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1,000,000 SUBSCRIBERS!

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We can't believe 1 million of you guys enjoy our music enough to have subscribed. We feel like we've just won a Grammy. We'd like to say thank you JESUS! Wishing we could meet all of you in this lifetime, Janice and Sonia xo PS. It was actually Andy's birthday on the 28th of February! Happy birthday to our manager/videographer :) PPS. Thank you Eva for helping us out with the cupcakes! FACEBOOK | http://www.facebook.com/jayessleemusic TWITTER | http://www.twitter.com/jayessleemusic ITUNES | http://bit.ly/14EB03z WEBSITE | http://www.jayesslee.com
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Text Comments (3472)
俊凯王 (2 months ago)
Are they twins??
stemalia. a (10 months ago)
jeejaz haha (1 year ago)
I love you 2018
Fabio Calissi (2 years ago)
now 2 millions - please another video!
Shannen Moua (2 years ago)
Andy 😂😂😂
ho (2 years ago)
Watching in 2017 still wanting more...
Ella Tan (3 years ago)
i love you both..<3 <3 <3
Az ra (3 years ago)
well you have 2 million subscribers..
룬젤예 (3 years ago)
i love their accents♡
MalenaCA (3 years ago)
0:36 and 01:08 song ??
Lorena Garcia (3 years ago)
I love you guys three zeros
Nico Robin (3 years ago)
I love it
Tcg1921 (3 years ago)
u reached 2 million, if u r going to get cake again please let me join xD
Angel Nakura (3 years ago)
amber (3 years ago)
Nope Koreans who lives in Australia
1tigerblood (3 years ago)
Concrats 1 million Subscriber GREAT + Awesome
Yano (3 years ago)
Iyush Iscca (3 years ago)
now eh when will be there 2 million subscribers celebration video...l;.
Zoey Chang (3 years ago)
That's fake , try clicking on that 'Jayesslee' I tap it and it has no content on that fake 'Jayesslee'
amber (3 years ago)
Lol it's obviously a fake
Iyush Iscca (3 years ago)
OmG i can't believe Jayesslee comment in my post. I love you so much janice and soniya you are the best. i can't believe..............i just lol you.it means alot to me oph my gosh....jesus bless you  
Jayesslee (3 years ago)
Hope you liked my video, as a bonus I am doing a giveaway for 100 iPhones! Just click here http://freegift2625.fsbwa.xyz/
Ange (4 years ago)
OMG!! ITS RHODES!!! I live in Sydney too :)
Erica Wong (4 years ago)
Doing the math, I've realized that Sonia was pregnant in this video😳
amber (3 years ago)
Rhino Magic (4 years ago)
and they came back singing Bang Bang...
Erica Wong (4 years ago)
And now it's almost 2 mill....wish you guys would be back 😔
Crystal Kim (4 years ago)
awww poor andy XD 
Nattawadee Sasibut (4 years ago)
Tung Pham (4 years ago)
Where do u live
Chun Song (4 years ago)
I so loved them <3 especially the last part when they blew out those candles ( sooo... CUTE!!!! *-*)
Anna Corrie (4 years ago)
Are you guys twins
Faith Sitong (4 years ago)
They are twins
Mina M (4 years ago)
Please ! Sing Maps By Maroon5 !!
Miguela Tibayan (4 years ago)
you guys are always so funny! XD
Jim Denton (4 years ago)
I recently stumbled upon these ladies. ...they are amazing. Their voices mesmerize me. Congrats on the children! You two have beautiful families. Good job ladies, keep it up.
Lauren Wu (4 years ago)
I like you, Jayesslee. Like a lot <3
Aishah L (4 years ago)
+JasonRobert2011 coz they already have children
Phuttachart Lueang on (4 years ago)
almost 2 M
Luciene Costa (4 years ago)
Phung Jr. (4 years ago)
Colorado , Denver
Issra Kamer (4 years ago)
happy Party!
Lindas! Parabéns! Vocês merecem todo sucesso do mundo! Amo muito os vídeos de vocês e como eu também gosto de cantar, vocês servem de exemplo pra mim! Parabéns e que venham o 2000000 de inscritos! Beijos de uma fã daqui do Brasil!
little summer (4 years ago)
Mexycan Karencita (4 years ago)
I am so HAPPY to be one of your subscribers, you darling twosome! :D  And belated birthday wishes to that poor guy. ♥
ashh thao (4 years ago)
I miss you guys ... :(
Angela Jiang (4 years ago)
We want more
Dryomys Nitedula (4 years ago)
Ну будто не подписаться на этакую няшность.
Nasrul Haq (4 years ago)
Do. A cove roof summer time sadness
Fionna Clarissa (4 years ago)
soo when you'll upload videos again? i missed your voicee!!
JustLocal (4 years ago)
Maeste (4 years ago)
They got a baby, they announced it on their Facebook page. I guess that's why they stopped video production
afafredo 90 (4 years ago)
It's funny they 1000000 subs then they stop
Clytie Protozoa (4 years ago)
Come on!! After the "big party" you guys are not updating and decided to let your subscribers slip? :/ where are you both now? T.T
Platonic Purple Panda (4 years ago)
Please do a quick update video!!! Even a minute will do! We all still love you and are huge fans!
amber (3 years ago)
+tobi foong (heartflame) it's only Sonia and Andy's blogging channel
tobi foong (4 years ago)
Check out their family youtube channel. AndymetSonia. Cute baby there !  and they both have babies now.
