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Howards End | Official Trailer | STARZ

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Official trailer for the STARZ Original Limited Series, Howards End. A fresh adaptation of a beloved tale of two sisters, as they navigate through life and love. Stars Hayley Atwell, Philippa Coulthard, Matthew Macfadyen & Tracey Ullman. Premieres April 2018. Get the STARZ App now: http://starz.tv/WatchSTARZYT Subscribe now for more STARZ content: http://bit.ly/1kalhP0 Like STARZ on Facebook: http://starz.tv/STARZFacebookYT Follow STARZ on Twitter: http://starz.tv/STARZTwitterYT Follow STARZ on Instagram: http://starz.tv/STARZInstagramYT Howards End | Official Trailer | STARZ http://bit.ly/1mkHKgZ
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Text Comments (94)
Sara Bader (30 days ago)
yall i wanted to see the trailer not the whole thing god dammit
smalltowngirlagb (1 month ago)
Spoilers if you haven't seen it----- This trailer is misleading. It makes it seem like Wilcox had a big secret that Helen knew about and Margaret only found out after she married him, and as though that secret was central to the plot. I watched the series waiting the whole time for the secret to come out but it turned out to be bad editing.
L Scott (1 month ago)
After seeing the 1992 Merchant Ivory production, this looks... not as good. The acting from whoever is playing Helen just looks, meh. I usually don't mind a good update, but I think I'll skip this one.
Blanche-Mai Vançon (2 months ago)
Is that woman that girl from *Lightning Point?*
Blanche-Mai Vançon (2 months ago)
I read the title Howard (Stark)...
GLR 42 (2 months ago)
No comparison with HBC e ET e AH. Sorry it just feels very poor...
Michelle Graham (3 months ago)
I love when you can watch the whole series / movie in one trailer.
Jonathan Sullivan (3 months ago)
This looks good. Plus Hayley Atwell is very pleasant to look at. 😏
Frederick Burger (3 months ago)
Nothing really happens and it goes on for 4 episodes.
Constantin Stanca (3 months ago)
I cannot believe the way things are change in a classic masterpiece just to be POLITICALLY CORRECT .E.F. Forester NEVER write of a black Jackie and not even of a black servant in Schlegel house.It is an outrage to CHANGE BY PURPOSE the works of art of some of the biggest writers . Is the whole world just got totally idiotic ? what a shame to change and manipulate even art . SHAME ON YOU , BRITISH ACTORS , PRODUCERS , ALL WHO ACCEPT SUCH A HORRIBLE MANIPULATION . BLACK JACKIE? As in latest Crime in Orient Express : Agatha Christie NEVER EVER WRITE OF ANY BLACK DOCTOR . OR CHINESE , GREECK, RUSIAN , OR ELSE .
fecklessfury (2 months ago)
So a couple of characters aren't white, so what, I don't believe race was mentioned by EM Forster at all, so the casting has two non white people in a full cast of white people, I hardly think it does anything to change the story, or take away from the statement Forster intended about the English class system, in fact it probably adds to it. It's just unfortunate people get hung up on race, gender, religion, sexualuality and many other small factors that makes a person a person or a story a story to see that in really makes no difference
Hanifah khanom (3 months ago)
Is that Peggy?
Jonathan Sullivan (3 months ago)
Hanifah khanom yes, yes it is. Hayley Atwell aka Margaret Peggy Carter.
Katty Velasquez (3 months ago)
I like it this series
Fuck ur feelings (3 months ago)
That black bitch is shady as hell and her spouse is a whiny douche. The sister is a total idiot.
Juonithz Ramos (3 months ago)
I cannot wait for the final episode!!
amidthephantomsrose (3 months ago)
I know there was a movie with Emma Thompson and Anthony Hopkins called "Howard's end, is this a remake of that? I am curious to read the book.
