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Most ISOLATED Homes In The World!

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Check out the most isolated homes in the world! This top 10 list of extreme secluded houses has some of the most unbelievable homes in remote places on earth! Subscribe For New Videos! http://goo.gl/UIzLeB Watch our "MYSTERIOUS Creatures Living At The BOTTOM Of The World!" video here: https://youtu.be/Efhjc-Gu508 Watch our "SECRETS Casinos DON'T Want You To Find Out!" video here: https://youtu.be/hAoABuvzOZM Watch our "RAREST And Most EXPENSIVE Cars In The World!" video here: https://youtu.be/MtCnWSqqilg 10. The Drina River House You’ve always wanted a house surrounded by a moat, right? Everyone has!! But how about taking it a step further and building your home in the middle of a river? Well, that’s what a group of boys decided to do in 1968 when they were looking for the ideal spot to sunbathe. 9. Casa Do Penedo The Casa Do Penedo, which means the house of stone, is in the Fafe mountains of northern Portugal. The 16.5-foot-tall house, built at 2,600 feet above sea level, is often referred to as the ‘Flintstones House’, and it’s clear to see why. 8. The Crystal Mill The Crystal Mill is one of the most famous, and isolated, homes in Colorado. It was built on a rocky outcrop in the Crystal river, and is surrounded by the most amazing views! It’s about 6 miles away from Marble, and is close to the former town of Crystal. 7. Katskhi Pillar How far would you go for your beliefs? Religious devotion can lead people to make big sacrifices for their faith, but one monk has taken the idea of isolation to a whole new level. Maxime Qavtaradze has spent the past 20 years living in a cottage on the Katskhi Pillar- a 131-foot-tall rock that stands above his monastery in Georgia. 6. Wordie House If you like the cold, and staying indoors for most of the year, then maybe this is the place for you. Wordie House is one of the most remote buildings on the planet- located on Winter Island in Antarctica. 5. Long Studio The Long Studio, on Fogo Island in Newfoundland, Canada, was built to give artists a secluded space to work. The modern structure has been built on a series of stilts to raise it above the ground- which makes it feel as if it’s hovering over the landscape. 4. The Solvay Hut Located on the north eastern ridge of the Matterhorn mountain in Switzerland, the Solvay Hut is the highest mountain hut owned by the Swiss Alpine Club, at 13,133 feet above sea level. 3. Ellidaey Island If you really want an isolated home, and an entire island to go with it- then how about Ellidaey island in Iceland? It’s a part of the Vestmannaeyjar archipelago to the south of the country, and there’s quite a mystery to the place. 2. San Colombano Hermitage First built in 1319, the San Colombano hermitage was named after the Irish Saint Colomban who, according to legend, took up residence in the cave after vanquishing the dragon that originally lived there. A small church was then built at the entrance to one of the small caves to provide accommodation for pilgrims and monks. 1. Just Room Enough Island Just room enough island is, as the name would suggest, a small piece of land that is just room enough for a house, and barely anything else! It’s one of the almost 2,000 islands of the Thousand Islands chain on the New York side of the St Lawrence River, and is the location of one of the most famous isolated homes in the region. Origins Explained is the place to be to find all the answers to your questions, from mysterious events and unsolved mysteries to everything there is to know about the world and its amazing animals!
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Text Comments (682)
Jungle Skunk (1 day ago)
The crystal mill isnt a home its a mill you know like the name?
TheOneanjel (2 days ago)
the first 3 were not really houses and we didn't get to see inside any even tho one is a museum. I couldn't take that voice any longer so I stopped after the Crystal Mine (btw a mine is not a home).
Deborah Koullas (4 days ago)
The Wordie House has a "wood burning stove" not a "wooden stove" as the commentator said.
Michael (5 days ago)
click ass bait
Dustin Farnum (6 days ago)
A "wooden stove" sounds dangerous and impractical.
Trevor Lambert (7 days ago)
Some of these are really stretching the definition of "home".
Adam Neiblum (8 days ago)
Lame video. Does not show anything inside or any features at all...
Chad Mason Stevenson (9 days ago)
... I don't say hermitage. You say hermitage - I say hermitaaghe.
Jeremy Janus (9 days ago)
Crystal Mills is AMAZING! Everyone should visit if they get the chance!
Ryan 88 (9 days ago)
7 was a head of a giant long ago.
gorflunk (9 days ago)
Delta Delta Delta, can I help ya, help ya, help ya?
