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Your Love Is Everything by Jesus Culture This is a song that has been a great source of encouragement to us. Love is the greatest power on earth, it conquers all things.
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Euginia Pangalo (2 hours ago)
More songs please😀 we miss you Jayesslee!
JJay479 (3 months ago)
Dany Kriestanto Aprilian (6 months ago)
When I am dry and thirsty Lord And I'm crying out for more I know I can trust in Your love In the darkness - spoken In the darkness in the night When I'm starving for the light I know I can trust in Your love Let's sing that again - spoken When I am dry and thirsty Lord And I'm crying out for more I know I can trust in Your love In the darkness in the night When I'm starving for the light I know I can trust in Your love And You keep - spoken You keep no record of my sin You don't remember all my shame
el vicencio (6 months ago)
Watching 2018!
Shane Mawlong (7 months ago)
just amazing!!! Gbu
Riezel Samera (8 months ago)
Hi! Who knows the chors of this song? Please!!! Thank you! Love you, Jayeslee <3
Ísis Martins (9 months ago)
2018 and still listening to this! <3
Akshay Immanuel (9 months ago)
Great singing. You perfectly hide out the chords in every song. Intentional?
Ryan Candelario (10 months ago)
Wow, excellent!!!
mhakade kanlada (10 months ago)
2017 before Christmas I come for missing you
Duda Lima (11 months ago)
your eyes were shining when you sing about He. this is love!
Kathleen N (1 year ago)
YASSS! Jesus culture. More Jesus Culture covers please. And amen to "Love conquers all!!!"
Jamal Nawal (1 year ago)
1 Corinthians (KJV)15:1 Moreover, brethren, I declare unto you the gospel which I preached unto you, which also ye have received, and wherein ye stand;2 By which also ye are saved, if ye keep in memory what I preached unto you, unless ye have believed in vain.3 For I delivered unto you first of all that which I also received, how that Christ died for our sins according to the scriptures;4 And that he was buried, and that he rose again the third day according to the scriptures: ROMANS 10: 9 That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved.10 For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation.11 For the scripture saith, Whosoever believeth on him shall not be ashamed.
Alberto Beto (1 year ago)
Estoy enamorado..! I love no sonnia
Harry Kim (1 year ago)
Praise God for freedom from satan. God bless you ........
Meri Hocog (1 year ago)
Love this ❤️
James Gurung (1 year ago)
u two be the best cover singer..❤❤❤
Jake Angichiodo (1 year ago)
Are they Christian?
piyanan suangoon (10 months ago)
Jake Angichiodo yes they are
Arah Absalon (1 year ago)
I suddenly miss you guys covering worship songs T_T
Merlie Pait (1 year ago)
nice :) God bless
Rachel May (1 year ago)
Check out my Chanel! I just started doing covers on YouTube. You guys are so talented!!!
Are you twins?
Benhur Rosas (1 year ago)
cleber fernandes araujo yes they are..
Hassan (1 year ago)
the way she resonates the word light at 0:37 gives me goosebumps. Beautifullllllll
Hassan (1 year ago)
Cute 😄
Arnel Torres (2 years ago)
The most two beautiful woman I've ever seen!!!!!!
Andreea Constantin (1 year ago)
Arnel Torres same dude
Reginaldo Filho (2 years ago)
These girls are fantastic!!! I've just knew their work, and subscribed. Congratuloations. All the glory to our GOD for you. Shalom!!
Trip Option (2 years ago)
아주 좋은
hnmnngn nk (2 years ago)
songs is you cover it wonderful♡ (sorry i speak a little English)●3●
Wendi Maksudi (2 years ago)
Ni del saranghe
Joshua Yangco (2 years ago)
one more song for Jesus
Ellen Kim (2 years ago)
i love you guys
Gabriel Gablord (2 years ago)
hi everyone! please help me grow my channel! check my covers too and be blessed! please subscribe! thank you all!
pei (2 years ago)
Dip Sask (2 years ago)
im watching in 2016 ia astin
iA Astin (2 years ago)
2016 and still listening to this! <3
• xTchux • (10 months ago)
2018! Hahaha
Stephanie Le (1 year ago)
iA Astin 2017!!!!
iA Astin (2 years ago)
+Hafizah Mohamad nice! really love this cover makes my worries go away <3
Hafizah Mohamad (2 years ago)
+iA Astin sameeeeeeeeee
iA Astin (2 years ago)
+Sally George- Joseph niiice! <3
Monique Levy (2 years ago)
Beautiful Harmony ladies
tasha g (2 years ago)
Such a great voice! Just got a new subscriber!
