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Day[9] vs. Rob Simpson in Magic: The Gathering: Spellslingers Episode 1

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Welcome to Spellslingers, a new show based on the phenomenally popular card game, Magic: The Gathering. Presented by Sean Plott of Day9TV, prepare to experience fun-filled, fast-talking and adrenaline-paced battles that highlight the latest MTG cards. This week's challenger is eSports caster and personality Rob Simpson. Want to get started in Magic: The Gathering? Buy a starter pack: http://amzn.to/1c2v0Ix In each episode geek icons will take on our expert Sean with the hope of emerging victorious in an all-or-nothing match, while you learn the tips and tricks to become a MTG expert! Next episode's guest: Bobak Ferdowsi, better known as the NASA Mohawk Guy. Special Thanks to Wizards of the Coast! Subscribe to Geek and Sundry: http://goo.gl/B62jl Join our community at: http://geekandsundry.com/community Twitter: http://twitter.com/geekandsundry Facebook: http://facebook.com/geekandsundry Google+: https://plus.google.com/+GeekandSundryhttp://geekandsundry.com/community --- CAST Executive Producers: Felicia Day Sheri Bryant Director: Dinh Thai Hosted by: Sean Plott Guest Opponent: Rob Simpson Producers: Ari Weiner Ryan Copple Assistant Story Producer: David Ackerman Production Coordinator: Ashley Krick Assistant Coordinator: Nick Applebaum Assistant Director: Jason Lombardo Director of Photography: Michael Pescasio Camera Operators: Rafael Leyva Owen Captures Jared Washburn Media Manager: Ismail Gaffer: Lee Narby Best Boy Electric: Pat Russo Key Grip: Brian McDermott Grip: Otis Mannick Production Designer: Geoff Flint Art Director: Drew Wootten Set Dressers: Jalisco Wayne Jakob Bokulich Art PA Sylvia Kochinsky Make-Up: Tara Loren VTR: Jacob Bass Sound Mixer: Reza Moosavi Catering: Food Fetish Craft Service: Rosa Ehrlich Editor: Chris Willett Graphics: Steve Sprinkles Sound Designer: Sean Oakley Composer: George Shaw On Set Magic Representative: Gavin Verhey PAs: Jason Adams Michael Smith Forrest Tagliamonte Dermil Bell
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Text Comments (2108)
carl miller (22 days ago)
OMG Sean Plott and his friends are hilarious as hell they always make me laugh XD, I would love to play against him one for the fun of it and spin the spinner to see what decks we use, an yes that one episode with that one play mat heck that does look exactly like Felica Day OMG the resemblance is canning.
jcthorpe69 (1 month ago)
I rewatch this every now and then to have something playing in the background while I'm doing stuff and for 5 years now, I laugh at the look on Sean's face when he draws that Plains at the end EVERY...SINGLE...TIME. :)
KingAmo (1 month ago)
6:51 that scared the shit out of me.
Chris8423 (2 months ago)
I keep coming back to this episode, Rob is such a gentleman. A stand-up guy.
Waxweazle NL (3 months ago)
Rob Simpson, very handsome man ;)
Jaco Adriaansen (4 months ago)
The breaking bread part is a reference to limited resources right? Pretty funny if it was
KLR-Zoomie (4 months ago)
Ah, when Geek & Sundry was fun and inclusive. So much cringe now...
Miniac (4 months ago)
I think I've probably watched this video 5 or 6 times and I can never get over Rob saying "First Blood!" It's so god damn good. You guys gotta have Rob back on in the new season!
Phillip Mele (4 months ago)
19:04 You’re right Sean. That would be an unexpected turn of events.
Jay Ferguson (5 months ago)
As Chris Kluwe will say: "Gotta love that land!" in much the same circumstance. :)
asdf (5 months ago)
Nazgulth (6 months ago)
You can't "forget" to untap. It's not an optional trigger, it's forced.
Quiltfish (8 months ago)
It resolves, ROB.
drizztcj (8 months ago)
Still my favourite series on Youtube, and one of the best videos of the series.
T Tuck (8 months ago)
I just found this show and I need you to just start a new season..... good work giys
Kyroking (10 months ago)
I miss this so much
TheSymboz (1 year ago)
sean got mad finessed
kartoffelklaus30 (1 year ago)
hi00118 (1 year ago)
Ah yes, double bear. Double punched!
