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Men are Better than Women, Deal with it!

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At some point, you have to grow up and stop playing "make-believe". Women's G Tolerance http://www.dtic.mil/dtic/tr/fulltext/u2/a177986.pdf Are females better fighter pilots than males? http://www.usmessageboard.com/threads/are-females-better-fighter-pilots-than-males.406472/ The Claim: Men and Women Differ in Their Tolerance to Cold http://www.nytimes.com/2009/10/27/health/27real.html Who shoots better, men or women? http://www.realbiathlon.com/2011/11/who-shoots-better-men-or-women.html Is it true that women were considered better snipers than men in World War 2? https://www.quora.com/Is-it-true-that-women-were-considered-better-snipers-than-men-in-World-War-2 Men are from hunt, women are from gather http://archive.boston.com/bostonglobe/ideas/articles/2010/05/09/men_are_from_hunt_women_are_from_gather/ Study Shows Women May Be Better Natural Hunters than Men http://www.fieldandstream.com/blogs/hunting/2010/05/study-shows-women-may-be-better-natural-hunters-men Want Girls Attracted to Tech? Put an "A" for "Art" in STEM http://spectrum.ieee.org/view-from-the-valley/at-work/education/want-girls-attracted-to-tech-put-a-for-art-in-stem Intro Song: "Fling My Turds" by Red Pill Chemist Background Music: Meditation Impromptu 02 by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/) Source: http://incompetech.com/music/royalty-free/index.html?isrc=USUAN1100162 Artist: http://incompetech.com/ Clip: Final Combat (Chinese TF2 Knockoff) Sniper Trailer Monkey Image: "Male chimpanzee in business clothes - Stock image" by Lise Gagne. Licensed from Getty Images.
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Timothy Robb (17 days ago)
Females are gross and disgusting...i don't see no summers eve for men.
hydraulic hydra (29 days ago)
Here's another thing, how about instead of trying to change the evidence, how about trying to change the sources of the evidence; technology has leveled the playing field significantly. Cars trump speed for both genders, so we're now equal on speed. Guns beat the ability for physical violence (by hand) for both genders, so we're equal on that. Yes, men are better shots (and probably better drivers, not sure tho), but we're still a hell of a lot closer than when a man could just beat any woman into submission with physical strength. As a man who believes that the human body is a flawed piece of machinery anyway, and that genetic engineering and cybernetics are the solution to this problem, I think that this could potentially narrow the gap even further. But what are these clowns doing instead of that (or developing any other tech that could ACTUALLY narrow the gap)? They're fabricating evidence to make it look like the gap is already nonexistent, of course!
hydraulic hydra (29 days ago)
Sucks, but it's true.
Charles Hopkins (1 month ago)
Women have higher IQs? LOL have you tried talking to one lately? Have you read a text from a woman? They can't even spell the most basic words. they don't know the difference between singular and plural, woman vs women. They're dumber than a bag of hammers. Speaking of hammer, that's where they have their worth that's about it. If you don't believe me ask Alyssa Milano wanting a sex strike. Lol. I rest my case
HashimTheDream (1 month ago)
HashimTheDream (1 month ago)
Ok Men it is about time to dispell some intelligence myths between Men and Women. This information comes from NPR.org. As of 2018 there has been 853 nobel peace prizes awarded to Men and 51 awarded to Women. In 117 years only 3 women have won prizes awarded in physics. A total of 209 prizes have been awarded in physics. Credit will go to Albert Einstein's first wife Mileva Maria she was a mathematician. 1. Marie Courie 1903. 2. Maria Goeppert Mayer 1963. 3. Donna Strickland 2018. This is the difference between men and women in the highest awards that the theoretical scientists can achieve. The facts speak for themselves, I'll let you be the judge.
TigerLily (2 months ago)
How about we are all equal!? It doesn't have to be women are better than men or men are better than women! You fucktards don't get it.
kai (2 months ago)
Men are better at men shit, women are better at women shit - no one argues that. Men are worse at women shit - no argument there. But women are better at men shit?? that is the essential fallacy and no amount of Feminist kant or State coersion can change that.