Michael Rudkin (11 days ago)
So many of the photos shown were not of the houses that she was talking about, and were just random images.
Bobby Judd (12 days ago)
I like her voice.
fasx56 (12 days ago)
This might sound adventurous, daring and unique until one actually tried to live in some of those very unusual homes where there is no television, cell phone service and nearby grocery stores and we can add no roads to drive to your neat getaway.
Sukhbir Sekhon (12 days ago)
The flints tone house has a swimming pool? I doubt it unless it's very small.
karl marx (13 days ago)
Is she singing...or just a millenial?
Ryan Lewis (14 days ago)
I found conundrum was in the dictionary but there wasn't a word opposite of the meaning of conundrum.. So I found a word "conOMdrum" means to supersede... And I think "it" should be spelled with a C like this.. "SUPERSCEDE" OBVIOUSLY! WE NEVER STUDIED the CONSTITUTION in school because "it" is nonsensical... The 2nd amendment is the only part I understand and I agree.. Trying to control guns is a waist of time.. What we need is a 1st amendment that makes sense! For example~ Citizens' of a country and or state shall be interpreted and or understood as the most valuable resource as a religious practice of respect within the rights of PEACE and goodwill under the trust of God... FURTHERMORE the 3rd amendment should be about how studies of LAW are public domain and of rights and respects of public will.. https://www.politico.com/magazine/story/2018/09/05/new-constitution-change-amendment-law-219586
Pearl Wherry (16 days ago)
Which Demonrat repeatedly asked," will the firewall hold?, will the firewall hold"?
Cliff Braun (16 days ago)
The Wordie house has a wooden stove, haha, try a wood burning stove, I doubt a wooden stove would last one cold day
2mopaul (17 days ago)
The long house on Fogo Island is not a house and they are showing the hotel in the final shot. The solar panels they show are not on Fogo either. The intro shows a river that not in Newfoundland. The other 9 'houses' must have all kind of misinterpretations too. Fogo island is hard to get to but once you are on the island, that house is a short walk from the parking lot.
SD scott (18 days ago)
Everybody says the voice,the voice,the voice. I didnt think it was bad at all. Hmm, does anyone agree or am I crazy?
KnightofRen LD Madore (18 days ago)
Kyn Chan (18 days ago)
Casa Do Penedo property looks like a giant crab.
theonedom Gaming (20 days ago)
My house is the most isolated. 2019
Raymond J (21 days ago)
a wooden stove haha how does that work you burn steel hahahaha
Thayer (22 days ago)
Can't listen due to your voice! wow!!!
The surreal McCoy (23 days ago)
6:22 is not in Canada. It's a place called 'Saarschleife' in Germany.
anthony czaplinski (23 days ago)
yes I live in that home
Shanthi I (24 days ago)
Verry Thank you I learn more about This
JLoveBomb (25 days ago)
Half these comments = delicate flower petals bitching and whining about something that’s NBD.
Ryce Gabriel Major (26 days ago)
Most of these comments are on how bad this voice is so I'll say something random Pingas
Kaidin Attner (26 days ago)
Either elliday island house or wordie house should 1 & 2 on this list....and my gosh too many ads😵😱
Tomas Pontes Rocha (26 days ago)
I would live in A Casa do Penedo since I come from 🇵🇹 Portugal
Rogelio Soto (1 month ago)
Love your voice and accent. Thanks for the upload. 🙂
Benjamin Falzon (1 month ago)
"Number 1 Just room enough island". Is a very good example which debunks the myth of the Sea higher sea levels by global warming. Also, If Global warming was true, the Chinese government would be building sea walls and not Islands in the south China sea as they've done in the Netherlands. The Netherlands dykes projects also debunk the myth of higher seas levels caused by global warming, the Dutch government, build the dykes only because the Netherlands foundations are known to be sinking and not because of any higher sea levels. And the same problems will be occurring elsewhere if any other geographies are being threatened by the sea. But did anyone know, that when the foundation is sinking they are not allowed to reveal officially to the public that the foundations are sinking, and that they are instructed to blame global warming? .
Iain Cole (1 month ago)
I can't cope with that horrendous voice I'm out.
Danilo Papio (1 month ago)
K 8 (1 month ago)
I would gladly live on the island with the puffins. That looks like paradise!