RedTeamOmega (1 year ago)
So where's season 4?
jcthorpe69 (1 year ago)
It's been almost 4 years since I first watched this and watching Plott topdeck that land still makes me LOL every time. :)
Murry Witzel (1 year ago)
Yeah, the arm falling off line was pretty good, but while I was laughing about that, I realized - wait, Sean didn't TRY to do anything. All he did was draw the next card which was predetermined since the shuffle - and if you are a Determinist, it was predetermined since the spawning of the universe. Honestly, this game is the blackjack of the fantasy gaming world.
Wanker (1 year ago)
Rob is so hot
bastian rhone (1 year ago)
ok guys modermasters came out amonkhet is coming lets bring sligers backkk pkeassssse
bastian rhone (1 year ago)
dude and dudettes, who wants this to come ba k just in time for amonkhet?!?!?
Deej (1 year ago)
Why did this show stop???
Murry Witzel (1 year ago)
"What an elusive, fat Krasis." and the line delivered perfectly. Excellent comedy, Sean!
Significant Vloggers (1 year ago)
Ok, that was the best--true Cali humor right there! 😂
Jonathan Law (1 year ago)
Jeremiah Bachmann (1 year ago)
Why have no other shows come close to this type of quality and feeling? You guys move at a casual pace, explain the moves, have fun, use great camera work, editing, and production. I hear rumors that there will be no more videos made. If Spellslingers is no more, let's hope some of you have taken your show on the indie trails to give us more Spellslinger-type shows very very soon...
Big Dumpling 17 (1 year ago)
Orzhov decks are easy to use if you know how to use it like I'm pretty good with orzhov deck I go to Friday night and use my orzhov deck and I usually win
TurboMoomin (1 year ago)
Will there be more episodes?
Paul Orr (1 year ago)
"Praying for the end of time to hurry up and arrive."
Night Hawk (1 year ago)
holy crap that scared me,hahahahahaha 6:51 FIRST BLOOD hahahahahahaha
MovieMan47 (2 years ago)
Try Hard Moment of the Year: Saying "It resolves" after an attack
Jonathan van der Steen (2 years ago)
LOL omg the Bronze putting the Silver and Gold medal on the winners jokes gets me every time! hahhahaahahhaahaha
Jay Well (2 years ago)
Enchanting Elusive Krasis with Krasis Incubation was such a flavor win!
Nazgul100 (2 years ago)
I miss Spellslingers. it was so much fun.
Lawson Leong (2 years ago)
I knew when he executioner swung on the 2/2 that he done fucked up. Krasis is unblockable, my nigga.
Lawson Leong (2 years ago)
Can't sleep on a Krasis.
Lawson Leong (2 years ago)
Sean shoulda attacked with the knight every turn he could've. It's vigilant, nigga.
why is always a 2 colour deck..where did all the single colour deck's go
martijn Lodewijk (2 years ago)
I am very new to magic and just started getting cards. What I was wandering though, how do you guys build your decks ? Do you have experienced deck builders on the set, do you do it yourself or do you use duel decks, clash packs, event decks, etc. Offcourse I understand that 'standard' players build there own deck but my question is derected to this specific situation (spellslingers). Because I really like this game and want to play it with my girlfriend sometime but she isn't into the deckbuilding games. So if I know how you aquired your decks maybe I can get them the same way to play with her. :)
The Floppy Bird (2 years ago)
"Have you broken break in your deck build?"
Bartek Strukowski (2 years ago)
"Have you broken bread in your deck?" bread is a term (acronym) used in draft, and it refers to prioritizing your picks, Bombs, Removal, Evasion, Attackers, Defenders. The joke is you don't use this term in constructed play, and definitely not in a sentence like this :) Unless you just misspelled, then ignore me ;)
That Guy In The Vest (2 years ago)
Worse thing about watching these old episodes again is the damn explanations for everything
Tom Hunt (2 years ago)
Do a vanguard series
Angel Duarte (2 years ago)
randonisi (2 years ago)
At 15:14 when rob multiblocks, shouldn't sean's vampire get a +1/+1 after killing the bird or does that effect not trigger because the dmg from the other blockers is calculated before the +1/+1 is added?
ThisIsToXiN (2 years ago)
+randonisi Damage is dealt at the same time. Before the ability triggers.
randonisi (2 years ago)
ahh okay thanks 
Kirbytronic (2 years ago)
the damage is dealt before the cards hit the graveyard, so he is dead before getting the +1/+1
Terraqueous (2 years ago)
"sengir vampire! What!" fucking lol
CyberMaster (2 years ago)
I love magic, My favorite combo to use is Green/Black or Blue/Green. White is my weakness, I have not grown to use it. But I was wondering.. Will there be more of this? I love this series. And this is the only Magic gameplay I will watch because it is so funny, and it gets to the point!
wr3stlegirl (2 years ago)
Why did Sean not kill the Krasis when it was unblockable?
