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www.DieAntwoord.com Album: TEN$ION Directed by NINJA and Terence Neale Director Of Photography: Alexis Zabe Edited by Saki Fokken Bergh at Left Produced by Zef Filmz in association with Egg Films Post production by Blade Titles and special touches by Pushbak Next Level gear supplied by Panavision and Media Film Service KEZIA EALES runs this muddafucka
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Text Comments (135630)
haily vanda (7 minutes ago)
No offense but wtf is she saying😅😐😑
Airsoft Meme (10 minutes ago)
Why the fuck did youtube recommend me this
Anastasia U_si (13 minutes ago)
Что я сдесь делаю?!?!
Jose García Almansa (25 minutes ago)
como llegue aca?
Erin Chapman (35 minutes ago)
Baby on faire baby on faire baby on faire baby she bad as hell ulgy self
GINA SALEH (1 hour ago)
I dont like it and i think shes a gay dont know why
Invisible Raptor (1 hour ago)
Wtf did i just watch?
Azime Girgin (1 hour ago)
Seni sikerim
Kisstina Herring (1 hour ago)
This is my force song
Lucy Cameron (2 hours ago)
This is so good keep watching it again and again
5:02аххшхх орнул с нигерки
Alejandro Moreno (2 hours ago)
when you check this out years after you first listened to it and no longer think it's cool or interesting, but you see it for the joke that it is and wonder how the fuck were they so popular at one point?
Dominic Lowe (2 hours ago)
this is the most wack and awful shit i’ve ever watched, leave america to the music lol idek what country this awful shit is from but the girl looks like a dude 100%
Nate Russell (3 hours ago)
curly head princess YT (3 hours ago)
Savage life (3 hours ago)
The end tho
Savage life (3 hours ago)
Idk why but i legit think the guy smoking on a bong shaped like a gun is sooooo hot lmao idk why
Ivan Makarenko (3 hours ago)
Sex girl
Abigail Athanaze (3 hours ago)
allison dautel (3 hours ago)
Rouz the Killer (4 hours ago)
los mundos de benjamin (4 hours ago)
Asta donde llega la humanidad
Conciencia :3 (4 hours ago)
Me matan los viejos, ahí re panchos.
Stefan Mladenović (4 hours ago)
What The Fuck?!
eleen prar (4 hours ago)
15+ years
Christie Tuttle (4 hours ago)
You are so fucking Hot sonfire
ultra bass (4 hours ago)
BeLIEve Me (4 hours ago)
xpink fish chan (5 hours ago)
What do u with my life
Sarah (5 hours ago)
wtf is this bs
Māry. .chāpi (5 hours ago)
why am I watching this?😅
tsereletso thebe (5 hours ago)
You discount me 👊
Ok first where are u from second u are so ugly (the girl) and ladt but not liest u sound like u are just screaming into the mic and u sound like a squiky toy bro!!!
Animator Alyssa (6 hours ago)
I love this music so much ahhh
Сары (6 hours ago)
In the weird side of YouTube again..
evolution sanchez (6 hours ago)
hienz bake beans, i thing.
squadfam msp (6 hours ago)
i still fucking love this song
алекс дем (6 hours ago)
блять какая она ужасная
про кот (6 hours ago)
в чом прикол
GeldBesen 734 (6 hours ago)
Fuck that schit
Nelly Schneeberg (7 hours ago)
Patricia Acebal Saiz (7 hours ago)
What is this??
Лайк если нехуя не сообразил
Noct1puzz (7 hours ago)
barney Christmas (7 hours ago)
KIBER SWAQ (7 hours ago)
Че там Варпач запамятовал?
СHEEKI BREEKI (7 hours ago)
Parents dont even give a fuck about what their kids are doing
Я одна здесь российская?
Нет дурочка ебаная
Ngan Van (8 hours ago)
Hay wa
Gu t Noodle (8 hours ago)
Why was this in my feed?
Sunisa Thepsathit (8 hours ago)
coco (8 hours ago)
I like how the parents just don't give a shit.
Dyrth Vader (8 hours ago)
MAX Play (8 hours ago)
AsayaModsシ (8 hours ago)
What language?
Elvina May (9 hours ago)
А отчего ему можно, а ей невозможно?
