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Outlander | Season 4 Official First Look Teaser | STARZ

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In Season 4, Claire and Jamie will brave the new world. Caitriona Balfe and Sam Heughan star in Outlander, returning this November to STARZ. Watch Outlander now on the STARZ app: http://starz.tv/WatchSTARZYT Subscribe now for more Outlander content: http://bit.ly/1kalhP0 Like Outlander on Facebook:http://starz.tv/OutlanderFacebookYT Follow Outlander on Twitter: http://bit.ly/OutlanderTwitterYT Follow Outlander on Instagram: http://starz.tv/OutlanderInstagramYT Outlander is internationally distributed by Sony Pictures Television. Like STARZ on Facebook: http://starz.tv/STARZFacebookYT Follow STARZ on Twitter: http://starz.tv/STARZTwitterYT Follow STARZ on Instagram: http://starz.tv/STARZInstagramYT
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Text Comments (433)
Nathanael Black (20 hours ago)
I hope it will be as perfect as the other three seasons <3
Elizabeth Sinclair (1 day ago)
Omg it's not coming fast enough can't wait have been rewatching the other series can't get enough
Nursı O (1 day ago)
When is it on Netflix?
Bonnie Castillo (1 day ago)
That’s one good looking Native American. The cast is getting better and better looking.
Charlie Bengal (1 day ago)
WHEN will we get the full season 4 trailer???? It’s time!!
kiwedin t. (1 day ago)
ahhhhh I can't wait!!
rose gr (1 day ago)
Dude,this series gets better season by season! Just love it!
chogi wa (2 days ago)
Kylie Kelly (2 days ago)
Can't they just live somewhere without war 😂
Cecilia Snow (3 days ago)
I can't wait too see jamie and bree meet
Rob Sauritch (4 days ago)
Julee Moyer (4 days ago)
So Flipping Excited!
annieberry kueks (4 days ago)
November get here already! Cant wait to hear jamie call Claire "sassanac"
danielle forbes (4 days ago)
i CANNOT wait
faith bejin (5 days ago)
marie doyle kennedy
Fabeha Rasheed (6 days ago)
Brianne spotted at 0:42
Julian Gonzalez (7 days ago)
I got chills !!!!!!
iconicgaby (7 days ago)
0:26 Damnnn why all the hot guys gotta be bad 😩
Andressa Lago (8 days ago)
I love u Outlander ♥
omegajbmb (8 days ago)
Old Women's Medieval Rape Fantasy Season 4.
Rose Pura (8 days ago)
JoudanJanaiHa (8 days ago)
Can this couple get a break?
Island Arc (8 days ago)
Want some more bagpipe music in it :(
Toby LI (9 days ago)
why while hair,no
Freda roberts (9 days ago)
they need to film in North Carolina
Milly Sotuttoio (9 days ago)
The wigs are really awful and Claire looks so much older than Jamie!
emelie newzella (10 days ago)
Watched 3 seasons in 2 weeks, and I have never fallen harder in love with a series like this one!! It´s just perfect. Can´t wait for season 4, and I really hope Claire and Jamie will not be parted again. Love them!!
Flor De liz Amorim (11 days ago)
The 3 season is so bad because the book is bad, book 4 is also bad, I just hope they do something, to see if  can do this season 4 not be as bad as it was 3
carmen janeth Ramirez (11 days ago)
AHHHHHHHHH I CAN'T WAIT!!! Me encantó demasiado
Maria Escoto (11 days ago)
some years ago.. I was looking for a novel book about 15th, 16th or 17th century. I always read the back of the book. Needless to say I fell inlove with the idea of time travel!! Not to mention the actual true history. I read all books except for the last few ones..Im certainly looking forward to ssseason 4. I actually got my daughter(age 33) to learn to love the history etc. enjoy Everyone cause I certainly will!!!
Eun Kyung Lee (11 days ago)
SPOILERS! DO NOT READ IF YOU HAVENT READ THE BOOKS: is it just me or does it seem like aunt jocosta doesnt seem blind in the show....
The Seperator (11 days ago)
Funny how Jamie barely aged through those 20 years. He still looks like 35 years old for fuck sake.
Lisa (11 days ago)
I just finished binging the whole series AND NOW YOU'RE TELLING ME I HAVE TO WAIT UNTIL NOVEMBER TO SEE MORE
Stovini (12 days ago)
Best series ever made, I look forward about this
EssiE EissE (13 days ago)
Eis m (13 days ago)
Cleire seems too young for a 40 something or 50 something years old
Flor De liz Amorim (11 days ago)
In books too, that's why she doesn't tell her age.
Sihem Chouicha (13 days ago)
Can we hope to see Murtagh, I don't mind them changing the fate of this character if we get to see him again
Cydea (13 days ago)
This will be the best birthday gift for me in November! Je suis prest!
Sayuri Umiji (13 days ago)
Preciso logo dessa temporada! ❤️
November??!! Sigh.....
Sory Moli (13 days ago)
OMG! November??? I can’t wait for so long!!!! 😭
MobiusCoin (13 days ago)
Man, they can not catch a break! 😂
Mindy Brown (14 days ago)
OMG OMG OMG OMG November can't get here soon enough!!!!!
ekşi elma (14 days ago)
Music is awesome ❤
RB Bisc (14 days ago)
Catherine of Aragon is back
Priscila Souza (14 days ago)
sarah janton (14 days ago)
Great !!!
Caterina Stella (14 days ago)
I need to catch up with the books!!
Caterina Stella (14 days ago)
Kay Banks (14 days ago)
November! What happened to September? Can we wait? I'm not sure.
Tim_Cruz177 (14 days ago)
please tell me she isn't going back to her won time again.
