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Center Double Lift (Tutorial)

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An innovative double lift that will surely fool even the most skeptical of spectator. COMMENT, LIKE, FAVORITE and SHARE this video if you liked it! Subscribe http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=howtoDisturbReality WEBSITE: http://www.DisturbReality.com TWITTER: http://twitter.com/jarek120 FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/DisturbReality T-SHIRT: http://www.districtlines.com/howtodisturbreality E-Mail me at [email protected] Instagram jarek120 ------ Be inspired to learn. Aspire to disturb. ♥♣Rise Above♦♠
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Text Comments (238)
brian dubois (1 year ago)
This is a Larry Jennings move. I didn't notice if you gave credit.
Underwear Baker (2 years ago)
your a real master jareck. I love your videos and i want to become a magician like you but its just that i dont have time. I need to do a lot of school and i think that im just gonna stay an average magician because of that. But still dude big appretiation for thesse videos. We love you bro keep going :)
Zander _ (2 years ago)
Jerek where can I buy s poker mat
Eugene Ng (2 years ago)
lol haha
Zander _ (2 years ago)
Eugene Ng your kinda late buddy
Eugene Ng (2 years ago)
instant switch.... go find it in 52kards
Petula Correia (2 years ago)
I likerhe cards
Critical Movie Fan (2 years ago)
What do you call the card shooting one?
Akash rai (3 years ago)
what do you call the card shooting one hand to another at the same time?
Jesus Gonzalez (3 years ago)
+The Joker its not by david blaine its by paul harris
Marko Jovic (3 years ago)
+Akash rai Istand replay by David Blanie.This channel has tutorial on it
Dakota Gallagher (3 years ago)
my double lifts use pinky breaks
80pedacito (3 years ago)
ugly cards but nice tutorial!
Evan Lambson (3 years ago)
@Rainy Sky I don't think so...
Rainy Sky (3 years ago)
+Evan Lambson he mean that the cards are old ..
Evan Lambson (3 years ago)
are you kidding me those cards are sick
Jose Ruel Pelone (3 years ago)
I used to misdirect people to rifle 2 cards
Jose Ruel Pelone (3 years ago)
I used to misdirect people to rifle 2 cards
Kevin Roy Buenaventura (3 years ago)
What is the best deck guys? For you?
Elizabeth Medina (5 months ago)
Thoery eleven
TImMy JaMeS (1 year ago)
Medallion and bicycle scorpion
Everything Games (1 year ago)
White lions
Vitor Venturi (1 year ago)
yosh 9w (2 years ago)
black rounders
Chase Jackson (4 years ago)
I grabbed 4 cards too
Mirche K. (4 years ago)
Yoshii IsGreezy (4 years ago)
How do u do the snap ?
gray ash (4 years ago)
Hey I'm subscribed love your magic and was hoping to get a b day shout out I'm turning 11 February 9 thx
That One Guy (4 years ago)
Happy bday man
gray ash (4 years ago)
Yolo destroyer that's the squarpian deck
Dark Falcon (4 years ago)
If You Caught A Break On Their Card You Can Double Lift Two Cards with Theirs  In The Top And Just Put It The Top Of The Deck And Do The Magic Showing The Card They Picked !
Jake Bullock (4 years ago)
Where did he get those cards?
The Hoyle Heist (3 years ago)
Mira Witczak (4 years ago)
@Jake Bullock eBay.
MilouYd (4 years ago)
@Baussi015 It's the Bicycle Scorpion Deck. You can get it at penguinmagic, or maybe somewhere else.
Baussi015 (4 years ago)
Same here Can't find them :(
Dalton Shaw (4 years ago)
How do you get the effect to where it looks like it shoots over
Ok Coolio (4 years ago)
@Dalton Shaw search instant replay
TaRr Khemslam (4 years ago)
Man I love this guy :)
DV lluxien (2 years ago)
TaRr Khemslam this is crazy
DV lluxien (2 years ago)
TaRr Khemslam we are like twins
DV lluxien (2 years ago)
TaRr Khemslam same
Joshua Oppong (4 years ago)
How many scorpion decks do you have? Do you do giveaways? *Hint Hint
Heath Motley D.C. (4 years ago)
Were do I get those cards???
John Luu (4 years ago)
any (online) Magic shop should have those
Shorty Wop (4 years ago)
deck name?
