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HERE WE GO‼️ Matthew Stevenson DRAMA vs Tiphani Montgomery Abuse‼️

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Here’s what happened. _________ Then spake the Lord to Paul in the night by a vision, BE NOT AFRAID, BUT SPEAK, AND HOLD NOT YOUR PEACE: for I am with you, and no man shall set on thee to hurt you: for I have much people in this city (Acts 18:9-10) We finally did it!!! After months of you guys requested it, We have our channel going and you will get to enjoy our lives like we do ❤️❤️❤️❤️💯💯💯 Please share our videos and like them, we are doing our best to reach 1Million Subs and keep giving you the best videos possible. ❤️ King K&D THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR WATCHING! WE LOVE YOU GUYS!!! ___ ALL OF OUR SOCIAL MEDIAS! ⇊ INSTAGRAM: KingJivesShow KCMoves SNAPCHAT: kingJivesShow TWITTER: KingDeMario FACEBOOK: De'Mario Q Jives Kenneth Johnson De'Mario Jives II De'Mario Jives III ___ WE VLOG: ⇊ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyUZoOgQwBOq_9eop_KDJFQ YouTube.com/KenMario YouTube.com/DrDJives ___ Kissing Challenge!!! LIVE IUI ⇊ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pni213uCa3I Touch and Feel!!! ⇊ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3INB3jdYpkM Andrew Caldwell comes for Bae, the clap back is real!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mXACNT1CCvU ___ OUR PRANK WARS!!! Mario being sneaking with the camera!! ⇊ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5QjgmkwwD-k Sunday Funday!! ⇊ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7OU-RCjpOKQ Playn Ghost ⇊ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OhfERVZW7mE How to BRAKE UP!! ⇊ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XdNtbKvMhWg ___
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Text Comments (909)
Fran Celia Music (19 hours ago)
I went to the music studio, recorded a song and hang with my friends a bit, shower , ate, came back in my office, girl you still there rambling on. for over 2 hours whew
K Dixon (22 hours ago)
...........I need to know what she's doing to make over $100,000.00/month in her business........................
toyee61 (1 day ago)
Forgot alot of people also left this church you are not lying he knew his wife is a big devil she still doing wrong to this day
Stella Antdorz (2 days ago)
her teeth, her hair, her skin.... BEAUTIFUL!!!😉
Crystal Clear Destiny (6 days ago)
I've been to the Million Conference in ATL and Dallas. I know exactly who the intercessor is that Tiphani is referring to. I also think I know who the "so-called" loud and ghetto(as described) prophet is that Tiphani was encouraged not to be friends with. Both the Intercessor and the Prophet are powerful women in the spirit.
peacock (8 days ago)
✝🐑✝🔨🔨🔨 🎺🎺🎺 🎺🎺🎺🎺 📖🙌📖👊💕🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃👑
peacock (8 days ago)
Well said my sister you have been Vindicated by the Lord Jesus Christ Hallelujah Seems like that Chief prophetess she needs a BFF how could she stand there and not recognize that Jesus says I am your friend they caused all of this yes this is serious very serious I thank you for standing up in confidence and boldness and the prompting of the Holy Spirit to do what you do Hallelujah
peacock (8 days ago)
Wild fruit cut up and placed in The soup Poision Sister blessings upon this word and testify What took place in the past which now speaks to many 💕📖🙌📖
peacock (8 days ago)
You know sister as I was listening to you an hour I'm hearing this in my ear and I haven't read in years so I stopped look it up at all I can hear is Poison the herbs soup in the spirit on hearing as you're talkin wow look at that so-called Prophet ess 2 Kings 4:38-40 Easy-to-Read Version (ERV) Elisha and the Poisoned Soup 38 Elisha went to Gilgal again. There was a famine in the land. The group of prophets was sitting in front of Elisha. Elisha said to his servant, “Put the large pot on the fire, and make some soup for the group of prophets.” 39 One man went out into the field to gather herbs. He found a wild vine and picked the fruit from it. He put that fruit in his robe and brought it back. He cut up the wild fruit and put it into the pot. But the group of prophets did not know what kind of fruit it was. 40 Then they poured some of the soup for the men to eat. But when they began to eat the soup, they shouted out, “Man of God! There’s poison in the pot!” The food tasted like poison, so they could not eat that food. Prophet ess