Richard Teale (3 months ago)
Yep, good vid, explaining the feminist BS! I like the final line, but id change it to Masculine men rule & women drool!
Hesam Moosapour Bardsiri (3 months ago)
If men are superior then why women have it better in society?
saif saif (1 month ago)
Because of the laws that favore them the school systel that favor them society that support them and so on
Greg Schaust (3 months ago)
Hahaha, I wonder how many people noticed that hunter/gatherer article was written by Chad Love.
Pavel Alexandrovich (3 months ago)
Wrong, more girls won the race to the egg as a sperm.
Boys are born more than girls at every 5 girls are born 8 Boys are born
ww ww (3 months ago)
I hunt tomatoes every summer in my garden. Tomatoes, cherry, grapes, apples.
The reason men have higher accidents rates in cars and in jets is because men have higher testosterone, thus they are far likely to perform manuever that's are extremely risky and can cause fatal accidents. They simply take risks far more often than women do.
Milher Méndez (3 months ago)
Are this people this most retarded on Earth!?... (Spoiler, Yes...) How they dare to say that wAmen are more capable to tolerate cold temperatures when THERE IS A PETITION FROM FEMINISTS AROUND THE GLOBE TO RISE THE TEMPERATURES ON OFFICES BECAUSE IT IS SEXISM TO HAVE CONDITIONED AIR WORKING FOR MEN PREFERENCES!!!... 👩🏻=🥶 🧔🏻=😎👍
Darth MGTOW (4 months ago)
Women are better than men at hunting for sex. Women get more success, whereas men fail a lot...
ace ventura (4 months ago)
Lol. What does being in tune w nature mean."having your period"... Lol
BungyStudios (4 months ago)
I have to disagree on one point, Art should be a part of aesthetic sciences. And men like art more than women, men make better artists than women. STEAM would only make men even higher.
Pavel Alexandrovich (4 months ago)
"Natural Hunting"= scavenging
Crypto Jihadi (4 months ago)
Omg women are CONSTANTLY bitching about temps. Hell now they even say AC in the office is misogynistic now.
William Overly (4 months ago)
People can only be measured by their individuality and nothing else. Generalizing can be misleading.
Kaden Monfredi (5 months ago)
If I knew the enemy sniper was a women I wouldn’t care if I was in direct line of sight of her because I know she’d miss
Dave BB (5 months ago)
Im sorry but women cannot deal with it. They have been bitching about it for hundreds of years.
Norbert Ruiz (5 months ago)
Women are better snipers than men? Lol, the best snipers in the world are mostly men such as White Death, Vasily Zaitsev, Ivan Sidorenko, Chris Kyle and that British sniper that killed 3 jihadists with a single bullet etc. Yes there are female snipers but saying females are better snipers is just not right
Appalachian Packmule (5 months ago)
Part of me wants to see society collapse so we can sit back and watch feminists and leftists eat each other.
whatthe (5 months ago)
These Iq graphs are either hoax or does not represent intelligence. If you observe women and men then you will realise that there is no comparison between an average man and an average woman in terms of intelligence. an average man wins clearly.
I thought anybody with the smallest amount of logical thinking knew this? oh wait.. women think with their emotions.
Man (5 months ago)
This is why I'm trans.
Tony Flamingo (5 months ago)
The thing is kids misinterpret these things. Some kid in my class keeps asking girls if they are men or if they are property...
Pavel Alexandrovich (4 months ago)
Thats a tik tok meme lol
Kings and Angels (5 months ago)
To sexists who think women only exist to give birth: I have a lot of room for you. Come on, be my slaves, I will take you in.
Jack Rusio (5 months ago)
Woman is a CARTOON of a Man....Spread the Word
Gary Projects (5 months ago)
There is more to being a sniper than just accuracy. How about climbing 10 stories with heavy equipment in a hostile enviorment. Oh right, the men do that part.
