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10 Brutal Realities of Life in Kim Jong-un’s North Korea

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TopTenz (1 month ago)
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Twisted Angel (23 hours ago)
Ahhh yes, another Libtard communist/socialist utopia. Any questions, Libtards?
Sarina R. (1 day ago)
The North Korean Regime killed of the children of elite leaders who where supposed to learn how to be more tech savvy albeit with the help of computers that didn’t even work 😤🙄👩🏼‍💻 PS the teacher who was teaching them was asked by the Regime to participate in a foreign teacher program
Kurt N (1 day ago)
The picture of the street diviner was taken in Japan.... did anyone edit the pictures before making the video?
Dj Phantom (4 days ago)
Like you said Simon, not enjoyable but informative. North Korea is a perfect example of both the failure of communism and democracy, those that have get more, and those that have not got get even less. I don’t think we will ever come up with a system that works for everyone, not unless as humans we can learn that material possessions and/or money are really irrelevant and that everyone is equal, sound familiar, yeah communism by any other name, so I go back to my original point, we will never find a system that works for everyone. Even the United Federation of Planets has a hierarchical system even though they don’t get paid and just replicate anything they want, hmmmm, sound familiar, yup communism, everyone gets the same as everyone else, but some get more than others because they are in charge, like a bigger cabin or better holodeck privileges. Ok rant over, I have stated my opinion, just going to wait for the front door to be kicked in and get arrested for criticising the hierarchy, because big brother is watching, think I will put my tinfoil hat on now. Sorry for the sarcasm, but The topic just lends itself to my sense of humour. Thanks for the lists Simon and team, always a pleasure, never a choir to watch your uploads. But you still need to do a biographic on Douglas Bader, I must have suggested him at least a million times, ok so I egg sagger ate, only ten times, but unless you do what I want, it’s of to the labour camps for you and the crew, ( but I am nice so I won’t hold it against three generations of your families) never to grace the annals of YouTube ever again, I hope that this works, it’s the best I can do pretending to be nasty.
Binaashkaa (7 days ago)
With the state of how most western media like The Guardian and 60 Minutes being made up with mostly fake news, this video should be taken at face value. Especially if this Simon guy sits there talking about the supposed horrors of North Korea whilst he intentionally leans his body so the viewer can see the human skull on the shelf in the background. This video is just more fake news and anti Korean propaganda.
ubermench3000 (8 days ago)
Why didn't Simon reduce that fraction? Shouldn't he have said 2/7 patients instead of 40/140?
dark14life (10 days ago)
Republican paradise.
John Stevenson (10 days ago)
Can't imagine why it doesn't simply collapse.
K3NnY_G (12 days ago)
I always watch this channel with headphones and I gotta say the level you put the music under everything is just full on eerie, and multiple times I find myself pausing the video just to see if it goes away, to make sure it's not some other noise from somewhere in my house. It really does nothing for me personally but be annoying.
Leif Erickson (12 days ago)
that was a whitty joke you put in the famine section haha ingredients he says lol
Tech -309 (12 days ago)
This Simon guy is just a little too creepy.....
Harry Kim (14 days ago)
I want to tell the world about this. South korea president moon jae in is suspicious people. He belongs to minju party.(democratic party, actually satanic party) He is subverting democracy, freedom, south korea. He is leftist communist Chinese friendly politician who does not want to cooperate with America. At first he prosecuted former president park - gun -hye with false evidence. His cabinet(Secret of statement Lim jong seok, moon jeong in and so on) are extremely anti-USA politician. He is extreme leftist and anti - usa politician. He is spokesman of Kim jung eun. He is too close to North Korea and its leader. He is like micro xi jing ping Chinese leader. The famous pro-democrat politician wants to stop and shut down THAAD(America's missile defence system) completely. They love North Korea, They want to support North Korea evil regime despite the starving and inhumane treatment of ordinary North Korean citizens. They do not like the rich and want to destroy the Chaebol(Super rich person) or anything that resembles. but most korean are very naive. He is top spokesman of Kim jung eun.
awesomedream (15 days ago)
Is that a real skull behind you?? Freaky.
base vegeta (19 days ago)
At least women are being treated how they deserve some where in this world
Anrcs Mxms (19 days ago)
Yeah, this vid shows how truly fortunate I am. Thank goodness.
