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The Magic | Day 26

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Follow our collective journey of doing The Magic together over on our closed Facebook group, simply search: 'Law of Attraction Changed My Life GROUP' and I'll accept you! Thanks for watching, please do remember to SUBSCRIBE if you like this channel & giving the video a thumbs up helps me too! You can find me on Instagram at: www.instagram.com/lawofattractionchangedmylife
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Text Comments (7)
Sophia Stafford (1 year ago)
Wild bull frog 😂😂 🐸
alex alex (1 year ago)
Good Day Family, I loved the decorations and theme 🤗😇🤗
newtoapple (1 year ago)
Baby Bo makes The Magic extra special !! love you both ❤️
Kaye Stewart (1 year ago)
Everything looks so pretty and colourful! I wish I was back in London so I could crash:) I will miss these morning videos and I will miss seeing beautiful Bo. Fun video to watch as always.
Andrea Cote (1 year ago)
I love your personality! You are so much fun!
Brenda o reilly (1 year ago)
Ah Bo makes me smile every morning I'm going to miss her morning antics when this is all over. I love the wild one balloons. You'll have to do a mini tour of the party set up looks amazing she's a very lucky baby 👶🏼
Claire Ellis (1 year ago)
Its so refreshing to see someone with a genuine authentic honest personality!

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