Kimberly Brown (2 years ago)
Wish I could see the chords!!
Kimberly Brown (2 years ago)
Gorgeous. #thefeels
Paul John Abuyog (2 years ago)
What are the chords of this song ? Somebody answer me Please :)
Marvels Chiyava (2 years ago)
nice one!!Amen
Chris Kim (2 years ago)
This reminds me of your cover of that Maroon 5 Payphone song. haha.
Liddy Loppes (2 years ago)
Jesus Culture ❤
Jayson Valdez (2 years ago)
oceans will part plsss.
여창현 (2 years ago)
후...제이슬리 힐송이없다 이런재능으로 왜 ccm가수안하지..
Dan Martin (3 years ago)
Adorable & brightly lit :)
R (3 years ago)
More Jesus songs !!!
Jhuneth Tugatug (1 year ago)
+Stefanny Agustina hellow
Stefanny Agustina (2 years ago)
more Jesus songs !!!! (17494^38164929419999) 😅 subscribe me , i am a worshipper of Jesus😀
Agnes (2 years ago)
more jesus songs.. (296280)
11010 11001 (2 years ago)
more Jesus song(3)...
Djermias Hermanus (3 years ago)
Praise the LORD,,,
Peter Ho (3 years ago)
more worship songs!!!!
Miguel Eduardo (3 years ago)
tong chau (3 years ago)
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William Weekes (3 years ago)
Grizzjess Rodriguez (3 years ago)
+Jayesslee chicas cantan hermoso!!!
Gabriela Salas (3 years ago)
Quisiera cantar como ellas
d ss (3 years ago)
i used to watch you guys but i had no idea that you guys were Korean nor Christians. Im a Korean and Christian myself, but lately i have been facing trouble of living up to my morals. But seeing the goodness in your hearts through the songs you see have definitely restored faith in me. Thank you jayesslee
Chelsea Mulford (3 years ago)
thank you our church food pantry uses this video also to worship the Lord through this praise video and have been blessed by it
so cute ^_^
james kagamine (3 years ago)
Forever Jayesslee fan! upload more video :(
I think so.
Anne Idakwo (3 years ago)
That was beautiful
Davy Amorim (3 years ago)
Jesus is our sky!
Nos spik Inglish
Gohan Parningotan (3 years ago)
duh si mbak :D
john jonson (3 years ago)
god bless you girls,
Mireille MONEYE (3 years ago)
Mireille MONEYE (3 years ago)
soyez béni 
NIKHIL KHATRI (3 years ago)
Pls try some HINDI Song ...................... I know u can  ************* u r so preeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeety
Jane Noel (2 years ago)
TheVoicetothenations (3 years ago)
I am blessed you have beautiful voices I am touched Keep it up
J Eller (3 years ago)
Veronika Gue (3 years ago)
I love love love
Alofa Tovio (3 years ago)
Alexander Gual (3 years ago)
i wish i could've seen the chords
Lin (3 years ago)
Made my night <3 
Rosie Hernandez (3 years ago)
Beautiful voices...for two beautiful women of God!
Diane Chavez (3 years ago)
Omg prima! They both have an amazing voice
Sabina Kilakova (3 years ago)
very nice ,,, god bless you ,,
jhamaeca pasamon (3 years ago)
im so overwhelmed listening your christian songs cover. God bless you !! :)
Pam Afroilan (3 years ago)
still listening this... Haay! Jayesslee!!!!! I want to see in person here in Manila..though I wasn't able to meet you here before.. but that's what I'm praying for. Hehe
Magda Ciemala (3 years ago)
I'm polish. Very good girls!!!