Ophelia Taïs (5 months ago)
women suck
Pavel Alexandrovich (4 months ago)
No shit
thrawn4444 (5 months ago)
so if men are better at EVERYTHING like you claim. . .that must mean men are better at carrying and birthing a child. /checkmate.
fassjfsajgjopsag (4 months ago)
soldatheero (5 months ago)
woman are said to have higher dexterity which I do believe, which could help with aiming. They have smaller joints and fingers which makes it easier to control and they are also often calmer. Look at the writing of high school students woman are usually neater and nicer. CS:GO I think is an interesting area of study for this topic, mainstream people might not respect esports but the truth is that games like counter strike are extremely skill based with many different attributes involved just as reaction time, dexterity, quick thinking/planning, cunning, etc.. a male pro who was probably less than average played on a female team and dominated the whole game. One of the female players i believe complained because she was humble enough to admit that its not fair because he has a male brain and thinks it means certain advantages. Woman have great aim/dexterity but the reaction time is a lot slower
Snake Plissken (5 months ago)
You make some excellent points, but you're laughing at the female sniper who had PTSD after killing hundreds of people? Couldn't hang with the boys emotionally? What normal human wouldn't? I'm sure all the men on that list also suffered in the same way, they were just less open about it.
GeekOverdose (6 months ago)
1:09 simple, all the studies show that ON AVERAGE men are better not that all men are better. Hemce there will be extremely smart women and extremely smart men. Though there will be less smart women doesn't mean those women shouldn't be treated equally. TLDR meritocracy my dude. Its all about meritocracy. Everyone should be afforded an equal playing field to get tge best results
Bugumir (6 months ago)
Who cares? We want them. We need them. And your video only serves to point out the obvious and instigate feminism. I'm disappointed.
Cheri (6 months ago)
Bugumir you’re the one who stated “we want them, we need them” I’m just agreeing with that. But this is still 21:17 minutes of crap.
Bugumir (6 months ago)
There's more bigotry in your statement than in this whole comment section, Mon Cherry …
Cheri (6 months ago)
Bugumir Men are incomplete without Women. Men need Women because without Women, there are no Men. That sums it up.
Bugumir (6 months ago)
Look, I'm not claiming that we are superior, because modern civilization and societal rules have negated most of men's natural advantages over women. But that doesn't mean that, biologically speaking, we aren't more purpose-built for some tasks than you are. Like reaching the top shelf :).
Cheri (6 months ago)
Bugumir it’s not obvious, it’s ill informed bigotry.
Lach & Tay (6 months ago)
The thing about sexism to women is basically pleasing yourself to hurt and manipulate other *HUMAN BEINGS* into misery. Taking them on a wrong path to a dead end. Alot of sexist men clearly don't care that they are hurting their own kind, just because they have different genitals. They are trying to force someone into a life they'll hate, thinking they're the good guys. They are hurting someone, and forcing someone to cook and clean without being paid is actually *slavery.* Yes, that's right, slavery. Sexism needs to go.
Sputnik Fly (6 months ago)
@Lach & Tay Married men on average work harder than single men as to provide for their families. A corporate job with it's deadlines is a lot more stressfull than washing dishes, changing nappies and making sandwich which is why woman live on average longer than men. You have never had a real corporate job before , have you? Besides all the shitty dangerous jobs, drilling out the oil from the ocean, building skyscrapers and power stations,etch etch all by men so you have a house to live in with electricity and water sanitstion 93% of all fatalities in working environment are men because they do the dangerous jobs in society. Now be a grateful wife for once and make you're husband a nice sandwich.
Lach & Tay (6 months ago)
@Sputnik Fly Nobody forces them too... And who works 10 hours a day?? And women have to pay for stuff for kids and homeware. I don't know what else they'd spend it on... And women have to look after screaming kids and babies, clean the whole house, take the dog for a walk, wash the whole families clothes, make breakfast, lunch and dinner, Wash the dishes, dry the dishes, pay the bills, clean all the kids mess, put the baby to sleep at a certain hour of the day. That's way more work than sticking to one thing, like men do. If they work in an office, they'll write up reports and notices. If it's a work site, they'll be building. If they work in a restaurant as a waiter, they'll be taking orders. They're allowed to stick to one thing.
