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Day[9] vs. Michelle "Esper" Roberson in Magic: The Gathering: Spellslingers Season 2 Ep 6

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Sean Day9 Plott faces off with Frag Dolls' Michelle "Esper" Roberson in episode 6 of Spellslingers! Get your "May You Draw Well" Shirts! ☼ http://www.mtgmerch.com/men/hsb-mgc-draw-well-tee.html#.U8hEq41dWSZ ☼ Welcome to Spellslingers, a show based on the phenomenally popular card game, Magic: The Gathering. Presented by Sean Plott of Day9TV, prepare to experience fun-filled, fast-talking and adrenaline-paced battles that highlight the latest MTG cards. This week's challenger is Michelle "Esper" Roberson from Frag Dolls! Check out Frag Dolls: http://fragdolls.com/ In each episode geek icons will take on Sean with the hope of emerging victorious in an all-or-nothing match, while you learn the tips and tricks to become a MTG expert! Want to get started in Magic: The Gathering? Buy a starter pack: http://amzn.to/1pfaE0F And check out the game on Steam: http://store.steampowered.com/app/255420/ Buy MTG Shirts!: http://www.mtgmerch.com/men/hsb-mgc-draw-well-tee.html#.U8hEq41dWSZ Special Thanks to Wizards of the Coast! Subscribe to Geek and Sundry: http://goo.gl/B62jl Join our community at: http://geekandsundry.com/community Twitter: http://twitter.com/geekandsundry Facebook: http://facebook.com/geekandsundry Google+: https://plus.google.com/+GeekandSundr... --- CAST Executive Producers: Felicia Day Sheri Bryant Director: Adam Lawson Hosted by: Sean Plott Guest Opponent: Michelle Roberson Producers: Ari Weiner Ryan Copple Assistant Story Producer: David Ackerman Production Coordinator: Ashley Krick Director of Photography: Dallas Sterling Camera Operators: Yvonne Feucht Media Manager: Chris Willett Chief Lighting: Team Bashett Best Boy Electric: Shane Reilly Key Grip: Jerry J White III Grip: Jedi Gomez Best Boy Grip: Zak Hindle Production Designer: Geoff Flint On-Set Dresser: Drew Wootten Art PA Jalisco Wayne Make-Up: Christina Waltz Stills: Erica Parise Sound Mixer: Bobby Fisk Catering: Rise and Shine Craft Service: Laura Ulsch Editor: Chris Willett Graphics: Steve Sprinkles Sound Designer: Sean Oakley Composer: George Shaw On Set Magic Representative: Gavin Verhey PAs: Mason Kenton Archie Dominquez Kyle Calder Chris Collins Jeff Peyton
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Text Comments (872)
cx k (4 hours ago)
7:29 "Pizza sounds good, Pasta turn to you" Was that an insane pun that went unnoticed or am I hearing things?
Weezel Soup (20 days ago)
Sean does the unnerving card flick sound effect really well.
Lauren Bodner (2 months ago)
At 3:53 Sean tapped a forest but didn't play a card. Why did he do that? (I'm kinda new)
Moa Nilsson (2 months ago)
Am I the only one who thinks Sean is hot?
Jason O'Phee (3 months ago)
my friends green white tokens is one of the scariest decks i have ever played
AeRUBIK Cubing (3 months ago)
She's not using an Esper deck,,,
Krimson Grant (4 months ago)
She sounds either really turned on or like she has horrible allergies
freedy191 (4 months ago)
11:05 helps a lot because my friends and i have been debating about taking out a blocker and rather or not the attack goes through then.
John Healer (5 months ago)
Vee Clash (5 months ago)
Wow, Sean got wrecked!! Is he just bad at drawing top decks? LOL.
Cowol Jar Woff (5 months ago)
She should have been given an Esper deck! That's ULTIMATE control.
Joshua Roose (5 months ago)
🤤🤤🤤 Am I drooling ....
Malcolm Payne (6 months ago)
(sees more serious playmats in video) (looks at my Taco Bolas playmat) me: no comparison needed.
Lounoir Records (6 months ago)
she cheated with the spirits, needed to pay 2 white mana still and therefore couldnt have sacked the cathar damn cheaters
Hawkwinter01 (6 months ago)
Hindsight is indeed 20/20, but I have to comment that she was denied Blue/Black, but later, other guests were granted their own deck colors. I'd like to see her return with the Blue/Black she desired to play. I feel like this would've been a much better match, with each playing their chosen, and more advanced, decks. I also wonder if she plays Commander, it would be cool to see her on Game Knights.
