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Jordan Peterson discusses whether men and women can ever be equal

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Psychologist and author Jordan Peterson discusses notions of gender equality with the Wright Stuff panel including Sophie Walker, leader of the Women's Equality Party. The Wright Stuff is on television every weekday at 9:15am until 11:15am, Channel 5. To watch full episodes, visit https://www.my5.tv/the-wright-stuff/season-2018 Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/officialwrightstuff/ Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/5WrightStuff Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/5wrightstuff/ #wrightstuff
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Text Comments (16899)
Riley Walker (1 hour ago)
yea... men are going into stem fields because of how cool nerds and geeks are in movies...
LEEDAQ (3 hours ago)
Let’s accept it women and men are not equal we do have our different goals. Men are seek for profession women are just want to be like men end of story
Michael White (4 hours ago)
Most girls I've seen don't want to work that hard - STEM fields are HARD, both in study and work, they waste tonnes of your life, countless evenings and weekends when they are out partying and sleeping around. Women would rather ride the dating carousel with dozens of Chads until they are 30+ and then find some Beta Male idiot to marry them, who they will almost certainly inevitably cheat on and/or divorce raped.
Kyle Miller (6 hours ago)
What makes me so angry about this whole argument is... why does it matter? Why does this woman care that women in general choose care occupations more than STEM occupations? Is it jealousy? Why can't women and men just be different but compliment each other? My wife does tons of things that I can't do and I do things she can't do as well. It works PERFECTLY!
Malcolm Clayton (7 hours ago)
People develop and change over the decades . It's part of life. Be careful what you wish for and understand the consequences of the time, money and most importantly the limited life span given on this earth.
Watetu G (10 hours ago)
Funny how the people who argue that there isn't enough women in STEM aren't in STEM themselves. Women who want to be in STEM, they just go ahead and do it. Be the change you want to see 🤷
Rusty Cockering (13 hours ago)
I'll believe women are equal...just as soon as I see one of them pee standing up.
Luke Shula (14 hours ago)
Kelly Kapowski @ 7:23
Manny De Leon (14 hours ago)
"are we gonna equalize that..."
Patrick LaBelle (18 hours ago)
Left wing nuts never let facts stand in their way...
Youb Cbr (18 hours ago)
Men are joining NO simps and manginas are joining
Angelo Vantoorn (18 hours ago)
What was the point of having him on there. Its basicay 3 against 1
cdn20782 (18 hours ago)
Way more women prostitution than men! A forever never ending fact!
Just Danny (19 hours ago)
Women want equal pay until they get a divorce!
Clark Griswold (22 hours ago)
Leftists ignore truth to act noble. Emotional appeals devoid of common sense. Jordan Peterson was the only rational one there. The others are delusional. They came off as goofy.
TSG (23 hours ago)
IT is the future? Who will be building buildings, houses, and roads? I guess we'll eventually stop doing that stuff and just build networks and hosts. And secondly, what if women just don't want to be software engineers or involved in STEM careers? Is gender equality all about forcing the genders to do things they don't want to to do for the sake being equal?
papa bless (1 day ago)
"Still are teaching boys and girls pink and blue..." She is wearing and pink shirt of her own accord and all the men chose to wear blue. I thinks men and women just like those colors. lol
Jonathan Blood (1 day ago)
Our Heavenly Father made us different so we can complement each other...NOT compete against each other. This understanding demolishes the consternation over differences between men and women.
BennyV406 (1 day ago)
She only reads and sites studies that help her but she uses them only to further her agenda.
kookoon (1 day ago)
Why more boys are on STEM: - Young girls play mostly with Barbies. - Young boys play mostly with LEGOs.
Carl Morgan (1 day ago)
Shared Parental leave is all good and fine. But the majority of women will make that decision as to whether they would share the responsibility. They would say I've carried the baby for 9 months so why should i give the remainder of my maternity leave to my partner.
Roberto Cruz II (1 day ago)
Emergency Room, you're about to die, do you care the sex of your doctor or do you want the best doctor available...Nuff Said.
Roberto Cruz II (1 day ago)
You should be paid on how well you perform at your job. Not how you look.
Abdulai Kargbo (1 day ago)
Ik she didn’t just site Jordan’s book
Women and not willing to do everything a man can do.. And a man is not willing to do everything women can do.. The capabilities of both sexes are completely different.. There is no logic to the argument.. The only debate is .. "who is right ".. not ... "what is right"
The probabilities of outcome will always be different they have to.. For survival and acts like a seesaw.. Taking turns.. The probabilities of opportunity is not a goal that can be reached because of the biological structure of our bodies ... This is going to directly attack our immunology and our immune systems are going to crash.
