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Jamaican Curry Chicken from Vanny's Kitchen.

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You have seen my chicken now see how it is really done. You add your own techniques and enjoy to the max!
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Bryson Jackson (5 months ago)
What type/brand of coconut milk did she use?
Bryson Jackson (5 months ago)
Yep, this is the winner here
Monificent One (5 years ago)
Wish i was there!!
Sam Zahr (5 years ago)
well don
valnaples (6 years ago)
LOVE THIS! When I add my grated ginger to ANYthing, it's skin and all...very rustic! will try this out...thank you!
copperlocks1 (7 years ago)
Hello Microdac;It has been a while...Tell your friend Vannie I am in love with her...the way you filmed the video..reminded me of watching my Granny; Mom and Aunts cooking..from a child's inquisitive perspective..the hands working..cutting ;peeling; stirring no wasted motion...I use the vinegar differently though...I wash the chicken with it before seasoning..it takes the raw chicken smell and taste away..plus it tenderizes...great video as always
Vannie wanted me to tell you this: "Good for you!" She is very proud of the fact that you used your own imagination in being creative. She sends her best regards!
helloworld (7 years ago)
Made this dish tonight. Maybe I didn't have the right curry cause this dish was not good. Vanny s looks much better.
i want some so bad i like the goat one better.
Lenny Lentil (7 years ago)
OMG! This makes me miss Jamaica. I am so going to make this! Not that it matters much, but what cut of chicken did she use? Thighs? or mixed pieces? Its hard to tell.
Doone226 (8 years ago)
Looks yummy! Thanks for the video.

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