Tyler Mabry (2 years ago)
It's crazy to see how in shape and healthy looking Sean was when this all began.
Harvey Hale (2 years ago)
+Tyler Mabry Heh, I remember first seeing Sean on TheFlog and thought he was rather attractive and nicely shaped.
kiloneie (2 years ago)
+Tyler Mabry Why... He looks the same now, just little different hair and more cats D: ... ?
Matt Riegel (2 years ago)
Great episode and I really liked the explanations and demonstrations with the animations. I'm learning magic and this series is fantastic! Please bring us more 😀
Lewis Birkett (2 years ago)
intro reminds me of game of thrones
Nate Smith (2 years ago)
Remember children: always Executioner Swing the Elusive Krasis.
Joanne Bridget Simpson (3 years ago)
Ha! I literally have the same playmat as Sean!
Nodders (3 years ago)
I just found out this existed :P Anyway It says "toughness is the amount of damage a creature can withstand . If a creature takes an amount of damage greater than its toughness it goes to the graveyard" is that right ? So if I have a 1/1 creature it has to have 2 damage to kill it and 1 damage means it lives , seems weird to me that you have to do more damage , surely a 1 toughness creature takes 1 damage and is therefore on 0 and is dead , or is MTG different in that aspect and have to do greater damage . Cheers :)
Nanofuture87 (2 years ago)
+Nodders Nah, it's an amount of damage equal to its toughness. A 1/1 creature dies if it takes 1 damage. Creatures also die if their toughness is reduced to 0 by some effect [a popular way to kill those pesky indestructible creatures ;) ]
nik31291 (3 years ago)
I have gotten into Magic the gathering based totally off this show so well done guys!
A Passable Lich (3 years ago)
Sengir Vampire looks like he's in the middle of a three-year crack binge.
Brooks Ogborn (3 years ago)
Thoughts: Isn't it called the combat step? You can only extort once for each instance of extort you control for each spell you cast. Why didn't he cast Executioner's Swing during combat?
Brooks Ogborn (3 years ago)
Duly noted. You are right.
yaku3 (3 years ago)
+Brooks Ogborn Execution swing can only be cast on a creature that have dealt any form of damage.
Geeky McLoserface (3 years ago)
"Yay, it's not a dude" What i say every time on omegle
PlayDusty (3 years ago)
Clever bluff on turn two... Sean says "thank god" and plays the mana he drew...when all he had was mana... clever Sean...so dishonest...lol
Carlos Eduardo (3 years ago)
It Resolves!
Lily Grey (3 years ago)
I think I am finally understanding this game!!! So excited!! Thanks to Sean and to Rob, both amazing teachers. <3
USB Drive (3 years ago)
I felt so bad when your arm fell off... ouch!
USB Drive (3 years ago)
After watching this video, I WANT THIS GAME SOOOOOOO BAD!!!!!
Ol' Birdman Jenkins (3 years ago)
"After you've hit the top it's not the successes that feel good...it's the failures." Oh my dear god. Laughing to keep from crying.
Caroline Aquino (3 years ago)
I've never played Magic, but I'd really love to learn. I'm sure there are many tutorial vids on youtube. Just a few questions about these games: How many cards of each color are in a standard deck? So how many cards does each player start the game with? In the various tournaments, do people usually get to play decks they created themselves or is there a random factor, like here? Do people always play 2-colored decks? Can you use 3 colors? Or just one?
Leucian Arkreus (2 years ago)
+Caroline Aquino I gotta add that if you want to make your own deck you could buy 2 or 3 of one intro deck and then mix them together or if you don't mind a little math, I find that 36 spells and 24 lands are best with 18 creatures and 18 noncreature spells, and if you want a lot of cards you could play Battle Of Wits, which is an enchantment that states " At the beginning of your upkeep, if you have 200 or more cards in your library, you win the game."
Hauke Boer (3 years ago)
+Caroline Aquino Adding only one blue card to a deck without that color, gives a high risk of not having a blue land when you have that card, or the opposite. You can always add a choice-mana land card, that gives you the ability to choose which color the land will be in that turn. Most of the time you can choose between two colors, so for example a red/blue land card and a black/blue land card can give you more options for your hand to be played. It also doesn't give up a precious spot in your deck. Else you would have 2 blue cards that you rarely use, and now you can use those lands for your other cards too. - Most decks contain 60-65 cards, because that gives a clearer way you are going to play. If you put in too many cards, the chance of having a successful draw gets less per card added, so keep it close to 60. You're welcome! If you have more questions, feel free to ask them. PS. Magic also has Intro Packs if you didn't know that, those are decks that are balanced with other decks for a good start and good for learning the basics of the game. You don't have to worry yet about how to manage your colors.