This is simply a god complex that stems from the self esteem.. Both genders are trying to prove a point and they have moved far away from the goal.. we are all trying to justify our own self-esteem and self-worth and dominance as a race and sex.. Therefore we will always argue.. and the argument itself in a whole is the reason that we do not realise.. Instead of working as a unit we are separating the unit into two.. Our intelligence is destroying us.. Our pride to be strong..
Ryan Corrigan (1 day ago)
For fucks sake, men and women _ARE_ equal, in _value,_ but they're not the same. Why is this so complicated?
Dylan Mrkich (1 day ago)
She looks at all of the data and tries to make it fit her preconceived notions.
Mark Panapa (1 day ago)
"Rule 9: Assume the person you are listening to, might know something you don't." JBP - Clearly that's not the case here.
Rylerd Velglarn (1 day ago)
The solution she proposes to make pay equal due to pregnancy is force men to not work via paternal leave. Don’t let them work. That is the lefts answer to everything. Don’t work. Raise taxes to pay people that don’t work a living wage. Raise taxes to pay for food for people that don’t want to work. Of course there are some men out there that would rather NOT WORK so of course they’re going to flock to your policies. Let men be men. People are paid living wages if you would stop punishing them by taking their money from them and giving it to people that don’t want to work.....
Dana May (1 day ago)
Its more complicated than that. Its more than just men and women competing.
SL Peterson (1 day ago)
Men cannot have babies or nurse babies. Men and women are different. To expect men to take care of babies when women are literally physically MADE FOR THE JOB is ridiculous.
customxyz (1 day ago)
This fight against traditional gender roles is so overplayed it should be irrelevant.
Matt Heffernan (1 day ago)
That man's hair is wonderful
Lone Caucasian Male (1 day ago)
How in the f*** could it be a modern media issue when gender roles have evolved over thousands of years...?
mac_tíre_aonair (19 hours ago)
millions of years!!!
Lone Caucasian Male (1 day ago)
She is lost... And that's okay. It's the first step ....
surfsessions100 (1 day ago)
Jordan: science Woman: I feel.... Blonde guy: KNOCK HER UP
Alejandro Basaldúa (1 day ago)
Here in Argentina men retire at 65, women retire at 60 (by law). Feminist movement in Argentina is one of the strongest in Latin America, but I have never heard any media or feminist complaining about this inequality.
Blue Briscoe (11 hours ago)
If it's a joke, it's a good one. If not :-O
Doggsen (17 hours ago)
Blue Briscoe Shouldnt they be working more than men since they skip working while taking care of their children?
Blue Briscoe (19 hours ago)
Well, women have children and take time off to care for them. So it's only fair.
D Ross (1 day ago)
Shut up split arse
Hilkmeister (1 day ago)
Jordan and this gal can't seem to come to the same point with the same data, 1 screen 2 pictures
Adil Al Awadhi (2 days ago)
How you are going to beat a person with real data?
T. S. Simonsen (2 days ago)
Nobody are equal to anyone.
Tomás Ricchetti (2 days ago)
Jordan I feel bad for you.
Master of Reality (2 days ago)
They only want to equalize the good stuff. Feminists think life is so damn complicated only because they MAKE everything so damn complicated, by mingling with their deepest desires and feeling that freedom is about getting what you want. Do you want more women and less men to work dangerous jobs? Yes? No? Because that question right there explains in vivid detail how absurdly one sided “women’s equality” really is. You ain’t after equality, you’re after all the benefits of a man and none of the drawbacks that WE endure. The difference between men and women’s unfortunate roll is that men don’t really walk around complaining about it. Women in this day in age are out of control, especially in the dating game. They ho out at night and cheat on their men and act professional cute and innocent the next day at work. They are master manipulators and feminism because of that has turned into a witch hunt for men, where the real incentive is to destroy the world of men to par way for women. Equality my ass. More like destroy the very nature of humanity, and the rejection of God and the goodness of his existence. Women today don’t believe in God, because they’re too busy worshipping themselves.
andy kimin (2 days ago)
They got along famously
Master of Reality (2 days ago)
It’s amazing how calm, cool and collected someone can sound while spewing utter nonsense. Everything this woman stands for is a paradoxical fantasy.