Nancy Chaclán (14 days ago)
Cuándo estará la tercera temporada en Netflix. ???
tanya hilleshiem (14 days ago)
I'm so beyond excited can November get here already
Ika Purwanti RN (14 days ago)
Miss them so bad 😍
Zoe Tuinman (14 days ago)
Where'd their daughter go??
Alexis (15 days ago)
i understand his hair is of the time, but like you don’t have to sacrifice his good looks for accuracy’s sake.
Sue Meriah (14 days ago)
Alexis hahahaha right? He kind of looks like my mom now.
Kelvin Nwaoyo (15 days ago)
Okay, so the scene where Ian gets punch is most likely the one where their boat gets raided. Jamie is seen on his knees. Its like the book came alive. Seeing Jacosta, Rollo, the native Indians just brings tears to my eyes. I cannot wait to see Bree in breeks😂😂
Kelvin Nwaoyo (15 days ago)
Okay, so the scene where Ian gets punch is most likely the one where their boat gets raided. Jamie is seen on his knees. Its like the book came alive. Seeing Jacosta, Rollo, the native Indians just brings tears to my eyes. I cannot wait to see Bree in breeks😂😂
Mona (15 days ago)
Finally 🙄❤️
whutzat (15 days ago)
PLEASE recast Brianna!!!
Renaissance Ear-Candy (15 days ago)
I was expecting Jocasta to look older.
Kathy Cortez (15 days ago)
Oyes can't wait
Boss Of World (15 days ago)
Sürekli izliyorum
Sue Meriah (14 days ago)
Whooosh :p
Boss Of World (14 days ago)
Sue Meriah What
Sue Meriah (14 days ago)
Boss Of World we don't sell couscous here sorry
me encanta, quisiera saber cuando estrenan la 4 temporada
Elora Maxwell (15 days ago)
I can hear the drums coming!
Diane Bays (15 days ago)
Damn damn damn. I thought it would come back in September. They're saying November. 😪
Zikri (15 days ago)
I still cant forgive and hate claire for everything, especially frank,, but I really damn love the series -_-
Areli Paz (15 days ago)
Who is that! 0:41
justforyouenjoy (15 days ago)
Can't wait
TheLucille7 (15 days ago)
OMG, Can’t wait
Rafael Vláxio (15 days ago)
AMO! 💖💖💖
Adriana G. Segura (15 days ago)
rsw68 (16 days ago)
Adam Islam (16 days ago)
I wonder who will play Brianna son
Adam Islam (16 days ago)
Was wondering why he has an old aunt then remembered he is meant be like mid 40s lol
Larissa Gheno (16 days ago)
Amo esta serie y apenas voy en el capitulo 1
Jissela Murillo (16 days ago)
My current favorite show ever!!! AHH!!!
Austenelia x (16 days ago)
Je suis pres.
Marcia CGT (16 days ago)
OMG!!!! I can't wait!!!
Freeze Society (16 days ago)
0:26 stephen bonnet everybody
Lauren Curtis (16 days ago)
Jamie and Claire deffo don't look nearing 50
ChristinCe (16 days ago)
0:25 Hello Jimmy from Downton Abbey! 😄
Sasha Meow (16 days ago)
0:48 this isnt the first time i spot claires frank ring gone all the promo is mixed up so much haha
Sasha Meow (13 days ago)
I don't mean that I mean it appears and disappears in promos afew times I know theres a plot it's outlander
Anissa Hamroun (13 days ago)
yes its notan error from the series, theres a plot behind it
Jane Beatty (16 days ago)
Oh yeah....just randomly finds a skull with silver fillings. Sometimes this show is too far out there but I love it.
Sasha Meow (14 days ago)
the way I think of it is tv show is the kid and the books are the parents....but I think the books are even more crazy then the show. I would probably watch the show until jamie and claire have lost all their teeth either by old age or knocked out.
Sue Meriah (15 days ago)
Exactly that is what made me roll my eyes so much in the third season. Too many lucky coincidences and random events to move the already uninteresting plot foward. Them randomly passing by another boat around episode 7? that happens to come from England as well and the first thing that comes out of the dudes mouth is "is there a docter on board" like.... fucken seriously And then Jamie goes random dramaqueen going "I will stare at the boat until you return <3" and of couuuurse she gets kidnapped... Yeah that episode really took the cake and overall it kind of ruined the series for me... Do you think I should still watch it?
Angel lee (16 days ago)
god darn im excited
Cassie (16 days ago)
I got goosies
Serinmary Pulikottil (16 days ago)
can't wait till november
CleverMan (16 days ago)
I am so waiting for this
Lyza86 (16 days ago)
Can not wait !!!
rittergal7 (16 days ago)
Anyone know the song that's playing?
SanFranGirl1982 (16 days ago)
Matilda Erewa (16 days ago)
Antoinette McCoco (16 days ago)
Can't Wait Can't Wait !!!!!
Rome Blanchard (16 days ago)
can't wait for fall
Amélie Marquis (16 days ago)
Kathy Jarvis (16 days ago)
What an amazing show. I can't wait
seyhun akgül (16 days ago)
Liz Buckley (16 days ago)
I think 0:22 is Bree and Rogers son.  He's suppose to have the same hair color as his mom and grandfather.
Liz Buckley (15 days ago)
Natalia: Willy doesn't have red hair.
Anna Grey (16 days ago)
Kinda big spoiler
Sasha Meow (16 days ago)
no its jamies son willy
Natalia Belmar (16 days ago)
Liz Buckley No, it's William, Jamie's son. It's too soon. Bree and Roger's son appear in the fith book like a little boy.
Helena Parker (16 days ago)
Is this going to be on Amazon Prime???

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