peacock (8 days ago)
The proof you called to apologize you have no ill-will towards that malicious behavior towsrd the first lady is she the president's wife the United States secondly They try to Corner you like a pack of wolves to devour like a lion This is so sickening all these title chief Apostle master bla bla Look to the Lord Jesus the Christ people shut the mouth of the enemy up already oh blood speaks against all evil Jesus hung on a tree the perfect spotless Holy Lamb of God takes away the sins of all Humanity by grace through faith in him you're blessed with Millions I have nothing at this point but I have the Lord Jesus and he's bringing me through my storm in his nothing that I have done because he has Set Me Free from many years now since 1995 and I'm sticking to see all these ignorant House of prophets so called decieving and raping the Sheep And raking leaves like they go after their wallets FOOLISHNESS awake awake oh my people say says The spirit of The Lord God Almighty In Jesus The Holy one
Teri Victorious (12 days ago)
Who takes the time to listen to a 2-hour video of someone telling their “story”?
Pat Franklin (13 days ago)
Have you ever read Proverbs about being a talebearer, because you are definitely one! Please go read your Bible and stop talking so much! That's not God's called for you! It's not Godly, and if you can't say something nice about every soul you've spoke about, just be quiet! It's not cute on you! You talk too much! No shade! A REAL PROPHET DOESN'T BRAG ABOUT BEING A PROPHET! 💯
I'm trying to really understanding this gossip being spilled on the low, that should be taken into a secret place so God can reveal it into the light His way.......We haven't heard anything about you until now and if you are a worthy mouth piece of God We desire to Be One with the body of Christ.... Contact us we want to meet you and the Kingdom believers who are in this residence of Raleigh who are in His [email protected]y.vpweb.com
Lila Johnson (14 days ago)
What do ever s see that shall he also reap ..Cowards always want you to be quiet because their not anointed with the courage to stand up against the spirit of error ..Thank God that he taught you as a babe in Christ and now you are strengthen to help others. God has liberated you, but at the same time developed a stronger prophetic movement with in you.... You gave clarity and understanding in your own way .. God cares ABOUT everything concerning us whether great or small. God bless the sincere spirit of the intercessor. Prophets are suppose to uphold to wounded and stand and fight for the poor, the afflicted and the downtrodden. People need to read their Bible's... There is a level of deliverance that has to take place in one's life after experiencing this type of spiritual abuse. You are who God say that you are. Some assignments we have to walk it out until God trains us, builds us, enlighten us. ..... This old lady ministered truth to you about the jealousy,but God equipped you for the journey... Love you in Christ. I personally don't know you but I'm watching and discerning your video by the spirit. I am a Prophet. But there are different types of prophets
Lila Johnson (14 days ago)
God assign Prophets to certain trials and test. Do what God has called you to do. Your walking in the spirit.. God was dealing with you spiritually in yr dreams and vision....They called you what God called you,but God has to show them that he is in control of your life...... Amen. Keep seeking God...send me a leak or info about your conference. God stands with righteous and godly integrity. Secret assassins are talking in their flesh... Lift up your voice like a trumpet in Zion.... Real prophets Satan tries to discredit with lies, false accusations and delusional ideas and thoughts. When God say shake the dust from your feet do it ...
