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Dream Star (13 days ago)
Jamaican men are WHORES STR8 UP. Date dem at your own risk but do NOT say you weren't WARNED.🙌👊💯
Silver Cole (13 days ago)
Earl Vickers (1 month ago)
Initially it was not my intention to address your comments, particularly with respect to the gentleman you met online accidentally. I have no idea regarding your background, I have no idea with respect to your Scholastic achievements, I have no idea of your cultural divide? My comments are based primarily on your podcast. I am going to presume you are of the mindset that this is a utopian world, listen lady...... you are making yourself appear ridiculous on your soapbox. A man joining the military to serve and defend his country while educating himself would be commendable by any normal person, evidently you are not normal. The utopian world that you supposedly exist is somewhat narrow-minded.... as stated in your own words. Evidently you are seeking notoriety, the gentleman.... If there is such a gentleman, or is he just a figment of your imagination for the purposes of this podcast...... Is more gentlemanly than you are ladylike ...! I dare say most of you people are suffering from mental issues, a warped psychotic mind in need of a psychological adjustment. Do yourself a favor and listen carefully to your comments, focusing on your speech, focusing on your thoughts process and this is what comes across....... You know, you know, you know, you know, you know. That is originating from a mind that is perplexed, total confusion, focus on the responses from the recipients..... In need of Anger Management consultation. Apparently you are accustomed to men who are cozener and you're a tabula-rasa.
Earl Vickers (13 days ago)
+Dream Star please do not make yourself any more irrelevant than you already are.
Dream Star (13 days ago)
+Earl Vickers Which Jamaican hole did you climb out of😂😂😂
Dream Star (13 days ago)
Dream Star (13 days ago)
Earl Vickers (1 month ago)
+Jenni rren Unedited In your mind of depravity, you're using social media to influence those that can be easily construed at the bottom of the social economic barrel. You should be ashamed of yourself trying to gain influence on unsuspecting gentlemen, especially your husband......if he is not imaginary. Using female copulins as a mind controlling agent to influence black men can only be described as barbaric in a modern day world. This ideology you are using to con unsuspecting black men on social media is demonic.
stephanie Edwards (2 months ago)
I am African American woman, who dates Jamaican men and find they are better than American men for the most part plus I'm biased because I fancy them more , American men are too often weak minded and always feel inferior to the white man and gage themselves against the white man instead of just being a man to their black woman, and children. Whereas, I find Jamaican men are more of a man in the sense of they will follow through with all things that meet them in life and they don't buckle like American men. Jamaican men although at times are very stubborn and demand being the head of the relationship they will talk to you and try to work out problems, whereas American men don't for the most part.,Jamaican men are more patient and talk more and hit American women way less than American men do beat the shit out of American black women. (Remember Im talking only of my experience and can't talk to how Jamaican men treat their own because I know at times men are often more disrespectful to their own women based from culture alone and at times think a foreign woman is better, it happens even with us American Black women as well.) This has been my experience with Jamaican men. I truly love black men and I don't hate American men because I am African American woman but I find myself more attracted to other black men from the world over they love Black American women harder than American black men. (its sad really because we African American women really want nothing more than for our Black American men to just stand up and love us and be strong black men like the other black men of the world over.) Shout out to all my black men from all over the world that love American black women and to those few American black men who love us still you are not forgotten. Stephanie
Aldean Jarrette (3 months ago)
To think you might think that the way someone is, is based on there nationality rather than there personality, good and bad is from all over
waste boy (3 months ago)
They fuck every ting walking.
Tete datgyal (3 months ago)
The American men who are lazy, is becuz their mothers, wives& girlfriends spoil them.
Tete datgyal (3 months ago)
Ppl. are individuals. My experience has not been good dating JA men, don't like that they loved to much Obeah. both were giving but had alternative motives. One American man I dated, was stingy and too voilent. The best relationship I had was w/ an E. African man from Rwanda. my best friend today.
Rt soca (28 days ago)
I'm shocked to hear that Jamaican men do a lot of obeah. That is something that African men tend to do
I love my Jamaican husband . He's kind, loving, generous, takes care of his children and is a damn good lover. In all races, u will find the cream and the shit. We need to stop stigmatising our black men.