Sputnik Fly (6 months ago)
Forcing a man to work 10 hours a day so you can sit at home and wash the dishes once s day in turn while rolling his credit card is also slavery.
Stephen Richards (6 months ago)
Wooow you must be so insecure 😂 how many girls dumbed you 😂 what are you like 23 ? on your moms couch ? ranting about how smart you are ? calm down .. studies also show that women have higher pain tolerance and also make better leaders.. There’s one thing that you showed in this video, how big men’s egos can get. and that’s exactly why women are better.. Men tend to be childish and overall egotistical, easily ashamed, feeling like they are naturally on top of everything. the slightest hit towards a mans confidence will shatter them.
saif saif (1 month ago)
Not really did he show facts ? Yes then should i care where he lives ? No And men have a higher pain tolerance and they handle stress better which make them better leaders
Logan Wynn (6 months ago)
Cheri (6 months ago)
What an utter muppet
Cheri (6 months ago)
MGTOW Lithuania/Lietuva Aha...
Cheri (6 months ago)
MGTOW Lithuania/Lietuva You’re wrong, I’ve known Polish and Lithuanians - they generally have decent moral standings when it comes to women. Can be cocky but at the same time respectable. In the USA, they are just angry women haters a lot of the time. Hence the Utter muppet.
Cheri (6 months ago)
MGTOW Lithuania/Lietuva Of course it means just bachelor. They know how to treat women better.
Cheri (6 months ago)
You must be the only mgtow in Lithuania 🤗
Jack Wagon (6 months ago)
Some, but not me, say animals in the wild don't react the same to men and women. ???
Tony Flamingo (6 months ago)
We are different, but deserve equal opportunity. We should treat them the same as well because nobody wants to be treated like shit even if they are less smart or less strong. We still need them for reproduction, cooking, and other jobs men don’t thrive as much. It isn’t like they are worthless. Like angler fish the men just attach to the females and impregnate them. He can’t do shit without her yet he is still important.
Adithya Unni (6 months ago)
You are great
Diddle Idle (6 months ago)
Steven Connor (6 months ago)
Blah blah whinge blah. Hahah a bell curve graph ffs. Who gives a fuk, you seem to go on about women does one protestest too much.. maybe you may be gender challenged 😘
Jared Bailey (6 months ago)
What a stupid concept
Myrtle Jones (6 months ago)
Woman have better things than men.
Dillan Artis (6 months ago)
Boys have it harder than woman
OH YEAH YEAH (6 months ago)
i.love.moonwalker (6 months ago)
Y'all gay asf
The Enigma 1144 (6 months ago)
You do realize your doing the same thing feminazis do right? Your taking only examples you know aren't true and are applying them to us so you can prove just how "inferior we are". How about instead you compare unbiased info that applies to both sexes, instead of only listing the things that make men better... Here are some actual advantages of the female sex: Women have a huge advantage due to an extra X chromosome, Women have larger cortices, more connections between left and right, are more empathetic, are less likely to develop illness including mental illness due to X chromosome, higher pain tolerance, female fetus boosts mothers health, women seek out more degrees and education, flexibility, estrogen keeps bone/muscle undamaged during prolonged workouts, less aggressive, and more nurturing. Here are just a few. This gender war is so sad. Obviously men and women are equal, we are equal in polarity. We are both of the same species stop trying to dominate each other, its tearing the sexes apart!!