Phil Carpenter (6 months ago)
She's fun af and a good player, have her on some more!!!
stjigpaf (7 months ago)
this show should be renamed sean gets destroyed by hot nerdy girls and smarter guys
Sionnach Meaney (8 months ago)
What exactly was the car you were trying to assemble?
Genesis Palon (9 months ago)
That voice
Whitney D. (9 months ago)
If she's so into having control, she should be able to control her eating habits
QuixoticNinja (9 months ago)
Does... convoke actually reduce colored mana? Weird...
Gelfling (9 months ago)
I'm curious about tournament rules. Can you declare you're going to do something at the end of someones turn AFTER they say they end their turn? That would give you knowledge they don't have anything more to play, so instead of saving your mana to potentially retaliate them, you blow it on an instant. Or do you have to declare an action after combat but before they say they end their turn?
Zakkisan (9 months ago)
Anybody else notice that the card Cruel Sadist is created by Edmund McMillen, which is a fun tidbit.
YayMKayay (9 months ago)
"michelle goes to defcon 4 and two soldiers immediately leap to her aid" fantastic writing
YayMKayay (9 months ago)
he may have been joing about this, but you can't respond to lands being played
Luar D'Andrea (9 months ago)
Her name is Esper And you guys don't give her an Esper deck?
Erick Ervapa (9 months ago)
Would like for day9 but Michelle has a hideous attitude
Travis LoneBear (10 months ago)
People who flick there get on my nerves
Vitaee13 (10 months ago)
I love watching Sean lose because he does it so well :-)
John Howard (10 months ago)
Can't tell if she's cute or not
DjAirsurfer (10 months ago)
"So, Sean's pretty much f**ked" made me chuckle so much ksdfj
Temotoes (10 months ago)
That was some pretty great editing!
Justin Veron (11 months ago)
Mr.MigsMedia (1 year ago)
michelle have a twitter?
Alex Athanatos (1 year ago)
Where is Languish when you need it? Funnily enough, though Shaun is very lucky when streaming card games, he was relatively unlucky during the Spellslingers show.
michael gifford (1 year ago)
should have let her play blue, lol
PMB Gaming (1 year ago)
This Video Got Me Into My Control Deck! :)
Devin Donnelly (1 year ago)
Love how she acts like a pro and then misplays the Triplicate Spirit Convoke cost
drago15100 (1 year ago)
did anyone else see that play with the triplicate spirits? she used one of her creatures to pay for white but she can only convoke to pay for colorless cost
Jacob Lopez (1 year ago)
M Balazs (1 year ago)
15:41 Reanimare and PowerBlack I also like my Affinity deck.
M Balazs (1 year ago)
0:40 that's a proper reaction loool :D
Kamrate Gaming (1 year ago)
convoke misplay... She could tap (at maximum) 4 creatures that would do something, cuz she still have to pay the 2 white mana symbols.
Murry Witzel (1 year ago)
On some shows, Sean lets people have anything they want in a deck, but he makes Michelle roll the wheel. This tells me that Sean really fears blue/black. That's kind of sad.
Imprixie (1 year ago)
6:19 Me too, Michelle. Me too.
jason hanna (1 year ago)
sooo mean to scott stirling the spider.. shame on you XD
William Lai (1 year ago)
DUDE! SEAN! WHY ARE YOU MANA BURNING YOURSELF?! Did you know if a player does not use up all their mana before end of turn they get Mana Burn? Mana Burn = for each mana you did NOT use, at the end of turn you lose that much life!
Sylk Starks (1 year ago)
her voice is sexy
Jason Bourne (1 year ago)
she has a bitchy attitude
Jacek Nawrat (2 years ago)
she dismantled you :) was awesome,gg
Ryan Etherton (2 years ago)
Why didn't she get to play Blue white black? Her nickname is esper
Nujorous Macgrath (2 years ago)
um, In order to have casted the Triplicate Spirits, Michelle would need two white mana (which she did) and four, Convoke only reduces colorless mana. So she wouldn't have been able to use Triplicate Spirits and the Sacrifice effect without untapping her mana.
Rick Dupont (2 years ago)
That weird moment when you go "holy shit I used to play with her at my old card shop".
Mr. Robinson (2 years ago)
I can think of two cards that would have wrecked her set up. Languish or Crater Hellion.
Mikil Foss (2 years ago)
at 8:56 she should have paid 2 plains convoke only pays colorless mana and triplicate spirits needs 2 white
Mikil Foss (2 years ago)
which also means she couldn't have sacrificed at 10:00
Christy James (2 years ago)
make a tutorial on how to play
ugandankunckles (2 years ago)
black blue
Frederick Valadez (2 years ago)
I feel like there wasn't enough cruel sadist utilization.
What a Vole (2 years ago)
Michelle needed to pay two Plains first the Triplicate Spirits.
