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FIREFLIES | OWL CITY (Jayesslee Cover)

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We love this song! Janice and Sonia are going to LA! "Envision Concert" Saturday 15th of May 2010 Wilshire Ebell Theatre www.more2date.com for tickets and more info. PLEASE NOTE: The night will be run in both Korean and English and there will be a time of praise and worship at the end. Much love, Janice and Sonia
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Text Comments (2664)
PaV Unan (12 days ago)
Wanda Zapata (3 months ago)
Watching this in 2018.
mycorners (4 months ago)
September 1, 2018!👍❤️
Pathapong González (6 months ago)
As you said!
Bayu Hartanto (8 months ago)
Arvito Nara (9 months ago)
upload this on Spotify, please!! :)
R Benjamin (9 months ago)
i think im in love
mycorners (1 year ago)
TheNewVocal (1 year ago)
Hi from Singapore! I hope you'd have a blessed week =)
j Gurung (1 year ago)
Anyone in 2017?? 🌷🤘❤
Balgruuf The Greater (1 year ago)
this is the first vid I saw of them and at the end I was so surprised that they are Australian or Australiasian
Madison Chatmon (2 years ago)
are that twins cause THEY SOUND JUST ALIKE and they look like their sweet
Romeo reef (2 years ago)
306 people don't know music.
Michael Jannett (2 years ago)
Y'all are sooooooooooo good!!!😜😜😜😜😜
rendy ajisoko (2 years ago)
still watching this cover in 2016
Spiridoula Roggou (2 years ago)
me too
San GYNR (2 years ago)
your voice .....its fire-flies
leira777 (2 years ago)
How come you don't have this in iTunes?
김주연 (2 years ago)
Sarah Siren (2 years ago)
I still come back and watch your videos and feel all warm and fuzzy. No other singers are as amazing as you girls!
Jack Darby (2 years ago)
Do u upload new songs?
Tina Maloth (2 years ago)
same as they sing the song
tsuyoshi I (2 years ago)
tsuyoshi I (2 years ago)
I want you to tell me I met your our ukulele。。。See you guysssssss
tsuyoshi I (2 years ago)
Cu~~~~~te,,,cute,,cute,,,my favorite you....... Good luck to ukulele
Scott Vornberger (3 years ago)
Welp, my career as a singer ended x.x lol
Scott Vornberger (3 years ago)
soo cute!
Scott Vornberger (3 years ago)
soo cute!
Dynamic YT (3 years ago)
How many attempts?
Dalziel45 (3 years ago)
@0:58 *Flip* *Flip*
Andy Jacobs (3 years ago)
Very good!!
여창현 (3 years ago)
여창현 (3 years ago)
Jeremy Haryanto (3 years ago)
studio version of this please!
Blegedez Crew (3 years ago)
i love you...
Anonymus (3 years ago)
Why this one is not on the iTune? I really like it. TT
Aru na (3 years ago)
favourite song.both of you sang so well.amazing:)
The normal one (3 years ago)
haha i like how their hair each slopes a different way to each other
ElssyPadills (3 years ago)
you should go to the x factor( just saying because your awsome at singing)
Sina Murer (3 years ago)
This song is soooo cool
roman buenaventura (3 years ago)
excellency to the voice with perfect tunes  ,projection and timing.............
Andreas Dimazt (3 years ago)
I love the four thumb for sonia
Geraldine Tobias (3 years ago)
You two are so amazing.. You have a great voice. i want to be like you someday.. :) Anyways, keep up the good work and Godbless You both.. #Godspeed
JFJEFFREY LAMZON (3 years ago)
gorgeous  :D
Jeremy Kim (3 years ago)
You two should team up with Sungha Jung! That would be sooo cool! :)
Yasmine Kendall (3 years ago)
Lisa Mongron (3 years ago)
It would be nice but Sonia Unnie is already good at playing the guitar :)
Ники Лашков (3 years ago)
Girls, I love you
JEMS Channel (3 years ago)
They're hair was the same!!!!hahah!!😄😄😄😄😃😃😂
Jason Schroeder (3 years ago)
You two are awesome. Beautiful voices for two beautiful girls. Keep up the good work.
kristina skinner (2 years ago)
I have
May Alejandra (3 years ago)
I think i'm in love <3
Genaildo Js (3 years ago)
Show de bola
lhg9106 (4 years ago)
visit korea plsss 
lhg9106 (4 years ago)
my favorite <3
Aly Nguyen (4 years ago)
earth4867 (4 years ago)
i love you sonia
Nice One (4 years ago)
Sonia <3 i love you also Janice,but I love her more XD
Jessy ho (4 years ago)
Nice singing girls
Love tou girls you're amazing! And I love this song!
Rahuel Guerra (4 years ago)
I love...las amo ;)
Eric X (4 years ago)
I'm in love...
kooi (4 years ago)
I think Janice is better... or wait, was it Sonia?!
theinspirething (4 years ago)
i want sonia's hair
Adrian Wee (4 years ago)
Looks like as if they were mirrored, i love the vid btw
Lauryn Dk (4 years ago)
Your so amazing love it voices
Talles Hentges (4 years ago)
I looooveeee your harmony!!!
Talles Hentges (4 years ago)
Joyous watery tear in the eye kind of love haha :)
Susieq Tabler (4 years ago)
Susieq Tabler (4 years ago)
Lynn Mason (4 years ago)
They look so the same in this vid :p
unv sp (4 years ago)
i love original voice :)
tong chau (4 years ago)
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Sarah Ashley (4 years ago)
Danya Osman (4 years ago)
Fera quarius (4 years ago)
double wow for you guys, great :)
TheKiller81 (4 years ago)
I Love <3 I like your music  Sorry for my english :/ i'm french
Anita Liu (4 years ago)
R u twins?
Acza Mairy (4 years ago)
lindaas!! visitem o Brasil!!
Iyan ningrum (4 years ago)
i like your soong
imBloodyDove (4 years ago)
So sad I learnt about the concert in LA 4 years later...
Dream Lovers (4 years ago)
are u twins?? by the way i love all of ur video.. i like it..
asianrice bowl (4 years ago)
yes they are twins
John Singh Maharjan (4 years ago)
i respect ur voice but in this song ur voice isnt good enough for ............... but i love u guys ................
tong chau (4 years ago)
I LIKE IT ! (15/03/2014)      3,776,882      喜歡 25,723      不喜歡 255
Nick Vu (4 years ago)
they are so talented
38weera (4 years ago)
Bangsaray ARM (4 years ago)
I Love You
ilovecheesecakee (4 years ago)
You need to do a "My Kids react" when they grow up and make them watch all your covers. haha.
Skizo Skate (4 years ago)
nice song!!!!
wesley ferreira (4 years ago)
reh (4 years ago)
awn so cute guys 
Marion Dub (5 years ago)
You have a so beautiful voice +1 subscribe
Faliana (5 years ago)
Sweet voices :-)
I love it!
amy double-rainboom (5 years ago)
do you live in mississippi? cause i would like to sing with you
amy double-rainboom (5 years ago)
oh i did not know but they sing very nice
Json Manalo (5 years ago)
realterm123 (5 years ago)
Is she playing the guitar?
Diana (5 years ago)
Autumn Montford (5 years ago)
You guys can really sing your heart out
Minh thi Cherry (5 years ago)
come in paris !!!
Minh thi Cherry (5 years ago)
i love you so much ladyz , duo, voice just amazing !! ;) go on more and more !
Lucy Leatham (5 years ago)
Your so fucking good
Suichiro cangas (5 years ago)
sweet voice    keep it up :)

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