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GOODBYE DISNEY MAGIC!!! Mediterranean Disney Cruise Week Grande Finale - Day 8

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Welcome back to Disney Cruise Week on the Disney Magic! DAY 0 - Traveling to Barcelona: https://youtu.be/4RB8J-vYHaI DAY 1 - Boarding the Disney Magic: https://youtu.be/uoI4teNJ_R0 DAY 2 - Epic Day at Sea: https://youtu.be/wPCSNvSrbMU DAY 3 - Pompeii, Naples, Sorrento, Capri: https://youtu.be/-0AXtI1mO04 DAY 4 - Colosseum & Vatican Rome: https://youtu.be/pASveltjRPk DAY 5 - Livorno, Florence, Pisa, Pirate Night: https://youtu.be/EEhVPGvsIkc DAY 6 - Disney Princess Makeover in France: https://youtu.be/oiLId2Ioz8c DAY 7 - Day at Sea - Jillian Sings Karaoke: https://youtu.be/e5bmko7CVy8 DAY 8 - Goodbye Disney Magic! - https://youtu.be/I7pJuqJRJtk Disney we disembark the Disney Magic and look back at all the fun we had this past week. Thanks for joining us on our adventure. We look forward to sharing many more with you in the future! CHECK OUT OUR OTHER CHANNELS! EvanTubeHD: http://www.youtube.com/EvanTubeHD JillianTubeHD: http://www.youtube.com/JillianTubeHD EvanTubeGaming: http://www.youtube.com/EvanTubeGaming DTSings: https://www.youtube.com/c/dtsings FOLLOW US! Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/evantubehd Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/EvanTubeHD Twitter: https://twitter.com/EvanTubeHD Production Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound
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The Tube Family (7 months ago)
Sorry for the delay. I ran into some issues with the video footage (I LOST IT!). Luckily, I found it last night! Thanks for tuning in to CRUISE WEEK 3. If you missed any of the videos, you can check them all out here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLP152KM6zckQMrBRELO8U9iNUVYTcL_fa . If you want to see another Cruise Week, leave us a comment and tell us where we should go next!
Delbert Tube (28 days ago)
Go on a cruise to southeast asia!(its usually singapore,malaysia and thailand)
Thomas Edison (2 months ago)
EvanTubeRAW in canada
Mysterious CW (3 months ago)
+LincolnLoud2004 France was during this cruise
21bossftw l (3 months ago)
Take an Alaskan cruise
Kallea Martin (3 months ago)
Even is funny
Ronaldo Lagura (1 day ago)
what song did he used?? 6:12
Inna Quinn (4 days ago)
Is your last name really Tube?
Girly girl Cat team (8 days ago)
You should go on royal Caribbean explorer of the seas next I think you will really like it because I went on that cruise.But there is no water slides on the ship.
schneice401 (12 days ago)
Kiana Peveler (26 days ago)
i think you guys should go on another cruise. it’s really fun watching you guys on cruises
Savanna Carey (29 days ago)
2:57 the memories
aashish gaonkar (30 days ago)
when is the next time you are going on a cruise?
beekeeper86 (2 months ago)
you're so lucky !
Jessie Bui (2 months ago)
l have been watching you guys since kindergarden and i watch all your vids i love you
Nars. Motion (2 months ago)
I watched this whole video without skipping 💕💖
Jack PlayzWarioWareInc (3 months ago)
I’m so sad your leaving the cruise going I’m gonna cry
Iyla Das6 (3 months ago)
Hi I'm won of your fans .I watch your videos nearly every day
Luis Sánchez (3 months ago)
like if they should make mickey mouse fruit loops
FABULOUS DINOCO 95 (3 months ago)
After the day u left I went to Disney land
KentKaye's Vlogs (3 months ago)
2:27 Italy i live in there
Joey Neri (3 months ago)
Dimple Singhania (3 months ago)
This would be your best family right?
HockeyLegend08 (3 months ago)
Pls do a carnival ship (like if u agree) Cruise week #4!!
SavPlayz ROBLOX (3 months ago)
Why is evan soooooooo obsessed with his dancing
Clouieantoinette Gravoso (3 months ago)
Ahhhhhh sweet family I wish I have a family like that so sweet
Anthony Jean Saraus (3 months ago)
Hay Evan go on the biggest cruise ship in the world
Anthony Jean Saraus (3 months ago)
Hay Evan make a cruise week 4
Abdul Razak (3 months ago)
Abdul Razak (3 months ago)
Evan l really want to being part of ur family pls Evan lm keep crying when l go bed😢😢😢
Wyatt Aguilar (3 months ago)
I like the video
Abdul Razak (3 months ago)
L want to being part of your family Evan pls om keep crying in my bed when I want to go bed 😢😢
Amanda Gleason (3 months ago)
On behalf of my husband and I.... we just LOVE your family cruising videos! We haven’t edited our videos from our first Disney Cruise but we are already going to be going on our 2nd! We like to watch ya’ll videos to get pumped about our trips. Thanks for making such great content! Also the kiddos are growing so fast! Awe!
Ninjago Nick (4 months ago)
I've been on the diseny fantasy cruise ship 2 mouths ago and it was fun
Jovun Chahal (4 months ago)
I used to watch this channel when I was a kid. Loved it. First time back, still subscribed and it’s brought back so many memories. You lot are brilliant!
Ryan Mandaru (4 months ago)
Of course i want to be part of your family
paul christon (4 months ago)
hey they went to the bean lol I live in Illinois I go to Chicago all the time ahaha
Sarah Bizimana (4 months ago)
Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo I never wanted it to end
Ray Ikagami (4 months ago)
Cruise Week 4 soon!!!