+Dream Star Thank you Empress😉
Dream Star (1 month ago)
+Hothead_Cute_ & Sexy_Brownin So so True. I so wish it was different but it is what is. It is refreshing however to know their are good men left out there.😍❤BIG UP 2 You and Your KING👑
+Dream Star I hear you. Unfortunately too many of them have no self respect and definitely don't love themselves.
Dream Star (1 month ago)
+Hothead_Cute_ & Sexy_Brownin That is admirable. More Jamaican men NEED to be like him. BLESS UP.🙏🙏🙏
+Dream Star I am not lucky I'm just very cautious of who enters my life. I don't just Tek what's on offer unlike some. I got a hard working man that knows family values and has self respect. He treats me how he wants his daughters to be treated. Being pick and chosen pays
peace jones (4 months ago)
Black men all over the world need to start helping to raise there children most of them are a disappointment. Jamaican men alot don't look after there women the women look after them Jamaican women are holding up Jamaica raising the children mostly alone out there with baby on hip no buggy till baby can be able walk walking in the sun heat with baby under umbrella kmt woman looks after everything carries water on head no washing machine in country in 2018 women still living like that and the man expects food on time or sumtimes some women will get beating or cutlass thrown at them I've seen it for my self. Over in Jamaica there is no woman's refuge to run to.
Silver Cole (13 days ago)
Awwwwwww very true!
Dream Star (13 days ago)
Dream Star (13 days ago)
+one one YES YOU ARE THE JAMAICAN MAN SHE TALKING ABOUT. She is talking about her experience you MONKEY. That y l know she describe you or your BROTHER OR FATHER because if you are honest you would come with this BS response. She is RIGHT💯💯💯💯 STFU and GO SIDOWN
Dream Star (13 days ago)
one one (3 months ago)
+peace jones just remember that in every nationality you'll always find no good men who treats their women really bad.
Warren Smith (4 months ago)
I am an jamaican and love my women i treat with her with respect and she is not from jamaica any women i am with i treat them good if i dont someone else will
Carl Mar (4 months ago)
As a Jamaican man,i do 2or3 jobs. We TAKE care of our women ,when a WOMAN is happy, she makes YOU very happy i love My bkack women. They must be happy.
Dream Star (1 month ago)
She will be happy until YOU COME INTO HER LIFE 4 SURE
ASMR Xi Zui (4 months ago)
I guess it depends more on the individual than the label. There is no point generalizing. As you can see in the comments it seems half and half with labelled American or Jamaican men. At the end of the day countries are just names and human made artificial borders. We all reside on Earth. You can extend this to potential alien lifeforms on other planets. But yet again you will see that we are all part of the same solar system. It depends on the person not their label. Also I believe the family and freinds they have will reflect how they are. But mainly family. Bcoz sometimes with freinds they just fake it to fit in. But family is real.
ASMR Xi Zui (4 months ago)
+Jenni rren Unedited Your welcome.
Jenni rren Unedited (4 months ago)
Thanks for your contribution to the topic.
Tori Sellors (5 months ago)
ive been out with both , the american guy was nothing but faithful , but i think it aint the country its the mind set and respect values men have for women , , they have it or dont , , my husband took on a womans child that aint his and he has no kids of his own , he,s american
Roy Bent (5 months ago)
I've been told by all my concubines that I treat them nice. I lay in bed and get fanned by banana leaves while eating pum
Dream Star (13 days ago)
Glamorous BAILY# LOVE (3 months ago)
Roy Bent Keep dreaming... You have watched one too many movies...
Melaninated & Loving it (5 months ago)
I wish he would have said "some" women in America seem to be like that because all of us are not like that. To have that stigma is just crazy.
Pat Rice (6 months ago)
It just depends on the man, doesn't matter where they are from..