SaskShark (19 days ago)
Do I ever hate these countries who abuse their women, like Sharia law and many others, I wish I could do somethings to help these ladies, maybe just these words from a Canadian guy could be a bit of help..
SaskShark (20 days ago)
Stalin was worse than even Hitler but this Kim regime is absolutely ridiculous !!! I feel so sorry for the innocent North Korean People!!
Ben Bowmen (20 days ago)
I would love it how the irony is lost upon you, you mentioned that North Korea has no freedom of press hahaha neither does Great Britain
Ben Bowmen (20 days ago)
+Zach C you can be locked up in Britain for denying the Holocaust happen I'm not saying that it didn't I wholeheartedly believe it did what if someone believes that they should have every goddamn right to say it. And it's going much further than that. That's not true freedom speech let's be honest oh, yeah they're not locking entire Generations up they certainly aren't free to speak as they want.
Zach C (20 days ago)
Really??? People's entire families get thrown into concentration/labour camps for multiple generations because of an article that criticized Theresa May??? I must have missed that news story......
Em Jay (22 days ago)
The country Trump aspires to rule over.
steven woodward (25 days ago)
This has to be propaganda, President Trump has said he likes Kim Jong-un, so Kim Jong-un has to be on Hell of a guy.
Mike Fartuletta (25 days ago)
skip davis (25 days ago)
too bad we can't come up with some weapon that just puts everyone to sleep for a couple of days.
Charles Hester (26 days ago)
What I don’t understand is why does the US and why does the UN let this man do these things to that country when the UN and the United States and its allies have the power to stop it
Joshua Hunt (27 days ago)
We need to continue exposing the people of North Korea to outside information. That way, either they become educated enough that the government is forced to change, for better or worse, or the population drops so drastically that the government changes anyway.
24 hour challenge (28 days ago)
If this is all true why don't we do something about it
Radwulf Eboraci (29 days ago)
Trump likes this ... he got a boner over the execution stories. He especially liked the 'all women are sex slaves' policy.
M Soda (29 days ago)
Yet president trump loves Kim Jong un
PRELL DELUXE (29 days ago)
why do nk defectors that talk to the UN and other media always change their stories ?
Scott Wallace (30 days ago)
Okay, I'm not a journalist, but I'm still crossing North Korea off my list of possible vacations.
ssfbob456 (30 days ago)
I think "antiaircrafted" is my new favorite word.
Tiger Style Apistevist (1 month ago)
I'm very disappointed in the delusional N. Korean apologists for not showing up and doing what they do in the comments here 😂 Maybe they're learning. Gotta be mad gullible to say the kinda bs they spew.
Sara Burke (1 month ago)
We execute people in the United States so...
13 FOXTROT (1 month ago)
9:15 you say "Developmental changes" but the screen shot says "Developmental challenges" .
Hugo Lalumiere (1 month ago)
I'm not much of a proponent of getting involved in other cultures, but this one is seriously effed up. To condemn individuals before they were even born is so wrong. That regime should be iradecated, plain and simple.
Rolando Villagomez (1 month ago)
I wonder why they those in a labor camp/ committed a crime would even think it's humane to even think of conceiving a child knowing full well the child would be sentenced to be a slave.
Jordan Tatum (1 month ago)
they look healthier then auctal paid workers...
Roman (1 month ago)
My head has become literally cubic after all this propaganda.
Oscar Trent01 (1 month ago)
Kalle Klæp (1 month ago)
The only problem is that NK is backed up by the damned Chinese. As long as these communist idiots are ruling in China we won't be able to do much about NK.
North Guy (1 month ago)
Hey this is trump's BFF lover, he trust him, and no more nukes!
