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Harry Styles - Kiwi (live in studio)

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'Harry Styles: Behind the Album - The Performances' is out now only on Apple Music: http://smarturl.it/HS-BTA-Performances?iqid=KiwiLive The film sees Styles performing all 10 tracks from his full self-titled debut and is an extended look into the performances from 'Harry Styles: Behind the Album,' which premiered on Apple Music earlier this year: http://smarturl.it/HS-BehindTheAlbum?iqid=KiwiLive Harry Styles' self-titled debut album is available now: http://hstyles.co.uk/music
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Text Comments (9863)
Leng Paulino (8 hours ago)
that look at 2:10 😍
Eden NOELLE (11 hours ago)
His style is so different from the other boys it’s insane
linda houtsinger (18 hours ago)
I love those pants, ,,,"""
he's eating CD
Cele Vlogs (1 day ago)
This video omggg😍
Stef Sears (1 day ago)
My favorite part is when the camera circles him at the end. :)
M P (2 days ago)
Adan Zehra (2 days ago)
He is a amazing guitarist too
Adan Zehra (2 days ago)
#stylerforever 0:10 smile
Adan Zehra (2 days ago)
Harry going solo turned out amazing but still #bringonedirectionback
Adan Zehra (2 days ago)
Love u harry and kiwi
Sam Jesso (2 days ago)
Are you like his song or his face
ridaa (2 days ago)
I miss you with 1d :(
Cheria Rahmatika (3 days ago)
It's New York, baby, always jacked up Whole tunnels, foreign noses always backed up When she's alone, she goes home to a cactus In a black dress, she's such an actress
lulu (3 days ago)
i think that Harry joined One Direction just for attention ,and once he felt that he got enoguh of a fanbase, he did his own thin and made the music that i personally think suits him more. just a thought :)
deepshikha jena (4 days ago)
Sarah Jones is the talent we’ve been waiting for all our lives!!!
Anna Benezath (5 days ago)
a braba do harry styles
Mahitha Meenakshi (5 days ago)
The guitarist deserves more credit. Like damn...
UglyDoge (5 days ago)
Mintaja Jones (5 days ago)
*Can he get any hotter*
directioner kiara (5 days ago)
I love harry styles is my husband :3 do not believe or if :3
Sahil Laskar (6 days ago)
Song is good but makes no sense
Sujata Tiwari (6 days ago)
And my nickname is kiwi 😂 Feels so good 🤪♥️
Pidgeon Hazl (6 days ago)
Estoy enamorada de este hombre
Valentina Herrera (7 days ago)
Hola, si, me quiero tatuar la cara de Harry en el orto, gracias
songül karaman (8 days ago)
That is people what they call "art".
famous br (8 days ago)
Anirudh Mathur (8 days ago)
Kurt Andrew Macías (9 days ago)
la única que sirve es la baterista
hiya c (9 days ago)
Gosh I want Harry and the drummer to sing a song together! They're both so damn good❤❤❤
Alisson Lee (10 days ago)
Im obssesed!!!!!1
imEwok (10 days ago)
what Gibson model is Harry playing?
Shambhavi Nair (11 days ago)
Doctor: you have 3 minutes to live Me : *shamelessly watches this performance*
Deepali Aebi-Goonan (12 days ago)
That drummer is fkn amazing
Anne Styles (12 days ago)
You are amazing, H. So much love. Salute to the girl drummer. She slayed throughout this video. Please release your next album, Harry.
Desirae Vang (12 days ago)
God I love him 😭💖
Taylo Mannetti (13 days ago)
Oh my Lord!
manufoxx (13 days ago)
le ´puse like para que despue me apaaresca :3333
Naty Cortes (14 days ago)
Harry la guitarra,la cancion,por Dios ♡♡♡
Laura Roberto (14 days ago)
i love ❤️ Harry styles from one direction 😘❤️😘❤️😘❤️😘❤️😘❤️😘❤️😘❤️😘❤️😘❤️😘❤️😘❤️😘❤️😘❤️😘❤️😘❤️😘
Sophia Alamango (14 days ago)
just a few facts for ya 1. Harry Styles is amazing 2. I love him 3. We all love him 4.He is perfect 5. He has the best voice 28. Shit, now i'm crying like, in a cool way tho
Hadisa Talpur (15 days ago)
Mind BLOWN!!!!!! OMG !! This song is so hard ...This needs so much potiential and breathing power...Man killed it !!
