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Are Men Better Than Women - Let Dick Tell You About It?

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Midnight Rambler (24 days ago)
Satire/comedy. The young Turks are morons
Hyena laughing matter (11 days ago)
all 3 of them are actors and that is staged
No "societal equilibrium" will ever change the fact that women get pregnant Cenk
The Rumpus Room (2 months ago)
The genius of dick is the sliver of truth hiding behind what he says
LoveRocketsable (2 months ago)
Ana pre nosejob looks like Arthur with that anteater ass nose.
Nasser Khan (3 months ago)
I despise the young Turds.
cina kakar (3 months ago)
Why these two are being sarcastic. Why they can't have logical discussion with Dick instead of starting with a mockery shit.
Utkarsh Raj (4 months ago)
He’s not saying women shouldn’t be allowed to work. But he’s saying there’s a reason why women don’t dominate the work place and it cost more and over all productivity is a little less. That’s all
inseparabletheband (5 months ago)
For those here in 2018, Check out his podcast. The Dick Show.
Authentic Vibes (5 months ago)
hillary hasnt accomplished anything
Bret (6 months ago)
lol great show, but sad i had to like a tyt video
Arthur Morgan (7 months ago)
Men didn’t build these societies (specifically white men who everyone seems to hate), invent 90% of the things you use everyday, go into space and all the other shit for us to get to the point where we’re so cucked that we have to act like they’re somewhat on par with men. If a woman says women are better then men she gets applauded, if a man says men are better he is vilified when atleast has evidence to back up his claims.
Carl Roundtree (9 months ago)
I can't believe the best she could do was throw out the disaster called Hillary Clinton every thing she has done has been a disaster from ben gozzi to every thing she has not done anything right
KevZen2000 (10 months ago)
Ana wants his dick secretly.
vash47 (1 year ago)
wow the young turks were not cucks at some point
NAVAEH (1 year ago)
Dick is such a legend
Erik Merrill (1 year ago)
I love how the Young Turks started out pretty aggressive but sort of liked him by the end.
Kain R Heinlein (1 year ago)
Where is the lie tho? :^)
The OG Dominic (1 year ago)
You guys probably regret saying Hillary Clinton is qualified to be the president
Paul Nunya (1 year ago)
Dick owned this interview Even the turks agreed to what he said
Mahtab Mohammadifar (1 year ago)
men and women are both humans.
s s (1 year ago)
I agree with dick
Fiji Kondo (1 year ago)
marco brito (1 year ago)
These guys SUCK!
kisamehoshigaki09 (1 year ago)
Back when the Young Turks weren't complete trash...
Christopher Crist (1 year ago)
these subtitles are terrible, get your shit together turks, im pretty sure I saw "robot" in there somewhere.
John B (1 year ago)
You can just tell Ana was getting so damn wet for this guy.
Marcin Świątko (1 year ago)
Its easy. Men are better. Even When They become woman They are better. Watch ufc, or Man hit back on yt
Dick Marx (1 year ago)
It's not that women shouldn't be in the workforce, it's that they shouldn't be allowed in positions of importance. At least not til they are 40 and the child-bearing liability is reasonably nil.
Dick Marx (1 year ago)
His delivery is brutal, but totally spot on.
BonnetClaw (1 year ago)
one minute into this video and I hit pause and I don't plan to watch the rest because I don't want to expose myself to the verbal abuse I'm this video. I just want to leave this comment. please don't give a voice to these kinds of idiots. there are millions of successful women in the world. definitely more successful and better human beings than this guy, yet we're supposed listen to him because he paid for a website address and used it to write women hating drivel? ummmm..I think I'll stick to watching Oprah's channel. you know the richest woman in the world?
Commander Shepard (1 year ago)
He is Dax Harrera .a comedian and married. He just this character trolling. Don't take it Seriously but it not totally either.
Matt Circonciso (1 month ago)
Commander Shepard He is not married.
kill dANo (1 year ago)
Back when dick was an edgelord, and YT were only 80% regressives.
L K (1 year ago)
Probably the only TYT video i've ever liked....
XxTokyoBlackMagicxX (1 year ago)
Men are better than women 100% I'm just like Dick Masterson I'm a womanizer And I agree all the way with him that men are better than women in every wai
XxTokyoBlackMagicxX (1 year ago)
wow back when the turks weren't completely regressive fucks
rajesh mishra (1 year ago)
Dick is 100% correct..
Jeff Richey (1 year ago)
His comment about his mustache made me laugh out loud.
Juan Romualdo (1 year ago)
Dick is one smart man!
