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Women Are Superior To Men Claims Leading Shrink; MGTOW Calls BS

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cervix Muse (1 year ago)
its like they're actually proud of being a traitor pussy worshiping cuck
steve parkes (1 year ago)
Fat women eventually get eaten by their cats. Lol
Kite (1 year ago)
Of course the pill pusher will kiss ass for women,he's looking after his bank account.Women are his best customers,women nowadays eat prozac for breakfast and lexotanil for lunch.On the other hand,mgtow men will have less stress=less pills=less money for the mangina shrink.
Feminazi Detox Clinic (1 year ago)
Lol, good one!
greystash (1 year ago)
psychiatrists are nutcases just like anyone else.
Feminazi Detox Clinic (1 year ago)
''They're all as mad as bloody March hares'', Basil Fawlty played by John Cleese in Fawlty Towers.
Tommy (1 year ago)
Great - thank you Sir!
Feminazi Detox Clinic (1 year ago)
Thanks Tommy, hope you continue to enjoy!
intipampa (1 year ago)
The wanker who wrote that article is a total mangina
Number Eight (1 year ago)
intipampa - He's just sold out to get a fee paying article who gives women (the vast majority buyers of psych today) a false ego boost. Psychology today is just a horse shit women's mag masquerading as science. Just shit.
Feminazi Detox Clinic (1 year ago)
I just don't understand guys like this, do they want their name in what they regard as a prestigious publication or are they dumping over other men to make themselves feel big, or are they looking for pussy praise? Regardless, I think he should consult someone in his own profession to work out his own mentality. I said at the end of the video that he can go fuck himself but he claimed that only females can do that. Damn!
MGTOW Psyche (1 year ago)
Objectively, I feel a homeless man with mental illness and no money is equivalent to the average woman in objective real value without sex in the equation.
MGTOW Psyche (1 year ago)
actually the cure to a feminist is usually having baby boys....unless she is a psychopath
Feminazi Detox Clinic (1 year ago)
I'm not sure what value the average young woman has anymore to the average young man apart from having a vagina for him to shove his stuff in. When the reality of ''commitment'' sinks in, which means of course complying with the wishes of both his own and her parents, hopefully he''l think twice before going into an utterly pointless relationship where even his own sons are treated like garbage by man hating teachers, under his very eyes, with the female culpable teachers giggling about their own bigotry and his own wife howling with glee that ''the future is female''.

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