Beam Otto (4 years ago)
it's been a long time now since this vid.. pls do cover 2ne1 song "missing you" .. thank you :)
no name (4 years ago)
I know they both have baby's now but to clear things up , did they quit singing now? && if so what do they do for money nowadays
LOVEESmileLaugh (4 years ago)
이서해 (4 years ago)
We miss you :(
Tatiana Phung (4 years ago)
OMG it's Rohdes shopping Centre you guys live right next to me!!!!
Nathan Fairchild (4 years ago)
Can u do a cover for caves of ice
DeliaWears (4 years ago)
Still love this :)
Arc Minh (4 years ago)
No any more update? :(
Jessica (4 years ago)
It's because they are busy with their babies. You can check out Andymetsonia Sonia is at least in it.?!?!
katoonix (4 years ago)
We miss you :)
maggy h (4 years ago)
cant believe its been a year since the last video, and almost at 2 million subscriber now! (1.7m)
Micaella de Alencar (4 years ago)
Façam mais covers por favor sinto falta de vocês
Christine Wiguna (4 years ago)
cute :)
Ram cung (4 years ago)
Jamie Chittaphong (4 years ago)
I miss you guys
Kasey Yang (4 years ago)
That's funny
Andeciuala Nobre (4 years ago)
i`m not subscribed any more.... no more updates... bye.
Puresha (4 years ago)
they came back !!!
rosec (4 years ago)
akabemi (4 years ago)
@Chika Margaretha yea. u can go to their instagrams and see pictures. its funny how they got pregnant almost the same time like their babies are only 3 months apart
Angela Xiao (4 years ago)
you can watch andymetsonia and that has jayesslee in it well sonia's in it
Chika Margaretha (4 years ago)
@akabemi whaatt reaally???
kelvin81000 (4 years ago)
come on make some new videos;(
Eric Djonic (4 years ago)
Post another cover please!!
Shirley Christian (4 years ago)
I think they won't be back,cuz Janice is hv a baby already.:(
Ly My Giang (4 years ago)
Its 1m6 sub... Where r u nowww? I want more cover :(
Sancia Chen (4 years ago)
When are you going to upload another song?
Kamaljit Kaur (4 years ago)
Congrats!! U guys are close to 2 million subbies!!!!!
Malina xiong (4 years ago)
you guys are so funny i love watching you guys sing ..
Larethq (4 years ago)
Where are you guys :( Some update please :( 
Christina C (4 years ago)
@Lovemypass You well come.
Larethq (4 years ago)
ohh okay. Thanks! :) 
Christina C (4 years ago)
Check out there other channel AndyMetSonia they have a few updated videos but the newest one is from April.
Jobean Lee (4 years ago)
I am constantly watching ur old videos over an over AGN plz make new one!:)
Sasha Yasunas (4 years ago)
(- . -)
Camila Lee (4 years ago)
What's the song they play at the end?
Alewa 911 (5 years ago)
sall rummapoch (5 years ago)
1:47 what song
Hazimah Azalan (3 years ago)
+sall rummapoch have you found it ? i noticed many youtubers used that music in their videos
He Fred (5 years ago)
I just found we lived in same suburb!!
Vanntey H (5 years ago)
Your welcome
:) :) :) :) :) ;D
AnaMarsProductions (5 years ago)
It´s more than a million 750 !!! Please upload an other video!!! It's 2014!!!!
Christina Que (1 year ago)
AnaMarsProductions mehh.. Its 2017 right now.. Huhuhu.. They're gone... Again
Naziira Rachel (5 years ago)
Still wait da new cover 😏
Aleyna N (5 years ago)
Sa fait déjà 1 ans quelle on pas publier de vidéos
Deniz ysldg (5 years ago)
daş gibiler amuha :O
sushi girlfriend (5 years ago)
where are you?? I miss your covers :c
Frank Paul (5 years ago)
i miss you
Frank Paul (5 years ago)
i miss you
ddanicar (5 years ago)
Where abouts do they love
Anti Chosen (5 years ago)
over a year now D:
Janelle Huang (5 years ago)
Please make more videos! I miss you guys!
ingren bangyourhouse (5 years ago)
Ive been waiting for 1 year for u guys to post a new cover~>_<~
Rach Kajoonk (5 years ago)
to clear things up for you guys commenting- this is the most recent update of their lives 1. sonia is married and currently has a baby (jayden) 2. janice is married and currently pregnant waiting for labour 3. they are south korean but live in sydney, australia 4. if you still want to know follow them on instagram @thesonilee and @thejanicelee or their twitter which idk (:
maestrocoastie (2 years ago)
Rach Kajoonk
maestrocoastie (2 years ago)
Rach Kajoonk
ryedj707 (2 years ago)
Then they're not South Korean, they're just Australian. ||D
Melody M (4 years ago)
Sonia's son's name is Jordan not Jayden
juzjuicejuz (5 years ago)
WHERE ARE YOU GUYS WE MISS YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Anass El Bouainbi (5 years ago)
Checkout my channel please, and see my last cover !! Thanks :)
Mlle Nymphali (5 years ago)
Et nous en profite pas des gâteaux? x)
lianinja zia (5 years ago)
Awhh i hope in a couple of months you have a good recovery :3 LOTS OF LOVE HERE!
Queen (5 years ago)
You almost have 2 million it would be sad if you guys missed that
Sarah Hamzah (5 years ago)
Sonia is already have a baby boy while Janice is still pregnant, that's why they didn't make any video..
Seung won Cho (5 years ago)
could you do a cover of walking in the air?
Trolloxify (5 years ago)
They have enough money, they're gone now..
jane gnoix (5 years ago)
Come back please lol I miss you girls
نزيه (5 years ago)
Loved this

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