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Day[9] & Felicia Day: Spellslingers Gag Reel #5 - Thuggish Demeanor

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Watch Spellslingers with Felicia here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Lk2erZ2OqM&list=SP7atuZxmT956nQczILviEFDLAp9ycXk8R&index=10 Next episode's guest: Grant Imahara Want to get started in Magic: The Gathering? Buy a starter pack: http://amzn.to/1c2v0Ix Welcome to Spellslingers, a competition show based on the phenomenally popular card game, Magic: The Gathering. Presented by Sean Plott of Day9TV, prepare to experience fun-filled, fast-talking and adrenaline-paced battles that highlight the latest MTG cards. In each episode geek icons will take on Sean with the hope of emerging victorious in an all-or-nothing match. Special Thanks to Wizards of the Coast! Subscribe to Geek and Sundry: http://goo.gl/B62jl Join our community at: http://geekandsundry.com/community Twitter: http://twitter.com/geekandsundry Facebook: http://facebook.com/geekandsundry Google+: https://plus.google.com/+GeekandSundryhttp://geekandsundry.com/community --- CAST Executive Producers: Felicia Day Sheri Bryant Director: Dinh Thai Hosted by: Sean Plott Guest Opponent: Felicia Day Producers: Ari Weiner Ryan Copple Assistant Story Producer: David Ackerman Production Coordinator: Ashley Krick Assistant Coordinator: Nick Applebaum Assistant Director: Jason Lombardo Director of Photography: Michael Pescasio Camera Operators: Rafael Leyva Owen Captures Jared Washburn Media Manager: Ismail Gaffer: Lee Narby Best Boy Electric: Pat Russo Key Grip: Brian McDermott Grip: Otis Mannick Production Designer: Geoff Flint Art Director: Drew Wootten Set Dressers: Jalisco Wayne Jakob Bokulich Art PA Sylvia Kochinsky Make-Up: Tara Loren VTR: Jacob Bass Sound Mixer: Reza Moosavi Catering: Food Fetish Craft Service: Rosa Ehrlich Editor: Justin Eastzer James Deuling Graphics: Steve Sprinkles Sound Designer: Sean Oakley Composer: George Shaw On Set Magic Representative: Gavin Verhey PAs: Jason Adams Michael Smith Forrest Tagliamonte Dermil Bell
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Text Comments (140)
Chloe Price (4 months ago)
Oh Felicia 😂😍🙈
Lumpy718 (7 months ago)
Stone Snatch Nag-Naggit,....lmao,..... I Love It
80budokai (9 months ago)
Awesome gag reel!
terryfeynman (1 year ago)
Was it weird to play against someone, who has your first name as last name day 9 ?
Allan Paz (1 year ago)
she's so charming :)
Ace Strife (2 years ago)
Sean and his crippling high fives; never ends!
Rah Beats (3 years ago)
the end killed me haha
C C (4 years ago)
noxiss2015 (4 years ago)
wait, isnt she from Supernatural???? WHAT THE, WOW :O
bloody_albatross (3 years ago)
+phillip whiting She's from Buffy, Dollhouse, Eureka, The Guild (the last she wrote herself) etc. and she founded this Channel.
david grayhem (4 years ago)
funniest shit ever
alexsanzphoto (4 years ago)
Felicia is so hot
Lumpy718 (7 months ago)
I have to agree,.... Smoking,.....
Xhinope (4 years ago)
True... Dat! Oh god, I sound terrible like that, If I ever say that again, kill me!
Tom Smith (4 years ago)
Stone-snatch-nag-naggot, i want That card!
kinggimped (4 years ago)
Holy shit he fucking *crushed* her hand. She took it like a champ
Erik Bergström (4 years ago)
00:55 You have upset the machine spirit!
Nathan Simpson (4 years ago)
When are these two getting married? 
DeaconTaylor (4 years ago)
what was that about a giant stone snatch?
Splattercat (4 years ago)
3:00 Sean needs to win a Pro-tour and have them re-institute the "Pro-Tour winners make a card" thing so the "Stonesnatch Naga" can be an actual thing. :P
Every video Felicia is in is great.
Jake Sloan (5 years ago)
I really like the videos, they're great for newer videos. But i would really like to see these guys actually play a real game with their own decks, I know they don't just use Intro Packs haha
Jake Sloan (5 years ago)
*Newer players
Stranger's Bot (5 years ago)
And, we jellyfish away. YES!
pissedoffatyt (5 years ago)
come back!!!
fa fasf (5 years ago)
0:38 and done.
Joe Hula (5 years ago)
 Vsauce sent me 
Doug The Moleman (5 years ago)
Oh my God... Felicia... more like Felicity! Dun dun duuuuun [dramatic close up of constipated face]!
asdf (5 years ago)
"And now the stone snatch nag-naggen"
Angelica Reid (5 years ago)
oh man they crack me up, I freaking love this show!