Crystal Benabey (6 months ago)
I think so every jamaican guy I've dated have been hard working and treated me nice
Dream Star (13 days ago)
+Glamorous BAILY# LOVE everything was great with your comment till the last sentence. Me personally l could not care less if a JAmaican man wants me. Because its NOT about their wants its about MINE and "Mi Nah want Dem!" Jamaican men for the most part SUCK. They lie, con, trick and deceive Women. That does NOT make them strong. It makes them WEAK because its like they have to go through all that BS just to get Pussy. FK these Jamaican BOYS. GWAY and DONT COME BACK. FIRE BUN🔥🔥🔥
Glamorous BAILY# LOVE (3 months ago)
Crystal Benabey Are you a jamaican? I am not saying that all jamaicans are this and that... I am Jamaican, and I must admit that I do love my jamaican men. But unfortunately a lot of them don't treat women well... Yes they are charmers, and I have even told one before that HE is such a charmer, that I believe that he could talk Satan into doing good... Most of them will not admit what commentors are saying, but it is the truth... On some comments though. I believe though that regardless of which culture these men are from, when they are into you, THEY WILL MOVE MOUNTAINS FOR YOU... And do not believe the hype that men do not know what they want, BECAUSE they do.... And it ain't you...😉😊😀
Gina Monique (6 months ago)
I just started dating a Jamaican man so far so good American men to me are horrible
rosa angeli (4 months ago)
Depends on individual however jamaican men don't feel like they have to proof something financially to get a woman they like and want while American talking about plans ahead and their income. Jamaicans less marriage oriented while would still take care of their kids, also many are charming, laid back etc(when in good mood) than some can just switch to become posessive,violent and abusive because they were raised that way, some had fathers abusing their mothers. In America women had slightly more rights against domestic violence etc. American men all the way because more of them are well educated and more stable than West Indians to start with and considering the majority.
Jenni rren Unedited (7 months ago)
thanks for sharing
Mariah Sneed (7 months ago)
As A Black American woman I will say Jamaican men ARE WINNING!!!
Dream Star (13 days ago)
Gurl No! Gurl Byeeeee 👋 👋👋
over now (8 months ago)
i gave up on black women in general. its better to be with a nice white lady. im married to a white lady
Dream Star (1 month ago)
Yeah well goid 4 u LOWLIFE. Your black should have gave up on you the way you gave up on black women and ABORTED your ass. Like you didn't come from a black womb. BOY BYE your daughters will b BLACK women. IDIOT
peace jones (4 months ago)
+Mr Cool that's a sad experience
Mr Cool (4 months ago)
You are Jenniosideing you're race. All mixing does is causes a grate this comfort between both sides of the family's. I see it in my own family my mother is light skin and father dark I have brother and sister of witch one is like our mother very light skin and she have children with a light skin person so there children are all light skin the children have children with mixed race woman so the children look more white than. African. The light side stick to white people as there friend when they wore children they use to visit the darker one's but now they are holder. I hardly ever see them. So mixing the race's it not very good for white or the black Jamaican Rasta say so.
Kara Jones (4 months ago)
Cindy L (4 months ago)
Not relevant.
Shelia Huricks (8 months ago)
American men are lazy. That's why I don't date them anymore. I am engaged to a Nigerian man.
Beta Lewi (2 months ago)
Wooooooow that is just the low life men you dealt with
reynold roseau (3 months ago)
African man don't have use for nobody but African..him soon scam you bring him real wife come
Kara Jones (4 months ago)
Shelia Huricks lol lol lol lol the joke is on u
Kara Jones (4 months ago)
Shelia Huricks yeah Nigirian men will scam your asslol
Megan Tate (9 months ago)
I have an American man hee works hard he's in manufacturing loves kids very family oriented we been together 5 yrs and he still does the same sweet things from the beginning of our relationship he still opens my door massages me talks to me still show passion he's just a good guy .so all men are not the same its good and bad men everywher. I've experienced dating a Jamaican and he was very charming but I couldn't take the clingyness at such a short time of knowing him so I let him go
Glamorous BAILY# LOVE (3 months ago)
+ASMR Xi Zui 🤔🤨... Sorry to hear that... I am not a candidate when it comes on to obsession, and infatuation.. Those are signs that you should stay away from. Some women fall for it...
ASMR Xi Zui (6 months ago)
I was with a Jamaican guy and he became very obsessive with me initially then later changed and hard to get in contact with
Világjáró (11 months ago)
I never seriously dated a Jamaican man, only tried to briefly date a few but they come across as.....boring...burned out. I have never dated an african-american man but they seem to be way more fun and better collected. Not the ones from the "hood" but the educated ones with a corporate type of job. I would love to date one but I live in Canada lololol
Alan Braham (11 months ago)
We are not Africans, that surname stems from a caucasian general.