Opinunate ted (1 year ago)
When you lie, you have to tell more lies to cover it up. I'm not talking about "white lies." Lying about important things back fire because you have to keep lying to keep the lie going. It gets exhausting. And when she finally finds out, and she will, she will be angrier the more lies you have told and the longer you have told them.
OwlHour (1 year ago)
Christine Sim (1 year ago)
Which women shit this guy out?😂
Sturm breakers (1 year ago)
How is sex superficial?
Sky Taylor (1 year ago)
sorry but Tyt are idiots. Even mad libs are done with their lies n bs
unforgiven (1 year ago)
Maddox is a cuck.
patphatcat (1 year ago)
True story: There is a man in Florida who runs a business and he refuses to hire men. When they need help they will not ask for it. If they do not know what they are doing, they will pretend that they do. He was losing a lot of customers so he only hires women. Of course, there are men who are honest about their capabilities and do not take themselves too seriously.
patphatcat (1 year ago)
There are women who have done great things, lead battles hundreds of years ago and I do not hear of them and never learned about them in school because whoever wrote the textbooks will not put the women into the textbooks. I am happy to learrn more about women who did great things, now that I am 45 years old, because I never learned about them in school. Ex: The first computer programmer back in late 1800's was a woman named Lovelace. Her husband made the first computer.
M M Hackworth (1 year ago)
I looked at this video and got so mad! Then I thought that the comments would be empowering each other! But no it's just a bunch of dicks saying so many awful things. Well I will tell you now! I am a corporate attorney. And I bet you I make much more money then the boys wasting time trying to get under our skin. Girls can do just as much as guys. guys and girls are equal and for someone as stupid as this guy, I hope you realize that you are so stupid thinking that.
BluEWolfCrafter1543 (1 year ago)
This is just really funny xD
Qwert Yuiop (1 year ago)
women act childish
MaoTseFunkadelic (1 year ago)
Aw man, from 1:18 he does the classic "tell them you are doing satire to their face". They still don't get it. Awesome.
cofside (1 year ago)
About the Hillary Clinton part 4 minutes in.  Exactly to Dick Masterson's point,,, Clinton was the wife of a politician.  What qualification did she need for that.  The greatest qualification was her gender.  And because of her marriage to a politician she was handed a seat in the Senate.  In a state she never lived in prior to that time, a hand picked heavily democratic state NY.  And that's it!  She was appointed SoS after a presidential failed presidential run , a run in which for the first time she was forced to actually stand on her own merit.  And she lost. Twice.  But how is she the most qualified candidate for potus?  Everything she is credited with as experience she got because she could not do it on her own.
Ei Pi (1 year ago)
Wow! Turks were actually somewhat reasonable at one time
K-Saw Dilla (1 year ago)
"Are Men Better Than Women?" Welp. Let's put it this way. I don't prefer to think of them as women. I prefer to think of them as low-value individuals. Does that pretty much answer your question or what?
OhezzO (1 year ago)
i throw a dislike just coz ur channel got into politics and that fucktard Clinton, im watching with add block, and ill throw a dislike each time i came across one of ur vids fkin snowflakes.
Nightmana (1 year ago)
PKA anyone?
NPC 144530113 (1 month ago)
M1Garandstudios (1 year ago)
When you troll people so obviously subtly at the same time and they keep biting.
M1Garandstudios (1 year ago)
Holy shit they used Rock the House from Gorillaz S/T album, that was not expected. PKA 336 also
Charles Sweeney (1 year ago)
TYT are so dense they don't realize the tasty satire
Jake H (1 year ago)
HE LITERALLY SAYS "...like it's over manly satire?"
Emily Arking (1 year ago)
This guy is a comedy genius, but these comments make me lose hope
Live Laugh Love (1 year ago)
I can not believe half the people in the comment section like this man!
Live Laugh Love (1 year ago)
Wait, wait...he is 28! Well, okay he would be older now obviously but I thought he looked like an older man - honestly.
Sky Taylor (1 year ago)
are the tyt idiots still even around..
Letitia Dominic (1 year ago)
Even if this is some kind of joke it's not funny. It's beyond stupid.
"More than fifteen... More than fifteen hundred."