David Smolinski (5 years ago)
I hate math, but I love calculus and linear algebra.
1337master (5 years ago)
Mathletes  rock. Unfortunately 5/4 people will never become mathletes.
kyoya941 (5 years ago)
can we have another episode with her please
Roman Penna (5 years ago)
You work so hard because you are dedicated Felicia :D and thank you for being so 
Jeff Mueller (5 years ago)
Thuggish Demeanor would be a great band name. Lol. Keep up the funny guys! Love this show!
whatever3554 (5 years ago)
loooooooooove that video. Day9 is such a natural entertainer, it is beautiful hilarious.
Creeeeemi (5 years ago)
Where does Sean pick up all these hot nerd chicks? Man, dudes smooth. Such gain. Wow.
Vulcan Hades (5 years ago)
Why are people talking about devotion like it's a new mechanic? It was already in MTG and it was called "chroma" right? I still have my goat deck from Eventide and Springjack Shepherd creates tokens based on how many white symbols you have.
Chaotix Spark (5 years ago)
Chroma and Devotion are slightly different. Chroma effects are based on casting things to the field. Devotion are as long as they are on the battlefield.
ThisVlogHasNoTitle (5 years ago)
Sean + Felicia = OTP
Jackson Grimm (5 years ago)
3:05 finally killed me
Mimoh25 (5 years ago)
why do they have to act so much ... its totaly not them ..
Breakthrough Duelists (5 years ago)
I'm a yugioh player trying to learn how to play magic but this was funny lol
Edward Cambra (5 years ago)
Loved this video
Joe Cavallaro (5 years ago)
Felicia[Day] ftw!
ItsCamilleYall (5 years ago)
I ship Felicia Day 9...
gtrslinger (5 years ago)
About as funny as cancer
Bennett Stark (4 years ago)
Cancer? don't make me laugh! waahaaahaaa
Mazra (4 years ago)
+ironman2199 Woop woop woop! (V)(º,,,º)(V)
Chaotix Spark (4 years ago)
But Lobster is so delish!
ironman2199 (4 years ago)
+Alexander DeGuzman its a crab dummy
Doug The Moleman (5 years ago)
You are hereby banished from the internet. Leave forthwith!
Fand (5 years ago)
This is why math people don't give high fives. We are not cool enough to pull it off at least 35% of the time
DarrenjbGaming (5 years ago)
Felicia Day FTW xD
jbro1806 (5 years ago)
dat high five
Pradyumn Vij (5 years ago)
Thug [9] for lyfe
Alleyway Mind Hook (5 years ago)
MYTHBUSTERS AND MAGIC AND G&S COMBINE NEXT EPISODE I could not be less enthused.  Seriously though my head is going to spray Chandra sauce all over the place.
YgritteWildling (5 years ago)
this gag reel made my day
Jaqen (5 years ago)
Love the show but the gag reels are even better.
Armazillo (5 years ago)
Lumpy718 (7 months ago)
I was almost crying when i heard that,.... lmao
Trent Vanderpool (3 years ago)
+Armazillo 2:58
dagman85 (5 years ago)
Ha!  I *knew* Sean didn't shuffle...
joseph roquemore (5 years ago)
Terrific video is it I'll say wouldn't you
robert wheeler (5 years ago)
Felicia never fix your teeth your cute as hell one sexy nerd!!!!!!!! 
rlopez23 (5 years ago)
Great gag reel, I love spellslingers its like the best show ever.
Roger Scott (5 years ago)
This gag reel is very funny. I also like the green and blue color in Felicia's hair.
Daniel Simental (5 years ago)
you gotta get those peeps from friday nights on spellslingers, for reals.
magicrhombus (5 years ago)
I could seriously watch a show that was just Sean screwing things up and then making fun of himself. Like just a full hour of that every day. Oh wait, there's already a show like that, huzzah for the Day9 Daily!
Grimace982 (5 years ago)
Mono black! Ya I'm old school :-)
sixfiveotwo (5 years ago)
if only my FNM were like this.
Chaoteee (5 years ago)
Day 9 needs to be in season 7 of the Guild YES, I DREAM!
DragonMZ (5 years ago)
Day[9] should play some magic with LoadingReadyRun (of Desert Bus fame)
Mario Castillo (5 years ago)
I found this funny, but I lost it at the "watch more spellslingers, it will pump your rootwalla"
Andrew Dunn (5 years ago)
Things I learned today: Sean is a spitter.
