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The time of the year when nobody is afraid to be kind to anybody. Lovin Christmas! God bless, JS O come all ye faithful Joyful and triumphant O come ye o come ye to Bethlehem Come and behold him Born the king of angels O come let us adore him O come let us adore him O come let us adore him Christ the Lord
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Thomas Frick (1 year ago)
dominique m - ues they are Ausies.
Thomas Frick (1 year ago)
did they both just bet home from the dentist? They talk in the beginning like their mouths are numb.
Heldy Z (1 year ago)
I wish I could do this with my sister😂 but our voices are way to different. I have a high voice and she just, she just has a really loud voice. When she's singing you can't hear me😂 I need a microphone and she has her own microphone inside her😂
Thomas Frick (1 year ago)
stand a few feet spart, and have yur mic set to be louder
so funny, but beautiful.. yeah....
Ramesh Moses (2 years ago)
super i proud of your talent
Paula Tristan (2 years ago)
I just came across this video today 9/22/2016. You both sound so beautiful ! God Bless You Both And Your Families And Friends : )
tong chau (2 years ago)
....04:37....(29/08/2016)觀看次數:881,488 4,226 55 (Over 25 months) (多謝:Jayesslee ) 留言 • 395 I like it !! (27/07/2014) 811,244 3,931 52
Sunep Imchen (3 years ago)
Awesome 👍 👍 👍
Natzaru Family (3 years ago)
I watch this video every christmas. Merry Christmas!
Sammy Heung yo (3 years ago)
hard to believe it's 7 yrs ago!
David Ramsey (4 years ago)
The Lee twins, in duo known as Jayesslee (Janice and Sonia), are native in Korean and in Australian English. They were born of Korean parents and reside in Sydney, Australia. They popularize the Korean Gangnam style, initially among Australian churchgroups. They often avoid mainstream media and instead have cultivated an expanding audience by concentrating on social media such as Facebook. 
eruhato (4 years ago)
i like you girls, youre not just singing words and it seems to me that you really want the watchers to come and rejoice xD
Tiffany Device (2 years ago)
Dasianae (4 years ago)
Music to my ears
opie benavidez (4 years ago)
love christmas i cant wait for christmas!!!
ChEzZy TsHiFe (4 years ago)
tong chau (4 years ago)
I like it !! (27/07/2014)      811,244       3,931       52
Nicole Spotlight (5 years ago)
Лайк, если российский.
Christine Comi (5 years ago)
You two are amazing together!  I love the differences in your voices .. Keep up the good work!
HarryB (5 years ago)
Acapello lol stupid phone!
HarryB (5 years ago)
Great harmonising there girls. Stunning a spells version.
Dominique m (5 years ago)
They sound Australian.. Are they?
Alyce Rivver (5 years ago)
Dear Australia, I don't know if I'm jealous that you can dress like that for Christmas, or sorry for you that it never snows. Very pretty voices btw <3 Sincerely, your sister, Canada P.S. If you're not Australian, my bad
Adrienne Adrienne (5 years ago)
Kereeeennn Gbu
t h e r e s a o (5 years ago)
lol at the moron who said they were filipino
Tiffany Device (2 years ago)
King-Escalitur (5 years ago)
Amazing :D
Bree Piyebulmal (5 years ago)
I'm sorry but their not filipino their KOREAN .
Keilani Leonen (5 years ago)
Filipina or Korean they're still awesome
Anne Hamilton (5 years ago)
So delightful and cute.
ashapasha23 (5 years ago)
je fitness & lifestyle (5 years ago)
I love the girl who play the guitar's voice ... but I really love Janice.... I love you Janice :D
AliandClareofficial (5 years ago)
they're Korean :)
Chauyu Wang (5 years ago)
They are Korean.really
qqhadisqq yasun (5 years ago)
i love you
Andrea Chang (5 years ago)
they re korean..lol
Shar Villanueva (5 years ago)
theyre not korean theyre filipino
MrOat75 (5 years ago)
อ้วนขึ้นป่ะเนี่ย จะรู้เรื่องมั้ยนิ ผมคนไทย !!
Rachel Pfeiffer (5 years ago)
SetApart (5 years ago)
great!!! beautiful accapella. and even more great, songs of adoration for our Lord Jesus Christ!!!
Jade Brimiah (5 years ago)
people who dislike are really tone deaf.
Jean Leonardo (5 years ago)
omg''' 0 deslike ;)
Agnaldo Pierre (5 years ago)
lindo a capela, elas cantam muito bem.
Tina Tamaiva (5 years ago)
Use are so great
Edgarlyn (6 years ago)
I'm glad u love Jesus .. Ur so blessed
Sammiwammi65 (6 years ago)
Hey! I am a new follower of Jayesslee and I have a couple of questions. I know that you guys are Christians, but what kind? And, where is your family heritage from? I'm guessing Korea since I've seen you guys do a couple of Korean covers, which a few of the titles are written in Hangul. Thanks!
