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I Am Going to Read Your Mind - Magic Trick

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I'm about to read your mind with 3 different mind tricks. Zach King will teach you how to trick your friends that you can read minds by the end of this video. Be the first to pre-order my new book here - https://www.smartURL.it/ZachKingBook Get it on amazon here - http://bit.ly/GetZachKingBook Tweet at me: https://twitter.com/finalcutking I'm on Facebook too - https://www.facebook.com/ZachKingVine Instagram - http://instagram.com/zachking My Website where you can email me- http://zachkingvine.com
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Text Comments (715448)
Lego Stop motion (17 seconds ago)
2 of spades
Lego Stop motion (55 seconds ago)
susie Q (2 minutes ago)
I just said that so people would watch the video
susie Q (2 minutes ago)
1:55 lol 😂
susie Q (3 minutes ago)
J of diamonds
Jeanne Liberato (5 minutes ago)
I hate you! Hahahahaha
Mr_ahkam (6 minutes ago)
no i am thinked letter P 😂😂😆😆
Joseph Tancred (8 minutes ago)
You got 1 of them #bunnie in the hat
Bwee The Bird (8 minutes ago)
China and horse was what I got
Teddy Rouman (10 minutes ago)
He’s correct
Basereaper (20 minutes ago)
Danny jay (23 minutes ago)
yess how did u wha ahh!!
Philip Escobar (23 minutes ago)
holy frick this guys a friging genius
Danny jay (26 minutes ago)
Danny jay (26 minutes ago)
Kobra rahime (28 minutes ago)
Yes, you were correct. But how ??
KNOWLEDGE BUSTERS (29 minutes ago)
Yes bro nice
RedCell96 (33 minutes ago)
Wrong on the first I chose an integer, lol
Carlos Maida (33 minutes ago)
Jack of diamonds
Alysha Northerner (34 minutes ago)
You got mine right it was in Denmark and a grey elephant
Carlos Maida (34 minutes ago)
You were correct
Kian TV (34 minutes ago)
Da fauq it was a elephant
Marble Lemonade (37 minutes ago)
Denmake and a blue Eel for the first one XD
Mujtaba Aliyar (39 minutes ago)
zen and my friend were thinking about elephant
Pamela Haughton (42 minutes ago)
You are so cool
Leilanie Santos (43 minutes ago)
Two hearts
Leilanie Santos (43 minutes ago)
I was thinking of an eel
The Life of Layla (44 minutes ago)
U changed all cards lmao
Angela Hackett (44 minutes ago)
Angela Hackett (45 minutes ago)
How tho
Angela Hackett (46 minutes ago)
That’s impossible
Angela Hackett (46 minutes ago)
Angela Hackett (46 minutes ago)
What the crap
Ayden Tainaka (46 minutes ago)
Dude wtf this is so cool
The Real Soft Sniper (48 minutes ago)
Jesus Christ
Jaden Gallegos (49 minutes ago)
Red elephant
Lavander Javier (49 minutes ago)
Wrong wahah
XxInquisitivekidsxX (50 minutes ago)
A black cat in Costa rica
the Game boy (51 minutes ago)
AwesomeWolfieBoys World (51 minutes ago)
U were right Denmark elephant
Twiskey Catphone (53 minutes ago)
Dolphin in Denmark
jaywade (54 minutes ago)
Marshmellow Suicide (56 minutes ago)
what the *****
Hershey productions (57 minutes ago)
Dragon 1st
Robert Bridgewater (59 minutes ago)
#3 omg yes
kaksk Jdsd (59 minutes ago)
he read my freaking mind crazy
Lemon Child (1 hour ago)
I got 2, that’s b, I picked Belgium, second letter e, elephant, colour - gray
Robert Bridgewater (1 hour ago)
Robert Bridgewater (1 hour ago)
#1 no kaguro
melissa castaneda (1 hour ago)
Earwig from Denmark
Valeti Mohuanga_ (1 hour ago)
This videos was a lie🙄🙄 it was all wrong🤬🤬🤬
Tony Ross (1 hour ago)
8 club
Carlos Maldonado (1 hour ago)
4 of Diamonds
Healthbot (1 hour ago)
2nd was 2 of Spades
Healthbot (1 hour ago)
I was thinking of a brown horse in Hawaii
HoneyBear (1 hour ago)
I was thinking about a deer
Emma Moon (1 hour ago)
He got it
PLASMA GAMER (1 hour ago)
Dominican Republic, Orange Orangutan
Carlos Maldonado (1 hour ago)
You were correct
Mrs. Bright Side (1 hour ago)
a blue octopus in Dominican republic
von greenfield (1 hour ago)
It workt
SlayyandLets Play (1 hour ago)
The second trick wbout the card was eady u just changed all the cards
Karina Quinones (1 hour ago)
Hyper Sonic (1 hour ago)
I got a green Iguana from Djibouti
Emma Moon (1 hour ago)
He got is
Nikita Cannon (1 hour ago)
Omg the first one got me good
Aidan Briggs (1 hour ago)
Bhawk07gamer (1 hour ago)
Yellow jaguar in Djibouti
Marrianne (1 hour ago)
1st Card trick... numbers were same but not suits. All original cards were not shown (giving illusion of any card you might have picked as the one that burned). Just saying. But it was a good trick if people don’t pay attention to suits. ;)
hannah (1 hour ago)
brown eagle, denmark, yes i know that’s not a state i was thinking too quick 😂
Game recorder Life (1 hour ago)
Game recorder Life (1 hour ago)
Holy jeeze
Heather Johnson (1 hour ago)
Omigosh he got it how?
Service Moodles (1 hour ago)
U didn’t get me
it's MoMo's turn (1 hour ago)
5 of clubs
it's MoMo's turn (1 hour ago)
Cardboard Pow (1 hour ago)
I said Damerica Ass(donkey) Blue
Keliyah Browne (1 hour ago)
The first one I thought of a black ostrich from Dominican Republic
Imvu Lol (1 hour ago)
Nope a dog
alycia nilsson (1 hour ago)
An emu.
Bianca Dos santos (1 hour ago)
None of these work for me what
It’s Frizzle (1 hour ago)
My country was Ethiopia my animal was Tyrannosaurus rex which is grey try again brotha
Kay Reed (1 hour ago)
Smash_Attack • (1 hour ago)
My card wasn’t missing...
Elias Moose (1 hour ago)
I going to doe
Truffles The Cat (1 hour ago)
I think of an Orange Tiger from Ethiopia!!!
Sunny's Musical keys (1 hour ago)
Elias Moose (1 hour ago)
What the actual fuck imma kill myself
Sophia Siferd (1 hour ago)
Kangaroo from Denmark
FaZe MiniRug (1 hour ago)
Trick 1 got me demark eel was mine
kennaaa (1 hour ago)
he guessed that perfectly 😂
death9s (1 hour ago)
Yo boi Popoy (1 hour ago)
Unmmm I don’t get the second one mine did not burn
Pita M (1 hour ago)
Denmark yes, No to elefant. It was a cat
Creepa52 I (1 hour ago)
I got a elephant in Dubai
Unicorn Gamer (1 hour ago)
I was thinking of a dolphin
Tage You're It Gaming (1 hour ago)
I got a brown emu in Denmark
Jake Hooton (1 hour ago)
Ha fuck u ostrich in Dominica
Rafael is bored Ok (1 hour ago)
Brown emu
Duck Ur Mum (1 hour ago)
Capybara in Czechoslovakia

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