Stefan Andreasson (4 years ago)
Bicycle black Scorpion
NatrilaxXbl (4 years ago)
Im new to this is their any basic ones? I love your vids and your pranks keep up the good job!
Aaron Sims (4 years ago)
If I were you, I would start with @Mismag822 - The Card Trick Teacher He has a lot of great beginner magic, and that's where I started. Then I would come back to here.
Rian Konno (4 years ago)
Where'd you get that knife?
hiram ulloa (4 years ago)
at 0:06 it says "call me"at 555-2678 at bottom right corner
Patryk Przybysz (4 years ago)
Super, great ;)
Patryk Przybysz (4 years ago)
Cool dl :)
Daniel Chandler (5 years ago)
i really like the move its brilliant you can hardly see the cards switch over look forward to more tutorials
Szabó Sándor (5 years ago)
wow you good
Daniel (5 years ago)
Duplex Card (5 years ago)
you can get the scorpion deck on penguinmagic.com
Technology Reviews UK (5 years ago)
nice man
nicolas ponce (5 years ago)
boss knife
Joshua Anderson (5 years ago)
You can get a break over the chosen card, riffle to that break and do the same thing. I just did it. I guess you can do it after all.
xRazeDzn (5 years ago)
This deck is called Black Scorpion Deck and you can buy if from amazon for around £9.00 or just under 15 USD.
X Ray (5 years ago)
How do u make ur own cards
Ayman Shaikh (5 years ago)
Jarek 1:20 makes a snap change kinda sound without even moving the cards at 0:26 and 3:40. Please can some one say me where to learn that or how he does that ..??
Jordan Montgomery (5 years ago)
I know it's a late reply, but if you hold the card like he does at 1:52, and then flick your wrist as your right ring finger hits the edge of the card, it will make that snapping noise :)
Néférupito (5 years ago)
dude you dont listend or maybe you didnt understood , he dont make card switch he just make that effect that why he did a middle double lift ;) the card stay at same places that calling illusion and he traped you xD 
Daisuke Thawne (5 years ago)
I really want a scorpion deck *-*, how I can get one? 
tai pham thai (4 years ago)
ko hieu
Daisuke Thawne (5 years ago)
@Joel Hughes Morris  I already know it, but thx >-< I bought 1 last week :3
Kyle Michael (5 years ago)
get it on ebay
Aliyah Rodriguez (5 years ago)
Can I get a scorpion deck
Nilesh Jaitly (5 years ago)
Ohhh if u wanted it in a contest then i didnt get that before..all d best for winning in future contests
Nilesh Jaitly (5 years ago)
buy it then
Elijah pearson (5 years ago)
there only 8 dollars from amazon
Nilesh Jaitly (5 years ago)
from amazon u can
SeAnDaWg55 (5 years ago)
i don't have a good quality card :( i just it bought it at a dollar shop here in new zealand.. can't find any bicycle decks..
Daisuke Thawne (5 years ago)
I start with a deck of magic LOL (its a card game "Magic The Gater...") and I practice first with that but I get a simple bicycle deck :3 <3 so you can practice with any deck 
Manzeel Tamrakar (5 years ago)
want that card 
cristoffereduardo (5 years ago)
StreetMagickidz (5 years ago)
The people who ask what deck he uses if you really watch his channel you would know
tylerelijahquinnburk (5 years ago)
love using this as the opener to my ambitious card. Also, Ive come to use my middle finger (instead of index) to peel out the card...find it easier and smoother (as you can open up the deck almost fully and riffle off 1 card too make it more visual, and when you come over with your middle finger it hides you rifling a second card at least from the normal face to face spectator view)
Ollie Craft (5 years ago)
Bicycle Black Scorpion
Yung1 (5 years ago)
what is his deck called
Logan Hawke (5 years ago)
I've been doing this double for a while now. Works good.
Phantomagic (5 years ago)
Get a hand on the "simpler switch", you might like it!
Marvin Thiele (5 years ago)
hold a pinkie break until they say stop and cut where you want to. just remember the second card so you will have forced it on them
Attila Aszalós (5 years ago)
Your scorpion bicycle card verry king! How to buy card?
Omaica Tobi (5 years ago)
Very very amazing trick and it's need to a lot of training But you r cool
Hippaduck (5 years ago)
Pause at 40
ALEKSANDER MITA (5 years ago)
all you need is a lot of pratice and skilled fast hands
Dylan Ritchie (5 years ago)
Damn ur early vids took forever to explain
Jamie (5 years ago)
It would be nice if you just did the tutorial explaining the process rather than trying to impress us with the flashy 300 other moves you demonstrated. You can do another video "look at what I can do" another time. Thanks for the lesson anyways.