Oscar Trent01 (1 month ago)
He's trying to negotiate with a brutal dictator with a nuclear weapons program. Who's threatened to use them against South Korea and other allies ... Kim's also supported by dictator lead communist China. HOW do YOU think he should proceed with Kim Jung un??
Barbara Powell (1 month ago)
North Korea the original FLASH MOB 😂
M H Doobs (1 month ago)
How many times does he repeat the words “... run rampant”?
Jugg Official (1 month ago)
Somebody’s gotta make a horror movie about north korean labor camps
Tiffany Manning (1 month ago)
THE HANDMAIDENS TAIL : written by an award winning Canadian, it is a dystopian warning about the USA, however, it seems to now be a horrible foreshadowing of North Korea.
Bad Marriage (1 month ago)
*The Handmaid's Tale (Margaret Atwood)
Emile Botes (1 month ago)
how do you know, where you there?
Ron Babu (1 month ago)
I feel like it wouldn’t be that hard to Assassinate Kim if he came to the USA.
bobcharlotte (1 month ago)
But americans dictator says hes a nice guy...
Andy H (1 month ago)
The only fatso in NK.
Paper St. (1 month ago)
No wonder Trump loves Kim....he starves his people, murders members of the media, and has huge demonstrations of loyalty and glorification....plus, women are treated like absolute garbage! That's how he rolls. Only problem; Trump wants to hump his daughter; that might be a problem, in N Korea...wait, no...he can have her put into a labor camp after he rapes her! Then she can be hung and stoned, like his other mistresses
Paper St. (1 month ago)
Gee golly...dictatorships doesn'tt work...would someone please send this to Trump??
North Korea is best korea
Mudder Fukker (1 month ago)
Do they even bother with mugshots or photo IDs...? I seriously cannot distinguish them beyond skinny and fat.
morningstar (1 month ago)
I hope one day soon the North Koreans do to Kim Jong Un what the Libyians did to Gaddafi.
morningstar (1 month ago)
Rolando Villagomez (1 month ago)
Jon Un would pull a Hitler before he ever got the justice he deserved.
mission failed (1 month ago)
Why are they all T posing in the thumbnail
RubeeRoja (1 month ago)
Thank you for including all of your sources (to dispel anyone's thoughts that this info could be propaganda and not the terrible truth. )
Akin Khoo (1 month ago)
but is it more brutal that US wiping out 1/4 of all korean on the planet with an endless bombing campaign against civilian town?
coolwhip455 (1 month ago)
From now on anytime I complain about the traffic, terrible weather, and high cost of living where I live, I'll just watch this video and put it into perspective. Things could be ALOT worse.
ContagiousRepublic (1 month ago)
Welcome to Trump's long term plans.
Marchant2 (1 month ago)
trump: "Kim is a great leader." This is all you need to know about what an incompetent shithead trump is.
Janice Mercier Mercier (1 month ago)
Concentration camps should be banned worldwide
Turey Taino (1 month ago)
They are hungry? They should eat Kim Jong Un.
love child 69 (1 month ago)
I sincerely hope this isn't propaganda mr. Whistler, that would be so beneath you.
Jennifer Lyn (1 month ago)
The sources are listed in the description...
el_magico (1 month ago)
Jinhan Cai (1 month ago)
I have been to the DPRK...While it is no heaven on Earth, it's still better than many other Third World countries I have been to, such as ones in Central & South America. Most of what you hear about the DPRK is outright fabrication, because South Koreans, Westerners and some Chinese people have discovered a long time ago that people will believe any ludicrous story so long as you say it happened in North Korea.
Jinhan Cai (1 month ago)
+Covena White Did you see that in your crystal ball? I have never been to Pyongyang, for your information. Only rural regions and two towns in the northern parts. The black market is a common phenomenon that even North Korean officials freely admit the existence of. One even asked if I visited the local black market for the local sea food. It's not as dark and mysterious as you may think.