Lila Johnson (14 days ago)
Woman of God be encouraged.... Your heart was genuine no matter how much people make negative comments on your post. People don't understand all yr explanations because the assignment that God had you on to listen, observe and experience the mind control and manipulating spirits of witchcraft and bewitching goons. There are times when God allow you to walk through precarious situations...Some times leaders want to tap into the anointing, the mantle and prophetic gift that God has planned, build and imparted inside of you... God allowed you to go through this to train you on what to do and what not to do in ministry when he sets you on the platform that he has prepared. People are looking for realness and transparency .. There are times that we don't understand what our heavenly Father is doing.... Familiar spirits always want you know yr every move, who you talk too, and Satan feeds them information....I believe what yr saying...This church has one intercessor chief,but prophets usual come together an pray, share dreams and vision an the holy spirit reveals, enlighten, enhance and gives clarity and understanding....... Jezebel also carried out Ahab"s orders and desires as a flunky. When you refuse to be controlled by men's ideas, fleshly law that's not God's thoughts and ideas. You were smart enough to catch on to withcraft.... Messy people. They want the gifts with in you, but didn't really want you. First you were a prophet an they wanted you to minister to the ????? Now yr the devil, liar and etc. You were invited, but because they were being exposed spiritually........ I have never watch yr video's before,but you were on an assignment only by God.....This is happening shamefully in the body of Christ. You have to forgive them and you have nothing else to prove....If God is for you, who can be against you.... Satan wants to close yr mouth and God wants you tell the truth. The intercessor and you were both prey for the head Wolf. ..You obeyed the word by setting down to reason as the Bible says. Lessons were learned! God is with you and know that you God gave the strength and ability to discern... it's a stronghold of mind control.....you showed integrity and walked in a spirit of excellence. Pray for the first lady! Jezebel was in operation from leadership and vengeance belongs to the Lord... Lot of times God don't release you to tell all. This sounds like a strong spirit of bewitchment... I am interested in your periscope platform for entrepreneurship... ..I've been in circumstances like this where God has used me to minister speak his word and warn...it's so much schizophrenia in some churches. Thank you for exposing the truth and tell the truth. John the Baptist had to do it.. Be careful in deliverance private services because Jezebel with try to attack you with yr personal life, fears an the old man.. They are not doing true deliverance ministry with true Agape love... David inquired of God about pursuing his enemy and God gave him the blessed assurance that he would be the Victor... This leader is merchandise of God's people. God will protect you from all spirits of retailiation....Exhausting ,but needed to be told because God gave you holy boldness... God growed you up faster to help other sheep. God used you. People knew what was going on before God sent you there. God got your back...God will open up new divine connection's.........Ignore the madness.......Good bye to bad piles of mess. You both will continue to Excel naturally and spiritually. Some favor you don't need it was contamination. Hopefully, you will never have to repeat this story again... Cult and carasmatic witchcraft
Thank God that you are truly connected with the Most High. I grew up in the church and God opened my eyes to the truth. People or Sheeple are not taught to follow Christ but to follow them. Those are occults. Bless you sis!
sabrina Johnson (18 days ago)
We believe you sweet heart.
sabrina Johnson (19 days ago)
Wise woman
sabrina Johnson (19 days ago)
Jealous people
Brenda Warner (19 days ago)
I am so happy you are still, walking with the lord. Many people walk away from church because of church hurt. We must always remember, church people hurt us not God.
TheLegacy87 (21 days ago)
You got one occultic snake (KING JIVES), exposing other occultic snakes....this world crazy.
doccandie (21 days ago)
Man, I aint finnah watch all thischit. Somebody email me the short version
Kay Smith (24 days ago)
I’m late on this post but I was very interested in visiting this church bc I grew up there from the previous pastor who sold it. I watched various videos from the current pastors and thought I could get a connection but it never happen. I prayed for guidance to attend but never got a answer from god, til I saw this video. This is my confirmation, although I’m late thanks for sharing your testimony
Deborah Jackson (28 days ago)
She is the messy one...what is this jibber jabber really about. Why is this woman running her mouth like we know what she is talking about.
