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5 Ways Women Are Superior To Men

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Monkey's original video is here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eNIVK3KCXtI Australia child abuse stats: https://au.news.yahoo.com/thewest/a/6089613/mum-not-dad-more-likely-to-neglect-kids/ The WHO global maltreatment fact sheet: http://www.who.int/mediacentre/factsheets/fs150/en/ Soccer moms abusing drugs: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/david-sack-md/prescription-drug-abuse_b_3756121.html? Overdose stats: http://cache.boston.com/bonzai-fba/Original_PDF/2013/07/02/Vital_Signs_Drug_Overdoses_Women_dated_July_2_2013_eBook__1372790347_8716.pdf Gang rape: http://news.nationalgeographic.com/news/2013/10/131007-sexual-violence-rape-teenagers-sociology/ Stalkers and criminal harassment: http://news.ufl.edu/archive/2006/07/women-more-likely-to-be-perpetrators-of-abuse-as-well-as-victims.html Cheaters: http://www.yourtango.com/201172881/women-more-likely-cheat-men-heres-why Back-up husbands: jezebel.com/how-to-choose-your-backup-husband-1639574786
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Text Comments (88)
Sugar free Gaming (3 months ago)
I think I have the hots for you
Michael pirruccio (1 year ago)
Men always use biology and fact to explain why they are superior. Women just make the claim and expect you to belive it because they said it was a "fact." Why do women never support their claims?
whatever me (2 months ago)
What facts?
RCG G (1 year ago)
If I called you a Goddess, how would you feel about that? I'd hope you reply to comments.
Young Victor (1 year ago)
Men are capable of loving a woman for who she is and not for what she posses.
Björn Johnzon (1 year ago)
women can be just as mean as men! from personal experience.
Michael pirruccio (1 year ago)
Björn Johnzon being mean has nothing to do with strength.
JoJoBB (2 years ago)
Do you hate your own fucking gender?
Ase Morton (1 year ago)
JoJoBB Facts don't care about your Feelings!
Alexander Angelus (1 year ago)
Calling out factual evidence trumps gender.
Noah Day (2 years ago)
Woman are better at having kids that's it not raising the though woman can't do shit better than a man except piping out kids men have the seed what do you plant seeds in that's correct dirt
Michael pirruccio (1 year ago)
Noah Day Only women can have kids retard. So i guess that makes women better at having kids?
hunter (2 years ago)
ye but i can lift more so i win...
Live Epic (1 year ago)
hunter you're retarded my guy
trublgrl (2 years ago)
I think it's obvious that there is one thing women are FAR superior to men at: policing the perceptions of their gender group. The greatest PR firms in the world have nothing on the way women have spun every negative into a positive when it comes to bad behavior. "Of course I cheated, look at how you treat me!" "I hurt my child because... society and modern medicine!", "I stole from my job because I don't have a man to take care of me!".
samuski36 (2 years ago)
How could it possibly surprise you to learn that women cheat more than men? I though that was fairly common knowledge, but I guess not!
Wolfgang548 (2 years ago)
Every time it's mentioned through the media, they always make it look as though men cheat more.
Albert Smith (2 years ago)
the fact that you five examples are negative and you are proud to claim is astounding.
whatever me (2 months ago)
This lady is an idiot of the first order.
Albert Smith (2 years ago)
women highly like to contribute to the death of children speaks volumes but yet the constantly get custody of their childrent. again the fact you are leading in drug addiction but yet you get custody at a high rates. men will not report rape why because a man will not get justice.
Jean-François Virey (2 years ago)
Interesting arguments, but I stopped listening because of your use of swear words. Also, the fact that biological mothers abuse and kill children more than biological fathers may be at least in part explained by the fact that they are more likely to get custody of the child in divorce cases.
Power Balance (2 years ago)
Love your videos so much Janet! I'm surprised given your hard upbringing (very strict parents, especially strict father) that you are so supportive of men. You mentioned it's because of your son, but is this the only reason?
ghtybn56 (2 years ago)
Wow, my ex- fits 4 out of 5 of those winning selections.  Fortunately, I got custody and my kids are all in good shape.  That's correct, I raised 3 great kids.  My ex really hates that my kids correct her when she takes credit for it. They know she was never there, and the times she was, the kids knew the difference.  She always tried to manipulate them.  ALWAYS.  They even to this day, will not call her for advice or help with stuff, till they have talked to me first.  I was so happy when we got divorced, still am.  You really don't make women look good.  I still haven't found a wife, cause I have strict, really strict, standards for women, and most don't measure up.  I am not going through that crap again.
a (2 years ago)
ghtybn56 Congratulations on being a single parent and a good dad ! Especially on winning full custody, that's difficult to do for most parents , I'm sure your kids are proud of their father and what he's done for them.
Bob Carlson (2 years ago)
we need Janet to form a finishing school, for today's girls
Wolfgang548 (2 years ago)
There's no help for today's girls. They're beyond help.
Alex Chaudhari (2 years ago)
Sometimes I feel she hates her own gender and wishes she was a man.
Alexander Angelus (1 year ago)
She's not a feminist, so I doubt that.
