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Why Women Are Superior To Men

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This was difficult for me to make. I don't like admitting it, but yes ladies, you're better than us. In this video, I break it down. Follow me: Twitter/Instagram- @StarringShane Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/shane.pittman.75
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Don Johnson (10 months ago)
She is just testing you and you lose so bad . You should tell her that men are superior you you want her to respect you . Men are vastly superior . Everything is built by men. The PC you are using is made by men . The phone you are using is made by man . The movies you are watching ...... Women is just an organic baby born machine and she don't even know how the child will look like ...is just nature using her body . So is not she the creator of a new born. Also in sports , combat and most stressful jobs the man lead by far .. The studies that you present proof nothing against the reality . The reality is build my men . This is just feminist propaganda .
internetjunk (1 year ago)
Pacify her (1 year ago)
It's obvious women are superior
Pacify her (1 year ago)
Niko Bellic you can't even spell
Mitchell Crawford (1 year ago)
Wrong, men and women are equal just deal with it
Wenbin Jin (1 year ago)
Starringshane your a fucking retarded ass blue pilled mangina bitch
MrJavaman5 (2 years ago)
1. Not all women can give birth. And not all women are very good mothers. There are some really crappy mothers out there! I know fathers who primary care givers to their kids because their mom is unfit to care for them. 2. Plenty of men bleed. You obviously have never been on the front lines of any of our armed forces. 3. That's mostly a myth. Technically speaking, nobody can really multi-task. Even if it is true though that women are better at doing different things at the same time, there are some instances where that's a bad thing. In some cases, you need to stay focused on one thing and see it through before moving on to something else. Getting distracted with other things, when you really need to focus on getting a certain task done first can lead to trouble. So in this case, men could actually have an advantage if this were true. Multitasking is double edge sword. It can be good in some instances, in other instances, it's not so good. 4. Oh some women are just as bad. You're just lucky you've only been around the good ones. 5. I don't know about you but I always forgive women.
eric szarka (2 years ago)
Then why do you always tell me what to at practice????

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