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Instant Marriage Prank on Valentines Day

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Subscribe ►https://www.youtube.com/user/DG07100?sub_confirmation Today's Valentines Day so I decided to marry people on the spot with the help of a minister and 2 best men. Instagram-Devin_Gammo Will fix audio issues for next time I do not own the rights to the music. Songs used: Jesu, Joy of Mans Desiring- Kevin Macleod Jingle Punks- Darling Ranch Outro Song- Tobu- Higher
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Text Comments (11)
Joe Dougherty (6 months ago)
Damn - missing these crazy vids, haven't seen any new in a while. You must have a life or something, heh heh.
Porkypine TV (2 years ago)
This was a creative prank nice one bro
respeezy (2 years ago)
The harts broken, yeah i just ate some of it.. got me dead.
Devin Gammo (2 years ago)
I was hungry!
Faycal Vid (3 years ago)
oh man i like it
Devin Gammo (3 years ago)
+Faycal Vid I like you
Dhrumit Amin (3 years ago)
huh my man you are killing it..
Devin Gammo (3 years ago)
Thank you sire
bryan moore (3 years ago)
This is Great! Turned out Well !
Devin Gammo (3 years ago)
couldn't have done it without the best man
Shelley Mierkalns (3 years ago)
Your best one yet!

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