Gloria Ayala (11 months ago)
Not me it's balance no matter if your Jamaican or America
Nia Lynn (11 months ago)
I’m Antiguanese raised my mother is America father from Antigua; dated both sides but my Caribbean men are my cup of tea; expecting my first baby with a real Jamaican man. 🙏
Dream Star (13 days ago)
Why not an Antiguan man?😳
peace jones (4 months ago)
Lol this post was 7 months ago is he still there 😂🤣
peace jones (4 months ago)
I hope he sticks around after the pregnancy that's Wen the true colours show
Kara Jones (4 months ago)
Nia Lynn hope hes only with u
Gloria Lewis (1 year ago)
Jamaican men are useless they only know how to play women.🙏🏾Maybe they need a strong man to look up to. 🙏🏾🙅🏾
Impriss Dee (14 days ago)
+Dream Star Jamaicans hate to here the truth.
Dream Star (1 month ago)
Dream Star (1 month ago)
+FIRE__ONE. 😂You are ALREADY doing a nice job of that Batty Bwoy! Wha l hit a nerve pussyhole😂 SUCKS 2 B YOU YARD MAN.✌Jamaica 2 di world. God Bless you devil l cancel YOU with the BLOOD of Jesus. Treat and speak to others like you want to be treated.OR ELSE TASTE YOUR OWN MEDICINE😘😘😘
FIRE__ONE. (1 month ago)
+Dream Star Die slowly!
Dream Star (1 month ago)
+FIRE__ONE. Yeah well she wrote that post FOR YOU
Island Spirit ! (1 year ago)
Women on here think men come for jamacia only look into other caribbean men
su wi (3 months ago)
seriously. it's a stigma
Guydrekus Morris (1 year ago)
Who gives a fuck if don't like the American Black Man fuck you punk ass Jamaicans lol😂🤣
Lana Powell (1 year ago)
I prefer American men. Jamaican men run around too much for me.
Dream Star (1 month ago)
Real Talk💯💯💯
ASMR Xi Zui (6 months ago)
By run around do u mean cheat?
Jenni rren Unedited (1 year ago)
Thanks for sharing
Soraya (1 year ago)
nooooooooo! They dont.
Amaryllis Barber (1 year ago)
Well I'm from america and I have dated American men's some treat u bad some are good I'm with a Jamaican man now and he treat me good and I can feel the love is there and yes he love kids to some here in America don't even take care of there kids and it's sad to say because I'm from america but it's true.....
Dream Star (1 month ago)
+Glamorous BAILY# LOVE Ah true 💯💯💯
Dream Star (1 month ago)
I know SEVERAL JA men who NEGLECT their kids
Kara Jones (3 months ago)
Glamorous BAILY# LOVE ooh ooh i think u r right on that sis
Glamorous BAILY# LOVE (3 months ago)
+Kara Jones Some Jamaican men treats another culture woman better than their own... Dem love mention pretty pick toes, long hair, Etc... Dem a look trophy fi take back to Jamaica... I'm just saying...
Kara Jones (4 months ago)
Amaryllis Barber thats not true at least with an american u dont have to worry about getting used 4 a greencard
Island Spirit ! (1 year ago)
Jamacia men are dogs, cheathers, and begs to much they also love to beat they woman check the vids out on youtube
Dream Star (1 month ago)
+Aaliyah Taylor POT CALLING KETTLE BLACK😂😂😂😂 U DUNCE she is RIGHT💯💯💯 She must be talking bout your likkle dutty yardie brother and daddy. 😂 Now come back and show the world how u can CUSS in ENGLISH😂
Aaliyah Taylor (2 months ago)
Island Spirit ! Likkle duty gyal go learn fi spell
8demention gaming (3 months ago)
Its not jamaica race only stupid
Mars Maro (3 months ago)
I always wonder why a woman that dates a string of losers turn around and blame everyone but herself for.dating the losers players and abusers . Many women are happy with decent Jamaican men but you were chasing something superficial and dating the loudest best dressed best dancer best looking and all that without checking the character and productivity of these men. This individual even manage to find the worst men from the other islands too, examine yourself before you speak.