Miss T (1 month ago)
After discovering more atrocities here's part 2! 1. Fafe - the E is silent. Sounds like 'faff' 2. Hermitage is pronounced like 'hermitidge' 3. Wordie is pronounced like 'wardie' 4.Rudimentary is emphasised incorrectly 5. Newfoundland is emphasised incorrectly 6. You removed 'Svalbard' from the commentary, no doubt due to terrible mispronunciation (the D is silent)- it remained on closed captions. 7. Ellidaey is actually pronounced a little like "Adlidaay' it's a complex one. 8. Vestmannaejar again complex, like 'vestman airrr'. 9. Archipelago - don't say the H. .10. You also pronounced Bjork wrong too. 5:43 how can you say 'BOOOOKcases with BOOKS in it' and mispronounce the first word just a second before saying it correctly?!?!? *Dear God woman, get another job. It took me 2 mins to look the couple I was unsure of up on google. What's your excuse?*
Miss T (1 month ago)
*I'm sorry, but If a person makes money narrating videos, they should spend a couple of seconds googling the pronunciation of words they don't know. This bitch just butchered the word ARCHIPELAGO.* (Hint - Don't pronounce the H) And Vestmannaeyjar was awful too. I found correct pronunciation in about 4 seconds. http://www.pronouncekiwi.com/Vestmannaeyjar
SoHaze (1 month ago)
Hell No!!! I mean not if it is going to be a hassle to go somewhere lol
Albob (1 month ago)
The one hit on Matterhorn should be in STEEP
Nunya (1 month ago)
MelodyMidnight (1 month ago)
and this https://www.iflscience.com/environment/seven-things-that-prove-the-earth-is-flat-according-to-flatearthers/
MelodyMidnight (1 month ago)
i have a subject that would blow everyones mind.Check it out https://www.livescience.com/topics/flat-earth
Kim Parish (1 month ago)
Too many unassociated photos. Annoying narrator. Too many commercials. Forget this site.
Yo Mama (1 month ago)
Lady, or whoever is behind the production, you need to found your chill with the pettiness of liking only the comments that say either unreadable compliments or that they like your voice. I also don't like when you interrupt a minute into the Video telling me to subscribe and hit the bell. Youtubers don't understand that when they tell people what to do, they're going to be defiant. Let people subscribe and like as they please. If they feel your content dis bearable they will sub. Stop telling grown ass people what to do. That's why you don't get any views. I unsubscribe from you too.
Dianne M (1 month ago)
Narrators voice harsh and too high pitched.
tonya1115 (1 month ago)
I live in northern New York. The Thousands Islands are beatiful. I never thought something so close to home would be so influential.
Dar Saboora (1 month ago)
I want one of them
grungebass (1 month ago)
6:23 didn't know that I live in Kanada.... this riverloop is the "Saarschleife" in Germany xD
Service Dogs (1 month ago)
When I was a kid there is a place called shell island you could literally walk outside the hotels back door take 10 steps then be at the ocean it was unbelievable how close the ocean or gotten then we heard that during a hurricane hotel is not simply run over by water. The storm literally swallow the entire tire down
Anna (1 month ago)
What is so bad about this voice? I dont understand why everyone are commenting that its anoying? Maybe its just me who cant hear it though aha
It's ok To be white (1 month ago)
I went through all this with hifi headphones can I get a amen Amen
Steven K (1 month ago)
I'd rather be waterboarded than listening to that woman again.
Kora L (1 month ago)
Don't really care about the voice but if you notice on that Rock House the Flintstone house one of the pictures has a wind generator so yeah it has electricity
Shanti Cardoza (1 month ago)
Wtf?? Like why. I am off to sleep
Elbel Foster (1 month ago)
and i though my voice was annoying well it is but this one though my ears are tingling because of this squicky narroator find a new one even i would do a better job
Hans Hoerdemann (1 month ago)
She says, "I'll see you next time." She can't see the viewers. We can only hear her. Why this mistatement?
Pinal D.Sangma (1 month ago)
thank you for this morning again.
Brad B (1 month ago)
Beautiful voice
Stuit3rb4l (1 month ago)
Loud noises...!
Pinal D.Sangma (1 month ago)
Da sri dania.