Covena White (1 month ago)
You have not been to the rich cities and not the impoverished country side . Pyongyang and the Tourist areas like the towns of Kim Jon Sung and Kim Jon Il are areas for elite Communist Party Members and to impress foreign tourism. In the country side you can not move around without a passport out of fear you will defect. They even resort to illegal capitalist black markets called Jangmadang where people barter for food and supplies and only rarely use the Korean Won often prefering the Chinese Won or bartering goods without money. Being part of the Jangmadang can lead to being imprisoned unless you bribe Chinese officials.
DunnickFayuro (1 month ago)
I think you should avoid bright letters and bright background combinations as it impairs readability.
Zen Media (1 month ago)
nUTHIN FRom this is true...
Mark McNamara (1 month ago)
Kim Jong-Un sucks the sweat from a dead dogs balls !!
Marcus W (1 month ago)
Him like ALLLLLL the other dictators eventually are dragged out of there palace and killed
Jon C (1 month ago)
Great Video, shows how Socialism is a wacky route to zero freedom and a stagnant rotting economy.
ParkensRiddare (1 month ago)
He appears so happy that the sanctions are working
CyrusTheVirus (1 month ago)
State your sources. Dislike.
Jennifer Lyn (1 month ago)
They're in the description...
CyrusTheVirus (1 month ago)
It’s none of any of you alls business how another country operates. Americans need to learn from the consequences of attempting to and successfully overthrowing governments. Since WWII, when America enters a country, it leaves that country worse than when it entered.
Jeff Brunecz (1 month ago)
Why are you trying to make jokes and funny? quips during this? Its just lame and detracts from the gravity of what were being told.
Rolando Villagomez (1 month ago)
Because this isn't North Korea and we can express ourselves however we would like.
Tim Z (1 month ago)
"Kim has left the chat" LOL
Tammy Cornejo (1 month ago)
My prayers for North Korea. All we can do is pray.
Jose Berrios Jr (1 month ago)
Why is James Corbett speaking with that accent now?
Bradley Floyd (1 month ago)
Socialist utopia
Manny Santa (1 month ago)
I lost my job yesterday but my life is way better than these north Koreans. Just takes one bullet and they would be free.
james rumble (1 month ago)
The brutal reality is we repress these people into a corner.
james rumble (1 month ago)
And the thing is communism is prevailing. Prep up ha ha ha kidding
james rumble (1 month ago)
+Frederick Röders just anougher wicked grip on the discouragement of communism. It has caused more death than any famine
Frederick Röders (1 month ago)
You did your homework it seems
cold340 t (1 month ago)
Reminds me of the Middle East. Look how they treat their People. Back in the States We kill on sight. Those Who fail to "follow orders". Cops place a Blanket on Dead man in NY Subway station for hours before removing body. @80% of Americans are One paycheck away from inability to pay bills or bankruptcy. I'm finding hard to just put ALL these issues as N. Korean only. Thanks to USA Imposed Sanctions. N. Korea gets to have SHORTAGES of Humanitarian & Basic Human Resources. But, But N. Korea! Labor Camps? We have them here in USA! This video is making Me more aware of US policy & Police/Govt. issues. Along with how similar they are to N.Korea! Gee, Kids forced to perform? Are they In CAGES TOO or being RAPED? Media control......Only the SAME as USA's polices. Damn, this is a FAIL VIDEO from start to finish. Tamir Rice & Jack Yaniss would wonder how differently they would have been killed. Video Fail! Hmmm, America destroyed ALL N. KOREAN infrastructure & KILLED 1/3RD Of it's Entire Population before We called "time out". Wonder Why they don't trust Us? But, but Kim Jung-Un is a brutal "Dictator"! Ok. That makes Our policy towards them A-Ok! Ok. USA! USA! Sad. Epic Fail Here! Elliot Abrahms is this Your video?
John Chambers (1 month ago)
I can't say I'm surprised at any of these facts; however, it is definitely thought-provoking, with regard to the extent to which these things go. I pray that one day, this world finds its peaceful balance. Unfortunately, that may require that we (humans) be gone. I hope I'm wrong.
