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DIY baby Sun Hat Cutting and Stitching in Hindi/Urdu (English Subtitle)

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Baby Summer Hat with ruffles:https://youtu.be/LfqwaV5du0w DIY Jhabla Frock: https://youtu.be/7mO1RPF3eo0 DIY Bloomer: https://youtu.be/75KWFu_yICU Hi Sewist, Today we are making DIY Baby Sun hat Cutting and Stitching in Hindi/Urdu, This Simple and easy to make tutorial with proper measurements and sewing steps. A stylish sun/Summer hat Cutting & Stitching Tutorial for Baby, anyone can learn sewing from this video ======================== ▪ Simple Baby Gharara (link) 👉 https://youtu.be/4l9Q7Dj9gf8 ======================== ▪ Newborn Baby Series (link) 👉 https://goo.gl/RfsMao ======================== ▪ Dress Cutting in Hindi(link) 👉 https://youtu.be/R94JoEZu_JE ======================== ▪ Popular Video Classical Gharara Full Cutting and Stitching 👉https://youtu.be/W61uyI-C80M ======================== Sewing in Hindi/Urdu with proper explanation with an expert from cutting to sewing. A detail explanation by expert, Do lets start. 📏Measurements📏 Explain in video All right resevered by MadebyMe ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Follow Us on: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sewmomo.madebyme Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sewmomo/
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Text Comments (166)
MadeBy Me (5 months ago)
Bobbin Elastic Explanation: https://youtu.be/kXRJBJRu3wY?t=11m46s
Bhanjbu Prakash (5 months ago)
MadeBy Me
Ikromjon Dadaboyev (4 days ago)
Зур чикипти
Preety Bajoria (20 days ago)
Elastic kese lagaye AAP.
MadeBy Me (20 days ago)
Dear see my pin comment.. apko us video se bht acha guide milyga
Mumtaz Lakhani (24 days ago)
Agr ilastik looz rhe to kya krna???plz koi treela hai ???agr btaa sko to i will b v thank full 2 u Regards .
MadeBy Me (24 days ago)
Dear ek baar or elastic ka round chalady.. isse geib ajaegi
محمد تاج (25 days ago)
Very nice
V nice
md zaid zaid (1 month ago)
Super ...👌
MadeBy Me (1 month ago)
Thank you :) Have you checked Baby Cap? Please see our playlist "baby bonnet" You will find more easy and useful hats
shwan muhammad (1 month ago)
Well done
MadeBy Me (1 month ago)
Thanks alot Dear :) Please see our playlist "baby bonnet" You will find more easy and useful hats
فاطمه علي (1 month ago)
Wow very nice
MadeBy Me (1 month ago)
Thank you Dear :)
jaavir singh (1 month ago)
Mokshagana Monivika (1 month ago)
OK because aapne elastic wala portion clearly nahi dikhaya
MadeBy Me (1 month ago)
pin comment dekhy
عسوله عسوله (1 month ago)
Yuvraj Singh (2 months ago)
Aapne elastick firki me bari hai
MadeBy Me (2 months ago)
Yuvraj Singh ji han. pincomment dekhye.. usme link ha..
Izonira de Souza (2 months ago)
Que lindo chapéu!
MadeBy Me (2 months ago)
gracias 👍
Kamile Yılmaz (2 months ago)
Maşaallah ellerine sağlık çok güzel
ام حنين اوراغ (2 months ago)
MadeBy Me (2 months ago)
Thank you dear! Do Subscribe & share our videos!!
Samra Khan (2 months ago)
Zabardus 👍
MadeBy Me (2 months ago)
Thank you please do subscribe to us
shahd ahmed.d dq (2 months ago)
Very nice 👍👍👍👏👏
bushra zahir (2 months ago)
hari prasuna (2 months ago)
Suber Thank you very much
Usairim Usama (2 months ago)
2 year ki baby k lie kitne inches hoga??
Fareen Khan (2 months ago)
Lastik niche se lagya he upar se nhi lagani kya
MadeBy Me (2 months ago)
Fareen Khan dear pin comment dekhy for detail.. nechy se lagi hai
Rehman Mughal (3 months ago)
Eufemia Hernandez (3 months ago)
muenos días para pedirte 1 favor mui lindo tu colesion pero no entiendo tu lenguaje tu puedes. traducir. en español soi colombiana q Dios los vendiga
Asifa Zeenat (3 months ago)
Bht khubsurat.
