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Let Get Ready to Play Magic City Jai- Alai by Baracka Short

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Magic city casino jai alai song by: Baracka Short (ROCK) and David Simmons (BALLER)
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Text Comments (18)
Jimmy Sullivan (8 months ago)
Better with the sound turned off
bombhead (9 months ago)
At least you know they're so bad that they're not going to be able to fix games.
david lane (9 months ago)
just horrible
LuCas 517 (9 months ago)
By the way these idiots should not be playing doubles. They are going to be hitting each other. They have no idea how to rebote or throw straight. No wonder they need to use a fake plastic ball. What a nightmare.
sierra252525 (9 months ago)
You get the people from north miami jaialai and have much better play and excitement than these guys .
LuCas 517 (9 months ago)
sierra252525 I believe you are right. And truly they don't know the history of Jai Alai or previous great players like they would in American Sports so I understand them taking the job. What would be bad for them is if they approve slots without Jai Alai or Horses in Miami or Florida. Will they drop these guys and forget they kept them open just like the Dogs did for 70 years or so? I've changed my thoughts on these players. Wish them the best and hope they tried their best to respect the money their fans are betting.
sierra252525 (9 months ago)
I dont blame this guys, they were offered a job playing a game and they took it.
LuCas 517 (9 months ago)
sierra252525 I can't even begin to imagine that these TURDS are getting paid! What the fuck!?
MrJuandjtiesto (9 months ago)
The worst disgrace of the sport this people don't know shit they will get their ass kick if the play with a 12 year old kid that how bad this people play.
MIR MIR (9 months ago)
So bad!
Cheryl Jackson (9 months ago)
I'm good luv, enjoy!!
geno (9 months ago)
this is a disgrace to the game of jai alai.
chasnami (8 months ago)
These days people do not care about watching good jai alai all they care about is winning or losing. MC will attract people because the games are only 5 minutes long and the payouts are pretty good and these days that's what matters.
LuCas 517 (9 months ago)
geno 1000 percent right. I heard them say the other day "is only our 4th day we will improve". Improve on what? Taking a dump better?
Jose Urrutia Solana (9 months ago)
half alai the slowest sport in the world
newstarcadefan (7 months ago)
LuCas 517 Wow...what's your beef? I'm fairly certain that if *you* only had 7 months to get the basics down, *and* were offered a chane to play you'd jump at the bit. Gracious, even they admit that it takes 3-5 years of amateur and tournament play to be half-way decent. Trust me, time wasn't on their side at all considering they shut down the greyhound operations. But, if you still feel that way, you have othe Jai Alai options like Dania, or Casino Miami.
LuCas 517 (9 months ago)
Nah. I'm with Urrutia. These mentally retarded animals have made the fastest game the slowest and stupid game in the world. And on top of this shit Arra is involved. Disgraceful.
KingPhoenixBeats (9 months ago)
Jose Urrutia Solana Naw Golf the slowest sport in the world

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