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Two Card Monte - Tutorial

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Learn the trick that fooled former US President George W. Bush on national television from David Blaine's Real or Magic TV Special CALIFOREIGNA: http://youtube.com/califoreigna COMMENT, LIKE, FAVORITE and SHARE this video if you liked it! Subscribe http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=howtoDisturbReality 2ND CHANNEL: http://www.youtube.com/evancloyd WEBSITE: http://www.DisturbReality.com TWITTER: http://twitter.com/jarek120 FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/DisturbReality T-SHIRT: http://www.districtlines.com/howtodisturbreality E-Mail me at [email protected] Instagram jarek120 ------ Be inspired to learn. Aspire to disturb. ♥♣Rise Above♦♠
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Text Comments (533)
Disturb Reality (10 months ago)
Chris Currie (1 month ago)
Says website not available
I feel bad for the spectators, oh wait
jello pagunsan (1 month ago)
My favorite dub song yea my cinema
SVETOGOR (2 months ago)
Is it basic cheap paper deck of cards? It seems I cannot do properly triple lift with my cheap paper deck!
Brian Kinary (2 months ago)
I like using blank cards instead of queens. But it’s still the same effect. Bingo Bongo. Not David Blaine. Let’s copy his patter exactly from 20 years ago
ajhmeer garcha (3 months ago)
I have problem turning over 3 cards. Any tips?
Kevin Braden (3 months ago)
Das ist cool!
Yme Dude (3 months ago)
They're spectators, their stupid. Now whenever I do magic, I feel bad.
A Sweeney (4 months ago)
I have always started with 3 card monte then, then finish with 2 card. Always a crowd pleaser
NLHero (4 months ago)
Used to do this all the time in school
Austin Sier (4 months ago)
My clothes are not red
Boone-Dock Thats It!!! (5 months ago)
I love your stuff, been watching for a couple of months, I think you're awesome, watching your videos has really helped my game with my cards, thanks for what you do, awesome stuff, can't wait to post a video of one you showed me, so you can see the reaction! Thanks man!
Killing Joy (5 months ago)
Nice thanks man
Logan Joseph (7 months ago)
Zach Hatterick (8 months ago)
This is the first comment I've ever made and probably the only one ever, but I just had to say that I snorted and choked on my tongue when you said "they're spectators, they're stupid". Thank you.
James Brodski (8 months ago)
Jarek! I did this trick to 2 girls at my high school and they were shocked! Thank you for teaching this trick. You have help built my confidence!
E. Africanus (9 months ago)
Omfg solve your cubes
Anuj Pathak (9 months ago)
2:40 they're spectator. They're stupid 😒
Vortex Gaming (9 months ago)
spectators aint stupid
Denis Kononov (9 months ago)
Hi! Please check out my version of this trick: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7uLf-E_S72I&list=UUFwOkUwAYc9szY5Tc5-neeg Thanks!!! :D
Andres Sama (10 months ago)
That intro😂😂😂😂😂
JD LaMaT (10 months ago)
Oh my god, simple but impssible
Dongfreid (11 months ago)
Wow. that is a great one!!!! Put up some more videos. Where did you go , Brother?
ganano 100 (1 year ago)
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ganano 100 (1 year ago)
He's my best friend
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SAVAGE308SNIPER (1 year ago)
Hello!!Goodbye!!! (1 year ago)
There a spectator. Their stupid! 😂😂😂
Louis Hessey-Antell (1 year ago)
This is a saleable trick. Curse you! I almost pulled a girl because of your video. That can't be right!
Adzim Khairi (1 year ago)
i want poker card
Riley Blackmon (1 year ago)
Thanks for the tutorials...blew my wife's mind with two card monte!
Ebin B. (1 year ago)
Holy fuck I am a wearing red shirt!!!!!! Fuck this shit
Bronz Support (1 year ago)
Stephen Clark (1 year ago)
My clothes are red
Jaco Pielgieter (1 year ago)
You really sound like Nicholas Cage
Lol Lol (1 year ago)
OMG Mismag, Alltime10s and Rob Dyke saw this video.