Mustafiz Ansari (3 months ago)
Bhojpu ri
Zake Alim (3 months ago)
скоро буду (3 months ago)
шапочка - ФОНАРИК 🤩 суперская мысль 😎
Alberto Galdino (3 months ago)
A minha ficou linda obrigado
Alberto Galdino (3 months ago)
Amei obrigado
Elizbath Sonia (3 months ago)
sulman shah
Rachid Chaibi (3 months ago)
Tres joli
MadeBy Me (3 months ago)
Thank you 👍
Wasser Wasser (3 months ago)
Lijep hut
Santos Steel (3 months ago)
Very useful
MadeBy Me (3 months ago)
Arfa Beg everything is explained for better understanding see pinned comment
Arfa Beg (3 months ago)
lastiq to dikhi nahi
MadeBy Me (3 months ago)
Santos Steel 😊
manpreet bajwa (3 months ago)
6 month k baby k liye kitna lnch lena chahiye mdm ?
manpreet bajwa (3 months ago)
MadeBy Me ok mam.. Thank you for reply.. 😊
MadeBy Me (3 months ago)
manpreet bajwa is size me 1.25 inch kam krly ..4 sides se.
Monica Carrillo (3 months ago)
MadeBy Me (3 months ago)
Monica Carrillo 👍
Hassan Naqvi (3 months ago)
So nice and very easy keep it up
MadeBy Me (3 months ago)
Hassan Naqvi thank you 😊
كلش حلو عاش ايدك
Tunjena Anbia (3 months ago)
Q avkp0 Faa
Tunjena Anbia (3 months ago)
Marilda Da Silva (4 months ago)
Mian Ali (3 months ago)
Marilda Da Silva frock designing
MadeBy Me (4 months ago)
Marilda Da Silva ☺👍
acchut gyawali (4 months ago)
MadeBy Me (4 months ago)
acchut gyawali 🙏
Ali Asghar Shamsi (4 months ago)
MadeBy Me (4 months ago)
Ali Asghar Shamsi 😊👍
Amit Manu (4 months ago)
thanks mam
MadeBy Me (4 months ago)
Amit Manu Your Welcome
Lamiyalaisu Leeyana (4 months ago)
Very nice
MadeBy Me (4 months ago)
Thank you so much :)
Adil Ali (4 months ago)
MadeBy Me (4 months ago)
Adil Ali 👍
Apeksha Desai (4 months ago)
aap elastic kaise lagaya
Giulia Ruggeri (5 months ago)
Scrivi le misure per piacere 😙
Aqilg57 57 (5 months ago)
nice m taler master.dear
MadeBy Me (5 months ago)
Aqilg57 57 👍
واو جميل
MadeBy Me (5 months ago)
* ميامي * 😃 🙏
Izilda Moraes (5 months ago)
MadeBy Me (5 months ago)
Izilda Moraes 😊👍
Faiza Noor (5 months ago)
Good 👌👌
mine yamate (2 months ago)
Faiza Noor 帽子
SIMPLE Cutting (5 months ago)
Very fine
Faiza Noor (5 months ago)
Kitne bade baby ko ayegi y cap ? Ek bat or mam aapne elastic kese use ki smjh nh aya? Reply me soon
MadeBy Me (5 months ago)
4 to 6 month baby hat, See pin comment for detail explanation of elastic
appu hema (5 months ago)
Please tell in English
Naseem Ahmad (5 months ago)
Ye bobin me elastic kaise dalte hai Kya uski setting hoti hai ye thik SE samajh nahi aaya to plz usse fir se explain kare
MadeBy Me (5 months ago)
Find pinned comment and follow the video instrurctions
MadeBy Me (5 months ago)
Sun hat stitching tutorial using bobbin elastic! Thank you so much for your love! Keep Stitching 😊😊
Ahmed Butt (5 months ago)
MadeBy Me (5 months ago)
Ahmed Butt 👍😊
KHUSHBU SINGH (5 months ago)
maim ye bobbin elastic Kya h bobbin me dhage ki jgh use hota h kya
KHUSHBU SINGH (5 months ago)
maim ye bobbin elastic Kya h bobbin me dhage ki jgh use hota h kya
MadeBy Me (5 months ago)
KHUSHBU SINGH yes bobbin elastic is used instead of thread . please watch my cold shoulder ruffle sleeve dress, I have explain in it.
Do not have Qooopd (5 months ago)
Hardy Lisette (5 months ago)
Salina Akther Liza (5 months ago)
Very nice 👍 man!! Thank you!!
Rajana Talior Rajana (5 months ago)
Mast hai
CuPpy cAndY (5 months ago)
Elàstic kese lgai mam .ap ne thread ki jgaha pr elastic daali kia??