Wolfgang548 (2 years ago)
Of course, there are a few decent women out there but the majority who are shitty are making the small group of good ones look bad.
Alex Chaudhari (2 years ago)
+Preston Weary ? I know TFM would embrace the Islamists if they took over the West, but I'm not dumb.
Henry Henshaw III (2 years ago)
You sound as dumb as *Turd Speaking Monkey*
atticusphone (2 years ago)
She doesn't even come close to the penis envy the modern 3rd wave feminist has. They demand male jobs, they demand male characters be made female, they treat women who make contrarian choices as scum, they are more likely to abuse other females while using said abuse to further their own sexual conquest (by rape or by snubbing out mate-competition), they support the actual patriarchy and rape culture of Islam while denouncing the liberty of the west, they demand a more feminine male role as well as a more masculine female role and they spend all day comparing themselves to men. As most who study human psychology, I assumed that Freud was full of shit. However, penis envy is a real thing, and 3rd wave feminism is more proof than freud could have ever hoped for.
byeolOube (2 years ago)
Lol Practically no one watched this video because it's not true
Sono Tom (2 years ago)
tsk...you're supposed to save the bomb 'til the end, y'know. number 1 is the damning bit. it's one thing to abuse men, woman - but, your own children? that cannot pass. the primary sphere in which i believe women are superior, is in social influence and control - and so it is utterly disheartening how that power is also abused, for personal advancement, over reconciliation. if y'all wanted it, you could transform the social order for better, in one generation.
Cheeky Bastard (2 years ago)
It's funny or peculiar I corrected somebody on this fact of child abuse and sexual assault on children. Which is going to be my next video and two people boarded up in one day.
biggles4441 (2 years ago)
got to give you all 5 janet...
Yvaeel (2 years ago)
lol women who think they are superior need some serious beat up. just a case of education.
methecsgod (2 years ago)
Janet, what part of Canada do you live in?
Nocturnal Recluse (2 years ago)
~Women are better at gang rape. WE WISH!!!
Nocturnal Recluse (2 years ago)
Say wut?
Goondock Saints (2 years ago)
I wish you weren't.
Sophie (2 years ago)
To add on to #4, women are better at stalking and harassing other women as well - like the movie Single White Female. In my own experience, I've had 3, yes 3, female stalkers. They turned all my friends against me, tried to take my boyfriend, tried to literally become me by dressing like me, dying their hair like me, and one would even answer to my name. I have NEVER had men treat me the way women have. I have even been sexually harassed ny mlre women than men. They are the best at manipulation and psychological warfare, as they can easily make their target look like they are the insane monster, while they are the innocent victim.
Barack Trump (1 year ago)
Nocturnal Recluse shut up. Honestly.
Nocturnal Recluse (2 years ago)
I'd say men are pretty good at this too...they just use the internet.
Shaun (2 years ago)
If there is a God I would have to ask him WTF were you thinking. What a worthless creation. The devil is suppose to be the bad guy, yet I find it hard to disagree with him on the whole destroying them and starting over bit. Or they are flawed, broken abortions and I am not bowing down to them. He kind of has a point. That's like asking us to serve and worship a lesser creature.
Thystaff Thywill (2 years ago)
+Bill Cipher Yep, Paul was a mgtow. Nothing ever changes, man always repeats the same mistakes over and over. There's a correlation between when man starts defying God's rules and women start dominating men.
The Unfamiliar (2 years ago)
+Thystaff Thywill Lol, u got a point. Beside God even admitted Woman are the weaker vessel. Paul was sexist because of Woman dominate in ancient days. Jezebel was being superior over men.
Thystaff Thywill (2 years ago)
+Bill Cipher If God made man and woman equal then it would have never told woman to submit to man.
The Unfamiliar (2 years ago)
God Usually see Male and Females as Equal. Beside in Marriage a Woman was commanded to subject to her husband just as the husband subject to Christ and his wife. The Last shall be the first and First the Last. Stronger shall serve the Younger
Sandra Smith (2 years ago)
While I do think women are actually the superior sex, it's fascinating to see that even we have some pretty crazy vices we need to deal with
Elechicken (1 year ago)
I agree with you, but how exactly are women superior to men?
Anathema Nu (2 years ago)
+Dynamistic LOL, backpedal much? You simple shit. You told me that "this is all I will spend my time with educating you..." which means, either you were caught, or you are as duplicitous and mendacious as you are fatuous and retarded. You tried to save face, and you face planted. Please, save the planet...don't breed. oh, and get the fuck out.
Anathema Nu (2 years ago)
+Dynamistic Regurgitates the plebeian. Larger brains do not mean more intelligence, shitstain. It even states as much in your link, you nescient troglodyte. Educate me? You're so vacuous that lissencephaly would be a step in the right direction, you reptilian cretin. http://qz.com/441905/men-are-both-dumber-and-smarter-than-women/ If you're literate, read that, simpleton. Actually, don't bother. You're as demonstrably illiterate and non cogent as a fungus.