sean mc geown (2 months ago)
Women more empathetic lol women can't even get on with each other the smallest thing they will fall out and neither will ever admit they are wrong and actually go out of their way to be hatefull towards that person and get others to join in etc when a woman dons with a relationship they can just shut the feelings like a book and block the other person out and have no remorse of anything bad they done in relationship instead say he made me do this he made me cheat bla bla no , less mental illness lol every fucking woman I know is constantly crying about some sort of depression or blame the fact they are being an asshole on being bipolar , men's feelings do not matter to a woman in a relationship only hers matter and come first. Only thing they are better at is being a mother , most of my friends are girls , they might have good qualifications but my god are they idiots in nearly ALLL things practical in this world , also they all pretend to be each others friends but bad mouth each other at every turn to me any chance they get because they are jealous of something usually to do with looks or money or status
Topgun God (6 months ago)
Women are better than men at... #=_&£@(;¡*<<¥>€||<® Error 404. Page not found
Dee Lee (6 months ago)
Im trying to find the video where he bashes on sum article that explains that woman in singapore feel safe cuz there is more harsher punishments there and how when a woman regrets sleeping with a man she tries too say its rape even though, and to quote TFM here "even though she was sucking his dick it somehow constitutes rape becuz she regretted it the next day"..... ;p lol lets see wat else umm, he also talks about how woman only score higher IQ tests when they are preteens oh and he also talks about men and woman in the workplace n how men get paid more cuz they work harder and why there are less woman CEO's than men and the reason woman's desks are cleaner in the office is becuz woman eat out for luch while men stay in the office and pack their own lunch.... lol I really enjoyed that one the best n i cant find it for some reason :/
Guammar Maddafaki (6 months ago)
You know what? If society falls apart (maybe through some UNBEARABLE SOCIAL UNREST), you'll see the women's real worth. Mark my words!
Guammar Maddafaki (6 months ago)
'Hunting' mushrooms... Seems legit...
Huw Thomas (6 months ago)
Leave them think they are better than men. They fucking aren’t end of story. In a bit. Dicks are better than yeast infection holes and men are smarter, funnier, stronger, faster mentally stronger, brains actually work, men are better than women at women jobs.. just can’t win the arguement no matter what you say
Iconix MGTOW (7 months ago)
I've see so many documentaries of wildebeest hunting that grass hard...
Himari Gacha (7 months ago)
So just because you have a penis means you’re better at gaming #LOGIC
Turd Flinging Monkey (7 months ago)
typical woman who can't understand statistics, or how things can be generally true while allowing to individual exceptions. This is why there is a wage gap.
Himari Gacha (7 months ago)
So. If someone says; ‘Girls are better than boys!’ No-one has a problem with it. But when someone says ‘Boys are better than girls!’ Everyone goes mad. It’s the same with black and white skin colour. Black and female are socially accepted as the ‘other’ race/gender. Also, men are biologically stronger than women, but women if they try they can be stronger.
G g (7 months ago)
Well keeping In mind Adam ask ELOAH for a companion n for the fact the CREATOR will go to men. To consider that cuz the downfall of humanity is cuz of men's rules in murder. To think the yrs of war all cuz of men. Thanks to your species so many women and children have died to your species gluttonous lustful hunger for rule and a narasstic control. How sad that men think their actions are what make themselves better. To think God only created you was for reproduction. Jerk
Lizard Dale (7 months ago)
Not nearly as many dislikes as i expected when i clicked on this. Good
incel phaggot (7 months ago)
So if wahhmenzz are better why Civilizations are patriarchal ? When it becomes matriarchal it collapses and is replaced by another patriarchal one
Bitcoin Gorilla (7 months ago)
Suggestion: we no longer separate the sexes at sports events like Olympia!
Fractal mind (7 months ago)
i wonder whether the men were worse gatherers only because they where anoyed by the women and therefor walked away as far as possible without gathering suspicion. :')
Gadgets Dekho (7 months ago)
Indian Air Cheif was once asked by media about Having Female Fighters Pilots in Air Force. He denied saying that women are not suitable for fighter pilot job. But after few months due to pressure of feminist government he gave his approval for inducting females as fighter pilots.
Gadgets Dekho (7 months ago)
Female pilots are just models. IAF is not going to use them in wars b oz If they caught by Pakistan or China they can reveal sensitive info.