MadeBy Me (5 months ago)
yes Iqra Noor
Ahmad Bangash007 (5 months ago)
Ye kitny month k bachy ko pehna sakty hn or 4 sal ki bachi k liye kitny inch labie lain gy
MadeBy Me (5 months ago)
3 to 6 months baby can wear it. Increase size according to the head of kid.
Ayesha Nazia (5 months ago)
Nice 👍👍👍👍👌👌👌👌
MadeBy Me (5 months ago)
Ayesha Nazia 😊
Juhi Rani (5 months ago)
Ilastick to dikh nhi rahi kese lagai
Safa Safa (5 months ago)
Arshad Khan (5 months ago)
4 year ki baby k liye kitne inch ki lambae rakhenge
Deepika Chohan (5 months ago)
Deepika Chohan (5 months ago)
MadeBy Me (5 months ago)
Deepika Chohan (5 months ago)
bahut acchi h
MadeBy Me (5 months ago)
Deepika Chohan thank you so much deepika
Deepika Chohan (5 months ago)
bahut acchi h
peter Smith (5 months ago)
Great Tutorial!!! New design very impressive... Keep it up your work :)
MadeBy Me (5 months ago)
peter Smith thank you so much 😍👍
Ehtesham Alam (5 months ago)
So boring
Amit Manu (5 months ago)
namskar mam elstik sahi se dikhaye plz
Tejovalli V (3 months ago)
Omer Aliyan cooking
Tejovalli V (3 months ago)
Amit Manu Kitchener
Omer Aliyan (4 months ago)
Amit Manu phirki elastic boll k ap lace shop say ly sakti hain
Mera Balaji (6 months ago)
Very nice .try to put english sub titles side its helful those who cant understand hindi.its watch by international level
MadeBy Me (6 months ago)
Thanks Mera! We are in low resources that's why unable to upload sub title but we will try our best to achieve that one. Your kind suggestion are necessary for us, Do share this and subscribe to us :)
Yasmin Shaikh (6 months ago)
Rahul Verma (6 months ago)
Nice mam😗
MadeBy Me (6 months ago)
Rahul Verma thank you ☺
Nilofer Tinwala (6 months ago)
Very nice 👌👌
Gulfsa Gouri (6 months ago)
this is very new design 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
MadeBy Me (6 months ago)
Gulfsa Gouri 😊
Nice very nice
Uzma Atif (6 months ago)
Wow amazing
Pushpa Oswal (6 months ago)
Thoda jor se bola Kari lagta khud hi sun rahe ho
hareem amir butt (6 months ago)
Waooooooooo beautiful i will make it for my princesssssssssss thanks🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗😚
MadeBy Me (6 months ago)
Wow Tariq Butt, Do share on our fb group and Fb Page. We love to show our user's creation. Your Princess will look very beautiful in it Thank you :)
Ritu Marothia (6 months ago)
MadeBy Me (5 months ago)
Ritu Marothia 🙏🙏
Arham Rehman (6 months ago)
nice 👍👏👏👏
Prathibha Mahindrakar (11 days ago)
Oòpo9killing l and 8
roshani Mahajan (6 months ago)
kaur sukh (6 months ago)
Ankit Saini (5 months ago)
Azaz Shaikh (6 months ago)
mam aapne jobobin me lastik use kya he kya wo half shuttle machine me bhi use hota he reply please
MadeBy Me (6 months ago)
Azaz Shaikh yes you can try.. but try using on rough fabric.. dont do experiment on main fabric
Azaz Shaikh (6 months ago)
thanks mam very nice
MadeBy Me (6 months ago)
Azaz Shaikh thank you
Kabeer Ul Rahaan (6 months ago)
Aapne elastic neeche se lagaye aapnr sahin nahi dikhaya
Antim Antim (1 month ago)
Kabeer Ul Rahaan ha yrr mko bhi ye samjh nhi aaya lastic kese lgaya
MadeBy Me (6 months ago)
It is bibbon elastic and it is done from the bottom, I already explain it, Thanks
Naveed Mughal (6 months ago)
Lovely mam main ye zrur bnaoun gi apni daughter k liye
MadeBy Me (6 months ago)
Do send us on fb page, we will share it on our group :)
Mohini Gupta (6 months ago)
2 year baby k lye btaiye kitne inches hoga??
Bahut sundar h👌👌
Mohammad Nabeel (6 months ago)
Rachana's Rajasthani Rasoi. Ý
malika Noujoum (6 months ago)
Vikas Kumar (3 months ago)
both Acha tha
rebecca estrada (6 months ago)
cool girl Anjum (6 months ago)
Mam iski chorai btaden kpry ki plzzzzzzzzzz
Reyan Sajjad (7 months ago)
New born baby ka size Kia Hy?

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