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The Magic - Day 24

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The Magic - Day 24 We have the power to make a real difference in our loved ones lives or in anyone's life for that matter. Do YOU feel it? Huh, huh?! (In my Ace Ventura voice) Haha! Seriously though, when you give to others in any way, shape, or form, even if it's using your magic wand to bless them- it does come back to you. "People who wait for a magic wand fail to see that they ARE the magic wand." ~Thomas Leonard (1955-2003) Personal Development Coach Magic Practice Number 24: The Magic Wand 1) Count Your Blessings: Make a list of ten blessings. Write why you're grateful. Reread your list, and at the end of each blessing say thank you, thank you, thank you, and feel as grateful for that blessing as you can. 2) Choose three people who you care about and ho you would like to help with more health, wealth, happiness, or all three. 3) If you have them, collect a photograph of each of the three people, and keep it in front of you while doing the Magic Wand practice. 4) Take one person at a time, and hold their photograph in your hand. Close your eyes and for one minute visualize the person's health, wealth, or happiness has been fully restored, and you're receiving the news. 5) Open your eyes, and with the photograph still in your hand, say the magic words slowly: "Thank you, thank you, thank you for Name's health, wealth, or happiness." 6) As you finish with one person, move on to the next person, and follow the same two steps until you've finished the Magic Wand practice for all three people. 7) Just before you go to sleep tonight, hold your Magic Rock in one hand, and say the magic words, thank you, for the best thing that happened during the day. Fan-freakin-tastic, eh?! Excited to do this for so many, but will do my best to maintain and keep it to only three to start. Haha! Are YOU ready to do it with us?! Let's Roll.... ;) Connect with us on facebook @ http://facebook.com/brianandfeliciawhite The Magic - Day 24 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OAHs4orB-TE
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serah zama (10 months ago)
Thank you
Stephanie Pugh (1 year ago)
Today is a special one!!! I love sharing with others with my gratitude! It's so simple & easy to share the MAGIC!!! Thank you for sharing I really appreciate you!
BrianandFelicia White (1 year ago)
Love it Stephanie! YESSS it sure is! Appreciate you too! :)

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