Anathema Nu (2 years ago)
There is no "god". Men are physically superior (as a strong rule), but women have an intellectual advantage until you go to the extremes of the scale. You will find more male supra-geniuses and more male idiots than you will female. Intellectually, both genders are about equal. If you continue to peddle this female supremacy bullshit, expect to be verbally and scientifically shut down at every turn.
Jade Schiller (2 years ago)
+Food For Thought without us you wouldn't exist since we get pregnant and have baby's here but both genders are well balanced.
TimesThree (2 years ago)
the kitchen is probably the place were she feels most comfortable. I'm a guy and and the dinner table is the place for me
Sono Tom (2 years ago)
not so fast. did you pick up the cutlets and sauce at the market, like she "asked"?
Damn I'd love to get ganged raped by a group of women lol looks like the statistics are on my side
ftbrwbh (2 years ago)
If women are superior to men than put a woman vs a man in a fight the man will win 100% of the Time now go make me a sandwich bitch
The Unfamiliar (2 years ago)
The video was complete bullshit. Men are Superiors. 12 facts
Journi (2 years ago)
Nice try :) Now try watching the video.
Lorenzo Iannarilli (2 years ago)
did you watch the video?
Samual Whittemore (2 years ago)
Janet, you never disappoint. ;))
AkiRa22084 (2 years ago)
"Number three. This one might shock you."   As if the first two didn't...
John rockwell (2 years ago)
Men actually got gentler over time under civilization: http://evoandproud.blogspot.com.au/2013/06/making-europeans-kinder-gentler.html Its time women go through equivalent winnowing.
John rockwell (2 years ago)
+Sono Tom That's why conjugal visits for criminal women should not be allowed.
Sono Tom (2 years ago)
a very unlikely scenario, when even the most debased female can get male attention, enough to procreate.
Chopstyx (2 years ago)
when are you coming back to Twitter?
Precept (2 years ago)
I honestly couldn't refute a single point. Brava~
DiscoveredNotCreated (2 years ago)
Mommy's new boyfriend is *definitely* dangerous. With you on that. I know several girls whose step fathers and "mommy's boy friend" actually raped them. Fascinating is when the biological mothers straight overlook it because of financial gains. That's pretty fucked up that the data is used against fathers. Not only is it a horrifying injustice to the fathers, but the children as well. Messed up.
a (2 years ago)
DiscoveredNotCreated So glad you've said this!my childhood best friend was molested by one of her moms boyfriends , her mom knew and did nothing because she was so desperate to keep her man. Court did nothing about it because of lack of evidence, Women like this are just as shitty as their boyfriends .
Mr Wright (2 years ago)
I love seeing a woman in the kitchen. No sexism at all. Janet is doing it right.
I subscribe to the channel for both Janet Bloomfield and Turd Flinging Monkey. I'm quite interested to see what if any response he'll have. I listen to them both carefully.
Gameplayz (2 years ago)
And when I reached the end of the video I was like "Hell yeah, TFM agree with this", is not being superior but nice word play.
Gameplayz (2 years ago)
Me too, sub to both
Do you like Stefan Molyneux?
Damian Sellus (2 years ago)
I've been looking at the stats for cheating and partner counts for the sexes, and for a number of yrs, I must say they really are quite varied. It may be what's trending however, all things considered, little to gain little to loose these days. What's most interesting to me in the cited article is the attitude toward cheating that is revealed. It's one thing to fall into such a mistake, it's another to keep it going and not tell the other about it. To be so selfish. "just 15 percent of men say they would forgive a cheater", way to be boys. Way. To. Be.
Damian Sellus (2 years ago)
+Sono Tom Sounds like a shallow attitude. She can feel betrayed, having considered that she makes sacrifices for a relationship. She can get an std also. I thin women have learned to not invest themselves so much, these days its... maybe, stupid.
Sono Tom (2 years ago)
women are hardly concerned about cheating, because they can never be tricked into bearing another woman's child, y'know.
Take Off Your Blinkers (2 years ago)
Now lets look at TV, Movies and the mainstream media about these 5 points... How are these points portrayed through society? Will it back up what Janet says? I didn't think so either. Can't have stats and facts and stuff getting in the way can we.
Brian Sneary (2 years ago)
Good despite Mary Jane, horrible, awesome, no fucking way
Alan Harries (2 years ago)
.I really haven't got a problem with female lead roles.It's merely the narrative i have a problem with.You have to give it to Feminism they have lied and and have maneuvered their way to power.They use these lies to allow the emasculation of men.To belittle men is not only allowed but encouraged.Then again more and more women find themselves dissociating themselves with Feminism.Feminism will eat themselves.
Every action packed movie coming out has women as the lead role and its ridiculous. I don't even watch movies any more because it's getting so bad. Star Wars, Batman VS Superman, Mad Max Fury Road, Ghostbusters, etc.
Alan Harries (2 years ago)
Woman now dominate the Media.That is born out by how women are portrayed.They are powerful strong and independent.Men are weak and of course all bastards.This has been an on going process for at least 30 years.The first 5 minutes of every tv and movie will show you all you need to know.I haven't a problem with strong women.That is just not enough for them as it has to be at the detriment of men.
Alex Cockell (2 years ago)
weren't laudanum parties mainly populated by umc women back in the day?

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