Chris Patrick (1 year ago)
Saying peoples names often is a trick penn jillette does
Milan Tosic (1 year ago)
Learn it in 1hours like a pro tnx very much i subscribed <3
Ezra Tsegaye (1 year ago)
Great trick
Jin Jin (1 year ago)
Hey I like cubing too!!
Kamil Kędzierski (1 year ago)
i walked up to my dad and asked if he wants to see a magic trick and he said no.
Nikola Ivanovic (1 year ago)
TheReal Alpha31 (1 year ago)
Haha jokes on you I'm not wearing clothes 😂 Nice trick
Quentin Summers (1 year ago)
I kind of feel sorry for that spectator, he's being called stupid and has to wait there with his hand out for every take, and nobody remembers or notices him.
Karan Muraleedharan (1 year ago)
That thumbs-up after the "handsome guy" comment!!! CLASS LMAO LOL
Quenton Wong (1 year ago)
say their name, they will look at you
Smooth Bobby (1 year ago)
Don't watch. You will be more confused.
Enoch C (1 year ago)
lol I had red clothes on. Well played :)
Project Ani (1 year ago)
are you have a another best trick to teach me
Joseph5860 (1 year ago)
You did a good job showing this trick except for the part calling spectators stupid. Why would you want to insult the very people watching your trick and perhaps helping you make your living?
Mike Perez (1 year ago)
cant do this trick without having the deck of cards on the left ✋
Yanges09BC (1 year ago)
so what is your favourite trick generally? with unregural deck
NDH Magic (1 year ago)
Jordy (2 years ago)
me at 0:58 okay this should be easy one. diamond A replace Heart A something shit happen 1:25 okay what the f*ck is this!
Ben Osmond (2 years ago)
This is a really good tutorial for a simple but brilliant trick. The only thing I'd say is that when you took the first ace off during the tutorial, you lifted it in a way very different from the way you triple lifted the second ace. In a trick this simple, with only two lifts, a spectator might notice if you whip one card off the deck carefree as you like and then turn the second over with care. Most won't, but there's usually someone who knows a little about magic and it's best not to give those people anything to think about. This is another good trick for making your tricks interesting to fellow magicians. The moment you start switching up how you flip cards, I know there's a lift. If your lifts look just like normal card flips, I have to figure out what you were doing logically instead of knowing automatically when you were doing a double lift.
Jon Wilob (2 years ago)
From the looks of your pants you must need more practice so you can afford to buy a pair of pants that doesn't look like you lost a fight with a rabid pit bull.
akhand singh (2 years ago)
1:06 the part where he exchanged the cards!!!
akhand singh (2 years ago)
Whoa!!!! That amazing dubstep is out of this world.....!!!!
Matthew Ryan Ross (2 years ago)
I saw another tutorial where the steal comes from the bottom of the deck in order to allow for a double lift rather than a triple on the top. I have to say the triple lift is easier than stealing from the bottom lmao
DragonSnare (2 years ago)
You guys know the helper is 52 kards right ? Lol
Arvasu Kulkarni (2 years ago)
Clothes are red....true
Rainy Sand (2 years ago)
What happened to the red necks?
Ki Simpson (2 years ago)
You sir are a geniuses and are pretty cool
Vinny Manzi (2 years ago)
haha that's awesome man....where should I start with learning to handle cards
DrCutYourFace (2 years ago)
um, when i try to switch the card i either take their card or, it doesnt switch
Aswin (2 years ago)
hey jarek what happened to your pants
Eric loby (2 years ago)
They always check after the first switch and they see queen and it ruins it
Ash Gasparyan (2 years ago)
Oh ya bitch time to start mind fucking people
Aiden James (2 years ago)
This is why we do magic.
Random Creations (2 years ago)
once I knew how to do it, the magic was just lost to me, bit I'm glad I can do it to others
HELLO! YT (2 years ago)
They're the spectator,they're STUPID
Snake Tv (2 years ago)
Good tricks
amazing skill professional magic...