Caroline Aquino (3 years ago)
+Hauke Boer Thanks for the reply! I've seen some vids about playing Magic but I hadn't seen explanations for the 2-color choice that seems to be a standard. Would it be crazy to play and red-black deck and have 1 blue card or something that you really like in there, too? Is there a limit to the total # of cards you can play with? Can I have a deck of 100 cards? Probably don't want too many cards or else you run the risk of getting only land or taking forever to draw land. Thanks in advance for answering these questions!
Hauke Boer (3 years ago)
How many cards of a certain color there are in a deck depends on the playstyle, it doesn't have a rule for the amount of different colors your deck may have, some people like 3 colors because it can be used in many situations, but it also makes card draw worse, because you sometimes draw cards you can't play because you don't have a land for it. Some people like playing with 1 color because they almost never have a problem with card draw. But that makes the deck less effective to certain things because it's focused on one thing. You start with 7 cards in your hand, but if you don't like what you've got, you can put it back in the library, shuffle it and draw 6 instead of 7.
Paul Ahrenholtz (3 years ago)
5:52 Or equal to*
Ben Weber (2 years ago)
Yeah I noticed that too
Nirsean Guarino (3 years ago)
The most annoying sentence in magic... a good amount of control
mikkel larsen (3 years ago)
Don't worry. Civilization did end. Sadly the chaos afterwards looked very much like civilization
Kylo glen (3 years ago)
thats the kind of deck i will use green/blue
mysticblade35 (3 years ago)
+Kyle Sutherland You'd be surprised. I went into Magic thinking I'd be a hardcore green player, and now I love red, blue and black. I barely play green anymore, and when I do it's usually just a splash. Experiment with different stuff and see what you like.
Jason Libby (3 years ago)
I laughed soooooooo hard when he topdecked that plane
Alisethera (3 years ago)
you need to belive in the heart of, wait wrong game.
Alif Solo (3 years ago)
Ruling question youtube: Around 9:30, after the attackers where declared by Rob and the instant used by Rob to tap target creature; why did Day9 wait till after combat phase to use Executioners Swing? If he had used the swing while in combat phase, wouldn't it be on the top of the stack and resolve before damage is dealt?  I had a same question about Voyage's End [return target creature back to owners hand]. After my opponent declares attackers, can i use Voyage's End to return a creature back to his hand? If so, does this happen after combat damage resolves?
Alif Solo (3 years ago)
Thanks Brad!
Brad Sheridan (3 years ago)
So combat works in a few steps, there's declare attackers, declare blockers, and then damage. During any of these steps, you may cast instant spells (such as voyage's end) before damage, and the creature can be returned before damage. In the case with executioners swing, day 9 could not have casted it during combat, because beetleform mage had not yet dealt damage, so instead, he casts it in the end step
ElyskeTheDonut (3 years ago)
Executioner's only works on a creature that has dealt damage.
Mac E (3 years ago)
lmao the ending is so funny with the plains!
scott family (3 years ago)
Are thier decks custum, if not what deck was
Brandon Prestage (3 years ago)
Wwhats in the Simic Deck?
Josh Sine (3 years ago)
Counters and big monsters
DragonicQueen Xx (3 years ago)
You only play creatures with flash when YOU PLAY A SPELL
Nanofuture87 (2 years ago)
+Lily Bartrut They changed the wording on the cards over the years, but it used to be clearer that the creature cards were spells that summoned creatures. The card starts as a spell, and then it becomes a creature on the battlefield if it resolves.
DragonicQueen Xx (3 years ago)
Ah thank you!
TheDyingFox (3 years ago)
+Lily Bartrut I'm a bit late, and I'm not sure it helps but: "Flash (You may cast this spell any time you could cast an instant)" Meaning the card it self is the spell, and it can be cast anytime you can cast an instant. Meaning: Usualy a Creature spell can only be cast during one of your "main phases", but with Flash you can cast it during "declare attack and blockers", or even "during your opponents turn". (Like any other Instant spell). And I hope I explained that correctly.
TacoCatsofDoom (3 years ago)
+Lily Bartrut Flash says: You may cast this creature as if it were a SPELL/instant.