Bagi BG (3 years ago)
God Bless girls
Chrystina Kim (3 years ago)
Does anyone know how Sonia learned how to play this song?
bloodbrotherdan (3 years ago)
I can see His light in you both; awesome! Keep walking in His love :-)
Jon Limawan (3 years ago)
Oceans - Hillsong next? 
Ada Oliveira (3 years ago)
I'm not used to listen to Jesus Culture. But this song is nice. Sing Hillsong, pleeaase :D
Roman b. (3 years ago)
oceans by hillsong !!!!!!!
Miguel Eduardo (3 years ago)
+Annee Kim *Thank you
Miguel Eduardo (3 years ago)
+Annee Kim thaks
Annee Kim (3 years ago)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CY0UAJkzKvc here you go ^^
Caren Cielo (3 years ago)
Jonatas Cardoso (4 years ago)
Are they christians?
Jonatas Cardoso (3 years ago)
Jim Chang (3 years ago)
yes : )
Jassmine Santos (4 years ago)
I really wish you could make a cover of Ocean by Hillsong. Like really.
marieclaire (3 years ago)
+Annee Kim Oh thank you! I knew they didn't make a cover on their channel but I never thought they would play it on tour either. It's beautiful x thank you again :)
Annee Kim (3 years ago)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CY0UAJkzKvc Here you go! :)
Ada Oliveira (3 years ago)
Oceaanss! Yes..
marieclaire (4 years ago)
Yes!! That's my favourite song from Hillsong 😌
Thalilli Tha (4 years ago)
Please do a cover of Oceans by Hillsong.
gracecho9292 (4 years ago)
Priceless smiles
Snowball Saw Bway (4 years ago)
I fall in love with you two guys! Voice and beauty! :) esp....... ACTIONS !!
jumzfranz jumawan (4 years ago)
jayesslee @[email protected] why no new songs? i miss the 2 of u singng
An Ambiguous Canadian (4 years ago)
oh my you guys sounded beautiful the two of you are amazing I'm so happy I'm subscribed to you
Joyce Lee (4 years ago)
This was so beautiful it made me tear me :')
Carlos Crookedneck (4 years ago)
Wish you girls could jam with me sometime n sing backup also :) love your vocals n harmony :) nice job
Leonard Tien-Jung (4 years ago)
Shake your fruity! xD
Cristiano dos Santos (4 years ago)
Deus abençoe cada uma de voces , gloria a Deus
Marcos AS Rocha (4 years ago)
Quando estou seco e sedento Senhor, E estou clamando por mais, Eu sei eu posso confiar em Seu amor. Na escuridão da noite Quando eu estou morrendo de fome de luz Eu sei eu posso confiar em Seu amor. Você não guarda recordações do meu pecado e não se lembra de toda minha vergonha Seu amor cura toda doença Seu amor preenche todas as minhas necessidades Seu amor é tudo pra mim Seu amor é tudo Eu não esquecerei Não quero esquecer suas promessas Eu não esquecerei Não quero esquecer o seu amor Eu não esquecerei Não quero esquecer que nada é impossível Eu não esquecerei Não quero esquecer o seu amor
Helen Pineda (4 years ago)
My favorite cover ever!
Teeranit Gosiyaruk (4 years ago)
Jamine Batay-an (4 years ago)
Gabriel Carmo (4 years ago)
Cara, que perfeito <3
Michael Parent (4 years ago)
I'm in love!
Zona YH Tang (4 years ago)
still listening to this in 2014 and it touches me when I look at these 2 beautiful girls  turned into mamas now *tears*
Alli B (3 years ago)
Seriously!!😭 they're such an inspiration!
bambie soshi (4 years ago)
tnx much ^^
Zona YH Tang (4 years ago)
sonia's is thesonilee, janice's is thejanicelee their usernames are pretty self-explanatory though
bambie soshi (4 years ago)
What's their ig account?
Zona YH Tang (4 years ago)
yes they're mamas now, you can go check them out on instagram. they post their babies pictures all the time

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