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Trump: Women are generally better than men

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During his first post-election rally, President-elect Donald Trump told the men in the audience that women were, "generally speaking, better than" men.
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Snicker Doodle (4 days ago)
Okay NOW hes lying
domnic0 (9 days ago)
Politicians always stroke women to get their vote. Any lie to stroke a woman is ok with those liars.
Isaac (10 days ago)
Ok but they’re still not funny
FelixSoNotAGamer (10 days ago)
What do women want from him he literally backed them up ffs
He's just being a pervert don't worry boys I hate this men too
MTX157 (15 days ago)
Women are generally better at having period pains than men... Thank goodness.
MTX157 (10 days ago)
@Isaac Women deserve more pain than men.
Isaac (10 days ago)
-women are better than men- women are in more pain than men
rl 420 (24 days ago)
Damn he knows how to win votes
CHAN LEE (1 month ago)
women cheering on his statement "women are generally better than u r men", don't have enough brain cells to realise that it was a sarcasm. lol
Batman (1 month ago)
0:37 He even knows himself. This is why I like him. We, men, cannot say we are better than women because it is sexist. It probably hurt him to say that but it was worth it becuase his fame grows
Devonte Wise (1 month ago)
Then what do you consider yourself trump 😕?
Gg Gg (1 month ago)
0:30 feminism isn’t sexism 🤔. I love how when it’s women saying something sexist it’s played for laughs or taken seriously. But if men say it’s absolutely disgusting. Then people say women have it worst shut up they have it so much better generally. As a society we allow women to be sexist but not men and then say men are sexist. Most men need to grow a pair and stand up for themselves and stop treating women like gods and start treating them like u would another man.
Raspberry Guitar (27 days ago)
Gg Gg Yes!!! Women have it so much better!!! Omg that’s literally EXACTLY why they are legally raped, beaten, and married when their underage in some countries!!! Tehehe those silly feminazis don’t know what they’re talking about!
Ahmed Rizwan (1 month ago)
Prove that
Sofia Yerolemis (1 month ago)
Hayley noface (1 month ago)
Ricardo Smarts (1 month ago)
My Grandma used to keep the Money in her hands which is actually quite rare, My Grandpa and Her eventually gained over 2 Million Dollars thanks to her. So I can't disagree or Agree honestly, they have ups and downs.. Women are quite Complicated individuals.
David M (2 months ago)
Marcus Thomsen (2 months ago)
Says the guy who fucked his daughter
Cool Dude (2 months ago)
Real men know he is joking!
YVG (1 month ago)
Trump: "Generally speaking they’re better than you are....now if I said it the other way around I'd be in big trouble don't you think?.." Me: Wait a sec *checks to see who uploaded this,* *sees CNN* Me: ahh makes sense I knew there'd be a reason this was titled this way.
CHAN LEE (1 month ago)
it's a sarcasm. listen to what he says after the statement.
WWE World (2 months ago)
He is saying women are better entrprenuers than men.Then except Oprah, why there are no top women entrepreneurs..... Girls are never gonna top any industry except makeup. Again, which will be surpassed by men soon......
king morons (2 months ago)
they are better cause i can grab them by the pussy like a wallet
Matthew Goodwin (3 months ago)
I think he was joking but not sure
GIT S H O O K (3 months ago)
Trump, women and men are equal you dumb idiot. Sorry for the males that are watching this judgment. I hope you agree that we are all equal. Who cares about gender? Dammit Trump. My class supports you so much. Crazy
Tsar Alester (3 months ago)
Except in business, sports, warfare, sex, etc
plain (4 months ago)
They're just patting themselves on the back, aren't they?
Chloe (4 months ago)
You can tell who the men are in the comments, crying over the truth
Bryce Jensen (2 months ago)
Empie MSP Men contribute EQUALLY as much to birth as women do. Saying that women accomplished the world because they birth the babies is stupid, and shows how stupid you are.
saif saif (2 months ago)
@steqh msp you wouldn't been born if men did not have a sperm all of those stuff are useless with no sperm so men still accomplished the world =)
steqh msp (2 months ago)
Bryce Jensen you wouldn’t be born if woman didint have periods birth and pregnancies so I say they accomplished the world.
saif saif (2 months ago)
for something to be a truth it needs to be proven so men in the comments are crying over a lie =)
Bryce Jensen (3 months ago)
Chloe Do you just go on every single damn political video on YouTube just to state your insignificant opinion of women being better? I mean fuck, it’s pretty damn obvious that you’re insecure about the fact that men are physically superior and that we have accomplished more throughout history. 👏
Charlie Heppe (4 months ago)
Communist News Network
lacyy carolyn (4 months ago)
bro wheres the equality in this comment section
Trump gone mad.. Men are always better
Matthew Scott (4 months ago)
The one thing I’ve ever heard Trump say that I agree with. Not that I think he really believes it. 😅🤥
Jonstantonople (3 months ago)
Hava F Thanks.
