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[FANCAM] 130623 Sungha Jung - Encore: Gangnam Style + All of Me @ USM Penang, Malaysia

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Text Comments (47)
Alif Tan (2 years ago)
Good I love it
korona aurora (2 years ago)
Siao Pei (2 years ago)
Omg! Didnt know he come here that time. 😣😍😍😍
Quentin Roubeyrotte (2 years ago)
juste : Psycophate
Anh Thuận (2 years ago)
very good. vote
WackyEwan (2 years ago)
please check out my below par version on my channel.
lor yang (2 years ago)
omg it soo good
quang thai Bui (3 years ago)
Jongsuk Lee (3 years ago)
He is not only handsome but also talented
Kurashi Uchiha (1 year ago)
vodang hauyen (3 years ago)
Novel Ghufron (4 years ago)
master ....
Lê Lê (4 years ago)
nhìn cái điệu phiêu phiêu theo nhạc mà mê muấn chết huuuuu <3
Kim Ngân Nguyễn (4 years ago)
Đỉnh choàiiii
lSlenderman (4 years ago)
I like how he just changes his sitting position at 1:13, completely relaxed :D
lSlenderman (3 years ago)
+Iro Vera Lol :D
Iro Vera (3 years ago)
jajajjaja :3
Crown Moon (4 years ago)
sungha nampak cool laa.. cair tengok
Thanks ^&^ like .
Jann M. Valeza (4 years ago)
What kind of jeans are those?
Junghyo Chen (4 years ago)
skinny jeans
Amirhakim Roslan (4 years ago)
USM penang?? dafukk....
julio oliveira (4 years ago)
toca muito
ZgombicGaming (4 years ago)
you are best
Tuấn Vũ (4 years ago)
quá hay
Melissa Sharma (5 years ago)
is he a girl 
Jeffrey CAI (4 years ago)
I think you are a girl so stop comment other people to be same as you ok>>>???
Pentakills (4 years ago)
looool wtf?
TitanBrain (4 years ago)
Genius boy :))
Janeida Lopez (4 years ago)
you just called him a he you answered ur own question
Janeida Lopez (4 years ago)
you suck shut up
Platonic Purple Panda (5 years ago)
Can someone tell me what those numbers are in these fancam title videos? I always see them and no idea what they are for. O_o!
Kún Hoàng (4 years ago)
+MegaPotato Man  yes
Eggroll Chan (4 years ago)
13=year, 6=month, 23=day. I think
Vương Linh (4 years ago)
23/6/2013? ok?
Farhan (5 years ago)
its the date
hoang long (5 years ago)
day chi la` cover thoi
Victor Tan (5 years ago)
i was thre xD Penang people :D
joe lanung (5 years ago)
I like and love this . ^&^
so good ^&^ Thanks ^&^
Trịnh Văn Trung (5 years ago)
ali basyeer (5 years ago)
Marvin Arthur (5 years ago)
great whens he tour ? kinda reminds me of tommy emannuel
MaximusPrime (5 years ago)
awesome thanks for the upload
Nurul Shafiqah (5 years ago)
Miss this moment.

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