MF99K (1 month ago)
take a shot everytime he says "rampant"
Matt Mower (1 month ago)
And our current president adores this dictator.... wonder why
keith green (1 month ago)
I just Like listening to this guys voice
lifewuzonceezr (1 month ago)
I hear a British accent..but read American spelling..brain hurt!
Rain Maker (1 month ago)
BEST comment ever! I know right, very off. Guessing he's trying to appeal to the larger U.S audience. Please Simon, don't betray the English spellings! You were taught in a British school! 🤣
PooDot StinkPants (1 month ago)
If the North Koreans ever get so desperate they turn to cannibalism, they could live off their ""leader"" for quite some time...betting a few actually think this.
Pathoes R (1 month ago)
Joking aside, I wouldn't be surprised if it was a regular practice there. Massive famines tend to lead to desperation for survival.
Pete Zielinski (1 month ago)
When i was 9 years old my family and i took a trip to North Korea (we were from Wisconsin, United States) and before the plane landed, we circled the tarmac 4 times... Eventually, the pilot came on the intercom and apologized for any inconveniences... He said he was a cat fish de-wormer and that chicken will spawn in the 5th eclipse following the blood moon harvest!
Jojo Zee (1 month ago)
Really messed up.
Wilfred Morin (1 month ago)
When you use the IOS symbol for "not Permitted" 🚫 you always have the line at the wrong angle. It goes down from left to right and yours goes down from right to left.
LoneWanderer (1 month ago)
And yet president Trump has openly admitted to liking how Kim runs things.
Dewald Minnie (1 month ago)
I'm sorry. Allow me to be a troll for a second. Your topics are so enticing. And the content material extremely well thought-through and researched. It's just (again apologies) the presentation, specifically in the style of narration. You have a very specific, affected way of speaking when narrating. It has been bugging me for months!!! And I've tried to sit through quite a bunch of videos, but give up and move on. There is this thing you do when speaking. You tend to breathe at the most unlikely and unnatural points needed, obviously done for interspersion of dramatic effect. But it is done to a point of unbearability. It leaves the listener drained and taxed. Example: "...and became (BREATH) the director of..." At times you even breathe mid-word! Lol. Consider this in the spirit of positive feedback please. Fix your style of narration, guy!
rickhou (1 month ago)
89 people from north Korea disliked this video.
J.J. the Recluse (1 month ago)
I’m not debating the accuracy of any of these claims, but I can’t help but think that some of this may be embellished for affect. Not necessarily embellished by you per se, but some of this just sounds like it’s too far out there to be an actuality. Take for example, the “three generations rule”. This would imply that procreation happens while enslaved, knowing full well any children being conceived would be subject to the same deplorable treatment. People are actually finding time to have sex, carry to term and deliver babies in this environment? Something doesn’t add up with that. My gut just tells me we’re not getting the full story here. Just my opinion.
Covena White (1 month ago)
There have been defectors saying women are raped in the Prison Camp by NK soldiers. Plus, if you are already born at age 5 and your grandfather commits a crime on your birthday you are still the third generation sentanced to mass arrest.
Catalin Soare (1 month ago)
Why not telling us 10 brutal truths of living in the US and A?
Batfink (1 month ago)
They do know what's going on in the outside world. They have a huge black market drug ring, meth being one of the things they produce. Local markets have alcohol and other goodies. Stuff gets tossed over the border on a regular basis. They have radios.
Argent King (1 month ago)
We the rest of the world allow this to continue. But Kim is a great guy because Trump told me he is
Llort Ong (1 month ago)
That skull on the shelf tho
Ruben Vangas (1 month ago)
82 Kims watched this video
Am gonna send them captain Marvel Brie Larsen... Full press body invasion.
TeubuTae Mmm (1 month ago)
Waiting for the right intelligent Kim who will end all this bad luck and bring life to the children of North Korea.

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