Co on (2 days ago)
Jordan is in a league of his own.....
Christopher Kumanchik (2 days ago)
Jordan Peterson: discusses the content of studies he reads. He brings up the experiments, the biases and only cites correlations without assuming causation. He knows the makeup and quantifies the numbers in these jobs and on these issues. Has a plan for how we should go perceiving these issues. Woman in pink: "I've read the studies", "I speed read your book", "Look at the school's teaching boys blue and girls pink", "We want equality", [Has all of the answers and opinions at the table], Clearly read findings the "studies" she cites in online news headlines
Quantum Baboons (2 days ago)
Rule:9 - She wasn't even listening to him, just reading her notes so she could make her next point, that's just rude.
Jeremy Newman (2 days ago)
No such thing as free child care. Someone always has to pay. Usually the taxpayer.
Matt (2 days ago)
6:10 Cuck
charvelgtrs (2 days ago)
Women and Men are different that extends beyond physical why do people have issues with this fact?
john alexander (2 days ago)
talk about treading water. comon lady
john alexander (2 days ago)
the difference between you and jp is that you are thick.
Shivaprasad Warrior (2 days ago)
Why doesn't the interviewers hear Jordan's points. He just skips them and move once again towards the women!😂😂
Rob Will (2 days ago)
Jordan Peterson is the 🐐!!
jonathan munoz (2 days ago)
The blonde on the right at 4:58 was all like “My Captain... My King”!
Matty Messner (2 days ago)
Men and women are just different. Woman can give birth, breast feed, are more nurturing. Men are physically stronger can inject life and grow beards. Let’s celebrate our differences instead of being angry about them.
Robert Ralph (2 days ago)
She creamed her jocks after she got to say she's able to speed read
Abdiel L. (2 days ago)
Damn Jordan Tore her a new one
lk8856 (2 days ago)
Men and women are different. Sure they are. That doesn’t mean that a woman can’t make different choices.
JayJ (2 days ago)
Women get paid more then men in just about everything besides entertainment(unless its adult entertainment) like sports etc...and even then some do, look at womens tennis players
Aaron Villa (2 days ago)
Equality of outcome is dogshit.
Adam Pennington (2 days ago)
Equal but special
Adam Pennington (2 days ago)
God, I hate white women.
PoRter (2 days ago)
She was never married to a woman.she will discover more if she did.
TELL THE TRUTH (2 days ago)
but your all white lollllllllllllllll
jekylle (2 days ago)
I finally understand the old fable that "men are from Mars and women from Venus". There is their version then there's the truth.
Jermaine Reid (2 days ago)
they want men to get more feminine so the woman to take charge of everything ... this is what society wants ....
Duke of Norfolk (2 days ago)
She is rather intelligent, but she’s not in Dr. Peterson’s league, in terms of her ability to substantiate her viewpoints. The reason for this is simple to see. She is getting monetarily compensated to hold the views she claims to possess. Never attempt to persuade someone away from an opinion of which they are getting paid to have. Regardless of how-articulate and persuasive Dr. Peterson is, this woman is entirely too close minded to even consider his views, the peer reviewed facts that he has presented! Ironically, she would be very interested in accusing others of being closed minded. Ironic. Not surprising, but altogether ironic.
Jakub Marchevka (2 days ago)
We will never be equal, it isn’t always about sexism, it’s about the fact that women and men have different skills, also i’m getting so angry listening to her that, if i was there i would be worried that i would slam her through that table
JuiceboxNine (2 days ago)
Jordan cites the Scandinavian study. The others keep saying that the study isn't complete yet. It's like they're expecting some sort of "The 6th Sense"-like 180 degree twist in the end.
LogicalNotes (2 days ago)
If your mind and heart is not opened or you have a filtering system (biases), then, understanding is reduced to Sophia Walker's awareness of reality. She will always be chasing well behind people like Jordan.
CS \m/ (2 days ago)
8:43 When Sophie start to explain about women needing more "female role model" and the need things should be more "female friendly", that's pretty much a failed gender equality. So when Victoria Secret gonna get more male role model?
mehrab irani (2 days ago)
The woman is being more agreeable with Jordan using his book example. But Jordan knows that trick.
mehrab irani (2 days ago)
The woman can't even argue with Jordan. Jordan is way higher than her in terms of psychology.
Brent Millsop (3 days ago)
Brent Millsop (3 days ago)
Woman and Men are clearly fundamentally different. People are prison because they break laws and get prosecuted. The Equalizer for this woman is a number.