Christian Nytra (5 years ago)
why are all these spellslingers-decks that ultra-lame and bad? tehy just have 50% creatures with no effects and way to much costs
Yuzuki1337 (5 years ago)
Because they use Intro decks :P
Filip Giera (5 years ago)
Filip Giera (5 years ago)
David Lastname (5 years ago)
Day[9] and Felicia need to do a lot more content together. Their Kingdoms of Amalur time and this and the perfume flog are golden. Sean would be an amazing guest on Co-Optitude! Maybe get Mario Kart 64 given the 64 has 4 controller slots? You three bouncing stuff back and forth would be tear inducing. By three of course I mean with Ryon. :)
gunnervine (5 years ago)
Ryon's moustache already has the 3rd host slot sewn up.
DovahStud (5 years ago)
"Did I mention that I run well? Like already drawing the two lightning strikes and now the stone snotch nog nagant"...had me in tears! X'D
tehspikey (5 years ago)
Ditto. And reading your comment aloud started it all over again.
wtfwjd (5 years ago)
iiii love this fuckingggg showwww
thanzocam (5 years ago)
the wrath of the stone snatch nugget
Potatis 1337 (5 years ago)
I love Sean
Josh2995 (5 years ago)
You should totally get a professional Magic player on the show. Like Brad Nelson or Reid Duke.
Cerxi (5 years ago)
They really shouldn't. That would destroy the friendly, casual feel of it all. "Turn 3,  I draw infinite cards, doing infinite damage to you, aaaand you lose!"
Vyxel (5 years ago)
Felicia is great! She needs a rematch. Can't wait till Grant comes!
Matt Forman (5 years ago)
I was a math major too! We're such a rare breed, but obviously we're all awesome, haha
bigdeliciousseacow (5 years ago)
How did "mathletes" not make the main video?!
Geek & Sundry (5 years ago)
Fun Fact: +Felicia Day and +Day9TV are Mathletes. Also, a wild #Spellslingers  gag reel appears! Watch our latest +Magic: The Gathering inspired episode.  +1 if you study something geeky! 
Vincent Oostelbos (5 years ago)
+Kyle Hughes I was wondering the same thing about biology, but then I thought, wait, I'm going to be doing theoretical/computational biology! That's geeky for sure.
Emperor Palpatine. (5 years ago)
+Geek & Sundry It should be a college major. *now looking up for degree for children card games* 
fibonacci112358s (5 years ago)
+Doug Rosengard
Pontus Welin (5 years ago)
I study programming. Does it get more geeky than that? :D
Doug Rosengard (5 years ago)
Whoo, Math-gic the Gathering! Mathies unite, the numbers are on our side! Our set forms a perfect union! We... uh... got the cool... stuff.... (Look, I'm a math major, not an English major, alright!)
Colour of the Gods (5 years ago)
I just spilled coffee on my groin laughing to this... It is a deep burn
Elias Andersson (5 years ago)
Stonesnatch giant!
Pieter Le Roux (5 years ago)
Is Felicia Day the "Felicia" that broke Sean's heart and he still references to this day in his stories?
Dionius (5 years ago)
That's Felicity, dude.
niqhtt (5 years ago)
drew the stone snatch
Vmaxi513 (5 years ago)
Sean is Felicia your boss?
Splattercat (5 years ago)
Been looking forward to this all week. So awesome. :P
Blair Beveridge (5 years ago)
This one tickled that bone in me some call funny...get your mind out of the gutter (actually put it back in the gutter)
Jon Spratlin (5 years ago)
More Felicia Day!
JacobMTK (5 years ago)
This was hilarious,long time since i laughed this hard xD I really needed thanks!
Paul Mason (5 years ago)
I don't always laugh out loud at these.. but damn this was funny.
Popeye Ferby (5 years ago)
Stone Snatch Gina.
Hansel (5 years ago)
You hear my laughter from Italy?
Gus LQ (5 years ago)
already drawing the two lightning strikes and now the stone snatch nat nagget.. Hahahaha
Hamvair (5 years ago)
dat day9 laugh hilarious
MADagain (5 years ago)
r0zzin (5 years ago)
So she can star in Supernatural: Adventures in Oz... if only they would make this a spin off, or even a Mini-series
MADagain (5 years ago)
+Andreas Ihring Still her character was good
Andreas I (5 years ago)
Wiki thinks it was 4 episodes, so really Not much
MADagain (5 years ago)
More than that, but she left in season 9... unhappy bru
Andreas I (5 years ago)
she was in maybe 3 episodes or so...?
Henrik Johansson (5 years ago)
You guys are the best! These gag reels are always awesome! :D
Last Marine Standing (5 years ago)
Best gag reel ever, why cant it go on forever T_T, can you guys do a rematch
Aldjeron (5 years ago)
Stone Snatch Nag Nagnet?
Not Visible (5 years ago)
yay was waiting for this vid xd the gag reels are so well made lol

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