RedeemerNDestroyer (7 months ago)
No Simo Hayha in the list though he too had about 500 confirmed? wtf
ScarySara93 (7 months ago)
I bet I'm stronger and taller than this dude. : )
ScarySara93 (7 months ago)
@Four Knocks What the fuck? : /
ScarySara93 (7 months ago)
@Four Knocks Saying "any girl" sounds like an exaggeration; and your our favorite song must 'Anything You Can Do I Can Do Better.'
Cornelia A. (7 months ago)
This is exactly how they pumped up the numbers of women who read the paper. They just included shit like horoscopes, health and entertainment as news so it doesn't look like women only care about themselves and couldn't care less about what is happening in the world. Most certainly don't read about politics and finance.
Maya Burgett (7 months ago)
How could you say all of this, I hope your mother slaps your ass so hard
saif saif (1 month ago)
I'm pretty sure because the media told us that we are dumber than women just look it up And women exel at some stuff they do it better than men so it's balenced
Portuguese MGTOW (7 months ago)
Women are better at being sex objects! *Sexbots > Vibrators*
Kazia (7 months ago)
This comment section is so cringy with all of those sexist comments
ladylight walker (7 months ago)
Keep talking but I see more ways than man hahaaaa
ladylight walker (7 months ago)
God made man egoistic. And God made woman smart. Man will always descriminate us.
ladylight walker (7 months ago)
@Four Knocks I Know you're a big ass hole loser. God exist. Hahaaa you're a strange thing. I saw allong that you've problems. Tomorrow u will tell me you're an alien. Hahaaaa
ladylight walker (7 months ago)
@Four Knocks you are sexiest or idiot? You are a gay,you don't have to try to be gay. Maybe gays don't like u and woman just want u for something not for yourself. You are a gay
ladylight walker (7 months ago)
@Four Knocks cuz you're a gay,cuz you came out of a woman's womb and if you have nothing to do with woman You can die.
ladylight walker (7 months ago)
@Four Knocks women are smart. Men always let us down in the past but thanks to God we evolution fast. Women aren't smart when they run after stupid men.
StarKiller 5iveOh (8 months ago)
My ex-wife worked at NASA from 1993-1995 when they were devoloping G suits and vertigo meds specifically for women. She was one of their lab rats. If women had an advantage, they would not need these suits or meds.
Two Eye (8 months ago)
I hope you understand the IQ doesn't prove anything. I agree men are better at everything but IQ means basically nothing. Also I agree newer studies are biased to women, but the same is true of older studies except they are biased towards men. Also G-force has nothing to do with speed/velocity and everything to do with acceleration. Female piolets are not held back because more than men they go with their squadron of both men and women. Also there were many more male snipers in the war who were men, so of course there would be more with higher kill counts. So really there's no way to tell how well women would perform, but clearly it's not infeasible that they would be as good as men.
Ruski Bot / (8 months ago)
Best sniper in the world is Simo hayha. 500+ confirmed kills. Probably kill the Soviet female counter sniper teams too.
Lisa Mcleod (8 months ago)
Tall men are better than short ones. Guys with bigger dicks will get laid more than a dude with a tiny dick. If your parents are wealthy your quality of life statistically will greatly benefit. I’m a female... I don’t care what my lack of potential is... I take care of myself, live alone, have no family, self employed, have a personal trainer in a gym, mostly stayed out of relationships and watched from a distance as the carnage of men and woman unfolded around me. I watch the hell out of your videos, constantly forgetting that I, myself, am a woman as I laugh hysterically of how shitty woman can be to men. I’ve always been on my own and it never occurred to me to think about my limitations.... I could never afford to think that way, I had to house myself and feed myself since 18, on my second career.
Lisa Mcleod (7 months ago)
Four Knocks my point is, someone’s liberties shouldn’t be taken away just because they are born less advantaged. At the end of the day we are a sentient race capable of what we choose. Women aren’t the problem; i believe insecurities and overcompensation via the government and indoctrination through school systems and even mainstream media are what’s disrupting natural order. If you are a women who naturally/ chooses to fall into an incapability/choice to be dependent upon others than you should find humility and show respect; instead of choosing this cult like mentality where you group together with others into this “vagina = pretty pretty princess” and it’s justified with the Argument ad populum fallacy. As long as people keep grouping themselves and others as greater than and less than we will always have manipulation and control for power by any means necessary.