Jesús Aquino (4 months ago)
Hayley Atwell 😍😍😍
xxtamia (4 months ago)
Better than the original one. So good. 💕💕💕
xxtamia (4 months ago)
the sisters look related good pick
xxtamia (4 months ago)
it's something up with these girls, we shall find out. 😄
movie trivia (4 months ago)
I wanna see this and I'm a sci-fi guy.
Dean H (4 months ago)
One of my favourite films. I got through 7 minutes of the first episode. Horrible casting & a horrible idea. HBO's Mildred Pierce mini series is another example of why it's foolish to try and mess with perfection. BOSH.
Adam Martens (4 months ago)
Profound needle specialist defendant clothing maybe letter society difficult straight lots jet ship
Rick Heli (4 months ago)
Mr. Wilcox, from his look and manner, seems miscast.
LL pierce (4 months ago)
I think title meant to say Stark instead of Starz.
leo1337hs (4 months ago)
Gang shit right here
Gertie Shaw (4 months ago)
Awful casting so disappointed! The sets were beautiful though.
xxtamia (4 months ago)
Gertie Shaw they grew on😋
Darksepheroth (4 months ago)
Who is this even for?
The MRV Channel (4 months ago)
Oh!!! I need to see this ! Does anyone know if the book is good? Should I read
Gábor Vág (2 months ago)
The MRV Channel The book is great.
teenie beenie (4 months ago)
anything without Helena Bonham carter is an improvement
LemonDrop (4 months ago)
I don't think I can handle another lesson-ish feminist show. 😴
Constantin Stanca (3 months ago)
Kevin Bailey What ? what look alike ? Changing without shame what E.FForester write ? Black Jackie ???
Christy Anderson (4 months ago)
You need to read the book. E.M Forster wrote on all of these themes. E. M Forster wrote a book on homosexual themes, Maurice, which an excellent film was based on. I would be willing to give this remake a watch even though the original is perfection.
LemonDrop (4 months ago)
He's mad because I hit a nerve lol. Spelling and grammar are the least of my worries as I'm an accounting major.
NightSeaBreeze (4 months ago)
Bruce D Bromley She made a typo. That doesn't make her opinions wrong. Plus, your comment disencourages people who do have problems like illiteracy or are learning a new language.
LemonDrop (4 months ago)
You can't even get laid.
Olive (4 months ago)
We get about ten Starz stations but this isn't on any of them.  Don't get your hopes up.
Maxwell Medford (4 months ago)
Gosh darn it Britain now I got to watch this to...
Cindy Bell (4 months ago)
Watch the movie with Anthony Hopkins.
Duda Delmas (4 months ago)
How am I supposed to dislike Mr Wilcox when he's Matthew MacFadyen? It's very unfair
NightSeaBreeze (4 months ago)
Duda Delmas He has such a tender demeanor.
Raknee Hitt (4 months ago)
I saw a big kiss there. I can’t believe you.
William Bleeker (4 months ago)
Gosh this trailer gives away much of the story. Fabulous series though.
pennysgrace (4 months ago)
I'm so excited!
Monet Jenkins (4 months ago)
No Black people, except for servants and slaves.. I HATE this era.. for all you saying good show or good book it shows us where your mindset is.. IN the era of slavery and no human rights for African people’s. Smgdh
Gertie Shaw (3 months ago)
Yes it was written in the era of discrimination and gross inequality but that's the historic times in which this story occurred but always remember that "Knowledge is Power." Society has moved forward it's not perfect but moving there. I'm an optimist.
Monet Jenkins (4 months ago)
xxtamia no, I only saw what this 2 mins and 30 seconds video showed me and I didn’t know about that part?
xxtamia (4 months ago)
Monet Jenkins u must didn't watch it all the way through, a black lady and a young white man are in a relationship so mysterious ! like it.
Monet Jenkins (4 months ago)
Chana FB Still a White “woman” had more rights than an enslaved Black woman but I still hate this era tho
Chana FB (4 months ago)
Monet Jenkins women had very few rights too but yes dark skinned peopled were treated horribly too
JP Kennedy (4 months ago)
the story about a dude who was toly gay for Howard's butt. noooch.