DK viking KD (3 days ago)
Her ideological bobble is 100 % fact resistant - impressive:-)
D TEE (3 days ago)
What does "equality" mean to you? "I love my job".......ok?
Stephen Morgan (3 days ago)
It's as if he's watched Fox News and thought: Those Fox people are making millions from talking absolute tosh carefully aimed to hit home at the ultra-basic intelligence level of a Fox News viewer - I could do that in my sleep!! I'm a proper intellectual who actually knows stuff! I could make millions peddling the same backward ideas but with a thin veneer of intellectual credibility. My target audience will be frustrated lonely young men who can read! That's a demographic that Fox News could never reach. I'll show them that backward conservative ideas can be expressed with long words and mention 'research' and 'studies' - the conservatives will find this concept astonishing and soon fame and fortune shall be mine. Note to self: Only go on TV shows with weak opponents. P.S Thank God (who is real and exists) Christopher Hitchens is dead, otherwise I might have to debate him.
Annoymous prankster (3 days ago)
you seem writer right
James Gill (3 days ago)
only sensible person who can see the obvious is Jordon Peterson. womens lib destroys the family the nation and is not how it was designed to be
Sean Kelly (3 days ago)
Rule 9: "Assume the person you are listening to might know something you don't." Her application: YOU should have this attitude while we're argument so that MY argument gets a win. This had me loling
Sean Kelly (3 days ago)
Saying "group x should be equal" has always been incredibly meaningless and stupid. Would you say "the man ordered." Well, ordered WHAT? This is one of the most concrete ways to see that the ERA (ever notice how it says nothing about trans rights, and how is specifically about women?) and feminists are simply wrong, nonsensical, and much ado about nothing.
Yamaiko Hiro (3 days ago)
04:40 - They're more likely to be depressed. Too bad he didn't brought that up.
A D (3 days ago)
Why isn't Sophie Walker campaigning against the real issues that drive inequality in the UK...Private Education for instance!? The North South divide!?
Toori Baba (3 days ago)
I am here for the hotty in the thumbnail Peterson slaying as always
Annoymous prankster (3 days ago)
you cant get her
Jordan Moir (3 days ago)
Ladies don't fall for this.western women are the majority in america. In the states white women are the majority and women as a whole are the majority.it can be tough to be a woman,it can also be mega easy.im talking never open a door,never pay for a date,get away with speeding.not to mention light jail sentence.you could be dressed as ninjas with zero rights married at 9.
Himanshu Jindal (3 days ago)
There is no use talking a brainwashed person stay away from feminists leave them alone
Nick O (3 days ago)
She can only spew out simplistic terms, nothing substantive. "freedom", "I think equality is better for everyone", "creating more choices for people", "more choices". Nicey nice sounding things but what she actually wants is forced outcomes (what they call 'equality of outcome' <-- that's like saying 'equality of being poor' because you force everyone to be equally poor, they throw in the word 'equality' to make something evil sound good.)
ParodyBoy911 (3 days ago)
Yo the host is a coke head?
ParodyBoy911 (3 days ago)
No seriously dude cant stay still
Dr Sanguine Sunrise (3 days ago)
LOOK HOW BORED JORDAN IS - playing chess with monkeys will be fun - for five minutes. Look at her, she is a muppet, an idiot, not because she is female, but because she is possessed by a dogma that is incorrect. Cognitive dissonance, so she hears truths that she can't refute, their conclusions are solid, the data is in, that data strongly contradicts her own bias, but...but...but she can't get free from her own stupid ideological miasma.
His princess (3 days ago)
It has got to be so frustrating to be Jordan Peterson. He’s clearly the most educated, intelligent person on that panel trying to educate a woman who thinks she’s actually on his intellectual level and she’s so wrong and can’t even see it. 😂
Jj Jimenez (3 days ago)
If I'm a miner who get $1500 a week and a woman secretary tries to successfully demand the same pay, she will lose her job fast because men like me won't be in the mines anymore.
Dr. David Berman (3 days ago)
Peterson is a man with self control... lol.
Zenish Khumujam (3 days ago)
As if anyone is telling girls to not go into STEM fields. They want the cherry on the cake without all the baking process.
akshay rangari (3 days ago)
There are more men in prison than women, do you want to equalize that ? #savage 😂
D MAC (3 days ago)
Most are gay in cali

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