Jonstantonople (4 months ago)
Matthew Scott your an idiot
Craig Smith (4 months ago)
He was saying women are better entrepreneurs than men.He wasn't saying women are better in general
witch xoxo (23 days ago)
@WWE World Lmao I can tell you're a beta Male.
witch xoxo (23 days ago)
@WWE World LMAO WHO THE FU- women are literally better than men at most things and that's the truth. go make a sandwich and grill me a burger you fat bitch.
WWE World (2 months ago)
He is saying women are better entrprenuers than men.Then except Oprah, why there are no top women entrepreneurs..... Girls are never gonna top any industry except makeup. Again, which will be surpassed by men soon......
Claudy Music (5 months ago)
Finally something that I agree with Trump!
Batman (27 days ago)
@Raspberry Guitar They are not though. Well, physically not. And men have achieved more and done more in general.
Raspberry Guitar (27 days ago)
Batman The two sexes are equal. And the reason why people would care if he reversed it is because people have already been saying such things for a lone time and it’s outdated and offensive now, and of course, Trump is a man. It’s generally more offending when one insults or pokes fun at a whole group of people that they aren’t a part of than if they are a part of.
Batman (1 month ago)
Did you hear what he said after. He lied you idiot. Ahh, you are probably 12 or 14. CNN took it out of context. He said later, "if I said the opposite, about men, we would be in trouble". Becuase that would be sexist. Somehow saying women are better is not. It's not the truth. Men are just better
saif saif (2 months ago)
well women are not better than men in any meaning of it while men have higher iq and they are 50% stronger than women and better at leading i just don't know how women are better than men
1000 subs with no videos (5 months ago)
I’m a girl but tbh some girls can’t expect the fact that men are born to be bigger and stronger. And just because were smaller it doesn’t really mean anything and we still have strength. It’s not breaking the law to be smaller or have less strength.
Amaze (27 days ago)
Still men stronger 90%
chuck wood (6 months ago)
lie lie lie, all the presidents
Charisma Dutterson (7 months ago)
'Women are better than men' everybody cheers...Imagine if he said 'Men are better than women'...Just imagine what would have happened afterwards.This is one of the reasons why I've learnt to hate women completely.
saif saif (27 days ago)
@Raspberry Guitar i'm just saying you know how people are when they get mad yes that was me writing that comment
saif saif (27 days ago)
@Raspberry Guitar 9+5
Raspberry Guitar (27 days ago)
saif saif Holy fucking shit, are you like, 9?
Raspberry Guitar (27 days ago)
Water Asexual because you couldn’t get a partner if you paid someone?
saif saif (2 months ago)
@Harley Quinn well its just that some men are just freaking tired of being blamed for everything being seen as the dumber and the weaker gender being seen as lazy evil stupid sexist peice of shits and all the evil in the world is their fault their behavior is now toxic they have less rights less privileges to the point where they now hate every fucking women in this cruel existance because of some braiwashed idiots with mental illiness that are women say so thats why
PACK the dodger (7 months ago)
MAGA Hat (8 months ago)
Men are better than women a most things.
Amaze (27 days ago)
@Louie Anderson Bruh men are more superior lmao chill everything is created by a men Phone,pc,buldings,towers,planes etc
Amaze (27 days ago)
@Harley Quinn sorry,but when i read 99.9 female Work i laughed my ass off
Louie Anderson (2 months ago)
@Harley Quinn Believe me. At this point, men hate women so much, that they will do anything to replace women. And government will help.
Harley Quinn (2 months ago)
@Louie Anderson even if that only applied to the womb, which it doesn't, like i said, and artificial womb/woman isn't going to happen. you need the entire female body for the baby to live in for a year.