JulyzBabi (4 months ago)
what videos on YT showing men beat their ladies, I haven't seen anything like that
Rebecca White (1 year ago)
American man usually are not family orientated, some don't believe in God , some do have criminal record. Jamaican men will cook n clean and more family orientated But most Jamaican men are more abusive than American men. They lie and cheat the same
Dream Star (13 days ago)
+Glamorous BAILY# LOVE NO. Correction. ONLY a DISHONEST man STEALS sis.😳
Kara Jones (3 months ago)
Glamorous BAILY# LOVE yeah like I said b4 i try not to sterotype but in recent years there have been many reports by women who get involved with them and its always them y is that???
Kara Jones (3 months ago)
Rebecca White this is not true Im a blk American and I had a mother and a father in the same house as a matter of fact my mother never payed any bills my father did all of that so u need to research a little more b4 u make that call and also my babysfather is a Jamaican and he was always asking me 4 money I was never used 2 seeing a man ask a woman 4 money real talk but I still try not 2 sterotype bcuz everybody's not the same
Glamorous BAILY# LOVE (3 months ago)
+Kara Jones Girl.. Any culture man will clean out you bank account if you are stupid in love to let him... 😂🤣😃😄😅🤔🤨 Seriously?????
Glamorous BAILY# LOVE (3 months ago)
+ASMR Xi Zui I disagree... Most of them do...
Amber Hi (1 year ago)
I've been talking to a Jamaican man, and he has treated me wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy better than an American black men. He treats me like I was a diamond, comes from a very humble family sweet and kind. I love him!!!!
Dream Star (13 days ago)
PJ 🔥🔥🔥💯STR8. Speaking as a West Indian woman you are right. The entire West Indian/Caribbean culture accepts or teaches women that men canNOT NOT cheat. Women are taught to keep the peace and turn a blind eye if you are financially taken care of by that man. Most men in our culture have Outside children. It is a very frustrating part of the culture that refuses to go away because the women still date these ADULTERERS for a little money.So the cycle continue bcuz there is always a BROKEN woman that will ALLOW the BS.
Dream Star (13 days ago)
+queen lee yeah but they are group of men with a reputations and womanizing track record. You would be a FOOL NOT to pay attention
queen lee (2 months ago)
amber High girl that is true it’s the same with Americans there’s good ones there’s bad ones not everyone will have bad or good encounters I try not to 👩‍⚖️ judge because there are good n bad ppl all over the world
Glamorous BAILY# LOVE (3 months ago)
+Mariah Sneed Are you Jamaican? 🤔🤨
Kara Jones (4 months ago)
amber High yeah he wants something
PJ (1 year ago)
I do not like Jamaican men they are evil, vile narcissists! I was married to one he is a demon and he was in the military and always bragged about he had and cared NOTHING ABOUT HIS CHILDREN, WAS AN ADULTERER, AN ABUSER just as he taught. He had no sense of family so explain that even though his mother is so "religious!" The Jamaican culture has brought the negative factor of men having a wife and "outside" children here to America because it is a custom in Jamaica! It is accepted over there for the women to accept "sidepieces." I feel that culture is more into materialism. You were speaking to an American who is materialistic, like so many people are today, but personally my experience is that most Jamaicans are very materialistic. I would never be with another Jamaican man ever again!
Silver Cole (13 days ago)
You ain't lying Amen!
Impriss Dee (14 days ago)
I agree im American and was married to one for 6years and he is in American jail now for pulling knives on me multiple times.
Dream Star (1 month ago)
+Vivian Williams TYPICAL COCKY JAMAICAN RANTING 😂😂😂😂broke ass MFs dont have no money to give anyway. Broke dusty JA asses.
Vivian Williams (2 months ago)
Why are you lying Jamaica's are the best when it come to an relationship,we also smart and can make something out of nothing,is that awesome, no pussy no money that is the code babe
Glamorous BAILY# LOVE (3 months ago)
+Ray Sm Each one teach one.... I hope that you are being an EXAMPLE....
Tansy Jones (1 year ago)
I have dated both ,It's feels more like a relationship with American guys & business with Jamaican guys !
