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Getting People in Trouble at Work PRANK

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Subscribe ►https://www.youtube.com/user/DG07100?sub_confirmation I tried to act as authoritative as possible and got people in trouble at work for doing ridiculous things. Instagram- Devin_Gammo I do not own the rights to the music. Intro/ Outro song- Higher by Tobu Jazz Comedy by Bensound.
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Text Comments (26)
Cezara Olteanu (6 months ago)
" I don't​ even drink beer!"
Sam Ngan (1 year ago)
No matter how many times i watch ur clip, i never get bored... Its so funny.. Pls keep making more videos !!!
CJ Jones (1 year ago)
Who's big buzz and Hilldoroy?
Devin Gammo (1 year ago)
Markus nasund names I made up on the spot ha
Iesha McCurdy (1 year ago)
Please tell me you told them it was for a video at the end, I'm over here getting second hand anxiety lmao
Devin Gammo (1 year ago)
Iesha McCurdy haha I did. Everyone thought it was funny
Nirvan Fam (1 year ago)
just found your channel and you're fucking funny dude
Devin Gammo (1 year ago)
Nirvan Fam thank you!
zed LightningFRM (1 year ago)
subbed man great video haha
Devin Gammo (1 year ago)
zed LightningFRM appreciate it!
Nina Savic (1 year ago)
You have a nice butt though. :D
Shane Beda (1 year ago)
This is a good man right here, spreading the word here in saskatchewan
Devin Gammo (1 year ago)
Shane Beda need that prairie love
Colossus Fitness (1 year ago)
Lmao dude your videos make me laugh my ass off
Devin Gammo (1 year ago)
Colossus Fitness Good, I'm glad. Was just watching your vlog with SHF, keep killing the youtube game !
Shelley Mierkalns (1 year ago)
Your best one yet!
Al To (1 year ago)
Amazing idea
Devin Gammo (1 year ago)
Al To might just have to make a part II!
kulik03 (1 year ago)
Hilarious and original, you definitely deserve more subs!
Jimmy Gaught (1 year ago)
collins mugodo (1 year ago)
Jimmy Gaught it's because he doesn't upload enough
DEATHKNIGHT5000 (1 year ago)
You are still a legend
Devin Gammo (1 year ago)
DEATHKNIGHT5000 I do what I can in this world
Endlessgrind78 (1 year ago)
Dude that was great!
Endlessgrind78 (1 year ago)
Wish we lived closer....a colab would be awesome....I am in the Soo
Devin Gammo (1 year ago)
Endlessgrind78 appreciate it man. Thanks!

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