DrTaylor (8 months ago)
Ahahahahaha 1. Men were the ones who made woman not leaders, creaters, etc. 2. The people who raised 'em strong are their mothers. 3. You can't say your gender is better than another if you have never done no shit in your life. 4. Everything goes to your head. Period. I'm not saying this to men, just the men that think they're awesome when they have never left their house. 5. If a 9 year old female can be the 3rd woman to do a 540, I think you can stop sitting and actually do what you say you do. 6. If you grew up in an enviroment that taught you this opinion, then I suggest seeing a therapist. 7. Go fly a rocket ship to Mars. Don't come back. 8. We really need feminists. 9. Have you never seen a woman outside of your house before? 10. Woman have smaller tear sacks than men, that's why they can cry a lot more. 11. How can you be smarter than a woman, if you think getting kicked in the balls is more painful than this: Once a month from years (Approximetly) 11 to 50 you have cramps that can last up to 8 days until finally you bleed out of your vagina, all leading up to 9 months of carrying a human inside you with pain, throwing up, and never-ending hunger, THIS, leading up to Contractions, extreme pain, (Sometimes skin tearing) Bones breaking, and a human coming out of your vagina? And not to mention, (Often) really bad pain from losing your virginity in the first place because the dude simply doesn't give a fuck? 12. Woman are mentally stronger than men, and can deal more pain. 13. How can you think you're better than woman if God literally made us need each other to live, and he made us literally all have the same feelings, needs, and species? We all need food. We all need water. We all breathe air. We all feel sad, happy lonely, etc. How can we be so different that you seem to think your so much better? Hm? 14. I don't know how the fuck you think you can live without being born. 15. Watch out, we woman are COMIN FOR YA *Me taking my anger out on men because I had a bad day*
DrTaylor (7 months ago)
@Four Knocks All men should die. How about that?
DrTaylor (8 months ago)
Do not say you're better than woman if you don't leave your fucking house 😄
DrTaylor (8 months ago)
Pfft, Made for educational purposes 😂😂
catherine02398 (4 months ago)
What is your ultimate aim in comparing one life to another? Your videos make me deeply sad, but I've been watching, fascinated, and observe how compelled you are to research minutiae to make points that a certain group of people you identify with is better than another. I gather you have a deep fear of the evolving world. Your primary sense of power and identity must come from your genderhood which you feel is threatened. The titular position of this video is that men are better than women. I watched it. It doesn’t explain why men are better than women. It explains why men are better at a small handful of skills. Skills which are not valuable or relevant. Men are also better at mass murdering, having heart attacks and hoarding. Men are more likely to discuss kill counts and say things like "that person killed a lot of people and it was great". This does not make men “better”. Conversely it would be easy to make a list of the ways in which women are “better” than men... From skills essential for life on a daily basis such as empathy to rock climbing. But this would also not prove that women are ultimately “better”, because to make sweeping assertions about a group of people based on a status they did not choose for themselves is as petty as it is meaningless. Human beings are far too diverse and complex and the only fair and useful way to evaluate anyone is on the basis of individual value. The graph about IQ distribution does not mean that any given man will be smarter than any given woman. You posit that men are better at wielding sniper rifles, therefore men are better. But why would increased gun skills make someone "better"? Guns are tools of war, and war is the greatest expression of human stupidity imaginable. If humans still exist in 500 years they will regard the fact that people from one corner of the planet sought to destroy those from another, just as we see people in the Middle Ages who thought bathing was evil. As for hunting, in the Western developed world where animal agriculture has been industrialized, most of those who hunt do it for sport or possibly because they find pleasure in killing animals. It doesn't impress me. Most who would point a gun at another living being could arguably be considered a lesser person. As long as guns exist and humans have the remotest interest in harming each other we are not civilized.