Louie Anderson (2 months ago)
@Harley Quinn Lol. Artificial womb will be more beneficial to government. It will give government opportunity to cut all welfare and privileges and make women work as hard as men.
Markus Williams (8 months ago)
He's trying to appeal to the women vote... that's all.
Ceaser Productions (9 months ago)
how did i end up here, I was just watching epic rap battles of history
Kenos Entity (9 months ago)
It was a joke.
Ms Jc (9 months ago)
Half the comments are about rape. What the heck?
Ms Jc (9 months ago)
I’m a female but tbh men were made to be stronger and taller and somewhat better then us. That doesn’t mean we aren’t equal because the janitor and the boss both have an important part (Not that we women are the janitor I’m just using it as an example) but the truth men are stronger and taller and all that so you cant argue with that
Raspberry Guitar (27 days ago)
saif saif Did you even read my comment
saif saif (27 days ago)
@Raspberry Guitar in strenght yes
Raspberry Guitar (27 days ago)
How does being stronger and taller make the whole group of people superior to the other
saif saif (2 months ago)
@Malilixoxo 19 are you joking or something men are taller than women its just a fact google it
Malilixoxo 19 (4 months ago)
Mostly women are taller so I don’t understand the point your trying to make here.
Majority of this comment section, %65- sexist men %20- women trying to one up the sexist men %10- Something about CNN %5- this Hope this helped the three people that saw this 😘
Batman (1 month ago)
@Harley Quinn Did you hear what he said after. He fucking lied! In your fucking face. Its fake news, they took it out of context. He said "If I said the opposite about men, we would be in trouble", something along those lines. He lied bro. What an idiot
Harley Quinn (2 months ago)
@Joplin like Trump is. women are better. 😊
Joplin (5 months ago)
The men aren't sexist, they're simply telling the truth
Benjamin Jackson (6 months ago)
I think you need to look up what sexist means. And u r sexist and butthurt
ToxicUser (6 months ago)
I don't see sexist men but libtards.
top text (11 months ago)
c u c k
zCortex (11 months ago)
Women are generally better? Yeah he’s dumb
Dominick Evans (9 months ago)
@Brooke Allen eh men are really abit better
Brooke Allen (11 months ago)
Stella Hawks But yet everyone else does?? “Women are better than men!!” Thats really an opinion. There is no way to say which gender is better. We are all pretty equal. And about what women have to go through, men have to go through things as well so, we’re basically all equal.
Stella Hawks (11 months ago)
Excuse me, I️ don’t think you have experienced anything a women has to go through on a daily basis so you cannot make that assumption.
He can lie all he wants. Of course men wouldn't buy such an obvious pandering, but women voters are retards that deserve that kind of manipulation. They fall into it clapping.
Daniel Rittegar (1 year ago)
Trump is staying President forever
Smiling Bolt (2 years ago)
Haha! He only said this because of all the shit he's said and done to women! He's full of shit
Marshmallow920 (2 years ago)
When was the last time a President Elect actually did a "Thank you tour". Trump is really a man of the people. He doesn't want to win and go back to rallies in another 4 years.
but but..... Trump is sexist!! how are he!!! :O
Si mon (2 years ago)
_yawns_ @ CNN diatribe
Dream (2 years ago)
Men don't care about this comment
steqh msp (2 months ago)
Vulpus he’s triggered lmao
iiVulpus (5 months ago)
@ElephantsLover God dang chill.
ElephantsLover (7 months ago)
How the fuck do you know? Hell I was agreeing with him until bitches like you show up.
Now he's just straight up lying
Batman (13 days ago)
@Judihatemmoharram Judihatemmoharram "Victorian men were VERY know for stealing their wives' ideas". Source? That statement is soo idiotic. Can I have the source, a trustworthy official? During the Victorian times, women were still taught domestics. Most children weren't even educated. Not only that but your statement generalise all. Its plain stupid and preposterous. Only the royal or very rich or of much importance were educated and still, they were not taught as much as the men. Most children in that time didn't even go school. In the end, we all have the same potential, mentally.
Leo NATE (21 days ago)
@Raspberry Guitar You think People can rid other people of knowledge ? Well I say NO we came into this world with no wealth, clothes except our minds. No matter how many abuses/ TORTURES you may have, you can never rid a person of knowledge! HAVEN'T WOMEN BEEN ENCOURAGED FOR A NEAR CENTURY? 1930's, 1970, 2015- .