Julieth Velásquez (15 days ago)
Tan talentoso mi Harry Styles
Jimena Roman (16 days ago)
That was intense
Tori Madison (16 days ago)
wow I love you
Amelie Morgenthaler (16 days ago)
rockmusic is so good for you harry really
Amelie Morgenthaler (16 days ago)
You are a so cool singer harry really
Emanuel Dominguez 1D (16 days ago)
Ls Colney (17 days ago)
They use his voice for auto tune. I'am pretty sure
faiz hosain (17 days ago)
Love him love his every song now can we please get one direction back
Juli Castro (17 days ago)
Jasmine Dragon (18 days ago)
What’s so amazing about him is that without vocal edits he still sounds AMAZING! Even better actually in my opinion
Leidiane Oliveira (19 days ago)
The beest without a doubt
emily louise (21 days ago)
i admire the drummer so much
SoSo Mansour (21 days ago)
Yoonie TT (21 days ago)
Amo mucho esto xD
Lilikoi Porter (22 days ago)
you're beautiful
Camila Pascoual (22 days ago)
so proud of harry , his presence when he’s singing is from another fucking world
Camila Pascoual (22 days ago)
this fucking song in argentina was from another world argentina the best crowd of the hslot
Andrea Olguin (22 days ago)
Harry new style is just ... Ufff 😍
dolly khan (22 days ago)
Harry look like 19 yrs old Harry😍😘😄by the way I am too late to wish him his 25 th birthday
Ha dir (23 days ago)
Brittney Marie (23 days ago)
harry give us hs2 challenge
Julien Navarro (23 days ago)
Nice ;)
Fan española 😃😃😍😘
Anna Paula Gallo (24 days ago)
cha chin! uuffffffff god... i'm having his baby
pristine govender (25 days ago)
Very nice Harry Styles. Very nice.
Paola Gonzales (25 days ago)
Wendy Long (27 days ago)
I can't seem to stop thinking of this song...I sing it constantly..love me some Kiwi and Harry Styles 🥝
Lily Entwistle (27 days ago)
You saved my life... please come back!
Chacrica Pagadala (27 days ago)
I just love how he smiles when singing...
Mimicalmausi #lol (27 days ago)
but can we just talk about that "hey" at 2:53 ^^
Sophia Emelie (1 month ago)
Raphael Dias (1 month ago)
Mia stylinson (1 month ago)
A rock icon.
Tshetrim Lhamo (1 month ago)
Yas I’m having your baby harry and that’s your business! Please mind my business honey ❤️
Farah Dh (1 month ago)
I love harry....❤😍
Laura Roberto (1 month ago)
Lauvauni love ❤️ Harry styles ❤️😘❤️😘❤️😘❤️😘❤️😘❤️😘❤️😘❤️😘❤️😘❤️😘❤️😘❤️😘❤️😘❤️😘❤️😘❤️😘
Sophie Liverpool (1 month ago)
What a beautiful human
ShawnMendesFan (1 month ago)
You can clearly see how much he enjoys performancing😍 His voice is amazing❤️ He puts his heart and soul in his performances🎵🎤
Kat Noire (1 month ago)
Hello, I adore your song 🌼😇📱🎇💿💻🎹🎧📼🎧🎵📀📻📺🎶🎼🎸
hello hyjskjs (1 month ago)
2019? i am still loving this song and that freaking drummer 🙏🏽 , she is fuckin amazing ....🤘🏻♥️
Kookie (1 month ago)
I love the song
GG xox (1 month ago)
I'm such a rock girl so thus song is awesome!
Rhea Jewan (1 month ago)
Numez 1583 (1 month ago)
2:00 just look at him carefully now onwards... Thank me later He is life😍
Real XDFB (1 month ago)
This is what we need, if only I knew how to play guitar. Thankfully I can be a frontman instead
luse 6 (1 month ago)
Dangerous Coffe (1 month ago)
happy birthday mr Styles! thanks for everything and be yourself, do your best and treat people with kindness everytime, everywhere <3
Rhoud Ghunaim (1 month ago)
Rhoud Ghunaim (1 month ago)
I'm done
DIY SaRa (1 month ago)
Happy birthday Harry ❤️🎉
greta rukelj (1 month ago)
Happy birthday harry
Makia Adler (1 month ago)
HAPPY 25th BIRTHDAY HARRY! I love you so much and you have come so far in your career. I am so proud of you and wish you all the best 2019. Lots of love ❤️
Lavanya Kanumuri (1 month ago)
Happy birthday Harry. 😍 love you so much. Can't believe you're 25.just waiting for the Hiatus to end.
Mary Siopi (1 month ago)
Happy 25th Birthday Harry🎂 I love you so much!!! So much love from Greece!!! 🇬🇷
JEON JUNGKOOK (1 month ago)
Happy Birthday Harry 💙 💙 ❤ ❤ ❤ 💙 💙 💙 ❤ ❤
Lime Soup (1 month ago)
Happy birthday my favorite person 💖💗💓💞💝💘💗💓
Alyssa Adams (1 month ago)
HAPPY 25th birthday HARRY!🎂🎂🎂🎂

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