William Sherman (8 months ago)
Yeah, sure. Men are smarter and stronger. But women can have babies, and are better at hunting things that don't move. So... Equality!
Turd Flinging Monkey (8 months ago)
You win this round
Kitty Tickles! (8 months ago)
Says the guy that's named TURD FLINGING MONKEY XD Sorry I just can't take this video seriously knocking it's named turd flinging money
Ryan Phillips (8 months ago)
To be honest alot of guys with mass kills get psychological problems afterwards
Vxctoria (9 months ago)
LinkinsMommy (9 months ago)
I hope all you crybaby cunts continue to go without women that way natural selection can discontinue your genes.
LinkinsMommy (7 months ago)
@Four Knocks actually no, it's not. The fact that you think so says a lot about you and how much you're a fucking psychopath.
Jorn Verschoor (9 months ago)
Bullshit, Bullshit and more Bullshit from the Media......All Bullshit Propaganda, all paid for long 100 + years before we were ever born....
Dr Chow (9 months ago)
You'd read the Guinness Book of World Records for a long, LONG time before you found a world record held by women in anything.
Candy Floss (9 months ago)
God what do you want a trophy! Well done you did your research you proved what everyone already knew. Women can’t do everything as well as good old men! But when your saying all this just remember what pain women go through every month and when they have to give birth. If you wouldn’t tell your mother this then don’t tell anyone
Tommie Reid (10 months ago)
I am VERY SUPRISED that a female sniper had any regret over killing so many people. I'd be willing to bet she had no problem killing men, then one day she probably accidentally killed a female.
kai (2 months ago)
killing a few hundred people point blank ( in the scope ) would traumatize most men immensely. To emphasize the gender is just another jive...
Tommie Reid (10 months ago)
Women can handle more G forces because they're used to functioning with less blood in their system. When the G forces drain the blood from their heads, it's the same thing as what happens to them every month.
thijsjong (10 months ago)
Berries and nuts don't hide, run away or fight back. Ergo collecting nuts and berries i not hunting. In stead of making good arguments third wave feminists just fuck over language.
Awkward Extrovert XX (10 months ago)
john gibson (10 months ago)
Female firefighters in most cities DO NOT carry the 211lb dummy ....they get the 140lb ....tops . They cant pass the Firemans Physical .... Proof? By a woman Author ! May 3, 2015 article ( New York Post) how they only have 44 of 10,500 firefighters in NY because they had to start letting in the women who FAILED the physical lol.....hahahaha😎😲🙏
El Gringo Feo (2 months ago)
well thats goona suck when no other dude can resuce u so they send in the girls, i'll be like lady why are trying to suicide u cant pick me up bring me a MALE XD
john gibson (10 months ago)
"We have more geniuses, and we have more retards" true . I love how you point out that the only times of our lives when women are smarter education wise is 4th- 7th grade . Which is before when a woman has her sex drive to reproduce take over for the brains rational thinking centers . Resulting in a lack of rationality and logic as the brain becomes reactionary instead of deductive
D-Kwon (10 months ago)
My question is, do have female army snipers to do the same test's like their male counterparts? Because in our army the sniper's consider as elite troop and have to be top in body and mind.
Charles Hopkins (10 months ago)
Take a ratio of fatalities for male fighter pilots and female fighter pilots. Some females wash out a flight school two three and finally make it their fourth time only to stall on approach to a Carrier Landing and kill herself and nearly kill her Rio.. all the celebration that a woman is doing it is ridiculous because if anyone's ever heard of the 99s... Women have been flying since the damn airplane has been invented. They celebrate Amelia Earhart but she wrecked for planes and finally got lost. My mother was a pilot along with my father who got lost and VFR weather 10 was actually dumb enough to radio it in and then had every hillbilly jumping into an airplane flying around looking for. Women are not my first choice for just about anything anymore. I would say put them back in the kitchen but they f*** that up too

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