Miktecrep (1 year ago)
This guy is smart, He is a legend. I would love to learn something from his website.
ben ross (1 year ago)
One argument against Dick could be that, if it wasn't for women, there would be no men to make the innovations build the societies that we have today. Therefore women are equal, if not more so important to the development of mankind
Since CS:GO & MORE (1 year ago)
John NoNameGibbon (2 years ago)
Back when TYT had a sense of humor.
yajo891 (2 years ago)
When Anna was smoking hot and not the real skinny ghost she is now. TYT was even pretty objective back in these days
Charles Cox (2 years ago)
His podcast can be found at dick.show
The Fat Hipster (2 years ago)
Braden Best (2 years ago)
Wet tube socks.
scorned230 (2 years ago)
I like Dick Masterson, BUT when you will lie to get what you want? You lost me.. Never lie, cheat or steal. That is why he is so angry. She did look nice in the green dress.
Adrian Christ (2 years ago)
This conversation would've ended in TYT losing their shit if it were done in 2017. This video really goes to show how much more unreasonable they've become over the years.
Famitsu Mahjongg (5 months ago)
What happened to their mental health, it's scary
CamoNammo (2 years ago)
She totally wants Dick.
Eye Hates You (2 years ago)
Dick is my role model
Qing Dynastie (2 years ago)
womans think they have a golden vagina
Oscar28 (2 years ago)
240p really..
StarlightRose (2 years ago)
He's acting like he's the victim
jdisco1 (2 years ago)
WorldWide Rap (2 years ago)
Majnu Rants. (2 years ago)
its true
PenguinQuack (2 years ago)
Wait, Cenk wasn't always overweight?
My Flapping Cape (2 years ago)
Dick is telling the truth!
Gabriel Davila (2 years ago)
roger8654 (2 years ago)
men are better then women in many ways and women are better then men in their ways
Tank Wish (2 years ago)
A blind chipmunk would be more qualified than Hillary Clinton to run the White House.
Naruto0116 (2 years ago)
Milo and Dick should meet.
dredoc (2 years ago)
Geez, Cenk has gotten big
DIO-NYSIS (2 years ago)
this is brilliant. the young turks argues with him on every point but after Dick makes his point point they say "yea, i agree with your point, or "i'm with you on that"
Hard Core (2 years ago)
Of course men are better then women. Anyone with a brain can see that.
CV (2 years ago)
Dick is the personification of masculinity, faced with his opposite Denk
Nun Urbuisness (2 years ago)
men are way better then women not only are women not equal but they are a negative they hurt society they only consume. women are so lazy they think cleaning their own house and cooking their own food is oppression
Jack Stallard (1 year ago)
Chloe C5 seems to me like you've been in some rough relationships, grow up please and turn off caps lock. Thanks
Chloe C5 (1 year ago)
Boom Boom Boy (2 years ago)
Nun Urbuisness pretty much
Xerxes Dreyar (2 years ago)
Men are better.
TubeStormer (2 years ago)
i am really surprised they r agreeing almost completely
Grimm Folly (2 years ago)
Anna really sounds like the wife from the American Dad cartoon... at least she did back then, oh yeah Francine was the name.
John shears (2 years ago)
Do people actual like the young turks? i honestly thought they were just republicans doing some left wing stereotype
CV (2 years ago)
They're funded by a Soro's lawfirm in the millions to spread left wing disinfo.
nerdxone (2 years ago)
i got a stats for you
Mr Krabs (2 years ago)
He was only 28 in 2009? So he's about 35 now. Dang, he looks a lot older.
M ern (2 years ago)
Does this guy not believe in the human race??i.e women have to take time off to give birth and level out after...Its draining physically and emotionally.How can he not see this seriously?? Its not a hobbie..WOMEN still DIE in child birth for f&ck sake. And lets face it even though MOST men love their kids ..THEY do not want to be around them 24 7... Many MEN have tried after slating a woman/wife YEAH raising kids isn't hard.They usually fade out after a few days with mental exhaustion. I haven't had a child yet but as a woman i am not looking forward to staying home wiping tears and asses.I would rather be at work or with friends.
Donnie Stacy (2 years ago)
men and women are equal, the difrence on the mens behalf is men are physically more strong, mentely more stable and more independent. women are designed like a house , to sustain the new born with food and shelte. hunter / gatherer seed/egg strength/jantelness what the problem is the world that we live in is manipulating our minds to take roals that don't belong to us. fact relationships 100 years ago was more in agreement with both sexes than they are now.
Munchie Moosh (2 years ago)
Plus its not like one woman is is having a baby every dingle second
M ern (2 years ago)
But yes a woman can be raped and give birth..because her internal organs still work...duuh
M ern (2 years ago)
Childbirth is serious business..it is life threatening and we choose to ignore that fact.Also looking after kids is boring..feeding and wiping asses isn't rocket engineering but its still worthwhile.
Daniel D'Souza (2 years ago)
M ern Women can give birth in a coma.

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