MTG: Magic Mizz (2 years ago)
hey! love the channel. is there any videos where you go over the decks that you play?
Gregory Auger (2 years ago)
I'm juggling between a nature and darkness or light deck. This episode was hard to learn a lot from. This was really luck based.
888ian2 (2 years ago)
Gregory Auger dude go read a guide
Facepalm of Glory (2 years ago)
Six O'Clock (2 years ago)
F***ing nerds.
Mr. Star (2 years ago)
Here's a MTG joke: Blue player who is against counterspells.
Hugh Munguss (2 years ago)
Dastardly Bad Guy here's a better joke...BLUE
Drathys (2 years ago)
bring this show back!
Jack Palmer (2 years ago)
I love this show
The Devil (2 years ago)
Does anyone know if there will be a fourth season?
EnderRealms (2 years ago)
Did the almost 4 wheel care analogy Sean makes for his situation make anyone else laugh, or was it just me?
wj bakker (2 years ago)
i am going to do everything to get on the next season this show got me in to magic and i have this really awesome rakdos deck with RAKDOS LORD OF ROITS!!!!
Rosekiller400 (2 years ago)
the editor for this show is amazing, 10/10 A+
TimecopSticks (2 years ago)
My white/red Samurai themed deck, bushido is so much fun
robquads (2 years ago)
She is just super damn cute.
Aljaž Frančič (2 years ago)
7:40 I always put my lands down like this as well.
Evan Coffey (3 years ago)
Zirylian (3 years ago)
Ecch...Golgari. Azorius FTW!
Arran Haigh (2 years ago)
You're speaking my language
Nerdalert1101 (3 years ago)
I have an affinity with Dimir Decks, especially ones with Eldrazi creatures mixed in!
Cody Hen (3 years ago)
Does this guy ever win? Watched 5 of these videos and he always seems to lose. It's never even close.
Raven Mikhail (3 years ago)
+Cody Hen Sean Plott actually has a pretty decent win loss record on spellslingers. Throughout all his games from season 1 - 3 its pretty back and forth for him,except season 3 he barely ever won there lol
Fox (3 years ago)
38 draws? Should've played blue.
Pru-Pruh (3 years ago)
I just plummeted a 9/9 Seraph of the Masses today and it made me think of you guys! This is still one of my favourite episodes. I still hope to see Sean against The Professor from the Tolarian Community College channel. I am sure that would be highly entertaining as well.
L gameing and Animations (6 months ago)
Pru-Pruh you read my mind m8
Riley Mackey (6 months ago)
Majestic Myriarch is out now and I got a 36/36 out on my friend with my hapatra deck
wj bakker (2 years ago)
yes yes yes
Luqman Loki (3 years ago)
Just imagine using barrage of boulders!!! Most of her tokens would be dead!
Jérémy Tremblay (3 years ago)
my favorite deck is black-green
Drew Jackson (3 years ago)
Why did he tap 1 mana @ 3:52 ?
Zach Rabey (3 years ago)
Selesnya is Beast!!!
Andrew M.Cusi (3 years ago)
favorite deck avenger of zendikar deck green white
Wonder Twins (3 years ago)
I played mtg today and when I lost I looked and had 35 turns left until my first plainswalker Gideon from orgins.
The Doc Block (3 years ago)
8:52 Thats why you use cards like obelisk of Urd and crusade to make those tiny droplets into buckets and Mentor of the Meek to get a bunch more droplets
Charlie Daigle (3 years ago)
Sean you can't respond to someone playing a land haha 3:50
Chaotix Spark (3 years ago)
Sean Nine just gets 27 land decks I think.
mindstormmaster (3 years ago)
I don't get the "tap for 1" thing Sean did on Michelle's second turn, can anyone explain?
Jerm (3 years ago)
Is there a deck list for Michelle's deck? I want to have a deck like it.
Jacob Baker (3 years ago)
Michelle is using the 2015 Core Set Will of the Masses Intro Deck.
DoingStuffWithFloydie (3 years ago)
I dont mind the origens deck's Demonic Deals or Hunting Pack
perkidanman (3 years ago)
I love the editor's notes. They're so funny.
Ben Zarzycki (3 years ago)
Idk there is something sexy about her
Kirisame (3 years ago)
These vids are actually a great way to learn MTG.
Raven Mikhail (3 years ago)
Damn . . . Esper is sexy
wocathoden (3 years ago)
Sam Watts (3 years ago)
Why wasn't Sean Sadist Poking her tokens?
Hype Beast (3 years ago)
I love playing either a black-green dredge deck, or the big monsters in red-green
ELACEITUNERO (3 years ago)
She's kinda hot
Justin Rosario (3 years ago)

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