Leo NATE (21 days ago)
Leo NATE (21 days ago)
@Raspberry Guitar Mate You don't have to be encouraged to invent. Michael faraday born of a poor blacksmith that could not afford education, invented electric motors. Lets take it to 1935, hittler did not trust his scientists, he did not trust them due to the fact that most German scientists were running to America due to the rise of the nazi power Wernher von Braun was a scientist hittler did not personally like mr von brawn, he was not encouraged he was despised due to the fact there was rumours about him being a JEWISH man. Otto Hahn a German-Jewish scientist, that germans HATED SO MUCH that there he wasn't even given tools/supplies & AREA to produce the atom bomb. yet he was still named father of NUCLEAR CHEMISTRY.
@Batman Darling, when you steal something, you don't admit stealing it or say from whom. Take Rosalind Franklin for example. Victorian Men were very known for stealing their wives' ideas. It was a social norm. Also, christianity encouraged that, so women accepted it in the name of religion away from them being brave and standing up for themselves. Pardon me, but back then, women were wimps. They feared getting punished or killed by men. Or by other men. At the beginning of the twenty first century and also before Christianity came, women were befinning to become equal to men in opportunity.
Dylan Lenn (2 years ago)
Trump is misandrist now nice
How does he stand up straight without a spine?
Timothy Edegran Gren (2 years ago)
the sexism^ if he would had said the opposite more ppl would be triggered
Egor Gaev (2 years ago)
Aliens are better than women and men. - Trump 2017
Leo NATE (21 days ago)
He said women WERE GENERALLY BETTER THAN MEN. He had to say it even when it wasn't true. There were more women than Men and some Men were with Hillary. he did it to win, it was the only way.
DIngbat donedon (2 years ago)
He said better than you are to men in the crowd. What does that make him?
TegridyFarmer (2 years ago)
Trump 2016, Fill up the Swamp!
TegridyFarmer (2 years ago)
thats sexist.
stingraycor S_T6 (15 days ago)
Amaze (27 days ago)
@steqh msp you don't see woman making houses,buildings,towers,cars,phones, etc all what woman do is taking care of their kid while the men breaks his ass it ain't our fault if U go THROUGH pain smh
Amaze (27 days ago)
@αmєthчѕtღ multífαndσm kpσp men are stronger,bye
Batman (2 months ago)
@steqh msp I know I have heard all that before. Are you a man? No, I don't think so. I am pretty sure, most of greatest things were achieved mostly by men. Type in "Greatest Inventor(s)" on Google, men destroy women in numbers. I only saw 2 women and 49 men, crazy! While men were going out to war during the first World War, those men who didn't were being shamed by women and being called cowards. Called the 'white feather'. 100% of all soldiers in both wars were all men. Like 2 or 4 female pilots, airborne, so it doesn't count. Men, also take harder jobs than women. We do the hard shit. We are the ones who are expecting so much off. Men make for more deaths when working than women, mens suicide rates are way higher. There is no such as equality, if I hit a boy in my class, I would get in some trouble, maybe even none but I hit a girl, I would get a detention and and phone call home. Yes, women can achieve just like men but they don't and some brag about it... Modern feminism is cruel and disgusting. The way I see it we ain't equal but have you heard of the quote, "hard work beats talent". Get your shit together and wake up. We have done so much shit, but you don't appreciate us but say "pfff, we can do that too". Listen... There are amazing women out there. Some men are just better than me and hold it together.
steqh msp (2 months ago)
αmєthчѕtღ multífαndσm kpσp correct
Tanuj Tiwari (2 years ago)
Why is CNN uploading the same videos twice?
Eric J (2 years ago)
Men say all kinds of nice things to women to get laid. I've used similar lines...Find a man hater and lay it on thick.
ShiNy ArMor (27 days ago)
ding dong you're butthurt enough proof that im right peace!
Raspberry Guitar (27 days ago)
ShiNy ArMor Ding dong your opinion is wrong :))))))) and you’re a shitty person in general 🤡🤡
Raspberry Guitar (27 days ago)
ElephantsLover No one said compliments are sexist and not to be rude, but for some reason I highly doubt you’re a female...