Ankh Lifebook (1 month ago)
He has all this homosexuals in leadership because he is having relations with them! Spirits won’t lie!! He’s hard on women as a way to deflect from their issues! He hated women
Ankh Lifebook (1 month ago)
It’s easy to control broken people. You said a word when they use terms like “you belong here” it’s so sad because they don’t see it
Ankh Lifebook (1 month ago)
People Collectors= psychological manipulative. Mind Control! They have mastered the Art of Seduction and 48 Laws of Power through Neurolinguistic programming. Definitely low vibration and witchcraft....read the books by Robert Greene. There is something called Dark Psychology.
Ankh Lifebook (1 month ago)
This also shows why black churches fail and don’t help black ppl! Their LEADERSHIP SUCKS!!!! They want to be white people and use their evil manipulative ways in order to lead! It doesn’t work because it’s not lead by GOD.....these men and women in the church are controlling and manipulative they don’t know what they are doing. They like to pretend to be something they are not
Ankh Lifebook (1 month ago)
These people are all wicked!!! They are clout chasers operating in the flesh! Nothing Godly about them! They are brainwashing their members and controlling them so they can get money!!!
Ankh Lifebook (1 month ago)
Cliff Notes Tiph was popping and Dr Stevenson was trying to grow his church and get his branding to the next level. He manipulated her by inviting her to visit the church and then without warning told the congregation that she was joining as a leader. He did it during the service in front of everyone (put her on blast so she couldn’t say no) She joins, she tries to get acclaimed to the structure and process. A woman tells her not to be friends with someone she knows all because she is jealous. They keep trying to force her in leadership even though she doesn’t want to....all because they are using her for her skills and need her help to raise money. She has a dream about a woman sleeping with a married man. She tells the church. After that went down it went to hell! They then decided to destroy her life by making her incredible and paint her as crazy all because of fear of the the secret being released. She’s a prophet and most of dreams come true. They start trying to cover their tracks and destroy her. They begin to basically be petty and throw subliminal messages at her. She gets fed up and decides to remove herself. Fast forward *not in video* Dr. Stevenson was caught on video doing homosexual acts. His church and he is wicked! They lie, steal and manipulate ppl to get their way. His ministry is crumbling because they are operating in witchcraft. Your welcome!
Sweet Shay (1 month ago)
Omg and I actually wanted to visit that church . Apostle is flattering with his speech but watching him minister with tight clothes on was disturbing to me. But I thought who am I to judge
Indigenous Chippewa (1 month ago)
Why put these videos out if you can’t be bold enough to give real names?
no new york (1 month ago)
CLUES: 1. pastor from california to raliegh. 2. prophet (lie) from ga. 3. pastor from ( over church )baltimore 4. church in chicago 5. pastor in va. A . Are you sure?/ how about no and your action follows with a no ( been there)...
Sharifa Stewart (1 month ago)
The fact that you are having friction with your best friends, is God's way of separating you to sanctify you and fill you up. He is setting you apart. Don't let them sabotage you. Read your bible, pray, worship, fast and BE quiet around the enemy. Only speak when the Holy Spirit tells you to. Stop listening to them!!! They are going to just bring you more anguish. The devil wants you to lose momentum, by upsetting you, which entices you to walk in the flesh. Because you are a babe and is just learning how to war in the spirit, you will get worldly. If so, just repent and move forward. This is a trick by the devil. All this is distractions. You are going to be persecuted, if you follow the Holy Spirit.
Sharifa Stewart (1 month ago)
IF you are truthful regarding these individuals lying, I can see that this is a cult. Something like a Salem Witch Hunt orgestated by the devil. The devil is after you for who you will become and how God will use you. You may still have worldliness on You because you are a babe. But God will grow you up and clean you up. I don't know you or what type of spirit you hold. But if you are called then This is part of your Fire that will help mold you into what God has called you to be. Don't lose heart and don't be afraid. However, if these allegations are true about those individuals, they did not respond as those who are working in and by the spirit of the lord. However, this is all flesh (pride) plain and simple.