Kevin (4 months ago)
If anyone is looking for a really fun horror show to watch, give Ash VS Evil Dead a shot. The first two seasons are up on Netflix and season 3 is currently airing on Starz. It's one of the goriest and most original horror/comedy shows I've ever seen! It has Bruce Campbell, Lucy Lawless, Lee Majors, etc.
Julia Norton (4 months ago)
I LOVEEEEEEEE this book. My older sister made me read it almost ten years ago after announcing that I was like Helen. I think she meant passionate and independent, but I'm still offended lol.
Tracy Andeso (3 months ago)
Julia Norton what was the secret that caused so much hysteria
tbwatch88 (4 months ago)
despite Haley Atwell, this is just a travesty of a sham. how DARE they---when the Merch/Ivo film was just re-released. PUNT.
Limegreenyummyyummy (5 months ago)
It sounded like he said, "You are very good cum." LOL! 0:49
moiraine_damodred (5 months ago)
oh god cannot wait for this
Jenny Jenny (5 months ago)
The female actors all look alike.
Gertie Shaw (3 months ago)
LemonDrop Yes I can see that but this version of Jacky seemed much older than she was supposed to be, even more than 10 years, maybe I'll have to reread the book. The movie with Emma Thompson was ingrained in my mind as the quintessential version - the "original" Jacky nailed that wedding scene trying to be a lady but obviously not, to me that was superb and selfless acting. " 'enry it's me Jacky." I guess I can't accept a different Jacky.
LemonDrop (4 months ago)
Also, Margaret Schlegel, the 29 year old character is played by a 36 year old and is so obviously not in her 20s. Some in her social class group of friends, seem very unusually as well and not very realistic in the Victorian or Edwardian era.
LemonDrop (4 months ago)
I can't say I completely agree with Gertie Shaw. Their representation of Jackie is wrong. Jacky is more than ten years Leonard's senior. She was once a young and attractive prostitute. She had high class clients and was most likely kept well when she was younger. As a prostitute for wealthier men she must have been able to fit in, been a trophy to men, and at least dressed, spoke, acted and looked like an ideal lady. Their representation of her as a black woman is completely inaccurate. There are a lot of history of prostitutes in England, even well documented history with portraits and all. And the high courtesans, mistresses, or famous harlots were beautiful and imitated ladies. Leonard Bast was with an English woman, a great beauty, a former prostitute older than himself, Jacky Bast. In the show she's portrayed as a black woman who isn't even pretty. Not very realistic considering he is handsome. Leonard Bast was cut off from his family because he married a prostitute. But I'm sure they would have also objected to him marrying a black woman. It just didn't happen in that period but the tv show makes it look like it's normal, like when she made a house call as his wife, and when Helene asked "why did your family object to her?" As if she had she been a "proper black woman" it would have been alright. It wouldn't have as there were no wealthy and property black women then and people were very snobbish with foreigners, even Caucasian ones from other places. I hope you see what I mean. There were obviously proper black women and even ones who worked as maids kept themselves clean and most had their Sunday clothes. But not to their standards. They are changing history and people's views from that time. Making people look like they were accepting and tolerant yet snobbish at the same time, doesn't make sense. Jacky's position shows people that not even great beauty can get you out of your lower class during that time.
LemonDrop (4 months ago)
They look alike because they are related to each other. The two sisters and their aunt look alike. Margaret Schlegel looks like Ruth Wilcox but that has its reason. Most English have a distinct look to them where you can tell that they are English and even what part from.
