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Hero by Rhonda Byrne Part 3

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Hero by Rhonda Byrne Part 3 Today I'm sharing Hero by Rhonda Byrne and this is Part 3 of the video series of the inspirational stories I'm sharing with you in order to encourage you to follow your passion and your purpose in life and know that if they can do it, you can do it. Today is about Laird Hamilton from the United States of America. Laird Hamilton grew up in a broken home in Hawaii. Feeling excluded and discriminated against and realizing he needed to grow up fast, he set out to prove himself as a surfer and go where no surfer had gone before. Out of challenging life circumstances, a burning desire arose within Laird Hamilton to do something with his life. He heard the call, he responded to it, and in fulfilling his dream of becoming one of the greatest big-wave surfers, he has inspired millions of people the world over. His extreme adventures in and out of the water led to many serious injuries, broken bones, and being lost at sea on numerous occasions, yet Laird Hamilton still realized his dream to break the limits of what was possible and went on to become one of the greatest big wave surfers the world has seen. Laird Hamilton also says in Hero by Rhonda Byrne: "How do you transition from what you're doing into a place where you're doing what you love? Subsidize doing what you love to do with doing something else in order to give you enough support to do the thing you love. All of the sudden you will be doing the thing you love as the thing that provides for you. And that transition will occur much quicker than you think." Today's message of what I got out of this is to break through any limitations that you set up for yourself or that others set up for you. Break through those limitations, keep going and persevere. Stay committed to your task and your purpose and dreams will come true. Come back tomorrow as we dive further into Hero by Rhonda Byrne. Connect with us on facebook @ http://facebook.com/brianandfeliciawhite
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paul hurles (2 years ago)
this is so good to me thank you

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