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Gangnam Style (Psy) - Acoustic Guitar Jam - Andrew Chae

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My arrangement/performance of Psy's Gangnam Style. I decided to add in a second guitar for some extra acoustic flavor :) Remember to subscribe to my channel if you'd like to see more guitar videos from me =)
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Text Comments (34)
August Schroeder (5 years ago)
Whered u learn how to do that?!
Bryant Sapp (5 years ago)
Amazing great !! Love it
EBAggie476 (5 years ago)
He's the guitarist for a band called Tim Be Told, check them out!
Lilius (5 years ago)
do you work by yourself or do you have fellow musicians that play with you sometimes?
Jonathan Della Santina (6 years ago)
Your good!!! Friend do career..!!!
Kianna Segarra (6 years ago)
Do a tutorial on how to do it plz plz plz 😊😝😜😃
Kianna Segarra (6 years ago)
Amazingly awesome
NLC132 (6 years ago)
Have you started the tab? I'm not trying to push you, but I'm just excited to learn this version of you :D
Kianna Segarra (6 years ago)
vZenahh (6 years ago)
like it but hate it
VariousGaming (6 years ago)
i dont know what nationality you are, but your an amazing-looking asian guy.
YLan Leong (6 years ago)
not bad^^
NLC132 (6 years ago)
HAve you had the time to make TABS??
Thanh Lượng Lê (6 years ago)
585 PhArmy (6 years ago)
You should've made yours like sungha Jung
TheSandykiss (6 years ago)
Can i use this arrangement for a cover? ;A; I credit you! ♥ ;u;
Maicon Mascena (6 years ago)
lol you rocks see my version watch?v=rXyR7XdcDJ0
nergifingerstyle (6 years ago)
it's the best version of acoustic gangnam style arrangement. (y)
NLC132 (6 years ago)
Yeah but when you have time, can you make TABS then?? Would be awesome!!
Brian Zhang (6 years ago)
dude this sick mate as good as sungha jung or igor presnyakov hey check out my channel if you want and subscribe! :)
opencondomstar (6 years ago)
Cool! Probably the best acoustic guitar cover of the Gangnam Style! Liked and posted at GangnamStyle.info
invador50 (6 years ago)
andrewchaemusic (6 years ago)
Thanks! I'll go find some of Keller's music to listen to =)
andrewchaemusic (6 years ago)
Sorry, haven't had the time to make tabs!
annabelle7123 (6 years ago)
it sounds kinda really different in style... but love the music!
Steve Frapwell (6 years ago)
hhahaa it was only a matter of time before someone does a good cover of this and snatches up all the views, nice man! :)
djfloetic (6 years ago)
Jennifer Chung brought me here and I'm loving it =)
imelbee (6 years ago)
Samron Giant (6 years ago)
learn it yourself jesus christ... if you can't you're not able to play it -.-
HannahFayeZ (6 years ago)
I just can't, anymore... I'm floored every time!
Jordan Yee (6 years ago)
awesome as always, Andrew!
Leslie G (6 years ago)
Awesome! Thanks for posting this (ever listen to Keller Williams?)
NLC132 (6 years ago)
Very nice!!TAB please??

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