ShiNy ArMor (1 month ago)
Stella Hawks well gee i don't know, how about ya'll woman stop being hoes and wear decent clothes for once that actually cover your body cause soo far all I've seen is that woman making herself an object walking naked on the streets and TV sticking her butt out and showing her boobs if you're not one of those type of girls then I apologize in advanced however don't point at men for woman misbehavior she is the one begging to be treated like object
steqh msp (2 months ago)
Stella Hawks yes! they treat us like freaking objects
Annatar (2 years ago)
we don't care if he says women are better. We all know at heart who is the better gender.
kshitij924 (23 days ago)
head ass women will always be beneath under men.
kshitij924 (23 days ago)
head ass 98%of the inventions and discoveries were done by men since the dawn of mankind.
witch xoxo (23 days ago)
@Mathew Van Ostin ... Women are literally better in every way you didnt prove shit
witch xoxo (23 days ago)
@kshitij924 no they're not ?
Raspberry Guitar (27 days ago)
TSM Craze We are equal. However, women haven’t been treated equally to men for a long time so naturally, our sexes separated us. And because we’re humans, we have some bullshit crave of power and control, so we argue over who’s superior even though it really doesn’t matter.
Chillouttunez X (2 years ago)
He speaks with a 100 tongues
Brandon Reed (2 years ago)
says the man that beat out a woman to be president
Raspberry Guitar (27 days ago)
WWE World That’s just plain untrue but keep spreading your sexist, insecure manly bullshit everywhere if that’s really what you want to do I guess.
Doggo for The Soul (2 months ago)
It's a democracy, literally anyone who voted other than Hilary is trying to beat her out.
WWE World (2 months ago)
@ElephantsLover Men beat Women in very field, except makeup. Soon, it will also be surpassed, then you have nothing.....
The Law (4 months ago)
@Chloe Not at all. Most countries are Democracies instead of Republics, and have much less freedom and more centralized government. Republics safeguard the rights of the individual, Democracies allow people to vote to take them away. Have you heard of the phrase Tyranny Of The Majority?
Chloe (4 months ago)
The Law that’s exactly why the us (and other countries) are kinda stupid for being a republic(no offence) like to me it makes zero sense that someone can get more votes yet still not win
akabaker80 (2 years ago)
What a double speaking, pandering bitch.
mw10259 (2 years ago)
David Erif (2 years ago)
Yeah, men don't have pussies to grab.
Benjamin Jackson (6 months ago)
Stella Hawks bitch you don’t know what men go through everyday so stfu
einnol nworb (8 months ago)
How do you grab a pussy???
Ms Jc (9 months ago)
Eleven (11 months ago)
bunzmaster23 (2 years ago)
You should all check out the live stream of this speech on fox 10's youtube channel, its a truly phenomenal speech! He reassured the American people that there is absolutely NO WAY hillary clinton and her new pet jill stein will achieve anything at all with their very petty attempt at saving face! That was really, really reassuring to hear!!!!!
Senka H (2 years ago)
Because he can play or manipulate woman and change them, ...that's what he means...and he is clever ,,,again he use he's words to accomplish he's goals ... He knows how
A walking meme (10 months ago)
o fuck of
White Male Feminist (2 years ago)
hedon broski (2 years ago)
I'm triggered
The Worst President (2 years ago)
That such crap coming out of Trump's mouth
Gerald Boxer (2 years ago)
CNN: Control National Narrative ! CNN: Complete News, Never ! CNN: Confusion News for Numb-nuts !
kaye k (2 years ago)
Gerald Boxer stop watching fake news then :)
Mimi HomeCooking (2 years ago)
forgot one: Clinton's News Network.
he looks like a clone.
it will be "😂😂😂" when America gets destroyed in 2017 = NEW WORLD ORDER then OBAMA & TRUMP will both laugh at you stupid americans.... they all work together. Presidents are just a figure. When are you going to realize that ?? Do you want to know who rules your country. Who controls White House, Congress, Federal Reserve, Millitary ?? Rockefeller, Rothschild, Soros, Kissinger, other elites & Royal Families made AMERICA in 1776 for NEW WORLD ORDER. They control the world. They control Russia, China, America.... everything big in the world. Presidents are just a figure for the sheeple. World is a stage. WW3 is near, thats the only way for NWO to work. in 2017 America will be on its knees. Trump will fake his death. Martial Law & Fema Camps are coming to America. New York will be flooded, Hoover dam will be destroyed. WW3 will start. Japan will have nuclear accident in 2017..... a NEW WORLD ORDER where the rule of law, not the law of jungle, governes the conduct of nations. - George W.H. Bush. Who made him say this ?? Think again people..... who does really rule your country ?? Presidents are just a figure for the people. Different faces.... same politics. How is that possible ??? mhmmm..... think again.