This sis telling everything need to be told .glory tp God thats why God sent u
Rose Chocolate (1 month ago)
I hear the Jezebel spirit all up in what took place. Jezebel always drops something in another's spirit, to mess it up. I never attend any churches with a bunch of women leading. It's always super messy, competitive, and ungodly. You also got caught up in the getting noticed. It's very easy to do, when others are lifting you up on High. I'm a Prophetess and no One has to let me know that. God already ordained me himself, so I don't need man's ordination at all. Man loves to ordain people, and then snatch titles away when they're caught up in their own feelings.
Rose Chocolate (1 month ago)
There's no such thing as a chief prophet of Chief Prophetess. Elijah was the most powerful Prophet in the Bible, and never called himself Chief anything. There was powerful prophetesses as well, and none of them were Chiefs either. God's going to get these folks who are perverting the anointing.
Carol Adams (1 month ago)
I have been through some of the same mess in church. Only God brote me through it.
Tonyd fromKC (1 month ago)
How the heck you get subs when aint done the work yourself...i tell ya niggas are reaping off of someoone elses back
Alfred Polk (1 month ago)
Another black person trying to PIMP GOD!!!
kizzy gage (1 month ago)
Woman Of God, what an awesome testimony & words of wisdom.
Lisa Thomas (1 month ago)
Since when did Churches start hazing? That is of the world and not God.🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾
LaShawn Cave (1 month ago)
Glad you shared, hopefully it will help a lot of these lost sheep. I believe in God, not Church, not Man.
Miss Dana Diggins (1 month ago)
King!!! Ewww weee!!! What in all that is insane is goin on these days? These religious folks have lost their minds🙄 Who in the hell would want to be in any church now? It's pure comedy and messy messy!!! 👎👎🤬🤬
New Place In God (1 month ago)
Tiphani, you need NO vindication or approval from "anyone"! God had appointed you, Saved you, Anointed you, and is raising you above all this mess. GOD'S BLESSINGS and may His INCREASE continue to be yours. Amen.
New Place In God (1 month ago)
People will sit at game that will go into overtime with no problem! People will sit in a theatre and watch a demonic movie for 2hrs with no problem. But only when they are being convicted and demons are being shook do they find it hard to hear TRUTH!!! This video is NOT that long that one can't sit and watch or listen for a few minutes. Smh
TheMochaangel (1 month ago)
uuuh, can someone pls just give me the cliffnote version of what happened??
Whitney Bonds (1 month ago)
Before all this happened my husband and I knew this church was nothing but witchcraft. Sounds like the dreams and signs were not from God but witchcraft to control her and manipulate her..
Marline Nesbitt (1 month ago)
Marline Nesbitt (1 month ago)
God calls you not Man!!
Aaron Stewart (1 month ago)
Danielle M. (1 month ago)
You speak truth. A discerning eye can see it.
I’m sorry that you had to go through that on your journey to finding God. I enjoy the word that I get from the pastor, if its not the word of God that I’m listening too and learning I don’t want to be involved. I believe that everyone should have the right to speak the TRUTH of their REALITY. I thought we all was given the first amendment right...... right? God bless us all and wash and protect us all with the BLOOD OF JESUS CHRIST 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾 Amen
Seeallknowall Not (1 month ago)
Stop using the Bible to be disrespectful to the commenters. You can’t be taught to be a prophet; prophets are led by the spirit not man.. That should’ve been your first clue to run.