Amie Majewski (1 month ago)
You fegot mine
Elizabeth Clemens (1 month ago)
It is fascinating , I would personally love to visit Ellidaey Island in Iceland . It sounds so beautiful! Thanks for this video🙏
Katherine Vinson (1 month ago)
Just room enough house in new york city
TheMitchbassman (2 months ago)
Nothing makes you feel closer to God than living in an old fridge!!
l'appel du vide (2 months ago)
turn sound on vid off, put some music on. click on the cc thingie.
Chicken & Nuggets (2 months ago)
Her voice is trash.. nearly gave me a headache.. get someone else please..
Hallands Menved (2 months ago)
5:55 pretty sure the stove isn't "wooden" 😂😂😂😂
Hallands Menved (2 months ago)
1:25 now, see, that's a house!
ray johnson (2 months ago)
crystal mill looks familiar...think it was in a movie
Not_Sleepy (2 months ago)
Everyone's like, "Ew, her voice is so annoying, so she should go die!" I understand that comments are for opinions, but they shouldn't just fire or replace someone just because _you_ want to.
Omar Garcia (2 months ago)
Her voice is very annoying
Leia Sophia (2 months ago)
The Voice! A horror movie 😅
Phaedra Lee (2 months ago)
Terrible voice!!!! Stop!!!!!
biki (2 months ago)
most annoying voiceover ever :/
Mac Kinnon (2 months ago)
horrible narration
gina velicu (2 months ago)
hi me denis me kid
War Lord (2 months ago)
Nowadays these remote homes are only good if the zombies attack and if you want to be a monk.
KoH Chris (2 months ago)
I hate all the google images they used as filler cause they couldn't find additional pictures of the actual properties. Personal opinion for the uploader: Abstract images are a lot better than being misled through half the video.
Eric Kelly (2 months ago)
Just show random clips of whatever.
Dennis Call (2 months ago)
http://www.ebls.org/ THe Brothers by San Francisco
Helen Carlson (2 months ago)
You can have them all who normal would want to live in them
guess who simon (2 months ago)
Voice, the comparator is annoying.
Laura Good (2 months ago)
The last island that's located in the 1,000 islands region is actually called "Mother -in-Law Island". There are 4 doors to enter the house, one on each side. Legend says that the owner did not like their Mother - in - law. Knowing she was a sleep- walker who would often take strolls outside in her sleep, a door was put on each side of the hose in hopes she'd..... well, you know the rest!!!
Holly W (2 months ago)
I'd be delighted to live in #9, #5, #3, #2, and I'd be more than delighted to live in #1.
Laura Good (2 months ago)
See my post on the #1 house. Might want to change your mind if you're a sleep walker lol. It is beautiful in the 1,000 Islands though. I try to summer there every year. The ice fishing in the winter isn't too bad either.
Apachedropout99 (2 months ago)
I love the video but that voice is too much for my ears. Thank God my wife does not have such an irritating piggy screeching voice. Why can't women talk normally - maybe they are watching too many American soapies and copy that screeching irritating high pitch voices of the pathetic actresses in it. Just take a listen to the women in any of the daily rubbish sit-coms and you will know what I mean. Plastic Hollywood at its best.Bye-bye Miss Piggy.
Wild Bill (2 months ago)
This should have been the 3 most isolated houses as only 3 of them were actually homes.
Sonia Qwerty (2 months ago)
Tertius Ferreira (2 months ago)
Too many commercials
Mind Made Designs - DIY (2 months ago)
Most ISOLATED Homes are in North korea :p
Fly Oz (2 months ago)
Jeez you have a horrible grating voice sorry but
baggie knight (2 months ago)
the origins explained....... ha ha more like the origins of a fat wallet from all the ads
zondaintheair (2 months ago)
I realised I was getting a headache listening to her voice. I wanted to go out and kill people. I consider myself lucky to have turned the sound off, just in time. Is her voice the hidden answer to all mass killings.
Doc Moore (3 months ago)
Another compilation of utterly non-related images and videos narrated by a squeaky-voiced valley girl who knows NOTHING about anything. Garbage.
clintmilam (3 months ago)
Fuck you and your midpost ad. Goddamn assholes!!!
Planet Purgatory (3 months ago)
Yeah. Usually people put shit on stilts so it's above ground but thanks for alerting me of that. I almost forgot... smh
sadashiv gambhire (3 months ago)
It feels you have not researched about Asia..
Rosie Fay (3 months ago)
The Solvay Hut is a bit of a cheat because it is not a home, and never was -- it is a mountain hut, and (as the narrator pointed out) to be used only in emergencies.

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