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1,000 Subscriber Special

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1,000 Subscriber Special. Putting people into awkward situations, messing with people. Trolling/ Pranking/ Social experiments/Vlogging. Trying to hook up strangers with each other. Subscribe ►https://www.youtube.com/user/DG07100?... Instagram- Devin_Gammo I do not own the rights to the music: intro/outro- Tobu- Higher Epic and Emotional Music- Last Dawn Marty Gots A Plan- Kevin Macleod
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Text Comments (23)
Dillon Cass (2 years ago)
Mira Gaspar (2 years ago)
3:11 do them more 😂😂 Keep posting
multicultural channel what are your thinking? lemme know how I can amend this content..
StevenDiaz (3 years ago)
Lol that handshake was hilarious
Devin Gammo (3 years ago)
+StevenDiaz ha thanks Steven
collins mugodo (3 years ago)
you're fucking awesome...this is million sub type content
Devin Gammo (3 years ago)
+collins mugodo one day man, thanks!
dabbletv (3 years ago)
Butter, lard, and bacon grease
M43bViDs (3 years ago)
Emerging hero! man you're a really good prankster! keep it up
Devin Gammo (3 years ago)
+M43bViDs ha thank you, I do what I can
CherryportKing (3 years ago)
Keep doing the improv man, love your work.
JessaJay (3 years ago)
OH MY GOSH!!! CONGRADULATIONS!!!! HITTING 1K IS ONE OF THE FIRST BIG ACCOMPLISHMENTS ON YOUTUBE!!! I don't know if you know this, but once you hit 1k, you are allowed to be on FAMEBIT!!! Basically what this is is bunches of YouTubers that can collab together and then also, there are sponserships available for small YouTubers!!!! AAAAAAH!!!!!! Plus it's COMPLETELY FREE!!!!! Make sure to use my link :) https://famebit.com/a/JessaJay I LOVE YOU!!! HERE IS TO 2,000 AND BEYOND!!!!!!!!!!!
The Khani Project (3 years ago)
Awesome stuff, check out my channel too! Love your stuff!
ShanesTricks (3 years ago)
I farted at 3:03 !
lisarnoldMusic (3 years ago)
Good work, boy. :)
Alexis Mimacho (3 years ago)
Congrats Man!!
Devin Gammo (3 years ago)
thank you Alexis!
Brooke Armstrong (3 years ago)
LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SO GREAT SO FUNNY
Devin Gammo (3 years ago)
thank you bv!
Jodi Harris (3 years ago)
Never fail to make people feel awkward lmao
Devin Gammo (3 years ago)
I do what I can in this world
23youwatch (3 years ago)
holding it down for Mac. good luck on the new place with your girlfriend.
Devin Gammo (3 years ago)
+23youwatch Thanks man! ha 4 car garage and everything

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