David Beltran (2 years ago)
@Sve za Srbstvo, Srbstvo ni za sta! Prava Srbska istorija! Its that sinple ehh
@Derrick Beltran ELITE owns every country, world is a stage goal: NEW WORLD ORDER, where the rule of law, not the law of jungle, governes the conduct of nations. - George H.W. Bush.
David Beltran (2 years ago)
China owns alot of land. All the way into africa and former Soviet union. Europe is infested with arabs and jews. America north and south are due for a rude awakening. Only lands to conquot are americas
@Ruu るう wait for 2017 surprises and then come back here and ask me more. You dont need time machine to know the future. You just need to know what NWO is, and what reality and sick slave system we live in and where this is leading to !? it leads to NWO. bookmark this...then come back in 2017
るうRuu (2 years ago)
Where is that time machine you got there buddy? I want in
Jason (2 years ago)
Fake news
@Markus Williams it was taken out of context
Markus Williams (8 months ago)
They're reporting the speech as it is. What is to be "faked' in this clip?
Jason (2 years ago)
David Erif yep
David Erif (2 years ago)
Russian bot
mcgaugh (2 years ago)
Men don't take it serious, they know he 's talking shit.
Michael Felton (2 years ago)
Michael Felton (2 years ago)
@neothaka i'm sorry i take that back, you are jolly and swell.
neothaka (2 years ago)
hahahaha, talks about not providing arguments while continue to spam baseless nonsense. You're the pinnacle of average american intellect, aren't you?
Michael Felton (2 years ago)
Michael Felton (2 years ago)
neothaka (2 years ago)
cause otherwise, your comment is even more pointless and retarded than it already is. Using caps only makes the whole matter worse.
Dindu Nuffins (2 years ago)
tell em whatever they want to hear!
Batman (7 days ago)
@Chloe What, the greatest leaders were men. Sun Tzu, Marcus Aurelius etc. Those men were geniuses, you can learn a lot from them even at this current time. Men make great leaders, men were the ones who would go out and hunt in a pack for the family, they were the front lines and they were the leaders, women were the last line, they were mainly the healers I guess you could say. Its in history. You have been deleting comments left and right. I can spit many facts in your face and I can provide evidence. We just don't care becuase we already know the truth, stop being a hypocritical sexist idiot. You make women seem bad, stop. Edit: So stupid, you are. So so so stupid.
Liu Janis (7 days ago)
@UCxGUZ-eINr5gHbPIYkUzlHg Very well phrased, Batman. Thanks for your service, comrade.
CHAN LEE (1 month ago)
​@j e F f talking about leaders and then bring up dancing, that's the level most women are at. that's why fewer women are in positions of power, they care more about dancing, partying, meeting men, gossiping, working with children, than making changes in the world and taking the actions that actually bring changes in the society. seriously, what's growing armpit hairs and turning them into different colors, and wearing vjj outfit in public got to do making political and social changes? lol we'll give all illegal immigrants citizenship, give everyone a free health care, and all other utopianistic policies and laws they proposed, yet they did not even think about the side effects that those course of actions would cause nor the solutions for them. that's why women leaders cannot win. they are ruled too much by sympathy for the weak, rather than seeing the whole picture and considering all possibilities. whether i liked the other side is another story but i won't go there here, it's unnecessary.
Aabhash Pokharel (1 month ago)
thank god there is someone who thinks the same😄😂
saif saif (2 months ago)
@Chloe ok you know what men are smarter and stronger than women better at focusing and make better leaders and thats all want to start a debate about this ? sure come at me
Self Made Trillin (2 years ago)
Best liar of 2016 #Factz
ElephantsLover (7 months ago)
He’s saying women are generally better as people. They dont commit nearly as much crimes as men do. Hell Im not even a feminist.
bunzmaster23 (2 years ago)
Dindu Nuffins (2 years ago)
@mcgaugh57 yeah but what basketball team is not 75% black now?
mcgaugh (2 years ago)
Um ever heard of the Bird man ? no equal.
nixster360 (2 years ago)
LevyTaxes (2 years ago)
nixster360 a guy comments literally right before you lel

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