DragonicQueen Xx (3 years ago)
Omg this is so late but I've been watching these videos again, and the card text says when you cast a spell, so I don't know. Maybe cause I understand it wrong. :P
Darthorath J (3 years ago)
The wheel of Fate...hmm, subtitles would disagree with Real or Fake.
Awwa1 (3 years ago)
"If only I could place at the Day9TV Olympics. Oh wait, this is the Cruel Justice Olympics! And I just won the Bronze Metal! Here Silver Metalist, here is your Silver Metal! Here Gold Metalist! Here is your Gold Metal! Don't be thinking about me, all alone, wiping my tears with my meager Bronze Metal!" (All spoken in a "Salad Finger" voice-over)!
Liofa (3 years ago)
Comedy tryhards...
So many mistakes in one game. :D
Islands are not dudes.
sellin birdies (3 years ago)
18:58 ROFLLLL bled todeath on the court
Fabian Ramos (3 years ago)
This is so entertaining
InvaderDust (3 years ago)
Islands are not dudes.  That one killed me
moocher2121 (3 years ago)
Do they always use prebuilt decks from specific editions or do they ever let them use like casual decks that take from all kindsa different stuff? Also, ever play commander?
Jason Weimer (3 years ago)
This was a funny and excellently beginner friendly video too. Five Stars, if there was a star rating!!! Great job as always!
Ruben djn (3 years ago)
I was allways told that in order to "Double block" you need 2 of the same creatures to block with. But i just saw Rob triple block with 3 different creatures.. Is this allways the case? am i playing the game wrong?
Ruben djn (3 years ago)
Wow thanks! Never knew haha changes the game really! 
Olaf (3 years ago)
+Ruben djn You can double block with different creatures. Not sure who told you otherwise but he/she was wrong :p
Yulena Pern (3 years ago)
Best lead up to a disappointment ever. Sorry, Day9. But lots of fun to watch!
Lam T (3 years ago)
14:50 Rob plays Nephalia Seakite and forgets to evolve his cloudfin raptor. A little mistake but Rob would've won anyway. Just wanted to point it out
sullgass (3 years ago)
I had seen a couple random episodes of this show, since I know Day9 from Starcraft 2 and Hearthstone, but it was this episode that got me hooked on the show when I decided, on a whim, to watch the pilot, and this episode made me laugh so hard.  Not only are both Sean and the guest funny, but that set up and execution of the heart of the cards style topdeck was perfect.  I'm so glad Day9 alluded to another season of this happening during one of his Hearthstone streams.
theboyanachronism (3 years ago)
Ooft, Rob is cute. I'd tap that.
MrHpotte (3 years ago)
19:57 haha what the fuck, so funny
Jimmy Barnett (3 years ago)
I love simic. I still play a simic themed deck when I'm playing casual games with my friends. I rarely lose with it :)
eggybizkit (3 years ago)
when ro said first blood and the knife sound with the blood happened i nearly shit maself, i just wasnt spectin it
Liam Childs (3 years ago)
Sean wasn't actually dead if he blocked both flying creatures. He would have taken 8 and gone to 2
lightspeedasH (3 years ago)
i'm guessing spellslingers only runs when the newest "core set" is out but...how does that work when they're going poof after origins?
Nanofuture87 (2 years ago)
+lightspeedasH I don't know the specifics.  It could be or they could include cards from other sets (deck builder's toolkit already does that and it would be easy to do the same for intro packs).
lightspeedasH (2 years ago)
+Nanofuture87 so they're just going to roll with the current set that is coming out, since all of those are based off of a set.
Nanofuture87 (2 years ago)
+lightspeedasH Wizards is going to reconfigure its product line to have offerings for new players (intro packs / theme decks, fat packs, and deck builder's toolkits).
Cody Goodman (3 years ago)
+Geek & Sundry I'm a first time Magic The Gathering player and I was wondering ideally how many cards should be in a deck. Someone told me sixty but it looks like the folks at Geek and Sundry use more than that. Is there set number of cards one should have in their deck?
Nanofuture87 (2 years ago)
+Cody Goodman The rule of thumb is 60 so that your deck plays consistently, but there could be circumstances where you'd want more (there's no actual upper limit as long as you can shuffle it). Example: the card Battle of Wits causes you to win the game if you have 200+ cards in your library.
Cody Goodman (3 years ago)
That could be it. Thank you.
Hannah Murphy (3 years ago)
60 is correct, it probably looks like more cards as they are using sleeves.

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