girl coould!"
Kyrie K (4 years ago)
I had that shirt when I was like her age that would be 10 years ago!!!!!!!!!
harpyprince 7 (4 years ago)
"They swam 1 step closer" I love little kids
harpyprince 7 (4 years ago)
Bad horsey bad horsey basaaaad bad horsey -bad horsey-
Annabelle Juanitas (4 years ago)
bad horsey bad horsey bad horsey [best part ever]
michael (4 years ago)
michael (4 years ago)
michael (4 years ago)
michael (4 years ago)
michael (4 years ago)
Aaron Hilgen (4 years ago)
Baaaaaaaad horsey, bad horsey, bad!
Ralph Brainard (4 years ago)
Soo cute!
Pancake Man (4 years ago)
I like the cartoon one lol
Sam Takara (4 years ago)
This was such a sweet show. Thanks again for bringing it around :)
Nikola Gerginekov (4 years ago)
this is not child (;
Elric Doodles (5 years ago)
these are so funny and cute!
jyxha (5 years ago)
i love this story, omigawd
jayla duhaney (5 years ago)
*La Munkya* is one of the most captivating stories I've heard in a long time.
Middle_class_man (5 years ago)
This is one of the best stories ever!
Ariel Lam (5 years ago)
If she wants to be an accountant when she grows up, I'm in line to be her client. What a sassy, sharp, and creative girl. Great story Emily!
Rude Suits (5 years ago)
Bad horsey! Bad bad horsey!
Humanlegacy333 (5 years ago)
I love this story, she was very funny and the video editing made it so much funnier than a video could. Hollywood should hire her to write movies because I am tired of reboots.
Randy Bobandy (5 years ago)
I don't really the fact that they covered up Emily so much, but I guess that's just me.
Humanlegacy333 (5 years ago)
better than My Little Pony
Taylor Crockett (5 years ago)
Over analyzing a small child for their potential as a future spouse- shitty outlook on life and personality.
Madblaster6 (5 years ago)
That's why she's the horse.
Rustic Fairybuttz (5 years ago)
this is like me when i didn't write an essay that i had to present in class...
GodOfTheeGames (5 years ago)
I am completely baffled. Because holy shit, that kid, can tell one hell of a story...
duhasian (5 years ago)
JasontheDemon (5 years ago)
Who needs drugs when you have a kid to make up stories?
Sara K. (5 years ago)
She is so cute x3
kyoyameganebereznoff (5 years ago)
This makes me think of the stories my friend used to make up at the lunch table..... in 7th grade.
lol i have rabies (5 years ago)
THE BEST!!!!!!!!
angelfitzme (5 years ago)
Not if I can help it! Yay mixed babies!
THEADMINwashere (5 years ago)
do white kids still exist in america?
ChurchNewCreation (5 years ago)
one thousand million to 50 bucks, kids be funny yo :)
Medley Licious (5 years ago)
i loved this lol
ThatGirlWithTheButt (5 years ago)
What is this series and why am I so addicted.
Maddiexrose (5 years ago)
OMG lmbo
MsFicwriter (5 years ago)
School crushes your imagination into dust. Pretty soon Emily's teachers are going to start telling her she tells bad stories, which is why school sucks. For now, though, long live LA MUNKYA!!!!
paige ! (5 years ago)
shes asian
Linnéa Thunberg (5 years ago)
This ones my favorite story, hahaha
Kody Nguyen (5 years ago)
La Munkya!
ToaRanen7 (5 years ago)
I remember when I would make up weird stories as a kid, good times.
Anna L. (5 years ago)
She is absolutely brilliant.
Karen Torres (5 years ago)
LuckyPuckLee (5 years ago)
Oh, he screamed louder den a lil girl couuuuuuuuuuuuuld?
Sonic12345xx (5 years ago)
dancharp (6 years ago)
Her little voice is very good for character animation!!
Campbell Salmon (6 years ago)
"He screamed louder then a little girl could, he screamed louder then a little girl could, he screamed louder then a little girl could..."
jenbooca (6 years ago)
reminds me so much of my niece, sound just like her the way she talks.
Rusty Shackelford (6 years ago)
This is one of the best videos on You Tube. I laugh till i cry every time i watch it. Writers of today's cartoon could learn something from her. "It's big he's fat really big"
reem930 (6 years ago)
omfg I died. hahahahahaha this series is such a good idea. (:
dugwyler (6 years ago)
PowerNoob9000 (6 years ago)
I kinda doubt that a little girl wrote that
Joshua Flaum (6 years ago)
Check out episode 13...
Sally Le (6 years ago)
It's so funny
Frankie (6 years ago)
They did! Check out "Valentime's Day"
altiareagle (6 years ago)
She seemed a little mature to be 6... More mature than a 10 year old... Or me
Cloverskull (6 years ago)
That girl is creeeeeeeeepy
Ian Dorian (6 years ago)
I love this guys!!! You all rock!
threewingedcrow (6 years ago)
4miki5000 (6 years ago)
Best story ever, can't stop watching and laughing....luv how she says the title....you rock lil girl
4miki5000 (6 years ago)
She is so cute and funny, love her detailed accounts of what happened. She's a very smart cookie :)
Evan Fortson (6 years ago)
I have no clue what just happend
Karinthewhite (6 years ago)
What a clever girl! Loved it!
Relativisticism (6 years ago)
The US is working on printing a one thousand million thousand fifteen hundred one thousand hundred million thousand fifty dollar coin.
Faith Simon (6 years ago)
Joshua Flaum (6 years ago)
Emily is coming back. Keep your eyes peeled on or near Valentine's Day.
Danielle Stager (6 years ago)
She showed it because this kid kept asking her to and we had enough time where we were doing nothing. It was in English, and everyone was trying to find out what "La Munkya" meant, like if it was Spanish for something.
Annabel Withagen (6 years ago)
Because of his body? He's big. He's fat.
beckwithrandom (6 years ago)
"That meant charge" *nod nod*
beckwithrandom (6 years ago)
One thousand million fifty hundred thousand one thousand million thousand, fifty bucks.
Joshua Flaum (6 years ago)
Really? That's fantastic! In Spanish or English? Was it part of the lesson? Why? I'd love to know more.
Danielle Stager (6 years ago)
My teacher showed this in her Spanish class.
MrMumsbullen (6 years ago)
I love how the story doesn't make sense at all, it's just a horse who's eating things he shouldn't be eating haha.
purplerains (6 years ago)
The end when it goes all vortexy is genius.

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