Ray Ikagami (4 months ago)
GOODBYE Disney Magic!!!
Kirk Edwards (4 months ago)
I think your next cruise should be on the carnival breeze when i went there with my kids it was so amazing and fun!!!!!!!
Manan Agarwal (4 months ago)
There's only one thing i wanna know, here does Evan learn those "dance" moves XD
Victoria Ruisi (5 months ago)
I love the royal Caribbean cruises so I think you might want to go on harmony of the seas or anthem of the seas on anthem theirs seaplex were you can ride bumper cars go roller scating play Xbox or even trapeiz the harmony has water slides and the same things allure has i hope yougo on one of these. love your channel
I'm Da Goat ?_? (5 months ago)
Evan and Jillian have the best life ever. And there happy. They always have vacation, live in a really nice house, get to have really nice stuff, and so much more. So lucky. And still give stuff to charity. So kind.
Ayush Shah (6 months ago)
My hero aca t shirt??
I need a name (6 months ago)
Evan dance compilation wow lol
MR. BIG MAC (6 months ago)
I want to go
can you go to Bali in Indonesia
Madeline Moore (6 months ago)
Do symphony of the seas it’s the biggest cruise ship
Osmo Gaming (6 months ago)
Osmo Gaming (6 months ago)
Y am italian
moon lun (6 months ago)
i wish u were there longer since its so fun to watch
Amazingkids MUJTABA (6 months ago)
Daddy tube will take you all to another cuirse
6-Ken Gaming (6 months ago)
the song is great
King KY (6 months ago)
Evan doing the hype everywhere he went was actually hilarious.
Teresa Gonzales (6 months ago)
i loved it i wish i was there :(
Gamer Soto (7 months ago)
Y get seasick
Renae Beeter (7 months ago)
YOU GUYS NEED TO DO THS LIKE EVERY MONTH!!!!!!!! i loved it ok i want to go on this thing
Cade the Awesome (7 months ago)
what song is it at 2:57 - 6:12
Vlogs with C-Rad (7 months ago)
Can you go to Disney World again they have a new slinky dog ride and toy story land
mint naphat (7 months ago)
cheesy holymacaroni (7 months ago)
please make more vids of dcl
J Molieri (7 months ago)
Awesome cruise ship trip Evan
Corina Mota (7 months ago)
don moore (7 months ago)
Go to florida
Ray Yao (7 months ago)
It’s ok
JARNJ3 (7 months ago)
Great videos! Beautiful family! Can't wait to take this cruise next year!!!!!
Maya Bhattarai (7 months ago)
Your video is too good we like you evan and jilliam
LØŸÄŁ BØĮŚ :3 (7 months ago)
2:04 OMG This Part Is So Awesome! It's Like He Keeps Dancing But He Teleports!
knightzombie (7 months ago)
Who else noticed my hero academia photo on Evan's shirt?
aanushree patil (7 months ago)
the lopez channel 2 (7 months ago)
I watch u the day i was in my house in
Naruto Uzumaki (7 months ago)
Evan likes to play fortnite as a hobby and Julian’s hobby?
I love disney Cruise :)
Alessia The dog (7 months ago)
they should go on a carnival cruise next!!
Alessia The dog (7 months ago)
XxMarsthemelon xX (7 months ago)
Oh my god this makes me sad actually
It’s Will (7 months ago)
I have been on the Disney Magic before! But it was a Carrie an cruise leaving from Miami.
It’s Will (7 months ago)
I was on that ship!
KittenloverXD772 (7 months ago)
Watching your channel has taught me that if you are weird on the internet, you could be famous and successful. Thank you! xD You guys are great. You make both me and My little brother laugh. TUBE ON! Edit: You guys are a beautiful Family! <3
Fie Funker (7 months ago)
let to​ go
Lia Creates! (7 months ago)
I wish my family gets to have fun memories like yours
Ravelino Simalango (7 months ago)
Evan still dancing?
Midnight Fox648 (7 months ago)
What a nice family you are
flick my bick (7 months ago)
Why did you delete your last vid
Jason wise smart self (7 months ago)
I don't want to say this but you got to watch my YouTube video it's too crazy for that crazy
Jason wise smart self (7 months ago)
You cray cray crazy with all of that fortnite
paz bravo (7 months ago)
Do a 24 hours in the pool
Anh Bidd (7 months ago)
Maddy Nicole (7 months ago)
ima weeb (7 months ago)
who noticed that Evan was wearing bnha at 1:03
BRO VINCS (7 months ago)
Cool song
Boy's playz (7 months ago)
Liveahh Rashod (7 months ago)
This made me cry 😢
Pizzatc 0 (7 months ago)
Now you feel my pain of leaving a cruise ship
Balearic Rent (7 months ago)
Love this video
Nguyen Minh Thao (7 months ago)
i love this disney cruise
Connor Balts (7 months ago)
You guy always make my day!
Alana Acosta (7 months ago)
I would like if u show your dog 🐕
tammy s (7 months ago)
when even does hype tho
Melanie mohd (7 months ago)
Hello, dear all. I hope happy you. Adventure anymore 🤗. My from Malaysia. @evantubeHD
Kim D'souza (7 months ago)
Thanks for doing our request : Evan doing the fortnight dance : Disney magic cruise edition. 😂 as always love you guys.
Will Strauch (7 months ago)
Lmao Evan, with the dancing😂
limelight (7 months ago)
Uhm I’m like so new to this channel..but what does RAW stand for??
George V. (7 months ago)
What's your favorite cruise vacation you have been on

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