NICE ! ! !
Junior Jrbrown (6 years ago)
beautiful sonia esta com uma cara de bolacha kk
arabelle exoe (6 years ago)
love that singing with out guitar
Tiago Falconiery (6 years ago)
No, they are australians, born at Australia, but their parents are koreans, that is the cause both speak korean.
Nilson Chagas (6 years ago)
kjmb (6 years ago)
Love them ♡♡♡♡
scrapdaworld (6 years ago)
Charis F (6 years ago)
jcmerlin925 (6 years ago)
You girls should put out a Christmas Album!!!
bella roselle (6 years ago)
i like it... cayoo..
Ashley Ho (6 years ago)
i love the harmony
Elijah (6 years ago)
Favorite rendition you 2 are great singers
ryan orenetna (6 years ago)
simply d best!!!!
Khanti phu (6 years ago)
Titus Nalinda (6 years ago)
wow great work.u two sound great
An nguyen (6 years ago)
Hermes Leao (6 years ago)
UAU!! NEVER seen such a great mesh...Cheers...My kudos to you guys
Olivia JeSS (6 years ago)
merry christmas!.. i wish i had twins!!
Neeil Bhatia (6 years ago)
Julyan Hipolito (6 years ago)
Terrence Taylor (6 years ago)
This video just made my day lol.. Happy Holidays!!
Kham Naunak media (6 years ago)
Merry christmas lungdam bawi ni
Ashlee Z (6 years ago)
SOUNDS SO AMAZING even without an instrument. TRUE TALENT !!!
lolsmilryface102 (6 years ago)
Beautiful! :)
wale (6 years ago)
You guys are just so great i wanted to click love instead like but there is no love button.
Ashlee Johnson (6 years ago)
looks like so much fun to sing! how do you have so much control over your voices??
Ninna Zarate (6 years ago)
you guys please watch the cover that my friend and I did on this song on my channel :) thanks!
Kimpuah Ibanez (6 years ago)
Still COOL \m/
lillissie (6 years ago)
your voices and presence warms my heart. I can hear God speaking through your voices. Bless you Sonia & Janice <3 I love you both so much :)
jehlay ferrer (6 years ago)
i love you both..
Kool Baba (6 years ago)
Oh, what beautiful harmony! Kamsahamnida!
Kay Wood (6 years ago)
you have a problem... freedom of religion!!!!
Tayla Adams (6 years ago)
Listening to this always puts me in a good mood
Jiulian Gutierrez (6 years ago)
no, they're Korean.
buday kho (6 years ago)
amazing....guys i believe someday our roads will cross and we could sing together....God bless you always.
ryl2010 (6 years ago)
They are Korean
Darlene Lac (6 years ago)
they're korean.
liuping999 (6 years ago)
I don't know what you guys are talking about. What korean australian accent..? I only hear the Australian one..
Ghooosst WarRock PH (6 years ago)
theyre thai.
Lito Sayan (6 years ago)
very nice voices and likewise you too are so cute and pretty...keep it up..more videos pls./.....
kertzkii (6 years ago)
please do sing more christmas songs ....
Diana Chanthavong (6 years ago)
My all time favorite carol. Wonderfully done!!
Wf Justice (6 years ago)
^^ wanna know what protestant church they belong ..does somebody know? :D
rose jonalyn tagudin (6 years ago)
CUTE !! ^_^
HelloBrynnie (6 years ago)
i think you guys are better without the guitar.
Gia Medina (6 years ago)
I love you praising the Lord and singing Church songs. :)Thank you for letting me think to post violin covers of church songs. <3
Gia Medina (6 years ago)
you're angels :) and i love your accent :)
PHY104 (6 years ago)
lovely angelic
jamjamishere (6 years ago)
you should sing some carols on ur trip to perth! (: haha. cant wait for u girls to come! <3
liuping999 (6 years ago)
It's just Australian.
repentUsinner (7 years ago)
Clicking is good to stay in time....critics begone!
I' come from' thailand I'like you is the in a song time welleey'sss like you't คิดถึง เด้อจ้า• คิดถึงทุกครั้งทุกเวลา เรา อยากรู้จักเธอ เรา มีผลงานที่ youtube เช่นกัน เพียงพิมเพลงไม่อาจลืม และอีกหลายเพลง ในอลบั้ม เรา พูดคุยกับเราได้ที่ facebook พิมชื่อโปรไฟล์เรา นายกิติกร แตงเจริญ •
Ary Arias (7 years ago)
Mr_Ascencion (7 years ago)
yall sing beautifully!!! :)
BradVSFW (7 years ago)
I would love to have these two angels come to my holiday events and sing. What a splendid way to celebrate the Season!!
remy Khuong (7 years ago)
now im waching you ^^

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