Rhuldhair (1 month ago)
I don’t even know anybody involved in this story nor have I heard about this story before. But listening to all of this.. out of curiosity.. The scripture that resonates to me is James 3:13-4:1. Where envying and strife is there’s confusion and every evil work. From whence come wars and fightings among you? Come they not of your lusts? To those out there with a calling on ur lives.. wait .. on .. the .. Lord. Don’t run after titles or positions. If there is a calling on your life, the Lord is going to lead you.. there is no need to go being “schooled or trained” so soon. Or running here there and everywhere. Stay where you are at... grow.. learn the lessons you’re supposed to learn and Everything will fall in line from where you’re at. Talking from experience... I know the calling on my life but I’m not running to establish any title or even call myself any title. I know where I am at, I have lessons to learn cause there are things in me that needs to be rid, before God can position me to where he desires me to be. No way can you move from “freshly” saved to these “titles” ... learn where u’re at and God wld direct you when the time is right. As for dreams.. (also a dreamer) always go to the Word and see where it aligns. Not all dreams are from the Lord. Rest. Allow God to deal with the mess people do in your lives. Rest. I feel sorry for all those persons when they eventually stand before God.
Keep on preaching the truth!!!
luc4789 (2 months ago)
This is sad but waaayyyy better then greenleaf
GT FORD (2 months ago)
He did!! Thank you so much. You just freed us and uncovered the hand of the enemy.
Ebony Laquise (2 months ago)
Clap backs. Dry snitching. Sneak dissing. Clout chasing. Gossip. Periscope pulpit pimping. Humble bragging. Ego battles. Power posturing. Whew! I’m exhausted!
Sunshine Ray (12 days ago)
Tembo (2 months ago)
You need a break from this prophetic rubbish . Go on a missions trip to Africa or some other continent and get back to the gospel roots coz I don’t feel the fruit of the spirit in you . The devil has you all busy with nonsense and Why does the intercessor 🖖🏽✋have hand gestures ? The bible says in the end prophecies will cease and all that matters is love so that’s why I say the devil has you all busy with nonsense. Get back to the feet of Jesus...
Iris Quick (2 months ago)
Thank you for sharing! Been there I learn it was good that I was afflicted! Church hurt is one of the worse! I don't trust church folk to this day! Stay strong my sister continue to do good! The Most High is with you!
Sandra Walker (2 months ago)
They was never your friend at all they just use you to build up they minister that why they bully you because they wanted to control you and you wouldn’t let them
Sandra Walker (2 months ago)
Speak your truth Daughter of God don’t let no one Shute you up God want you to bring the truth forth
Lisa Kahele (2 months ago)
How can you speak God's word yet spread chaos. That is not of God.
tosha0508 (2 months ago)
Ten minutes in and I still don't know wtf she's talking about. Lemme go cruising through the comments to see if I can find a summary of this bullshit
Taylor Young (2 months ago)
I’ve been thinking about attending that church. Never mind child.
Taylor Young (2 months ago)
This is why I dont have friends. I have one bf. that’s it and I ain’t pressed about having more.
Taylor Young (2 months ago)
When she said ”Tim’s” name! I died. I said this is soo me but honey God is still working on me because I don't give warnings. I go straight for your neck.
Toyia McGowan (2 months ago)
Head what🤔....all this sounds crazy. Getting in trouble? Are you in school?..just go to another church. It's too many good churches out there to be stuck in a bad one. Too much drama.
@21:41– I am out. Read about Prophets in the Bible. God would have warned you if you truly were hearing His voice. Why would our Savior lead you into confusion and sadness after He called you a Prophet. There is no confusion in the Holy Spirit, none whatsoever. No matter what happened, I do not discern God in this. May God bless you and heal you of the pain you are feeling.
Diana L Evans (2 months ago)
18:53, Have Mercy, different story yet I understand...
Diana L Evans (2 months ago)
This is not funny; I'm tickled 12:29
Diana L Evans (2 months ago)
Wow I'm 9:23 in, go ahead!
Diana L Evans (2 months ago)
Alright Girl
Bonita Parker (2 months ago)
That church was manipulating and witchcraft.
Ain'tIawoman?? NODOUBT (2 months ago)
These sexually demonic males are sick and will be dealt with by THE MOST HIGH accordingly. Sistas beware of the wolves in sheep clothing called pastors or any other high esteemed blk Male
TreMarie (2 months ago)
You needed to share for the ones who spent years under the same dysfunction. THANK YOU!