Gertie Shaw (4 months ago)
I said the same thing! I couldn't tell them apart, how funny. Jackie yes she stood out because I'm comparing this to the Emma Thompson version but the Jackie role seemed so very miscast not her biracial, no that was ok, it was that she was old enough to be his mother and was wrong so sedate for the part. The casting was all wrong.
acutierolls (6 months ago)
Sorry is this the music to great British bake off??? (The first half)
Morgan Moe (6 months ago)
Is this going to have season 2? I love this show
Carys (2 months ago)
Morgan Moe you realise it’s based on a book? They’re not going to stray from that for more content ...
ksgoo4960 (6 months ago)
Something worth watching, looks good!
tenlegdragon (7 months ago)
What? I feel like this is a sci fi movie with clones trapped in a historical fiction AU in a episode of Black Mirror. So much yawn.
John Kimmel (7 months ago)
More posh people pretending they're acting.
Victoria Bert (7 months ago)
I've seen this... It's interesting... subtle changes, except one big one, they changed the former hooker, Jacky Bast character's ethnicity. Mr. Wilcox is a little more likable...but I love Matthew Macfadyen. Julia Ormond .... I'm not sure...something was missing from the performance .... in trying to achieve the stillness she seemed vacant. I enjoy Hayley, a very vibrant actress. Each lead actress is far too good looking. These two women don't feel to be in jeopardy of being spinsters... which is what makes the motives of each more intense. The original movie is still more moving and compelling. It's worth a watch.
Constantin Stanca (3 months ago)
Victoria Bert Even art and masterpieces have to be POLITICALLY CORRECT . WHAT AN OUTRAGE .
julikzhulik (7 months ago)
Terrible version. All the actors look almost identical. So much screaming and hysteria.
yang mills (12 days ago)
it's made for women. nothing like downton abbey
Larry 306 (8 months ago)
I know I'm picky but I'm a realism nut.. Episode 3.. There were Strawberry's in cased in a plastic container that never could happen.. Another scene show a man starting a car electrically however in 1903, Clyde J. Coleman invented and filed the first electric starter in America U.S. Patent # 0,745,157.. He should have used a crank... Sorry had to say it.. I just have fun finding this stuff.. And yes I do have a life... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Starter_(engine)
Constantin Stanca (3 months ago)
Larry 306 What about the outrage of imposing a black Jackie , and even pushing in a black servant in Schlegel house ? Are all lost their mind ? It is a crime to change the creation of a masterpiece just to be politically correct . And why black Jackie ? why not chinese , or russian , or whatever else ? Why we are suffocated with imposing blacks where there where not even one ? What would be this favoritism ?
John Vonundzu (4 months ago)
All that and the grey car seen in this trailer is plainly post WWI. And the costume designer seems determined to put every woman in circa 1900 blouses/dresses with sleeves puffy at the shoulder - a fashion long, long gone when Howard's End's action is set and cars were becoming common (around 1910).
issecret1 (4 months ago)
Actually, the strawberries were in gelatin. So, no problem there
rainakochanvideo (4 months ago)
On the contrary, I think your comment makes a point.
Natalia Lanao (5 months ago)
Thanks actually I thought the strawberries were off.
jennyburger07 (8 months ago)
Starz is on a roll!! In this order... Outlander Counterpart Howard's End
eiram31 (5 months ago)
how can you forget Power..but yes, starz is putting out some amazing series.
Milhouse (8 months ago)
Just finished watching this in BBC. It's amazing. It's almost as great as the classic 1992 film. Haley Atwell is absolute perfection for the role of Margaret Schlegel.
Vanessa Collins (4 months ago)
Milhouse h
julikzhulik (7 months ago)
I think this is an awful version compared to the one from 1992. This version has some good angles when it comes to dialogue but at the same the whole is distorted by acting hyper.
Shanae Player (8 months ago)
Mr Darcy!!! ❤️
Kayla Sheppard (3 months ago)
I thought you meant Colin Firth and got excited
Juliette Rogasik (4 months ago)
yes but the beard!!! WHY!!!!!!
Ayana Banana (8 months ago)
Mr. Darcy?
Nani Sunami (8 months ago)
This is going to be good

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