Gautam Parmar (9 hours ago)
Akito (10 hours ago)
¥olandi our queen
Я 😁
DODO (10 hours ago)
Is it russian
DODO (49 minutes ago)
GreenElite89 (53 minutes ago)
DODO no, its africaan. they are from south africa
Luks Martinez (10 hours ago)
2:16 you're welcome(?
queen nai (10 hours ago)
Jormel (11 hours ago)
Chapie >:"v
Flyte Army (11 hours ago)
Where’s chappie
Taylor Elliott (11 hours ago)
Boom, boom boom It's show time, motherfucker, it's on Apocalypse now, I'm dropping this bomb You can't fuck with this song I stick to this spliff I'm not clampin this bong I'm a wild child, I don't wanna go to bed Uh shit sorry man I'm stoned again Aooooh and now everything's getting so psychedelic When I'm doos dronk and forget all my fuckin lyrics Like umm ah who gives a fuck? Don't worry bout it just blow a kiss to me I like danger I mean it's a mystery I'm a lucky ducky gettin' mad shit for free I rap more bling than Mr. T I make it look easy 'cos it is to me My daddy says is like a to see A South African cherrie makin' history Baby's on fire She got me going fuckin crazy since O jirre god se jesus Baby's on fire She got me going fuckin crazy since O jirre god se Jesus Baby's on fire Hi-Tek drop that four to the floor I get real paid what you think I do this for My bodyguard help me get to the bar Niell Blomkamp's making me a movie star A lotta bad boys want a piece of me If you're lucky boy, I'll let you sneak a peek My Zef-style's motherfuckin' freaky-deak I don't want beef 'cos I don't eat no meat Fuck your whole shit up when I freak the beat I love it when Jimmy talks sweet to me I take a trip down memory lane Like, yo fuck fifteen seconds of fame I'm a young blood coming up fresh in the game Yo-landi Visser, motherfucker yo remember the name Baby's on fire She got me going fuckin crazy O jirre god se jesus Baby's on fire She got me going from O jirre god se jesus Baby's on fire Ah, freak out! No need to get so deep, notin quite like a motherfuckin techno beat A techno beat, A techno beat a techno a techno a techno beat You know me, maar ek ken jou nie Ek ken jou nie, ek ken jou nie, ek ken jou, ken jou, ken jou nie Baby's on fire Baby's on fire She got me going from O jirre god se Jesus Baby's on fire She got me going from O jirre god se Jesus Baby's on fire Flame on, motherfuckers
Warthog1976 (11 hours ago)
"....whatever....Poes!" 🤣🤣🤣
JOKER (11 hours ago)
So god damn ugly. I want to die.
Ayonna Scott (11 hours ago)
Im so uncomfortable i thought this was good its weird and it makes me uncomfortable like little girl what you doing
Jorja Maiava (12 hours ago)
she looks like a pig
MYRZIK (12 hours ago)
Vetrix Productions (12 hours ago)
What is this and how did I get here.....
Kayyayatatayata Okay (12 hours ago)
Oml XD I the song but the music video
Valedlibra (13 hours ago)
Omg her body ... she is like a little doll<3
kumofox123 (14 hours ago)
I need those yellow shorts
Hoang Khanh (14 hours ago)
Key _Cat (15 hours ago)
Loock the door plz ...
Ari Zoe Nay (15 hours ago)
Jasmine Mejia (15 hours ago)
They need to talk right
Dog lover 12 .-. (15 hours ago)
The fuck... WHYY mk bye ima go die in a hole
Jughead Jones (15 hours ago)
Luana _ (15 hours ago)
LaShara ONeal (15 hours ago)
This suck yall suck dick
Sebastian Is my NAME (15 hours ago)
What talk?
Андрей Чекин (16 hours ago)
Йоланди ваще ровненькая))))
Neko Seko (17 hours ago)
Tchèque 💪
anays :v (17 hours ago)
juju msp (17 hours ago)
La jme suis bien paumé......
Blake Mcgill (18 hours ago)
did anyone else see the boobs on the wall
lulu hamster (18 hours ago)
it is the ugliset thing l saw in my life
Damn, did yolandis get a new top shelf? Seems to be much larger than the old days
SLOTH (18 hours ago)
Oh man
maia arguello (18 hours ago)
jr98Richard Hošek (18 hours ago)
jr98Richard Hošek (18 hours ago)
jr98Richard Hošek (18 hours ago)
How tf did i end up here..
Очки Димы (19 hours ago)
SungLauChi (19 hours ago)
"Donkey era the oxygen was clear" Nice fuckin sub titles xDxD
mlk_brm mlk_brm (19 hours ago)
Lizardman (19 hours ago)
this is the best thing ive ever seen

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