Glamorous BAILY# LOVE (3 months ago)
+Melaninated & Loving it You are absolutely right.... And better yet, I love when they show me who they are from the early stage. Most men like to try and impress women with their things, cars, house, job, ETC... weak minded women easily fall prey to this foolishness... Disappointed them one and two times when they can't get what they want they will most definitely show you who they are.
Melaninated & Loving it (5 months ago)
Men everywhere can be all the above but if you see red flags in the beginning get out. Key is to wait to get to know a person before you go all in because a person can only hide their truth for a short period of time.
Ch Ki (1 year ago)
Jamaican are awful no good scammers
Tiffany Williams (1 year ago)
Definitely Jamaican men American men are terrible
cujoe Mblakka (7 months ago)
Tiffany Williams Is the your justification for slurping?
Donna Jacksin (1 year ago)
Jamaican men do treat some women nice, but most I have seen with American women do cheat. One thing I notice is they do not care about materialism, like US men. Some Jamaican men in the US are acting like the US men, when it comes to materialism....Bless
Weekly Dose of Ash (1 year ago)
I live in the US but I am Jamaican and I grew up here majority of my life but my family is very humble. When I date here these men always want to show me what they have like that's suppose to do something for me. That not mine so I couldn't care less about your materialism I need loyalty, respect, leadership, educated, morals, commitment, marriage and values. This is why until I turned 24 I did not date because every guy who showed interest only cared about sex so I friend zoned them quickly. But boyyyyy once I did I can tell you the last year dating American men have been hell there were a few great ones but majority lazy, materialistic, too many children, no work ethic, just terrible. Not going to say all because I have had some very pleasant experiences but that's 2 out of many I've been on dates with. If you do happen to meet a good guy he doesn't date black women. I'm just like lord what's wrong with these people lol I'm dating an African and he is amazing literally the best experience I've had thus far.
Dream Star (13 days ago)
+Tete datgyal I DOUBT THAT😕
Dream Star (13 days ago)
African😲😲😲Gurl RUN 🏃🏃🏃
Tete datgyal (3 months ago)
African men all getting all the women in the USA...lol
Kara Jones (4 months ago)
Weekly Dose of Ash u dating an African ?????lol
ke' opens (2 years ago)
Mines do!!!! He treat me very good!!!
ke' opens (2 years ago)
Me too lol!!
Jenni rren Unedited (2 years ago)
Great..I hope he keeps it up.
André (2 years ago)
Also it is true, here in the USA there's a lot of materialism, if you are a black guy and don't at least have Jordan's it can be hard for you.
Dream Star (13 days ago)
+Tete datgyal idk y its like that in JA. These JAs swear they Black American trying so hard 2 b something they are NOT. JAs are WACK💯👊
campcush (3 months ago)
Funny thing is this shit is true, you gotta be fly or even the most beat down girl will pass you by (especially in NYC) But on the flip side even on the most fucked up day ( I'm by talking holes in the clothes and all) there is always still at least one Jamaican women who will give me a chance (and come to me too , not me to them) and it's been like that since b4 I was old enough for any of the materialism to matter. And when my parents (and the whole family) weren't doing their job raising me, it was Jamaican women who took care of me and tried to help me understand what was going on in the world. So you already know who's getting the ring if it came down to Jamaican vs American . I'd be stupid to pass up a Jamaican woman Knowing how good it would be if it's done right and genuinely.
Tete datgyal (3 months ago)
Same thing in JA.
André (2 years ago)
+Jenni rren Unedited yea it's crazy, I remember when I bought my first pair. Instantly bw were paying attention.
Jenni rren Unedited (2 years ago)
lol.. Jordon eh? They got you guys good. smh Black people are real poppyshow
André (2 years ago)
I prefer black American woman, simply because I'm use to them, and they are thick.
Dream Star (13 days ago)
A woman is MORE than her ASS
Glamorous BAILY# LOVE (3 months ago)
+Katie Walters Point well said... Real asses too, not no fake ass...
Katie Walters (5 months ago)
You must have never been to Jamaica then! They have real asses over there! Beautiful thick women!
su wi (1 year ago)
André And we prefer black American men. Jamaican men try to hard to be you.
Jenni rren Unedited (2 years ago)
ok, fair enough

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