Runs On Duncan (5 years ago)
damn you and rahat should get together
Daniel Roisman (1 year ago)
Runs On Duncan who is rahat?
Ron Gates (5 years ago)
Thanks for This and all your Tutorials.I am a aspiring sleight of Hand artist.Practice makes Better.I will add This double Lift to My Practice Regimen.
Dave Sunglasses (5 years ago)
Lovely cards, me want some..
chace (5 years ago)
Black Scorpion Deck.
Ahmed Raafat (5 years ago)
its called cinema skrillex remix
La Nostra Magia (5 years ago)
those cards are really wonderfull!!! good video... thank you... very useful!
Nguyễn Minh Hiền (5 years ago)
i'm Vietnamese and you're so great. Also your tricks too :D
mm (5 years ago)
Yep, he needs learn many things properly.
snipeguy14 (5 years ago)
Why bycicle type of cards r they?
mm (5 years ago)
It's because he is not that good Kevin.
mitch cook (5 years ago)
"if I offend you, good" .. haha
Samuel Kettler (5 years ago)
how about doing the card stick thing in the middle so it's less suspicious then holding a break and doing the centre double lift then a prediction and a snap change?
The Chicken (5 years ago)
I have the worst Sleight Of Hand
Cole Dollar (5 years ago)
he bought them off of amazon, they are called scorpion cards
Luke Horton (5 years ago)
read expert at the card table
themagician4504 (5 years ago)
do a tutorial on hipnosis
Nikola Aleksić (5 years ago)
I want those cards!!!
MSFYN96 (5 years ago)
Dan and dave used this
Alex Peak (5 years ago)
try ebay
Alex Peak (5 years ago)
bicycle black scorpian deck
gravyat2am (6 years ago)
where did you get those cards
mitchell somtheing (6 years ago)
what kind of cards are those
ChauDesigns (6 years ago)
They should be as good as the black scorpian deck, being both made by bicicle
derpyderpderp (6 years ago)
they r awesome but my personal preference is the black scorpion they r amazing
SV (6 years ago)
Are black tiger cards good?
Taran Singh (6 years ago)
Gosh darnit he makes it look easy
shi jie (6 years ago)
Jarek. Why are u so awesome?
Faron Brown (6 years ago)
Not at all. Giving it away doesn't mean people will put in the effort and time it takes to learn how to do it. Just give it a shot yourself and see ;)
neochase1 (6 years ago)
ooooh I like this double lift. gonna use this !
magilisten (6 years ago)
This is a double from dan and dave, giving it away for free seems cruel to them don't you agree?
Calimero (6 years ago)
0:43 ?
ttms6 (6 years ago)
i have really old cards i had this for 3 months now would it work with this yes or no? if not so i wont keep practicing...btw you make this look so easy
murray4able (6 years ago)
Jarek how many decks do u have can u do a deck collection video and how many scorpion decks do u have??
freak13 (6 years ago)
i miss your crowd control stories. aren't you doing them anymore?
magicdecks123 (6 years ago)
Hey guys check out magicdecks123 awesome magic tricks
paolo marcolin (6 years ago)
Very very nice thank for this tutorial never easy but is spettacular
Catastor2012 (6 years ago)
could you do tutorial on Shape of my Heart by Shaws Farquard?
Haseeb Ramzan (6 years ago)
check out my channel deck giveaway coming up soon
mmm (6 years ago)
i figured out a way to make it change into the chosen card. Put the chosen card second from top and a random card on top then cut the deck leaving a pinky break so then rifle to the cards take the two cards out and let the magic happen ;)
peterthemagician12 (6 years ago)
im not being cocky or saying that you are wrong, but is this something like the center double? :-S
Disturb Reality (6 years ago)
You're welcome, thank you for the love and support <3
Kuhanesh Janardanan (6 years ago)
Thank you for all your tutorials. It's really rekindled my interest in sleight of hand tricks and i'm doing my best to learn as much as I can. Not going to event attempt any performance till i'm smooth enough :)
Juanpe Gomez Diaz (6 years ago)
amazing tricks in my chanel
Nam Le (6 years ago)
Dan and Dave use this double.

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