Cyber Kirito GT (2 years ago)
If u read this you will die in 5 years, if u want to remove this curse, post this on other 5 videos
Zulkhuzairi Zulhizzam (2 years ago)
You're awesome man. I always watch your magic card tricks tutorial. well,I hope you can sub me back:)
Mirai Kuriyama (2 years ago)
I love that feeling when you watch a card trick finish like 'Omg HOW DID YOU DO THAt?' O.o
batboy 367 (2 years ago)
the spectator always catches me switching cards what do I do
Lol Lol (2 years ago)
batboy 367 grab your cards and run
Keagen Hando (2 years ago)
where do you get your black scorpion deck?
D P (2 years ago)
I have a question what if they go to turn it over after the first switch?
Firegamer722 (2 years ago)
Drago Petrov, you tell them "don't turn the card over" in a way that doesn't make them suspicious
Cxeri93 (2 years ago)
1:06 thats literally the fastest change ive seen in a while
Desori Ginalisado (2 years ago)
Very nice bro
Surya Na (2 years ago)
Darien Richardson (2 years ago)
Wouldn't it be easier to keep holding the Ace and not even bother doing a top change? Just do the fake switch while holding both cards and then put the Ace back on top of the deck, probably way easier to conceal. Or am I missing something?
童乙 (2 years ago)
It looks so difficult to me. Especially the distraction part, distraction is extremely hard to me
Saints Who Dat (2 years ago)
童乙 this is like the simplest trick ever
asad islam (2 years ago)
童乙 easy just tell them there zip is undone or there is a ladybug on there shoulder
Kace Johnson (2 years ago)
I wonder if this comment can get 15 likes?
Andy Stein (7 months ago)
I'm not gonna give it a like.bc you are.at 15 and i.don't want to ruin it! XD
hayden l (7 months ago)
good job
tony norton (2 years ago)
nope it can't, props for trying
BroshiYoshi (2 years ago)
Nice IGN shirt man!
Eden Grisaia (2 years ago)
"They're spectators, they're stupid." eheheh
Beey Hen (2 years ago)
Your probably the most important person that I will go to if I wanted to learn a card trick because most people don't know how to explain why and how you do it.
Aiden James (2 years ago)
I always set it up infront of them. They never are suspicious for some reason...
Aiden James (2 years ago)
Red shirt lelz. Everyone says this but what are the odds?
Amy Amiss (2 years ago)
Did David Blaine invent this trick? Anyone know the originator?
Nhat (2 years ago)
Amy Amiss Eddie Fetcher invented it.
SirPukes Alot (2 years ago)
Amy Amiss 3 card monte is original David simplified it to two.
i am going to make it my life mission to learn this and pull it off consistently
Amy Amiss (2 years ago)
Shouldn't take more than a couple weeks or so to do well if you practice daily.
Ryanx (2 years ago)
I like switching both black aces for the jokers
gonçalo martins (2 years ago)
what if the spectator asks you to give a shuffle in the deck before doing the trick ?´
gonçalo martins (2 years ago)
thanks man, im beginning in this
ArtificialCrabCake (2 years ago)
False shuffles. Check out Jarek's other videos for false shuffle tutorials, they are absolutely essential in magic
平川和則 (2 years ago)
TERRMINE (2 years ago)
You could switch the queens for jokers and then when you reveal you can say "Jokes on you, I win"
TNclout (2 years ago)
jyotsana sharma (2 years ago)
Jonty (2 years ago)
TERRMINE (2 years ago)
TOXIC_ Playz (2 years ago)
kelvin verhelst (2 years ago)
im agree
Jonathan Palmer (2 years ago)
Thanks a lot for your tutorials. They're quite good and greatly appreciated.
Sam Nikola (2 years ago)
This is awesome I got so much people with this
allenyuan625 (2 years ago)
Great trick... tricky at first but I love it
Billy Purkiss (2 years ago)
Hi jarek i've seen you reference that you do the rubiks cube in a few videos, loving your newer stuff and yet to catch a stream, do you ever plan on doing any rubiks cube magic?
Mickey Millionaire (2 years ago)
"Your a handsome guy"?

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