TreMarie (2 months ago)
elcee84 (2 months ago)
This was a waste of time...Vengence belongs to the Lord! Learn from this experience, grow and keep it moving! God placed all in Authority and He can bring them down to nought! In all this how many souls were saved? How did you exalt the Brethren...everything here is not relevant. Remember the things of this earth will pass away. Seek peace with All men and those that are evildoers and workers of lawlessness (who will proclaim Lord Lord on that day) THEY are already Judged! Jesus will soon come, Sis please forgive and put this finally aside and seek God and move in the direction He leads you
LuluKinyozi Beauty (2 months ago)
God she is long winded she took toooooo long to get to the point!Prophet?In Planned Parenthood?If God was calling your ass He probably would have called you out of Planned Parenthood and told you to put them damn pills down.She is not a prophet!It might be Satan giving her all these dreams and visions.Your legacy was that child you aborted.Close those legs and that mouth.I have no respect for self professed prophets it is haughty.And I definitely would not believe voices in my head after taking an abortion pill.You probably can hear a lot of voices after taking those pills.Yeah should have probably kept this to herself.FALSE PROPHETS GOD SAID HE WILL FRUSTRATE THEIR PROPHECIES BECAUSE THEY ARE LIARS for money!
Gloria Mccoy (2 months ago)
Why are you spending time in that den of liars. Jesus never defended himself. People will say what they want.
Toyia McGowan (2 months ago)
You were "preyed" upon because they were young and very impressionable. All these titles and wolves in sheep's clothing...God is not pleased. Folks better be careful and not so hurriedly in joining churches, organizations and etc. Do your research. "Church" folk can be down right cut throat. Put your trust in God and not in man. Who cares about a title because that will not get you into heaven. Wake up honey.
mzpchypchz (2 months ago)
This was terrible. And I witness small amounts of this while a teen. Messy..messy. Imagine if I actually knew what a lot of the happenings meant. Many people have distant themselves from God due to the doings of his so called Godly ppl. Church business...scary business!
Yolanda Diaz (2 months ago)
"Tiff is an example of what honor looks like".. Boy does that sound familiar to me with some fake pastors I was around. All he spoke about was honor and had his "minions" spoke about how we need to honor him. So narcissistic.
Tt jax (2 months ago)
A bunch of babbling. Total click bait..
Chanell Cochran (2 months ago)
We need God!
Chantell Lovett (2 months ago)
One more thing, when your anointed and called by God, people are jealous of that. They’re trying to bring your spirit down and break you. Don’t let em steal your joy. This is exactly why I don’t attend these “ministries”. They’re so messy. The main goal should be drawing souls to Christ and seeking repentance, deliverance, and salvation but they’re too busy being messy. Sad.
Chantell Lovett (2 months ago)
She’s good. I would have got up and left in the first meeting, said God bless you, and NEVER EVER looked back.
Candie Williams (2 months ago)
I’m looking for a in Raleigh where is your church
Retro Rad Films (2 months ago)
Ha Ha, I love it.
karon nettles (2 months ago)
Amen! It's your truth to tell when you are ready.
Jaysen Solo (2 months ago)
It's 9:19, I'm out. Too long.
Jaysen Solo (2 months ago)
Please get rid of those glasses.
Jaysen Solo (2 months ago)
These new pseudo-Christians don't know any bible! White liberalism has infiltrated these PAW spaces.
Jaysen Solo (2 months ago)
6:34 she still talking and hasn't said nothing. Hasn't used scripture yet!
Jaysen Solo (2 months ago)
You waited 2 years or God released you, which is it?
Jaysen Solo (2 months ago)
The glasses thru me. I couldn't listen fully. And that's a lot of hair too
Jaysen Solo (2 months ago)
Tiphani...that's an ugly to spell a name. I thought it was tilapia.

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